Magic Gems Gourmet - Chapter 20

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Chapter 20




 Ain’s chaotic day had finally come to an end .

 All starting with the separation scandal, he had come to Ishtalika .

 And many things had occurred ever since he arrived .

 All in all, the day had been packed with new information .



“Ahh, I’m tired……”


“Fufufu, good job hanging there, Ain . ”


“Not at all, you had it worse, right Okaa-sama? “



 The time was about ten o’clock in the evening .

 Back in Heim, he always went to sleep only after doing some studying at night, so this time he was going to bed a little earlier than usual .

 However, unable to fight back the drowsiness and fatigue on his body, Ain went to bed together with Olivia in her room .



“Okaa-sama . Is it alright if I ask something before going to sleep? “


“Yes, but of course . ”


“Well then, first, what am…… Am I a human being? Or am I a dryad? “



 What Ain was thinking about was his own race . On the outside, he looked like a human person, but he felt confused about this since he was told he had inherited the dryad’s racial skill .



“You got the genes of a human male, but also the genes of a dryad, so it would be more proper to call you a ‘half’ . A half-human and half-dryad . ”


“Then, next . I was born from your belly, right Okaa-sama? “


“Yeah……Uhmm, you see . ”



 Ain was a half-breed .

 In other words, he was indeed a human person, but only half .

 However, there seemed to be some differences in being born from Olivia’s belly .



“Have you heard the phrase “root dividing”? “


“It’s the first time I hear it . But, from what I can tell, is it about dividing a root and have another plant germinate from there? “


“Yeah . It’s alright to have that image . Your birth was pretty much like that root dividing . You certainly grew inside my body, Ain . ”


“So, it was like that…… Then, was I born and delivered like a normal human? “



 He grew inside Olivia’s body .

 Hearing this, Ain had an idea of how he was born .



“Ah, but it was a bit different . ”


“Eh? “


“There were a lot of midwives present, but I concealed it using hypnosis . Only when it was the moment to give birth to you, I revealed my body as a dryad . Otherwise, I couldn’t have done it . If I had wanted to birth you as a grown 15-years-old, I’d have had to stay in my dryad form for longer . ”


“To be honest, I didn’t know this wasn’t your dryad body, Okaa-sama……why do you have a human body despite you being a dryad?”


“Fufufu . I will tell you about that later, okay? ……Ain, you were born from the fruit of a small tree that grew up from my roots while in my dryad body . That small tree is your dryad form, Ain . ”



 Ain then thought .

 Wow, that’s amazing, this is completely fantasy-like .

 However, recalling how this world was, he was convinced of this .

 After all, this was a world with monsters in it, therefore, there surely would be many different ways to give birth……



“How should I put it? Since this is like a world I haven’t seen, it’s a bit hard to understand with just words . ”


“You thought a child born from a dryad would be birthed the same as a human child? But for a dryad is just with a tree wrapped around your feet . ”


 She might’ve called that with ‘it’s just’, but for Ain, this gave him an incredible feeling .



“It’s alright, I have accepted that’s the way it is . ”


“You’re a good boy, Ain . ”


“Now then, how come you have a human-like body? “


“We dryads are a half-fairy race, this is only to hide the trunk and leaves . ”



 ’This is quite convenient’, thought Ain .

 In fact, this world had monsters and magic, so he had to convince himself this was such a world .



“After all, don’t you think it’d be hard to walk with roots as feet? “


“Well, that certainly would……”


“I’m sure that when you grow up, you’d be able to bring out a tree like a dryad, Ain . ”


“If I had to say, I think I’m more like a human . ”


“Certainly . I don’t think there will be a problem if you can’t become a tree, right? Rather, having the body of a tree might be a bit inconvenient……”



 Olivia spoke frankly .

 In truth, although having a wooden body could be considered special, it didn’t mean it was actually superior .



“Then, one last thing . Is it okay?”



 After saying that, Ain’s face turned serious .

 Up until that point he was lying on the bed as he talked, but then he sat up .

 Seeing Ain doing this, Olivia too sat on the bed .



“Yeah . Of course, Ain . ”


“Okaa-sama, about my ability, you didn’t tell the Roundhart family…… my father about it, right? “


“……Yeah . ”


“There’s more . You’re a great person, Okaa-sama . To the point you were able to singlehandedly search and find the Sea Crystals, which were a matter of life and death for Ishtalika . ”


“……Yes, I guess you’re right . I can’t complain if you’re angry about it . ”



 After seeing Olivia quietly nodding, Ain continued .



“Then, why didn’t you tell them that!? If only you’ve told them……”



 Ain thought about the reason why his mother didn’t do it .

 Olivia remained silent about how to properly use Ain’s ability, and she too didn’t try to demonstrate her excellence .



“I’m, sorry……”


“Yes . If only you’ve told them properly this…… I’m sure……”


“……Yes . I’m sure everything would’ve been different for you, Ain . ”



 Olivia thought about how it would’ve been for Ain . And she understood it well enough .

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 If instead of this road, she had taken another path, the results would’ve been completely different .

 Ain wouldn’t have been given up by his father, and more so, he could’ve lived a happy life with the Roundhart family .



“For me? This isn’t about me…… What I hated the most was the fact you were despised, Okaa-sama . I could endure it if it was about me, but I couldn’t bear watching you being treated like that! “



 However, Ain’s thoughts moved in a different direction .

 For Ain, what he wanted was what was best for his mother, he wanted Olivia to be happy and he’d prefer is her efforts moved in that direction .



“A-Ain……? Aren’t you angry? “


“Can’t you see it with a glance? I am angry! I was always worried about you, Okaa-sama…… seriously . ”


“I’m sorry, Ain . I selfishly thought you would be happier here in Ishtalika than if you stayed in that house . What to do? I even went as far as making you walk this painful road……”


“It wasn’t really out of the ordinary, after all, I was together with you Okaa-sama . For me, it didn’t matter whether we came here, or even if we simply escaped from the Roundhart territory . ”


“R-Really? “



 I see Okaa-sama can also be clumsy at times, he thought .

 Ain did love his mother Olivia, to an almost unnatural degree .

 Nobody present really knew the reason for this feeling, but these were indeed his true feelings .



“Seriously……for someone as smart as you, why didn’t you give it some more thought? There’s no way I would’ve been happy in a place where they despised you, Okaa-sama . ”


“But then, it really took quite some time…… It would’ve been better if I had done it sooner . ”


“I guess you’re right . But well, it’s okay . I think this simply reflects what we value the most . For me, the most important thing was you, and for you, I was the most important . I’m sure it was like that……Since this time I think we failed at communicating this, I’ll forgive you this time . But there won’t be a next time! “



 After Ain finished speaking, Olivia stared at him with a blank face .

 Then, tears trailed down her face as she smiled .



“Un . Thank you, Ain…… and I’m sorry . ”


“It’s alright . But please, talk to me first the next time . ”



 Seeing him, people thought of him as an optimistic five-year-old child, but since he was Olivia’s child, nobody really had any discomfort with how he acted .

 And for Olivia, who was quite doting, she thought of him only as a smart boy .

 But Ain was at a loss as to whether tell her that he had memories of a previous life .

Maseki Gurume – 020b




“As expected, Ripple is really delicious . I mean this sort of magic stone . The taste is on the richer side . ”


“Fufu, that’s great . Say, Ain? “


“Yeah, what is it? “


“This was a bit weak as an apology, but was it good? “



 About 30 minutes had passed since they had that exchange where Ain conveyed his feelings .

 And now, after having a hard time falling asleep, Ain was drinking tea with Olivia .

 Of course, Martha had prepared it .



 Near Ain, there were some pseudo-Ripple magic stones prepared .

 For him, this was just a snack . The fresh aroma of Ripple, with the perfect combination of sweet and sourness, made his throat feel refreshed .

 Taking one on his hand, Ain absorbed it .



“Was it good? “


“Yeah, was it good? Was the Dullahan’s magic stone yummy? “

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“Ahh, that was quite delicious . ”



 The Dullahan’s magic stone certainly tasted like coffee .

 However, the quality of that taste was so impressive there was nothing he could compare it with .

 A luscious taste marvelous enough to be called addictive, almost like a drug .



“……There’s a bigger magic stone embedded in the ceiling of the audience room . ”


“One larger than that? From w……”


“The Demon King . ”



 Olivia revealed the magic stone embedded in the ceiling of the audience room belonged to the Demon King .

 This was the most treasured possession and one of Ishtalika’s national treasures .

 The Demon King’s strength seemed to have been extraordinary and caused a huge crisis across the country .



“Demon King!? T-That sounds like something…… . really strong . ”


“Ara, Ain? Are you just thinking of strong? “


“And something really delicious! “



 Ain was also thinking about its taste .

 How delicious would it be? What sort of taste would it have?…… Would it be like the main dish? Or maybe more like a dessert? He wondered many things in his mind .



“But if you were to eat that, I think even Otou-sama would get quite angry……”


“That seems very possible, after all, he said to stop talking about that back in the conference room . ”


“It apparently belongs to a Demon King who was defeated about 500 years ago . It suddenly appeared in the continent of Isthar…… that place, however, is quite far away from here . “


“It happened a long time ago, huh? I can’t imagine how that Demon King looked, but I suppose it was really strong . ”


“He was such a strong enemy that it was reported half of Ishtalika’s talented people had died at that time . I’m sure it would be really delicious for you Ain, but……yeah, I guess it’s impossible . “



 Ain rejoiced when he heard about the Demon King’s magic stone, but he also thought it would really be a problem if he were to eat it .

 Apparently, it was used in the country’s last line of defense, so it seemed that even Silvird would get quite angry if he were to eat it .



“Next chance I get I’ll put up with just smelling it……”


“You can’t eat it and claim it was unintentionally, okay? “


“Whenever I’m to go to the audience room, I’ll go after being full . ”


“That sounds good . ”



 According to what Chris had said, it seemed he would eventually have some control over his absorb skill .

 For that, it was also said he would have to train himself .

 This was a necessary training for Ain in order to avoid causing some unintentional damage .



“By the way, Ain . ”


“Yes, what is it?”


“Krone-sama and then…… yeah, I think you’ll be allowed to have one more person . Krone-sama is beautiful and smart, so I think she’s okay . ”


“Wh-……? Uhmm, what does that mean?”


“About your future queen . As for my place, let’s see……I just want you to please let me stay close and watch over you . “


“Well, of course, I really care for you, Okaa-sama, but……why mention Krone?”

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 Olivia suddenly began talking about Ain’s future bride .

 And from her words, it appeared two people were allowed .



“But about Krone, I think my social position is a bit too low…… ahh . ”


“If it’s about your position, I think currently it’s a lot better, so don’t worry about it, okay? “


“You’re right, that seems to be the case . ”


“As for the second person, that’s Chris…… she’s a nice girl and beautiful despite being clumsy at times…… well, let’s think about that later, for now, it’s time to sleep, good night Ain! “



 After bringing Chris’ name, Olivia ended the talk there without going into further detail .

 While saying that, Olivia lied down on the bed .

 And with this, today’s talks finally reached an end .



“Krone, huh? I wonder what she’s doing now?”



 His thoughts went to Krone, who was far away, in another continent .

 His first impression on her was that she was a great girl .

 She was smart and beautiful, and Ain found her very charming .








“A child who grew up without knowing any motherly love……”



 God was alone in the white space, thinking about a time before Ain turned the gacha and was born into this world .



 About Ain’s previous life growing up in an orphanage .

 His core memories had almost been erased, however, the strong desire to know a mother’s love still resided .



“I feel sorry for what happened to him, but still, his love for his mother is far from normal . ”



 There was a reason why Ain’s previous life was spent in an orphanage .

 His mother had died from heavy blood loss after giving birth to him .



 Afterward, his father, not being able to bear watching that child, abandoned him at the doors of an orphanage .



“I wonder if it remained buried in his unconscious? His feelings of wanting a mother…… . his regrets about it . ”



 A mother who died while giving birth to him .

 With those feeling about his mother, the desire to protect his mother became stronger than anything else .

 God thought this might have been the case .



“That baby couldn’t have those kinds of memories, and Ain right now doesn’t have them either . That’s why I don’t understand . ”



 Even then……

 Even then, his love for Olivia suggested that there might be a considerable influence from his previous life .

 Was it something that had affected his soul directly? Or was this simply how the person named Ain was?



 God had watched Ain so far .

 And after making up her mind, she decided to continue watching over him .


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