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Maou na Ano Ko to Murabito A - Volume 1 - Chapter 2

Published at 28th of February 2016 08:20:55 PM

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Unfortunately, from then on, the Maou has not begun any activities. On a certain day, however, I saw her buying bread from the canteen.

Simply looking at her, it was impossible to tell that she was thinking of plans to eliminate mankind.

This was my line of thought. Since I woke up late this morning, I didn’t make a bento, so I decided to buy lunch from the bread store. However, I really did not want to buy Carbohydrate X 3 bread. So I decided to buy the secure chicken sandwich and boxed coffee.

Is that Ryuugamine? What is the Maou planning to eat?

I accidentally noticed Ryuugamine after lining up. Only seeing her turning around after having bought a ham and egg with cabbage salad sandwich as well as an orange juice.

Ah. This is surprisingly ordinary.

But considering it carefully, that is guranteed. Because that story only sell ordinary breads. It is not as though they sold human flesh hamburgers or blood, there would be huge problems if that happened.

Ryuugamine finished her purchase and directly left the crowd, unfortunately, her surroundings are very ordinary.

Even if I did not know she was a Maou, Ryuugamine Ouka’s kawaii appearance was already eye catching. Even if she is not so scary to bring those around her down, she is still able to make everyone’s eyes follow her.

Unfortunately, she has eyes that looks at others in an uncaring manner, her back held straight, parting the crowds with her beauty.(bravery???) The group contained not few students simply parted out of her way, doing so without knowing the exact reason. I think, the reason behind this is the fact that she is the Maou. The Maou and us are not the same.

I was stuck on the side with the majority, putting my life on the line trying to push them away,chasing the back of Ryuugamine. At the slightest mistake,my bread would be squished flat. It was not easy escaping the crowd of people,I take a moment to fixed up my messed up uniform,before resuming my search of Ryuugamine’s shadow.

Found it.

She walked in the direction opposite the class rooms.

It can’t be true that she eats her lunch in the toilets?

… So mysterious.

If she wants to be in solitude, I should not stop her … Unfortunately, the problem is the matter about her eating in the toilet. Looking on as a bystander, it is guaranteed to think that she was getting bullied and isolated by the class, I thought.

That is not wonderful.

Allowing others to think such a matter happened in my class, that is not good.

If everyone believes that we are purposefully bullying Personas, the classes reputation would take a slide, it will further influence the evaluation when we graduate from school.

So, as the new 《vice》 class representative, I can’t just sit down and do nothing!

…Ah, I will just have to do that. I want to make it clear first, this is absolutely not because I have an interest in this. That is the truth!

It is decided to do just that.

In the classroom, Kimura and Saitou are waiting for me, but if I take too long resturning, they should automatically start eating without me. Even though we have only been in the same class for half a month, I want to avoid the predicament of eating along in the toilet, I will eat lunch with the one that sits quite close to me. Our friendship is only at that level, atleast it is that way currently.

I keep a little distance as I follow Ryuugamine.

Because she is so small, in a single moment, she becomes mixed in with the other students, unable to be seen. Unluckily, her back disappears just at the perfect moment, such that I am unable to follow her. What should I do … I couldn’t have lost her now. A feeling arose, It was as though my eyes were attracted to her. Her back did not have a label, yet I was still able to find her.

But, where is she going? That side is the old school building! If you are looking for a toilet, the new school building clearly contains a few. That’s right. I feel that there is no impossibility, but could it possibly be that she doesn’t want to meet one of us?

The old school building and new school building are completely different.

The history of the two sides of the school are very different,the hundred year old stone architecture has changed a bit,so much so that parts of it are still being used. The everyday class rooms that we currently used were just built in these last few years,So it feels very comfortable and bright. There are also some special classrooms within the old school building that lack windows, and so the feeling is very dark.

Ryuugamine passed through the corridor, heading towards the old school building.

I stopped moving just at the edge of the new school building.

What am I supposed to do next?

Truthfully speaking, I really don’t like the old school building. In fact it is also said that it contains ghosts. I certainly am not afraid of ghosts, but there is a furry feeling to it. Ryuugamine would not listen to rumours. It could also be said, because she is the Maou, there is a chance that she will not worry about it? But, thinking about it, should could put those guys under her control, that is as it should be –


…I thought my heart would stop!

Ryuugamine decided to take a turn at the carved columns, in that single moment, it seems as though she saw me … or was I thinking too much? I was standing just a blink outside of her line of sight – that was all I did. That should not be wrong. Roughly …


That is the truth!

Having arrived this far, how can I just drop my head and give up! Certainly the situation has changed to become like that, in an instant, I knew I had to clear it up by asking her! Just like that! I will do it like that from the beginning! It was not easy being in s separate class to Tsubasa. I can finally meet new people, you could say that those Personas are just playing me round in circles, destroying my school life – My youth of Spring!

Having made a decision to chase, I enter the corridor. I originally thought to call out to her, but if she just ran away, that would make the situation more troublesome. So I decided to face it head on.

I jump over fallen concrete blocks, entering the old school building.

Taking a step inside, the air inside could clearly be felt to be different.

It was not my first time here. Previously, I had come here for class, using the classrooms over here several times. The interior’s air was not fresh, but smelt moldy. This was not normal and made me feel fear. The arch roofing, and the uninstalled empty window frames, resulted in the area looking like ruins.

Normally, I would come with the other students of the class, and so I did not feel that the inside would be so cool, you could even say that the inside was quite cold. The icy chill from the rocks, coming from the indoor floor, managed to penetrate from the bottom of the shoe to the feet, it felt as though I was about to catch a cold from my feet.

I turn and find that Ryuugamine has disappeared – actually, it was just that after I turned the corner, I was unable to see her, a robust column blocked the corner.

“-What are you doing!”


Ryuugamine Ouko noted the bread that was wrapped up, in front of my face.

I didn’t turn the corner too quickly, but suddenly, my eyes nearly crashed with her. In a rush, I turned. As a result, I crashed onto the ground floor. I think I rolled backward twice. After crashing into the corridor’s wall, I finally stopped rolling.

Even though my body is numb and in pain, none of the pain felt debilitation. Looking at it, I do not think I broke any bones, nor will there be a scratch.



The bag that held the bread had been squashed. Probably around the time I was rolling backward, I accidentally crushed it. Even if I don’t open the bag, I know the contents will be tragic. It was as if it had been rolled by a rolling pin, people would not want to open it. The thing that leaked out of it, that is my coffee!


I heard the sound of fear, lifting my head, I see Ryugamine Ouko with her eyes wide open looking down at me.1 She protectively holds onto the bad of bread, opening her legs, tilting her neck slightly to look down, forcing me to praise her as I would praise an idol in a photograph.

“You fell … Are you hurt?”

While speaking, Ryuugamine combed her long black hair with her hands, flowing like a torrent from behind her ear down her back. Her pitch-black black hair was as if it was some kind of ink, as compared to her lily white fingers which were so beautiful, they would cause others to tremble. After rolling up her hair, she decided to let it recover to it’s original position. Like that, she continued to roll it, as if waiting for something to happen, she continued to repeat.

Ah! She is waiting for my reply!? Is it like that!?

It was as if I was considering waiting for my reply, She once again rolled her hair.

“Eh! That’s! Should!”

Waah! I am too stupid! What kind of reply was that! It was as clumsy as a guy speaking to a girl for the first time! What should I do, such a failure!


The me that is so scared that I was unable to react is stupid, Ryuugamine showed a face that was indifferent to the suffering within myself, stepping towards me. Following that, without thinking it over, she squatted down in front of me.

U, Uh…

See it – I can see it! I can’t see something that should not by seen! It is a water blue stripe pattern!2 She did not roughly spread her legs, her legs were held quite straight. However if it is like that, spreading open the short uniform skirt by squatting down, from my position, I can see it!

“What’s with you?”

There is no need to ask about a certain matter! You really don’t understand? Or is it that, you don’t care? After looking at something so scary – it matters to me! I care about it!

No…No way. I drag my painful body to stand. Even if she continues to not care, allowing me to look, it is left to me to take action! It is hard to call it an accident, but I am not so shameless as to not be unaffected when looking at a young girl’s underwear.

Ryuugamine looked up at me, simply imitating the way in which I stood up. Continuing on, she slightly tilted her head, not knowing when she pointed up with her finger. Her finger reached over, poking at the crumpled paper bag in front of my chest. The bag was certainly crumpled, letting out shasha sounds.

Scared … Scared me to death …

I certainly don’t think I showed my emotions, but truthfully in my heart, I was half scared to death. I thought my body would scrape off. Even though I know that within this world, Ryuugamine is just an ordinary human, that type of event is impossible, but I still am confronted with fear.

“It’s crushed.”


Are … Are you saying something about my dignity? – No, That’s wrong. How can it be. It’s the bag. The thing she is pointing to is the bag.


“That’s … That’s right.”

She shifts her finger.

“The contents of the bag have become so appalling that it is unrecognisable. It would be hard to identify what it is, even if it is a waste, I don’t think I have the appetite for it.

I mechanically nod my head.

I also think that.

When I had calmed down, Finally feeling the effects of an empty stomach, my feelings of uncontent rose up. Ah, getting to the point, I have no lunch to eat today. If it had been a bento,even if the rice and side dishes had been dropped, the contents would not be squished like the way they are now. Next time I am following someone, make sure it is a day I bring a bento. I learnt that today. 3

Just when I was contemplating-

“Nothing can be done.”

Ryuugamine Ouko slightly turned her back, placing both hands that were held as fists at her waist.

Nothing can be done? What does that mean?

“Even if I don’t know who you are, but it is apparent that both you and I go to the same school, this must be a type of fate. I will split my lunch with you.”


Split for me to eat…? Lunch – The main point is not that!

Are you messing with me! Oi, Ryuugamine Ouko! I am the Vice Class President! I sit right behind you! Also, aren’t you the one that pointed me out to become the Vice Class President!? Isn’t that do? You really cannot recognize me for who I am?

However, I realized what I had just heard, I knew she was a person like that already! Unfortunate!

…If I had seen if with my own eyes, I would feel extremely sad…

I am really sad!

After Ryuugamine Ouko talked about splitting her lunch with me, she took me to a place that was not the toilet.

Too good.

In such a narrow gap, I followed in a single file, this kind of feeling leaves me restless. However, at that moment, she was unable to recognize who I am, I feel as though she was bullying me. This kind of situation is embarrassing.

In the end, she should already understand that I am a student in the same class as her.

“Vice Class President…Vice Class President…”

After she mutters the phrase a few time. She is starting to understand the main point. However, She is still unable to come up with my name.

The place that Ryuugamine Ouka took me to, is a place of forests at the bottom of the stairs. The inside was piled up with what looked like sporting equipment and equipment that would be used for major cleaning purposes. It is a lot better than a toilet, but eating inside the darkness and among the dusty cloths,is way too miserable.

While I was thinking-


Ryuugamine skipped over the table, avoiding the pile of equipment and moving ahead, afterwards, it became hard to see her figure. Certainly, looking from it externally, it doesn’t seem like that, but is there really a path through there? During the moment that I was indecisive, Ryuugamine suddenly popped her head out from behind the equipment.

“What is it? Come over here.”

What is on the other side of the equipment? Taking a peek, the area behind it is deep, but from my perspective, it is too narrow.


For a reason I cannot fathom, Ryuugamine extends an invitation with her hand.

I could not immediately muster a response to the hand.

“It will not be scary.”

I am not afraid! Saying again, I am not hesitant because she is the Maou, but because the one that extended the hand towards me is a girl. According to my memory, I have only ever held hands with a girl during school activities. I can’t help but be worried about whether or not I have sweaty hands…That is why I would shrink back.

In fact, I think when Ryuugamine said “not scary”, the topic is not herself.

There is a tunnel.

Yet looking at my body’s condition,I do not know whether or not I can pass through. Ryuugamine’s stature is both thin and small,her whole body does not have much bulk to her, even if it is a narrow gap, she should easily be able to pass through, but it is I who cannot pass. If we are lined up next to each other, my body can be seen as more robust.

How should I react? Even if she is the Maou, this is not a school activity, nor are we in a relationship, she continued to extend her hand towards me, this kind of chance doesn’t come everyday.

…Need to take the hand?

Stop! Wait a moment! Eh…Before I went to the canteen, I went to the toilet, I should have washed my hands? Yes, I have washed them, I check that I have washed them. Mm, and then-


Uwah! She grabbed my hand! How can you not even consider for a moment, class president! For better or worse, I am a male student!

…But as it goes.

That’s right, I forgot. She is uncaring, as if we are just a curious puppy running under her skirt.

“Over this side.”

I was pulled by her over the table.

…Such and ordinary hand.

That’s right, a really ordinary hand. Even so, Ryuugamine only looks at me as though I was a dog, and then says to me, that is the hand of a female student. My experience with holding the hands of females is lacking, there is no way of taking her hand and comparing it with other girls, but it should be said – the feeling is comfortable. Even if it is expected, but apart from the feeling from touching, whether it be the level of softness or the temperature. The hand that is being held feels very different from that of another boy’s hand.

Uwah! I began to get nervous again. No need to think about what I have and what I don’t have!

“That’s right … Vice Class President-san. Why are you even here?”


My heart nearly jumped out of my mouth.

“Apart from taking class, students would not come to this side of the school building, right?”

Screwed … Screwed up.

My heart beat furiously non-stop. Calm down! Clam down – Uwah, the feeling has left even my body temperature to rise! This is bad, this is bad … I feel as if my hands are about to start sweating! Need: Need to be truthful? What should I do? I need to relax? Un … Unfortunately, needing me to acknowledge that I followed her-

“That’s right …”

Ryuugamine continued with her head raised up:

“During Middle school, someone raised the rumour that I alone ate lunch in the toiled, don’t tell me, you-“5

Ahh! I have been seen through! Ryuugamine put more strength into her hands – I had that kind of feeling! I think I won’t be able to escape her!

I cannot stand this!

“So … Sorry!”

Without me noticing, I had already apologised to her. It’s the truth, the words had already broken free from my mouth. It could have been that my life was on the line, or it could be that I lack perseverance, or maybe it is just a reaction from my central nervous system. It should be that.

“Because … I really …”

Ryuugamine turned her head, her hair spreading open like an umbrella, lightly swiping the hand that she was grabbing. That comfortable feeling, caused me to shiver.

“Your meaning is … You’re worried about me?”

Is … Is it like that?

Listening to it clearly, once can possibly draw that kind of conclusion. But if need be, I should nod my head in reply. That would mean, towards the matter of me following her, it would be suspecting that I had done something evil even though I acted sincerely? I ask within my heart whether there is a possible reply. After a while, no clear answer appeared, among all the uncertainty, there was no stable answer.

Suddenly, I seemed to catch a glimpse as Ryuugamine’s lips being pulled into a smile.

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However, that should just be me seeing things. And then, without waiting for affirmation, she once again turned her body, pulling on my hand once again.

I was pulled along by her, scraping along the equipment with my belly on one side and my back on the other, heading into the depths, wondering what that was about. Not caring about it, I think the previous topic can be put to rest. That’s the way it is, that has saved my life.

After passing through the piled up equipment, we came to a space that was not that dissimilar to the size of a toilet, on one wall was a door.

Because it had been blocked off by the equipment, it would have been impossible to see the door which is much smaller than the normal doors, roughly half the size of a normal door. Ryuugamine let go of my hand. Such a shame … How can I think like that! I am not like a little kid who has lost his way!

Ryuugamine didn’t even display half the sadness I felt, putting out her hand to turn the door. The door may have been crooked, the hinges let out a poor noise.

Even if it is like that, the doorways reveal luminous sunlight.

As though it was a door to the Secondary World.

However, the feeling is not hated. Even if it is a Secondary World, it contains a good feeling like Heaven – However, that cannot be the case.

Because I already said it earlier, in the future, Persona will become the real characters such as the Maou and the Hero, it is guaranteed that they will act in the manner dictated by the system set up by the government. Certainly, I don’t know how they enter that world, but I certainly don’t think this place is an entrance or an exit to the Secondary World.

Ryuugamine turned through the door quite quickly, I also followed along. In a moment, the bright light caused my eyes to blur, but I quickly recovered.

… Ah, so there is this kind of place within the old school building.

Inside was a courtyard that was surrounded by four stone walls. Inside the courtyard, there resided a bench, it looked as though it was the same material as the stone walls. Apart from a scrawny tree, there was a large tree growing along the walls, the almost fallen in roof boards brought in natural lighting, the place was so illuminating that it was eye dazzling.

“Where is this place?”

“This is the place where I regularly eat lunch. I really like this place. During middle school, I had this place as my own heaven on earth, I would usually eat my lunch alone. I am really good at searching for these kinds of place.”

Finishing off, Ryuugamine walked towards the bench, taking a handkerchief from her pocket, wiped off the dust. It was truly classy. It was not just her own seat, she also cleaned the divider in the seat.


Continuing to tell me to sit.

“Thank…Thank you…”

I bow my heads towards her while politely apologising, and then in an ambiguous voice, stated “Sorry for the inconvenience”. Sitting down next to her.

Uwah, knocked the shoulders!

The bench was not very spacious, two people sitting side by side resulted in the feeling of being squished. Whenever she moves, her narrow shoulders would push against me.

So…So anxious…It is impossible to image. When normally on the electric car with a girl sitting next to me, I would not feel anything, why am I feeling so anxious right now?

“Completely destroyed right?”

“What? Ah…”

Understanding that she is referring to the bread bought at the canteen, I opened the squished bag.

Wah…Nothing of the chicken sandwich is as it once was. It might have been possible to eat if it was simply squished, unfortunately the bread was not the only thing squashed, the boxed coffee is also the same. The bag is amazing. Clearly the bread is soaking wet and has already changed colours, however, not even one drop of coffee has leaked out of the bag.

“There’s no way to eat it right?”

“Looks like it.”

“I think that is so.”

Ryuugamine took the ham, egg with cabbage salad sandwich and orange juice from her bag, placing it on the napkin that was laid out on her thigh, before deftly taking the sandwich out of it’s wrapping. Her actions in splitting the sandwich in half was quite smooth-

“For you.”

Passing half of it to me.

Are you sure about this? Taking the assured half a sandwich, the proportions leave half behind. There is very little, are you able to to last until the end of school?

Yet, during my moment of indecisiveness, Ryuugamine passed my part of the sandwich to me. At this point in time, I was about to refuse it out of embarrassment.

If so, I’ll take it.

I take the bread, looking at Ryuugamine. Seeing the faint smile on her face, I become wary in my heart, forcing myself to break her gaze. I don’t think my action was natural, I wolfed down the sandwich.

…Ehh, really tasty.

The sour taste of the cabbage salad and the sweet taste of the egg match really well. The amount of thin slices of ham was also quite generous, very unlike a canteen lunch. Even if it was a sandwich given to me by someone else, the amount is so little that even if it wasn’t finished in one mouthful, two bites would finish it off. The amount is simply not enough to fill the gaps of my teeth. Even so, however, I really want a drink. For some reason, the sandwich’s bread is stuck to the top of my mouth.

“-For you.”

Ryuugamine passed the box of juice towards me.


“Bread is stuck to your mouth, right? So, there is no problem if you drink a bit, but don’t drink it all!”


I look at the straw sticking out of the juice box.

It’s wet.

It can be said – the box of juice that she has already drank from. Or else, she told me not to drink it all, the meaning is that after I finish drinking, she plans to also take another drink? No…No way! No way no way! That is too unreasonable! We are not in such a relationship!

“You don’t want a drink?”

“I want!”

Finished! I suddenly bit the straw! I…I accidentally drank it all…Maybe doing that would anger her…

A bit, I only need to drink a tiny bit and that should be enough.

I let out a sound! Too…Too embarrassing! The back of my neck heated up! That’s it, that’s enough! All the bread has been consumed, there should be no problem!

I quickly relaxed my mouth, looking at the straw. Too good…There are no bread crumbs stuck to it. Extremely clean – Uwah! Ryuugsamine-san, you are too lacking in consideration! That is the straw that I just used!? How brave are you-

…Ah, Right…

I forgot.

Those Persona’s just don’t care. How should I put this – it is all because she is too ordinary, so I have accidentally forgotten. Actually, Tsubasa is also the same, if she didn’t have that sword, she would just be a selfish and troublesome girl.

Following the comparison, Ryuugamine is certainly called the Maou, but apart from the words “I hate humanity” when we first met, she has not done any bad things. Since becoming the Class President, she has diligently completed all the tasks handed to her by the teacher. Leaving me the Vice Class President with nothing left to do.

Why is that so? So I have been becoming in-existent? Is it possible that, until a moment ago, she has forgotten about the existence of the Vice Class President? Even the fact that she had pointed me out has been wiped clean?

…In conclusion, I think it is that.


A sudden chirp sound, Ryugamine moved her lips away from the straw. She slightly lifts her head up, the head full of black hair moves from her shoulders to her back.

The profile of her face was really eye drawing, as if it was the same as the image of an idol from a magazine cover. Under the soft sunlight, her skin colour was white. Thinking carefully, I should count myself as really lucky?

“…Ahh, I really want to exterminate mankind…”


It was the first time that I had known since I was born, even if I did not have anything in my mouth, I would still have spat out over that statement about humankind.

That’s right! She truly is a Maou!

However, Ryuugamine, using her ordinary – no, that’s not right, rather her extraordinary cute face to turn a face me, letting a smile filled with malicious intent.

“Is the canteen always this crowded?”


I was as surprised as a person roused from their sleep.

“Ah…That’s right…”

Awful, my heart beat rapidly.

Wait a moment, she is talking about the canteen?

I don’t always go there everyday, so there was no way of breaking the conversation, but following Kimura’s words, it is the same as a war-zone. The struggle for bread is actually quite fierce, adding on to that with the sense of hunger, arguments can often breakout.

“Eh…This is your first time there?”

I clearly did not have that kind of intent, yet my words seemed to have had a probing meaning.

Ryuugamine gave a sense of nodding her head.

This is bad, she really is cute. I begin to feel as if I had simply misheard her phrase about mankind.

“I normally make my own bentos. However, I felt that I should understand more, so today I decided to challenge myself and visit the canteen to buy bread.”

She tightened her hand into a fist, it seems as thought she is proud of herself!

“I was extremely scared. Everyone’s eyes looked as though they had not eaten for several days, I was sucked in by the atmosphere. Even when another person, started an argument over who had picked up the bread first, that was simply dangerous.

“Because everyone has a big appetite.”

I feel as though half a sandwich is not enough.

“You are not full?”

She continued to ask a question about my feelings, resulting in me being speechless for a moment. Eh…How should I reply? Replying with a “That’s right” would be too shameless. Yet, a reply of “It’s enough” would mean lying to her and lying is not right.

“…That’s, there is something to it.”

In the end, I ambiguously gave a reply that did not seem like a reply at all.

What is with this situation? She simply opened her mouth to ask some questions? Anyway, what is her reasoning?

“But, Eating too much is not good, isn’t that so?”

She opened her mouth asking to confirm with me.

“That is not wrong…Recently, among the students at middle school younger than us, some of them are beginning to develop lifestyle issues. After all, there are people that are already developing this sickness, even televisions are saying that an unstable eating and drinking habits are the main cause of the disease. So I think eating too much becomes a really big issue.”

“That’s right.”

Ryuugamine nods her head in understanding.

Her reaction, caused me to have a momentary feeling of discord, but I was unable to pinpoint the exact reason.


The bell forecasting the end of lunch break sounded.

Ryuugamine Ouko stood up, folding up the handkerchief laid out on her thigh and returning it to her pocket. I stared at her actions, unable to turn away.

Continuing on, as if it was absolutely guaranteed, she stretched out her hand, as if saying “I will pull you up”.

What is that about?

Even if she doesn’t pull me, I can stand up by myself. Unfortunately, if I stand up myself, it would be a waste of her goodwill, but I am unable to understand what could Ryuugamine want? When I simply think about it, there was no way for me to refuse her.

She cannot have any other meaning – It should be like that. I knew from early on that it was like that, yet within my mind, there was a noise telling me that it might not be like that. I did not want to be stared at by the Maou, I also was afraid that I would be executed for impertinence without her considering it. I turn it over in my brain, again and again, finally coming up with a conclusion.

And then, within the beautiful courtyard where the resounding of the bell faded, holding onto the outstretched hand of Ryuugamine, holding onto the soft hand, there was a sudden chill in it.

Within the silhouette, Ryuugamine Ouko’s face displayed a certain emotion – I was unable to see it.


“Hey, Satou! Are you even listening?”

A few days later.

When I first entered the classroom at school, I was immediately pulled aside by Kimura. It was the first time that I had seen those two in such an excited state. Even if we have only known each other for a month, having not seen such a thing before is expected, but I really admire the fact that he is able to muster such an expression so early in the morning.

“What, what?”

Saitou came over. It was as if his face had written on it “What are you guys talking about that has you so excited?”.

“It is a student restaurant, it is a student restaurant!”

Kimura was spouting air out of his nose. As if he was from a manga, you are too happy. Even saying so, a student restaurant?

“Our school has that kind of eatery?”

Saitou immediately replied.

“Nonono! You guys are wrong!”

Those kinds of words piss me off.

“That is already yesterday’s news! So right now, as if it was from the Stone Ages which is far past, civilisation has finally reached high school!”

The era has changed so quickly, jumping from the Stone Age to the Meji Period of Japan. What kind of change happened.


Kimura dumped an advertising flyer onto my table.

On the flyer was written “Student Restaurant Opening”, in fact the date is set for today. The opening date is really abrupt, clearly there was no sign of such a flyer yesterday.

“Opening like a cafe style?”

Saitou’s face was full of confusion. The location is … The car park? Looking at it, It should be some kind of stall. If it is like so, it is quite possible to open upon within a day. You simply need to bring in a car with a built in kitchen, then prepare some tables and chairs for people to sit on.

“Whatever, I will go an have a look!”

Kimura excitedly pointed at the poster. I put my hands together in front of me, facing him in apology.

“My apologies, I brought my own bento.”

As luck would have it, I woke up early to make my bento. Certainly I feel interested in a cafe run as a student restaurant, but I simply cannot just throw my lunch away. Also, the surrounding temperature is quite high.

“That so. Saitou, what about you?”

“Please excuse me, I also brought my own bento.”

“So suddenly, you guys bring your own bento, where should we go to eat? Because I don’t want to sit with people that I don’t know, hogging all the seats by myself is quite embarrassing. Even if it is a bento, eating in there should be no problem, is that not so?”


The image of the courtyard floated to the top of my brain.

I originally planned to eat lunch at that place. The air was really fresh there, in fact I feel that eating a bento I made with my own hands will be a lot better compared to eating the bread that I bought previously, hence I planned to go there.

However, giving up on that.

I am not really strong characteristically, I am easily influenced by invitations from others and become unable to refuse them. Facing other ordinary villagers, the lifestyle of working alongside other high school students of the same class is very important.

There was the possibility of being labelled as hard to get along with, being pushed aside by friends and then becoming unable to rejoin that group.

On that matter – I don’t find it hard to reconcile with.

“Okay, I understand.”

Brushing off the regret felt at leaving the courtyard, I smile in reply. Saitou also replies in a similar manner. Nothing can be done, this is simply the normal person’s way of life.

Even leaving the classroom immediately after the bell rang, the parking lot was already crowded with people.

“I’ll go there first!”

Finishing up, Kimura rushed out. If he does not go out to get a spot early, at the end, he will have to wait for a long time and so become unable to find a seat and have to give up.

When Saitou and I arrived, we were able to see Kimura lining up in the queue right in front of the stall.

However, that is not possible. Not only does it sell the staple curry and noodles, but there are also Italian and French style cuisine? However there are no Japanese style meals. Also, those that are not preferential about there food can only say that there really is a large variety to choose from. Not right, beef on rice should be considered a Japanese style food. Oh heaven, hamburgers are guaranteed, there are also flour based foods, even crepes are sold.

“I shouldn’t even choose a bento.”

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Saitou spoke with a face full of regret, while I fully agree with his words. Looking at the situation, from today onwards, it seems the canteen may be put to retirement. Not limited to students, even the teachers are there. Not only that, you can also see a few Persona scattered around. They are really cool, there is also a person carrying a gas mask included. That is really mysterious. What kind of profession is that person going to become?

Speaking of which, Ryuugamine didn’t come to school today. The teacher did not specify a reason for her not coming to school, so I can only presume that she has the flu or some other illness.

“Waited long enough.”

Upon Kimura’s return, he placed the tray of food onto the table. After Saitou and I look at it, we both let out “Wahh” noises. What is with those proportions? Port cutlet curry rice with beef on top of rice and takoyaki! Then on the side there is also a miniature proportion of pork bone ramen?”

“Really extreme right?”

Kimura looked on snugly.

“What is extreme is your stomach…”

After the shocked me finished speaking, Kimura sat down with a laugh, continuing on with his surprising words:

“This is only 300 yen!”6

“True or false?”

“Absolutely true.7 I heard it is because of the new opening, hence the special discount. Too much chatter ~More action~”

Kimura lifted up the soup spoon and wolfed down the food. He scooped the curry into his mouth, gulped down the pork bone ramen soup, swallowing as if he was unable to stop eating.

Saitou and I glance at each other, opening up our own lunches. The content that I had today was green onion and mushroom leftovers fried in tempura as a pattie, covered over in a thick sauce on top of rice, looking at it today, it seems quite poor.


Tomorrow I want to eat at the Student Restaurant!


“There is really something weird going on!”

It happened on the day after.8

“…During class time, you randomly enter a classroom and make statements that don’t make sense.”

I am unable to put up with the annoyance any further and look up at the one who is leaning on the table, the Tsubasa who is looking down on me. Going with what I was saying, it is the third period and classes are still ongoing.”

“What is it about?”

“How can you simply call it what is this about! As you can see, it is in the middle of class! Shouldn’t your class also be having lessons? How can you simply enter another person’s classrooms without any care!”


Tsubasa placed her hands on her waist, greatly pushing out her chest.

“So it is simply a small matter!”

It may be so for you, but for me this is no small matter!

Certainly I have a loathing expression on my face, but Tsubasa does not seem to understand the slightest. She pulled aside today’s absent Ryuugamine’s seat, facing the seat’s back, sitting in order to look at me.

It is like that.

It is because this girl is like that that it causes people to hurt their heads dealing with her.

I originally feel that Ryuugamine is so nice that she cannot possibly be the Maou, yet in this recent period, Tsubasa has begun to calm, so I have begun to relax. But – I am too naive.

Regardless of whether it was coincidental that the responsible teacher of the lesson was Deckar-Sensei, everyone was letting out a helpless expression. Everyone already knew that from the moment the girl carrying a big sword on her back rushed into the classroom, it was time to give up. They all look at me in a meaningful way, wanting me to quickly calm her down.

Truthfully, I understand.

“…So, what did you say was suspicious?”

I show interest in her words, Tsubasa immediately leans over the back of the chair, leaning all the way onto the desk. Her chest was so full that it flows towards me. Too close. I slowly slide back a bit, but I do not move so quickly that she would be able to notice.

“Do you event need to ask, it is certainly the newly opened cafe! Have you been there?”


Certainly I have not eaten there before, but thinking back about it, I started salivating. I did not prepare a bento this morning and for breakfast, I ate less than usual. This is because I do not have the same appetite as Kimura.

“What is so suspicious about it. That store is quite good, cheap and large proportions, suitable for students.”

“Definitely wrong, that store is really not normal.”

“So I am asking you what is so weird about it. Please explain it in a clearer manner.”

“Nothing can be done about it.”

Tsubasa let out a small sigh before looking all over the place.

This person…is definitely gonna cause trouble, looking all over the place and only caring about the light just now, what is the meaning behind all this! What are you faking just now!? You just want to make something happen right?

Tsubasa once again faced me.

“You hear? The manager in charge of the cafe, is not part of the school, nor are they a company that has signed a contract with the school. It should be a con-restaurant that is self-managed.”

“Con … but it seems so realistic?”

“That’s right. Since it looks so real, nobody really wonders about it. However, that kind of thing shall not pass by me! A student restaurant suddenly appearing, why would it provide cheap and good tasting meals where it is impossible to make a profit?”

I understand.

“This matter definitely has something suspicious.”

Tsubasa faced me and continued to say:

“Because, there is an old saying that goes: “speak with honey words when facing them, but there will be criticisms of them behind their backs,” right?”

What is with your “Ugh, is that so?” expression! You think what I said is quite stunning? Following that, you aren’t gonna say “It’s just a student restaurant”!

Luckily she did not say that.

“Finally, when the truth finally comes out, you better not be close to the student restaurant. Because-”

Tsubasa used her clenched fist to knock on Ryuugamine’s chair.

“-This matter has the scent of inherently evil devil. Put it all on me, I will definitely reveal her secret, I swear it upon the Hero’s Justice.

“What! Oi, are you messing around again!”

“Come! Clean up your neck and wait for me! Maou!”

Tsubasa let out a “Ahahaha” laugh as she left the classroom. I was unable to stop her in a timely manner, but even if I had managed to stop her, nothing would have come out of it.

I let out a deep sigh.

“You are so troubled.”

Towards Saitou’s empathetic words, I could only let out a faint smile.

I cannot stand it.

My head hurts. Every time Tsubasa says the word Hero, normally nothing good will come out of it. That point it very clear.

Thinking again, what is Ryuugamine doing?


Certainly Tsubasa had said those words, today’s cafe was filled with people surging about as before. The amount of people has also increased, there were no gaps between the people in the car park, it was so crowded that it begun to flow back into the school grounds.

Saitou also did not bring a bento, after we each bought out own meal tickets, we headed towards our respective food carts.

Beef with rice meal certainly draws people in, but the meals that the restaurant are most famous for is western food. Curry, hamburger, pork cutlet and fried prawns. The matter of whether fried pork cutlet is a western meal can be argued over, but it is a fried food, so nobody cares and just calls it western food. It should be said, it is already like that.

I line up for my meal, from there I was able to see the auntie who normally sells bread at the canteen. It was amazing for her to appear in such a place, I originally thought that the auntie would be fuming, not really happy like she currently was.

Inside the kitchen, it was clear that the chef was a female with a small and skinny body that was busy at work. She had clearly rolled up the sleeves of the chef’s uniform, following her with my eyes caused them to go haywire, it felt as though there was a small animal running around, but it made others appreciate her professional attitude. Her actions were fast, so fast that it was as though she splitting her body up. All the food at this cart is made by her? If that is true, then it is too much.

“Come! You have waited long enough!”

Not long after handing over the meal ticket, a large plate of the fried meal was served on the tray.

Uwah! Such large prawns! They were atleast thirty centimeters long, in fact two of them were served on the plate. Not only that, there were three scallops and three slices of pork cutlet!Even if it is a meal, included was rice. It was not bread, but in fact white rice. For the sauce, it was possible to make a choice of tartar sauce, worcestershire sauce or pork sauce. I put onto the prawns what seemed to be a mountain-load of tartar sauce, the other parts of te meal was covered in the thick pork sauce. It makes it really hard for people to believe that it is real. The fact that it only costs 300円 is too ridiculous. Unless it is subsidised by the school?

Returning to the seats, I could only see Kimura facing his Napoleon Pasta stacked up like Mount Fuji, all the while Saitou face the towering hamburger along with it’s own mini mountain of chips. Both of them were already salivating. I understand how they feel, the fragrant smell of the food penetrated into my stomach.

“You are very slow!”


Certainly I don’t feel as though I used up too much time, but the food cart that I lined up at seems to have the longest queue.

“However, that truly is incredible.”

Waiting for until I sat down, while using a knife to cut the hamburger, Saitou looked around the place.

“Everyone’s appetite is really scary. But I do not have the right to say that.”

He smiled as he cut apart the hamburger and then crammed the burger that was covered in tomato sauce and meat sauce into his mouth.

I look down upon my tray, feeling deeply the same about his words. He was not wrong. It was unbelievable, why would I order such a large platter? It should be impossible to completely eat this platter.

I originally thought like that, in the end, I was unable to continue thinking like that.

I could eat it one mouthful at a time, but I ate non-stop. My stomach quickly filled up, but my appetite overwrote the feeling of being full. Eh, not long later, I had managed to eat it all. So good, it tasted too good.

I was like a squirrel or a mouse stuffing my mouth with food, chewing all the food in my mouth while swallowing, even I was unable to believe that I managed to eat through the whole tray. 300円 can bring about such contentedness. I feel as though I might need to loosen my belt, but loosen it and then what? In one day… I feel as though I had eaten three days worth of calories.

Saitou and Kimura both showed faces of content, slightly patting their upturned stomachs. You too look like old geezers! I was also like that and so had no right to complain, but what was with the stomach!? You guys want to become sumo wrestlers! You stomach looks as if it was about to burst!

Looking at each other’s stomachs, we were unable to suppress our laughter.

It was not looking down or bullying people, but a laughter brought about by happiness and the feeling of content. Looking around, even with nothing interesting around, people would let out a smile feeling fortunate.


Humans are really straight forward. By only eating some good food, they will feel as though they are fortunate. However, at the thought of going home soon, we would feel even more fortunate. It is such a shame there are classes in the afternoon. But my stomach is too big right now and I am unable to take any actions soon.


“-Everybody stop!”

Suddenly, a loud noise resounded round the car park that was filled with content.

Unfortunately, I was the only one on the field, that was frightened awake by the sharp alarm noise. It was only my happiness that was spoiled, standing up from fear. My bodyn felt heavy…

Saitou and Kimura were both distracted.

Truly, their expression were vacant. But if you know who let out that sound, you would also have the same kind of reaction as me! That’s right.

The owner of the noise was the one that jumped from the second floor’s balcony, letting out a gigantic noise. Seeing such a dangerous act, the teachers recovered their wits. All those students that heard the noise, seeing the item on the person’s back, could not help but let out an “ahhh” sound.

That person was standing on the top of a food car, was as though waving her arm to disperse the crowd.

“-Hurry up and open your eyes everyone! You have been entrapped within the 《Maou’s》 plans!”

Everybody was moving.

There was no need to ask who that was.


Correct, that’s right. The one that said that was the teacher. Remembering the correct words, that person could possibly be Tsubasa’s homeroom teacher?

“What are you doing! It is dangerous, hurry up and come down!”

Sensei…Your manner is very good! But clearly you have had too much to eat, being unable to stand up from your seat! Certainly I do not have the right to say this about anyone else, but it is simply impossible to respect your words!

Laughter came from all around.

That’s right, the teacher’s arms and legs moved as though he was dancing while seated as though it was a comedy act.

However, I was unable to laugh for even one moment. All of the previously happy emotions had dispersed like smoke, inside my head, alarm bells were ringing, a continuous unending noise.

Tsubasa acted as though she had not noticed the teacher. It should be said, she just didn’t listen, nor did she listen to the words of the teacher just now. She was following the standard Hero’s personality, only hearing what she wanted to hear, only seeing what she wanted to see.

Like how we do not normally take notice of the ants beneath our feet, but if we want to take notice of them, we will. Persona’s will not normally take notice of us, all the Persona’s emotions are set. Even if it was the normal peaceful her, when all is said and done, she is still a Persona. As such she is able to act in that manner.

“Come out for me, Maou!”

Tsubasa using a stamp as though planning on breaking through the roof of the food cart, kicked the roof of the kitchen. What is that hanging on top of her sword on her back? Looking at it, it seems heavy and bulky. The auntie from the canteen unhappily stuck her head out of the side window, but immediately ducked her head back in.

“Hurry up and come out!”

Tsubasa once again kicked the roof – However, looking at her like this, it was as though she was a kid throwing a tantrum, stamping her feet like that. In the end, laughter came from everywhere as the tension in the atmosphere let up. I think everyone in the car park had decided that I would be the only who thought we were in trouble.

In the end, the door to the food cart quietly opened. It is possible to see the chef, the woman who was running around busily preparing the feed walked out, I couldn’t help myself and let out a cry.

Ryuugamine Ouko.

Previously, I only saw the shadow of her back, so I was unable to recognise her, but if I carefully think back, I did have a feeling as if I knew who the small body belonged to. I should have known about this already.

“This…This meal was made by the Maou…?”

Kimura’s face began to cramp up. He held onto his stomach, showing a face wondering whether the food contained any poison. Even so, Saitou only let out a murmur saying “so it was like that”.

“You have finally appeared, 《Maou》 – Ryuugamine Ouko!”

Tsubasa let out a fearless laugh, arrogantly looking down on Ryuugamine. Oi, the way you act is so much like a bad guy. Does this woman even have the self awareness of a Hero?

“I am the 《Hero》 Hikarigaoka Tsubasa! I have already seen through your dastardly plans.”

She pointed her finger towards Ryuugamine.

Ryuugamine did not say any cliche lines like “I have been found out” or “I did not think you would break through”, in fact, the expression she showed was one of fear. Her face froze up, the most spectacular part about it was the way her cheeks twitched.

“What…What are you saying?”

Your facial expression is too unnatural! In fact the chef’s hat that she was holding had been scrunched up in her hands!

Very…Very strange…Too strange indeed.

Tsubasa crossed her arms as though pushing up her large chest, all the while looking at Ryuugamine disdainfully.

“Pretending to be ignorant? Normal people might not see through you, but this kind of trick is nothing to me! At a glance, this is a cafe style restaurant serving convenient and substantial meals! But the truth is, the Maou is just trying to raise you up to become fat people, a plan that will cause the extinction of mankind due to metabolic syndrome.”9


What…What is going on!

What kind of troublesome plan is that! You would need to spend roughly ten years before any success would show up! You are thinking too much about it! Using that kind of excuse to make such a loud fuss!

Laughter came from all around. Even saying so, even I almost laughed out loud.

However –

“T…T T T There was no such intention like that?”

why are you so afraid, Ryuugamine!

“I…I only wanted to let everyone eat a cheap and tasty meal, so I opened this cafe. I: you and I are not the same, I am a Maou, everybody is suspicious of me. So, I hope everybody will understand, I will only act as a Maou within the 《Fantasy World》, in this world, I am only an ordinary person.”

I hope to let everyone understand, I should not be blamed just because I am the Maou.

“Ryuugamine Ouko!”

Tsubasa flourished her sword that had been hanging on her back, leaving no room for argument, cut through Ryuugamine’s words.

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“Did you really think I would believe those excuses?”

Her word brought about a round of ridicule.

“Following you makes me reflect on my actions?”

Ryuugamine did not reply. The meaning of that is, she is acknowledging that Tsubasa’s words are true? She really intends to fatten us up, removing our immunity to the disease?

It could possibly be – towards the me that knows Tsubasa really well, naturally that kind of thought came to mind.

Their personalities will become prominent. The Hero, Tsubasa, will work wholeheartedly towards justice, creating problems. Regarding the small matters,this is the reason she searches through my bags and my desk. The Maou, Ryuugamine, certainly does not do those kinds of things. However, she is still a Persona.

However, I looked at the food in front of me with care. If I was to eat this continually for three meals a day, for the next few years, there will be a chance for the symptoms Tsubasa said to occur as a result. however, we are only able to eat it for the next three years, in fact, it is only for the mid day meal. It will be very hard to achieve the desired outcome.

Also, she was not the one that forced us to eat.

We were able to eat cheap and tasty food, Ryuugamine had begun on the path of the Maou. The situation is just as Tsubasa had said, she should not be causing a problem, of am I wrong?

Unless I am too naive?

No, I was not the only person to have that kind of thought. Everyone around the various takes let out laughter at Tsubasa’s words, from there, the noise began to increase. There were some that did not feel a need to care about it, those mainly were the senior students.

It is hard to tell, this kind of event has been caused by other Personas before? Or, it is just hard for me to explain their reaction. The sempai’s know that nothing bad will come out of it, so they will eat the Maou’s food just like Saitou. Saitou and the Maou both went to the same junior high school. It is possible that such an event has happened before, so he is able to becalm at this time.


Tsubasa shouted at us again:

“Everybody put down your forks and chopsticks! Do not eat any more! Line up together, you will need to immediately excercise! Hurry up and burn out the excess calories!”

Eh…What did you just say?

Tsubasa looks around the area, sucked in a breath and then said:

“-Everyone, start running!”

At the same time extending her fist.


How are we supposed to respond to that kind of request! telling us to run in this kind of condition, impossible!

After a moment of silence, the place erupted in booing. Everyone would certainly revolt against that.

However, Tsubasa looked at the crowd as though she didn’t care, not even listening to what they had to say. On her face, a sympathetic expression.

Seeing that expression, I started sweating cold sweat at the back of my neck.

Not good. This feeling is extremely discomforting.


I held onto my stuffed stomach, calling out in a loud voice:

“Nothing has happened! Look yourself! We are all very well! We were able to eat cheap and good food, towards us, this is a really good thing!”


Tsubasa and I stared at each other. Looking at her face, it was as though she had not noticed me in the area. Whatever, we have known each for a long time now, but I am simply just a villager…Aah, so tragic.


Not right, I cannot see past the troubling time. If only she accepted the truth, even if she does not acknowledge me. I was trying to think up a plan before she acted. Certainly I do not know what she will do, but whatever it is is absolutely horrible!

“Oi! What are you planning on doing, hurry up and stop! You will have to suffer from a lecture from the teacher! Not right, that would not be such a bad thing, you should be afraid of a revolt by the people!”

“Grrrr! Jirou, you want to protect the Maou?”

“The situation is not as you think-”

Not finishing my words, I cut myself off. Wha…What? Ryuugamine, why are you showing those sparkly eyes towards me? What is with those high expectations of something to happen?

But comparatively on the other hand, I can only see Tsubasa’s face wrinkle up between her brows.

“Jirou you baka”

Tsubasa threw an unknown item. It was a green black colour, roughly the size of a basketball. I catch it on reflex. It was a drawstring bag. The bag was not closed allowing me to see inside.

“…A gas mask?”

Looking at it, I feel that it looks like one.

“Ahh, Crap!”

Tsubasa let out a cry of pain, worriedly looking around the quad, and then, her eyes finally stopped looking around.

“-That girl over there!”

Tsubasa used an expression as though she wanted to attack someone, pointing at an isolated person sitting at a nearby table, was a girl with a mountain of Italian bolognaise in front of them.10

The girl blinked her eyes in fear, stopping her hands that had originally been moving the fork – Oi, what time is it, how can you still continue eating as though nothing has happened! After eating through half of it, her cheeks were bulged out. There is sauce all over your face.

But that girl is really peculiar.

Not only did she continue eating, her reaction was sluggish and relaxed, even her appearance was weird. Certainly she was wearing a normal uniform, but using what could possibly be safety pins, on her uniform was hanging several large stuffed dolls. The weird thing is, the dolls had been twisted into weird poses, they feel as though they were animal corpses.

“That’s Tsukaya.”

Saitou opened his mouth.

“What?” Kimura asked in reply.

“She is a persona from our class. 《Necromancer》 – Tsukaya Mairi.”

“Ah, right!”

Kimura suddenly clapped his hands, I suddenly thought understood it. Thinking about it, there really was such a person in the class.

Actually I do not have the right to criticise those Persona.

Because, Personas are different from normal people, we would not normally make a connection.

Looking at my experience, it should be clear right? By only being associated with those Personas, nothing good will come out of it. So, having their own their existence, we will not originally remember their personality or what they are called.

Certainly Tsubasa and Ryuugamine are those kinds of people, however, their existence will definitely become rock solid in my mind. However, we will hold this kind of attitude towards the other Persona.

A smart person will not stand beneath a crumbling wall.

Avoiding those kinds of people.

But saying so – originally, she was one of those people? A Necromancer?

“She is one that manages corpses.”

It might have been that I was showing an expression of incomprehension, but Saitou just faced me and explained. However, I did not think that you would understand so much about Persona, you truly are an unfathomable guy.

In conclusion, Tsubasa extended her hand towards the necromancer.

“Give me the mask on your waist!”

That person looked down at her waist, undid the buckles holding the mask at her waist, before looking at Tsubasa.

“You wanted this?”

“That’s right! Lend it to me for a bit!”

“Why would she need a gas mask?”

Kimura asked.

“That is.” Saitou had explained: “It is due to the fact that the smell of corpses is quite repugnant. Before the new necromancers are able to get used to that smell, they would always carry a mask around. After all, the moment they discover a corpse, they would become drawn to it.”

A human hating Persona.

In fact I have a bad feeling.

“-Don’t lend it to her!”

I shouted to stop, at the same time, a strong feeling welled up from my heart, a prediction of impending disaster. However Tsukaya did not hear me. She clearly did not notice my voice.

“I can lend it to you.”

After finishing her words, Tsukaya Mairi took out the gas mask. The mask flipped several times headed towards the roof of the food cart, before being caught in midair by Tsubasa.

She caught the mask in a way to give a signal. Suddenly, roughly ten male students jumped from the second floor staircase onto the restaurant car, standing behind Tsubasa. All of them were carrying a gas mask, as well as a black sports bag.

It is the comrades of the Hero!

Remembering the painful memories of junior high caused me to cry out in pain. Heroes have the ability to attract comrades. The same as when in the future in the 《Fantasy World》 forming a party, especially within a group of Personas, a group as if from shonen manga gathering a group of people, they would work with Tsubasa in the same activities.

It is because there are those types of people, I went through so many tough times. The reason is, they are not used to the good relationship between a normal person like me and their Hero-sama.

Certainly, Tsubasa was unable to recognise the tough times that I went previously went through, I did not specially report it to her. Reporting such a small matter seems to be so petty, is that not so? Speaking again, those kinds of people in the other world can also use magic, but here they are ordinary students. Instead of looking for trouble, I can solve the problem on my own.

However, even in senior high, those kinds of people will appear. Hopefully I will not become involved with them…However – towards the village, they are hard working.

On the other hand, Ryuugamine was very calm, not even her eyes were blinking. After Tsubasa took notice of the crowd behind, she put down the bag on her back. Under the happiness of a Hero, nobody was celebratory to begin clapping her hands, they were just staring blankly.

Tsubasa opened the zipper of the bag, out came a silver coloured object. The comrades of the Hero also followed with similar actions. Very suspicious. Only the two words ‘very suspicious’ could be used to describe it…but because it was too suspicious, nobody was able to feel that it was funny. Instead, sneaky laughter came from around the place.

Only I could not laugh. Not even talking about laughter, my heart has been beating so much that it is now in pain.

Tsubasa posed facing the sky as though she was busy. Then, spoke the following:

“I understand. You can run later.”

“Unfortunately! I cannot leave the matter of the Maou’s food alone! Even if you burn through all the calories, if you eat it again, it will loose meaning, so I will make it so that you won’t want to eat the Maou’s food again. And so-Sorry!”

She let loose the bag on one side, the Hero’s comrades also followed.

The items inside fell out, in fact they fell out. Certainly, it was not only Tsubasa, but also the Hero’s comrades. So dangerous! Aren’t they cans? And also, what are you doing? The metal lid and bottom started to expand!…is this a can of fish?


Saitou let out a wail.


“-Begin Justice”

Hearing Tsubasa’s words, I turned around and saw her holding onto objects that looked like guns in both hands. I do not know when, she had already put on the gas mask, the Hero’s comrades were also the same. Tsubasa’s hands were hooked around the trigger, but did not release any gun noises. Tsubasa and the boys around were also holding the same type of machinery, apart from when they were releasing nerve gas or the sound of gas escaping.

The cans on the table let out a metallic sound. At that time, I finally know what the gun was. Because, I was able to see for myself the bullets pierce through the cans.


They were holding onto nail guns! Oi, Tsubasa! Those kinds of things should not be aimed at a person’s body!

In the next moment, with a “Puff” sound, the cans jumped a foot from the top of the table. Not only one, all of the cans that had been pierced through also jumped up, all of the liquid sprayed out from inside.

“-So Smelly!”

The smell pushed into the nose, the piercing force of the smell, it was as though the face was being smashed in by a giant hammer, too extreme! Looking back, it was impossible to describe in words. However, it was the first time in my life that I had known, such a bad smell would cause pain to people. smelling so bad that even my nose was in pain!

Students fell down, they began to faint. Saitou and Kimura had already fallen down. I think I will soon fall to the same fate. Truly – it has been a long time since you harmed me in such a way, Tsubasa!

Right! There is a gas mask!

I open the cutely designed drawstring bag-However, the string…the string was too hard to undo! Tsubasa! You tied it too tighly! Unable to open it! In fact my fingers are numb!

“-Caught it!”

During the time when I was struggling with the drawstring bag, a group wearing gas masks and clad in black clothing appeared from an unknown place, immediately climbing onto the car roof.

“Wait…Wait a moment! Think about who I am, I am-”

Men in black uniform jumped on top of the car, in the blink of an eye, they had dragged off the comrades of the Hero as well as Tsubasa.

Ah…They certainly came.

That group of black clad people, they are there to limit the the Persona’s actions. Simply said, they are the police specifically for the Personas. Persona’s have the freedom and personality that prevents it from being inhibited, but their freedom is limited. Once the Persona’s have exceeded the state of their character, the black clad people would appear, they would take the Personas to the 《Facility》.

I do not know what kind of place that is, however, even Tsubasa is afraid of that place, that place should be horrible.

Going back, I am simply unable to undo the string!

But following that, Tsubasa was afraid that she would not return for five days – Thinking up to this point, I am unable to remember any more.

For a period of time, my body stunk.

The school took the uniforms to be specially washed, simply washing my hair once was unable to completely remove the smell, I was woken up several times by the stench of my hair. The ones affected by the smell was not only me, during class, there were several students yawning.

The students that did not go to the student restaurant were the most pitiful, certainly classes the next day were cancelled, but that was to clean up the car park, not because of us, so the stench floated around the classroom. Everyone was only breathing through their mouths, looking as though they were a goldfish placed in a fish tank lacking air. that kind of action where it was hard to breath lasted for three days, by the fourth day, we were finally able to breath normally and the uniforms finally returned.

During that timw, Tsubasa did not appear in my class. There was the possibility, she is still in the Facility being taught a lesson.

And then, yesterday night, she returned.

From my window, I noticed a black van that stopped in front of her house, dropping down a Tsubasa that looked as though she had been kidnapped by aliens, passing her back to her mum. Like last time, it was as though her mind was not there.

Whatever, after roughly two or three days, she will return to her normal self, in conclusion she will take today off. I think, I will buy a pudding and visit her on my way home.

After, the other person that was involved, the one that could be said as the biggest victim, Ryuugamine Ouko. Today, she was also absent from class.

I don’t know the reason for her absence.

Since she was not taken away by that group of men in black clothing, even if I ask Deckar-Sensei, sensei would reply that she does not know.

So, I will go to the old school building that I haven’t been to for a while, this is in no way related to her! I was not worried for her in the slightest way.

That is the truth.

Whatever, I carried a drawstring bag that carried my lunch box, jumping over the pile of equipment, passing through the narrow gap, coming up to the small door.

The first time I went there, Ryuugamine did not use a key to open the door. The door certainly had a look, but normally it does not seem to be locked. The courtyard only had this one door, if it was locked, the courtyard would become meaningless.

The door opened with the sound like creaking chains, warm air along with the smell of fresh air flowed through, letting me take a relaxed breath. How should I say, my heart feels refreshed. However, I feel that a senior high school student should not be chasing this kind of healing feeling, but to relax so much that I let out a sigh, this was something that could not be helped.

I passed through the doors before closing them with the back of my hands.


Raising my head, I couldn’t help but cry out.


Ryuugamine Ouko was there.

She relaxed along the long bench, spreading the lunch box on her thigh.

It looks like she is not eating bread this time. The canteen bread returned to life the following day, when I passed by earlier, it was the same as before with everyone clamouring.

Seeing the Ryuugamine that I have not seen for a while, her attitude was the same as before, relaxed and pondering, I do not know why I released a sigh. Certainly she could not have any major changes over only a few days, however, the expression of embarrassment she had a few days ago was as if it was a dream.

“Let me ask…Who are you?”


“I am the vice class president, Satou Jirou!”

“…Ah, right!”

Ryuugamine clapped her hands in remembrance.

Maybe, having even my name being recalled by a Persona should be considered a miracle, but if I simply have some connections with these people, I will begin to wonder how frail and weak my presence is among them.

“You came to eat lunch?”

She randomly asked.

“Ah…Sorry for bothering you-”

“Ara, no problems.”

Ryuugamine pointed at the spot beside her, motioning for me to sit. Mmh…She was hoping that I would not refuse, this caused me to hesitate…Nothing can be done! I carelessly sit at the end of the bench, so that I did not bump her should. Certainly half of my butt was not on the seat, but I did not care too much.

“You are eating a bento today.”

Ryuugamine looked at the drawstring bag on my lap, slightly tilting her head.

So it was that matter that she remembered me by.

“Last time was only by chance. Thinking back, class president, today you are not eating bread.”

“That’s right. Because I still have ingredients left over after the restaurant, I am cooking the rest of the ingredients. Certainly my parents are very happy, however…Truly regretful.”

“I also feel the same”

When I finished speaking, Ryuugamine let out a surprised expression.

“You…What are you thinking…?”


Ryuugamine slightly dipped her head and then puffed up her cheeks.

Wait…What? I caused her to be mad? Why? What strange things did I say? Because Ryuugamine said it was regretful, I said that I also agree-Ah! Unless, she feels as though I was pitying her? If it was like this, then I committed a big mistake. I feel very regretful. However, being able to eat such cheep food that is so tasty, it is impossible to find such a place.

And then, Ryuugamine let out a deep sigh.

“Everyone was saying the same thing to me. They were not saying ‘what a shame’, but asking ‘will I open the restaurant again’…That is strange.”

“Eh? Unfortunately…I don’t think that is strange-”

“It clearly is strange!”

Ryugugamine lifted her head, looked at me sideways through her eyes. Mmh, to think she was the Maou, her face was not even frightening. Looking at it, Ryuugamine seemed to really lack the physique.

“Because, my plan was seen through by the Hero! Unfortunately, why are the people who feel that having eaten my food feel regret. Why would they want to eat more? Is that not strange? In fact, there are some people thanking me…This…This feeling is very uncomfortable!”

Ryuugamine shivered as though passing through a trial, at the same time holding her own body, non-stop rubbing her upper arms.

Wait. Wait, Wait.

The Hero exposed the plan? What did she just say? She said-

I gulped down some saliva.

“Unless…Everything Tsubasa said was the truth…?”

“That’s right!”

Ryuugamine once again puffed out her cheeks-Too close! Your face is crowded in too close! Both our noses and forehead were about to hit each other!

“Certainly this is the first time that I have seen one in my life, But she certainly lives up to the name of a Hero! Being able to accurately see through my plans…”

Ryuugamine fisted her hands, constantly shaking them around.


Your meaning is, all that was said was true? The stupid words about feeding humans far using tasty food in order exterminate people through metabolism sickness?

“However, why are you so afraid? This plan was originally yours.”

“From me?”

Not right, this is not related to me! I do not know anything about this! Those words are too sudden. When was it!? When did I come up with such a foolish plan!

“But if you are thinking correctly, it should be said that you were the one that gave me the hint.”

The situation was like that. However, I cannot remember when I gave you the hint!

“Weird? You forgot about it?”

It was probably because my reaction was a little strange. Ryuugamine thoughtfully furled her brows, slightly tilting her head. Unfortunately, nothing can be done, I truly can’t remember. Speaking again, how is it possible for me to forget a plan about exterminating mankind! I would most likely be one of the first eliminated!

“Previously, weren’t we eating lunch here?”

I remember that matter. It was because of that time, that I am currently at this place.

“At that time, I asked whether eating too much was good or bad, right?”

That’s right…I had briefly touched onto that.

“You gave me the idea at that time. You said, eating too much can lead to lifestyle issues, this type of sickness can lead to a huge problem and can be made worse during the teenage years.”



“Came up with it?”

Not Wrong. I definitely said those words, yet, I was earnestly answering the question. However –

Ryuuamine had a faint smile on her face.

“You gave me such a good idea. Afterwards, I did some research on my own, finding out that this lifestyle sickness is a major issue in the population. Unfortunately, adults have the self control to prevent this issue – certainly there are adults that are unable to help themselves – but senior high students are unable to do so. Especially boys, you are unable to help your appetites, is that not so?11 Certainly girls get used to dieting from middle school onwards, so they are harder to deal with, but trying my best, their ability to resist is less than that of adults. So I decided to open a student restaurant, using cheap and tasty food for the students to spread the seeds! The seeds that would bloom and eliminate mankind!”

After hearing that, I became still, unable to find any sort of response!

“However, my plans were exposed by the Hero. Too scary, I can only congratulate her on her ability to see through me. However, it doesn’t matter.”

You say it doesn’t matter!

“Because, the plans within this world are only practice rounds.”

So it can be said, we almost got metabolism sickness during a practice round!

“I don’t understand.”

When Ryuugamine is unhappy, her brows would scrunch up with really deep patterns.

“When my plans had been exposed, there was nobody that was afraid. I don’t understand, shouldn’t you all be afraid? Everything that I did, saying for example, it was as though everytime you ate from the retaurant, it was as though there was poison being added through food! Once you hear those words, wouldm’t you all sweat from fear, or blame me? Why would you feel the need to thank me? Why would they need to thank me!?”

She searched me for a reply.

I did not wish to reply. Even if I did not wish to reply, I was unable to not reply. That is my 《Class》. Personas only need to ask a question, us normal people-《Villagers》 are unable to not reply. Even if the question is regarding the extermination of mankind or for justice, we are unable to escape it. Because this is a part of our character.

“Exactly what is it about?”

Actually, even without this kind of job, I could possibly have also replied. I would carefully think about the reason, rather than reply I don’t understand. Following on, what kind of guy would not be laughed at, when asked a question by a girl asking what is it, wouldn’t they carefully contemplate the answer? In this situation, not caring if the other person is the Maou, the person asking the question is a cute girl!

“It roughly is-”

So, I licked my lips, opened my mouth in reply:

“-It is related to the fact that there is no poison inside.”

Ryuugamine expressed uncontent.

“I certainly cannot put any poison in. If I had put poison in, I would have been found out quite quickly. The main aim was not to be discovered by the Hero, So I couldn’t do something so simple as putting poison in.”


I spoke the truth. Because, I was speaking the truth, it is what I carry as part of who I am. Speaking truthfully to other people, brings me happiness.

“Speaking like that, wouldn’t your plan be considered a success? Humankind were unable to see through your plans, even when the Hero exposed your plan, nobody believed it to be true. So there was nobody opposing you, wouldn’t your plan be considered smooth and a success?”

For that matter, that is how I felt.

If Tsubasa had not caused that commotion, the student restaurant would have been more and more successful, there is almost guaranteed to be a few very fat people. Related to eating too much and developing metabolism disease, it is limited to our time as students, because there is a limit of three years, it should not be that bad. Unfortunately, if this was an example if it taken even further, it is guaranteed to succeed.

However, of this plan was taken to an international level, before everyone starts to develop this disease, the world would be rid of starvation and Ryuuganine would receive the thanks op the world.

Looking at the reaction She had received, if the situation became like that, she became nervous and didn’t know how to respond.

I can only feel that is wrong.

The Maou’s plan to eliminate mankind, shouldn’t it spectacular, shouldn’t it be fearsome? Why would you think as a plan to support mankind to make them develop metabolism disease, why around you think of such a dull plan without warfare?

To the me that was unable to explain, I directly asked her.

“Eh? Such a boring plan?”

Unable to understand whet is going on at the bottom of her heart.

Such a boring plan! Not putting in poison, simply waiting for the opposition to get fat, develop a sickness, how is this plan spectacular in any way!

“Whatever, it’s not related.”

It’s not related, again!

“Whether it is spectacular or dull, that is not related to the final result. If it is to control mankind, by simply putting fear into the hearts of people will work. However, I want to exterminate mankind, in the end it is simply to eliminate, putting fear into their hearts, so much fear, there is no meaning in that, there is no meaning in that is there?”

How am I supposed to reply to that! I am also one of the ones you want to eliminate!

…No, not right, I made a mistake. The mankind that she wants to eliminate, are simply those in the other world, the 《Fairytale World》, not this world.

However, so scary.

Such a scary thought for the people. She was thinking as the Maou taking place in the story, there will always be an indeterminable result. Being a Villager, I absolutely do not wish to be part of the same story. I think, I will definitely be eliminated by her.

Ryuugamine opened her mouth as though she had just thought of something:

“Right, do you know what the Hero used in those cans?”

“Ah, you are speaking about that.”

I thought back again about the can, I feel as though I was about to faint again.

“I heard it was called Surstromming.”12

I had already asked Saitou. He had already told me they are named like that. Ryuugamine showed a face of incomprehension, continuing on to ask:

“What kind of language is that in?”

“I hear the cans are from Sweden, so maybe Swedish?”

I do not know which countries language that is.

“I don’t know the meaning of the word, but it is said that is is a traditional canned herring from Sweden.”

“Herrings are a type of fish?”

“It should be? Certainly I did not see the contents, but there are no other types of meat called herring13, so I think it is like that. Speaking again, that is the smelliest can in the world, very famous for it. When I think about it afterwards, I think it has been used on television as a penalty in a game show.”

“Mmh, I don’t agree with playing with food.”

Ryuugamine let out a dissatisfied expression. Why are you caring about something like that! However, I don’t think those cans used in the student restaurant were wasted. Because the organisation has made a statement, all of those cans will be eaten by Tsubasa and her comrades. Ah, it is very dependent on the person, even so, thinking about it, it is described as being quite tasty, so it cannot be considered a punishment. For food with strong smells like salted fish14, natto15 or cuttlefish16 sushi, there are people that hate it are unable to stand it, but people that love eating it, enjoy it.

I continued on to say:

“Once they have been put into cans, they would continue to ferment in the cans. Hence more gas is created, causing the cans to inflate. Because Tsubasa had used nails to puncture the cans, so the contents would spray out-”

Mmm, I thought about it again.

Ryuugamine was also like that, she let out an expression as if she did not know whether to be sharp or bitter. She was previously the same as me, sleeping halfway and then waking from the smell. Among the two of us, both of our faces had the same expression?

…I didn’t have any appetite.

Ryuugamine appeared the same, she used a cute handkerchief to wrap up the lunch spread across her lap. I also closed the string of the drawstring bag. I think, only drinking juice today will be enough.

Speaking of which, Tsubasa caused us all fatal trauma using food! I think she is the one that will exterminate mankind!

Ryuugamine let out a sigh.

“I had heard that the Hero is the Maou’s nemesis, but who would have though that her powers exceed even my imagination?”

There is no need to say something so ridiculous that I start spitting food from laughter.

Your meaning is, she is outstanding? That Tsubasa? That so, if she had beaten Ryuugamine’s plans, that could possibly be considered to be outstanding, however – you guys stray so far from the track!

“When the plan was exposed, my heart jumped rapidly.”

That was because you were panicked.

“At the time it was exposed, my heart was impulsively beating without stop.”

“That so? Looking at you, you are very calm?”

”That is not so! See.”

Ryuugamine took my hand and then placed it on her boobs – her boobs!?

This…This feeling is very soft! Afterwards?

“See, jumping really quickly?”

My heart was the one jumping really quick! It should be said, it was as though it was about to explode!

I hurry up and let go off her, taking my hand off her chest. She tilted her head as though asking “What are you doing?”.

Right, that’s right, I did that! It really was serious! I was conscious of what was happening, the first time I touched a woman’s chest! I truly touched it!

So scary…Her chest is quite small and also very soft-No, the main point is not that! Truly, Persona’s are people that are impossible to stand. I understand! Those people are unable to recognize that I am a man, so they are able to uncaringly act in such a manner!


Whatever. Seeing as nothing happened because of it.

“Did something happen?”

“Nothing, nothing happened…”

“That so. In the end, next time I will not lose! Next time, I will definitely eliminate mankind!”

Ryuugamine clenched her fist. She then grabbed the hand that was placed on her chest.

Certainly there is a next time.

Un, you may receive pleasure in exterminating mankind. But I am pleading with you, next time please leave me – please leave everyone out of your plans! Please!


TL Notes:

The description 杏眼圓睜 means stares with eyes wide open like apricots, and originates from the description of a female with eyes wide due to anger.  The Chinese uses the description 水藍色 which is water blue, but as we all know water is transparent, if they had used ocean or sea blue, this might have made more sense.  TL rant: I don’t think this is what you are meant to learn from this.   嘿咻 means “to make love” in colloquial Chinese, from the Jap it is a sfx of strain, (よいしょ) while the Cantonese pronunciation is like makyou which is nothing like a straining noise  Not clear whether it means “don’t tell me, you started it” or “don’t tell me, you believed it”  around 3.05 AUD or 2.5 USD at current exchange rates.  I replaced the chinese idiom “A thousand truths and ten thousand guarantees” with “Absolutely true”   Chinese is day after tomorrow or day before yesterday, tense is ambiguous.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metabolic_syndrome  Chinese translates to “A plate of italian bolognaise that was like a mountain tall girl.”    appetites in this case referring to food as well as women.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surstr%C3%B6mming   herring or clupea – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clupea   鹹魚 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salted_fish  納豆 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natt%C5%8D  鰂魚http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuttlefish

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