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Magic Gems Gourmet - Chapter 21.1

Published at 6th of March 2020 05:53:39 AM

Chapter 21.1

Dark Straw Ver . 1





“Alright……I can do it! “


“What are you doing, Ain-sama? “



 On a day when the sun shone bright high in the sky, Ain was in the courtyard of Ishtalika’s castle, ‘White Knight’ .

 And so, seeing Ain speaking to himself, Chris called out to him .



 Ain wasn’t the only one present, the First Princess Katima was also there .



“Nya? What is it, Chris?”


“I heard someone say Katima-sama and Ain-sama were doing something in the courtyard, so I came to see what you were up to . ”


“Fufufufu nya . Eight painful months . But finally, my joint research with Ain has come to fruition . Applause is earned, don’t you think nya?”



 Chris had no idea what she was talking about, but she couldn’t help but do as the First Princess had asked .

 She obediently applauded .



 ――Nine months have passed since Ain first came to Ishtalika .

 With his good aptitude, Ain was able to control his unconscious use of Absorb in just three months .



 Afterward, both Chris and Lloyd took turns training Ain .

 The contents were mainly all the basics, building his physical strength and stamina, and swinging……and lessons on magic .

 Ain was now six years old and would become seven in about six more months .



 And between all that, it seemed Katima and Ain had hit it off well with each other, so it was common to often see them together .

 Katima was in her lab at the time when Olivia returned home, and basically, she hated letting other people into her lab .



 Knowing all this first hand, the servants, knights, Chris and the others were surprised that she allowed only Ain to enter the lab .



“Well, I think it’s about time to do the experiment, ‘daneko’…… err, Katima-san . ” 

TLN: Daneko, or dame neko, means useless/failure cat . I’m sure you’ve heard in anime the phrase “dame ningen” which translates to a failure of a person . Same thing I just couldn’t find a good way to translate it .


“Umu, it seems so nya . You should go back a little nya, Chris . It might be dangerous nya……Also, Ain, did you just call me daneko? “


“You’re imagining things . ”


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“Dangerous? ……Eh, EHH, alright, I’ll move away . ”


“Alright, here we have everyone’s favorite Ripplemodoki (alive) nya . Now, Ain! Do it, nya!! “


“……GO-!! “



 Carefully taking a box that was set aside, Katima took a living Ripplemodoki from it .

 The Ripplemodoki was a monster, but it was just one who attracted insects by its sweet smell and ate them .

 Anyone could easily beat one even with a wooden stick .



“A-Ain-sama!? “



 When Ain yelled, a black tentacle extended from the palm of his hand .

 At the end of it were three finger-like things, and there was something like a sharp nail .



 It then pierced the Ripplemodoki and some sort of glowing bubble flowed to his arm .



“Ain-sama, what is that!? “


“I did it, I did it, Katima-san…… It was a success! The research has finally paid off!! I also can tell the taste! This is amazing! ……Moreover, the smell of honey is strong and mature on this Ripplemodoki! “

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 Ain understood a few things from the experiments in the last few months .

 Even if the magic stones were of the same monster, they had small individual differences in their flavor .

 It was a difference similar to what one would find in crops .



 The other was about the magic stone that had been absorbed .

 The taste was certainly the same, but it felt of lower quality when compared to absorbing the vitality of the magic stone .



 The empty magic stone also became brittle .

 And since its properties changed to melting like sugar crystals, Ain used the empty magic stones as flavored powder and dissolved it in water .



 He was also studying how to eat the magic stones in a variety of drinks, like the Dullahan’s and Ripplemodoki’s, as well as other magic stones .



“We did it, nya!! We finally did it, nya! “



 The two of them didn’t seem to hear Chris’ voice at all, so they didn’t answer her question .



“A…… Ain-sama! Please, listen to me! “

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“……Ah, Chris-san, sorry, my bad . What’s wrong? “


“Don’t ‘what’s wrong’ me! What was that ominous-looking thing!? “


“Nya, listen well Chris . ”


“Yeah, listen and behold . ”


“W-What’s with you two?”



 Chris felt slightly afraid, seeing the enthusiastic pair .



“This was, together with . ”


“Me, the greatest masterpiece, nya! Its name is . ”




“”Dark Straw ver . 1! (Nya!)””




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