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Chapter 72

The five of us got first place in the Gairadeite expedition test .

Though clearly troubled Menou announced it to the other students who had not even left Deiruheido yet .

The test determines your grade by relative evaluation so we scored 100 points, however, there is such a big difference between our points and the all the others that the other student’s grades have dropped . It was unavoidable though considering our speed .

I didn’t care about the points at all but the teacher was bothered by it .

I was guided to my dorm room and offloaded my luggage .

The rooms are divided into male and female with me and Ray sharing a twin room . Misha, Sasha and Misa are sharing a triple room .

“Haven’t we got 10 days free time now?” (Ray)

“So they said . ” (Arnos)

Only after the 10 days are up can the students who made it to Gairadeite start taking lessons . Until then we are free .

“I’m going to go around the city for a while . What will you do?” (Arnos)

“That’s a good idea but I think I’m off to the dining room . ” (Ray)

The dorm dining room is open from morning to evening and apparently, you can go and eat at any time .

It’s breakfast time at the moment .

“I see your appetite is as huge as ever . ” (Arnos)

He ate breakfast before we left Deruzogedo .

“I’m interested in Azeshion cooking . ” (Ray)

“Later then . ” (Arnos)

Ray raises his hand from the bed as I leave the room .

“Ah…… . . ”

I’ve just met Sasha .

“You going somewhere?” (Sasha)

“I’m going for a walk around the city . Do you want to come with me?” (Arnos)

“Eh……? Yes…… . that’s fine…” (Sasha)

I left the dorm with Sasha .

“What are Misha and Misa doing?” (Arnos)

“They are contacting the members of the fan union using Thought Transmission <Liikus> . It seems they are giving advice on the best route to get to Gairadeite . ” (Sasha)

I see . They are taking good care of them .

“We should have brought them with us as well . ” (Sasha)

“They’re weak . It will do them good to earnestly do the exam . There’s no point raising your grades without the ability to back them up . ” (Arnos)

“Hmmmm . ”

Sasha looks at me meaningfully .

“What?” (Arnos)

“I thought you just went around doing crazy things but you actually consider things as well . ” (Sasha)

“What are you saying? I always think about the right thing to do . ” (Arnos)

Sasha’s face becomes as expressionless .

“Even though you tried to kill me yesterday during self-study?” (Sasha)

“You never actually died though . That’s something to be proud of . ” (Arnos)

Sasha didn’t appear to be expecting that counterattack and seems lost at what to say back to me .

“…… . Did you think you can fool me by praising me? Unfortunately for you, I’m not that simple . ” (Sasha)

Sasha turns to the side in a huff .

“I’m not deceiving you though . Three times you surpassed the magic I was sure would kill you . You carry the same demon eyes as me . ” (Arnos)

Sasha’s ears turned red and she looked down .

“I said I won’t be fooled even if you praise me . You were honestly trying to kill me . ” (Sasha)

Yare yare . Why aren’t you pleased? I rarely praise you .

“Sasha . I told you before that your demon eyes are beautiful . I wasn’t lying about that either . ” (Arnos)

“Wha…… . ” (Sasha)

Sasha slowly turns around .

“What are you saying so suddenly?” (Sasha)

“It’s not sudden . I’ve thought it since we first met . Your demon eyes are tranquil and uncorrupted . Yesterday’s self-study only reinforced that belief . ” (Arnos)

Demon eyes are used to look at other demons . By continuing to do that you can improve your skill level and look even deeper into the abyss, however, by doing so your eyes eventually become tainted .

Peaceful and clear demon eyes mean you are strongly resistant to magic . Even if you are exposed to ominous magic power your eyes remain untainted .

“What were you thinking about during our self-study…… . concentrate properly……” (Sasha)

“What else did I need to think about? I was concentrating on staring into your abyss . ” (Arnos)

By trying to prevent my magic Sasha polished her <demon eyes of ruin> even further . Even after all that I still can’t see the bottom of her power .

Speaking of pure talent Sasha easily surpasses even the mazoku from the age of myths .

“Nee…… . ”

Sasha looks down in embarrassment .

“……Show me your demon eyes…… . ” (Sasha)

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Fumu . You want to use my eyes as a reference?

“This okay?” (Arnos)

I activated my <demon eyes of ruin> and stared at Sasha .

“……I think your demon eyes are more beautiful than mine… . . ” (Sasha)

“No, they aren’t . ” (Arnos)

Sasha became speechless at my firm declaration .

“Your eyes are more beautiful . Listen carefully Sasha as I’ll only say this once . ” (Arnos)

“……… . Ye…… . yes…… . . ”

Sasha’s eyes seemed to be sucked into mine .

“I want your demon eyes . ” (Arnos)

“……Eh…………… . ?” (Sasha)

“I rarely say such things . ” (Arnos)

Sasha is talented . Her <demon eyes of ruin> have the potential to one day surpass mine . If she doesn’t neglect her training that is .

“Don’t you understand my meaning?” (Arnos)

“……Errm… . . wait a moment……I need to think……” (Sasha)

Sasha is confused though its no wonder . I’ve just told her that she might surpass the demon king of tyranny .

“Is that right?” (Sasha)

She must be hesitating being told she could surpass me .

“That’s right . ” I asserted clearly .

“… . You…… . . to think Arnos would say that…… . ” (Sasha)

“Can’t you believe it?” (Arnos)

Sasha nods . She’s pretty cute with her defiant attitude .

“Having you talk like that when I haven’t done anything is a bit…… . . ” (Sasha)

“I’m not on about the top layer . I looked deep into your abyss . Deep, deep within you is a sleeping but majestic shining light . ” (Arnos)

Sasha is at a loss for words .

Her <Demon eyes of ruin> that should be controllable now start rampaging and the surroundings start to shake .

“Look into my eyes . ” (Arnos)

“Eh… . ?”

“Don’t look away . ”

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“… . . Yes… . . ”

“More . ”

“Even if you say more……”

“Come closer . ”

Sasha approaches me like she’s told and as she comes right up to me I suppress her eyes with mine .

Fumu . Even this close I can’t completely suppress her eyes .

As I thought . Her eyes are hiding a tremendous power .

“Do you understand?” (Arnos)

Sasha nods in embarrassment .

“…… . . Haven’t you gone on a date with Misha already though?” (Sasha)

A date? That time we went out together?

“What about it?” (Arnos)

“………Well, Arnos with Misha……” Sasha seems to be struggling to get her words out . “… . . and… . . well……didn’t you want Misha’s demon eyes…… . . ?”

I see . Sasha must have seen Misha’s talent as well .

“It’s true that Misha has good demon eyes and they are in no way inferior to yours . ”

Sasha looks up at me with upturned eyes .

“… . . Arnos…… . . who’s are better……?”

“Impossible to choose . ”

Who’s better? A question people will always be interested in especially if they are close to that person, however, their demon eyes have very different qualities . They can’t be compared .

“……Don’t you know?” (Sasha)

Fumu . Was my choice of words confusing?

“I want both of you . ”

“Eeeeeeeeh…… . . !? Both of us?”

Sasha raises her voice in surprise .

“Are you unhappy with both of you?

“…… . Isn’t it a bit strange…… . . ?”

I laughed unintentionally .

“Why are you laughing? What’s wrong with wanting to be number one . Is that strange…… . . ?”

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“Not at all . It’s good Sasha . You should aim for the top . When you compete with others you shine even more . ”

“… . . I see…… . ”

I’m not sure if her murmur was relief or disappointment .

“You know what?” (Sasha)

Sasha speaks like she’s given up .

“…… . . I’m only going to say this once as well…… . ”

Hearing her words I look at Sasha with a serious expression .

“If you want, I’ll give you these demon eyes . ”

Fumu . Certainly, demon eyes can be taken by force but the light will never return to the person who’s had them taken . I won’t take them though it’s admirable to show such loyalty .

“I won’t take them but I want you to make a promise with me . ” (Arnos)

Sasha has a questioning look in her eyes .

“Someday, I might find myself in a situation that is out of my control . At that time I might not be able to protect those I want to protect . ” (Arnos)

“I don’t think that will ever happen……” (Sasha)

“Probably not but there’s no absolutes . Anyway, in that instance, I’ll depend on you to protect me Sasha . Your eyes have that power . ”

“If that happens and I keep my promise will you listen to what I have to say?”

“You can say anything to me . ”

Sasha looks happy and nods bashfully .

“You promise?” (Sasha)

“Do you want to use <Zekt>?” (Arnos)

Sasha shakes her head .

“I don’t need it . A promise is better than a contract . ” (Sasha)

“I see . ”

Her <demon eys of ruin> have settled and when we start walking she seems in a good mood .

“By the way, where were you going?” (Sasha)

“To find out what type of traditions have been handed down about the heroes . ” (Arnos)

“Well then . Don’t you think you’ll get that information from the hero academy?” (Sasha)

Sasha points down one of the paths up ahead .

“Let’s go . ”

Aiming for the hero academy Arclaniska that can be seen in the distance we start walking .