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Maou na Ano Ko to Murabito A - Volume 1 - Chapter 3

Published at 28th of February 2016 08:20:55 PM

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Roughly one month has passed since the student restaurant incident, in the middle of leaving school, I say a certain female student peeping at the park at the end of the alleyway, and so I stopped walking . With just a glance, I was able to recognise the person who was between the book store and the supermarket . There is absolutely no way I would not be able to tell who that small body belonged to .

That should be the class president of the class I’m in, Ryuugamine Ouko .

Who is also a Maou .

She had bent her waist, hiding behind a pile of cardboard boxes – She probably wants to hide, but from where I was standing, it was eminently clear . Oi, everyone is staring at you with interested eyes .

She is definitely scheming up some other bad idea . In fact, the moment she comes up with any sort of idea, she is a senior high student who will conceive of a plan to eliminate mankind .

Ah, nothing can be done about her .

Since I had already seen it, I was unable to leave her alone…She is the class president, I am the vice class president . If she was to cause trouble on her way home from school, I would be chased down to take responsibility . I heard, this was a request put onto Deckar-Sensei by the lifestyle counselling teachers group, putting me directly in charge of Ryuugamine .

Truly, why would you tell me a normal person to come up with ideas on her .

She can’t even remember my features or my name for that matter! In fact, it is not clear whether this will continue like this for eternity .

However, nothing can be done about that . Because that is the nature of the Personas .

I pull off the school bag from my shoulders, putting it into my hands to carry . Then, turning my body on it’s side, advance along the narrow alleyway, towards the rear side of Ryuugamine who was lying on the ground .

“Oi, what are you doing?”

I open my mouth to ask .

Speaking of which, what is with your posture? I simply need to crouch a bit, and then I will be able to see under your skirt! Certainly, I did not look . But I also don’t want to not look .

Truthfully, I wanted to give her a fright – Unfortunately, she did not give a reaction . Ryuugamine straightened her body, looking at me with a certain face, after letting out an “ah” sound, she let out a faint smile .

Her reaction was not what I expected .

This was not an expression I expected her to show a stranger . Unless, she has already remembered my face?

“Mmg . ”

I slightly raise my hands, showing that I mean no harm .

“You are returning home? Eh…Villager A-san . ”

Haha .

Not even remembering my name, she also has forgotten that I am the vice class president .

However, looking at it, she seems to remember what I am . Certainly after the incident with the school restaurant, in the courtyard, she seemed to be able to slightly recall that I was familiar with her . But during the times in the classroom, her manner was as though she didn’t know me at all . This leads me to wonder whether she is able to even remember me at all…but whatever, she seems to be able to remember who I am today .


“Ryuugamine . ”

“What is it?”

“I can understand how you are able to recognise me as a villager…However, what is with the A?”

“Umm…I can remember your face, however I simply cannot recall your name, so I decided to call you A . You are special compared with the others . You aren’t happy about it?”

“No, it is certainly better . ”

Crowd of people…Certainly I am not satisfied with that ridiculous answer . Or could it be said, she is unable to differentiate Saitou and Kimura? It is because of this that she is also a Persona .

But even so!

I was simply called A, why does my heart have a thread of happiness! Feeling enough to let out a smile! I am an idiot!

“I am called Satou”

I do not think she will event remember, however I still give her my name .

“Satou Jirou, I am the vice class president . ”

Ryuugamine placed her pointer on her bottom lip, tilting her cute head in consideration .

She kept it there for one second – five seconds .

She moved her eyes slowly, falling deep into thought .

“Ah, right . ”

Nodding her head, Ryuugamine Ouko let out a smile .

Finally, she finally recalls it? However, I think she will immediately forget it again .

“You are going home?”

It looked as though she was about to take another action, asking asking the same question she had previously asked . That’s right, I have yet to her question .

“That’s right, I am going straight home . ”

I see, I have already been called to the staffroom, interrogated about the actions regarding the incident . Because I did not reply, that matter was treated as though it never happened . When I was asked “There is a person during the lunch break, who saw the two of you in the old school building”, I became so nervous that my heart sped up . However I did not reveal the truth of the matter . I don’t know why, I do not want to speak about what had happened in that courtyard .

Ryuugamine respectfully bowed her head .

“Thanks for your hard work . ”

“It’s nothing, nothing at all . ”

I also bowed my head without knowing it…What kind of stupid words did I use to reply . Everytime I speak with her, my routine keeps getting messed up by her .

“That’s right…What did you want me for?”

“Nothing, I just coincidently say you just now . You were hiding and doing something right?”

After hearing my question, Ryuugamine face changed as though suddenly remembering something .


She stuck up her pointer, putting it onto her lips that were stuck out like a duck, indicating for me to be quiet, at the same time suddenly furrowing her eyebrows, using both eyes to sneak a glance all over .

“Be quiet for a bit, vice class president-san . Or we will be found out . ”

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It was spoken in a hushed tone .

“Be found out by whom?”

“That group of kids over there . ”

I lift up my head, following Ryuugamine’s finger pointing at the park .

In the sandpit, there were three little kids playing . Kids roughly in primary school at a smaller grade? The kids slowly added water to the sand strengthening it, creating an extremely amazing structure .

“I don’t understand . ”

“That is a project that they have spent nearly two hours to complete . ”

“How do you know that?”

“Because I heard it from the beginning . ”

“From then!?”

Ryuugamine let out a laugh .

What are you planning on doing!

I look at her with dumb eyes, unfortunately Ryuugamine does not notice there is anything different .

“Because if the thing was destroyed in a short time, they will just blame it all on a jerk . Waiting for them to make it amazing and then to destroy it in one go, this is an idea I personally came up with . ”

She spoke in such a cute manner .


Your plan is too narrow in it’s scope, Maou-sama . Even I can’t help but let out a sigh!

“Ryuugamine, I have a question to ask you . ”

“What is it?”

“How is that related to the demise of mankind? From the way I see it, it feels as though you were just bullying them . ”

Ryuugamine puffed up her cheeks . Wah, Her cheeks are really puffed!

“That is not like that!”

“Oi, you are too loud-”

“Listen up!”

Ryuugamine lifted up her finger . lifting her eyebrows up .

“Deeply putting into their hearts the feeling of ‘Effort is a Waste’, a plan to turn them into adults that lack willpower!”

What kind of slow plan is that!

“After the kids that have lost their will power grow up, they will stop contributing to society, causing humankind to slowly diminish . This was shown on television some time ago . ”

Can someone give me this person’s television antenna to snap!

“It’s nearly time for me to take action!”

Ryuugamine suddenly stood up, turning around and preparing to leave .

“Wait…Wait a moment!”

Hearing my call to stop, Ryuugamine unwillingly looked back . I nearly grabbed onto her shoulder, but stopped at the last moment . I don’t think Ryuugamine would care, but I had a bit of wavering…Because, I don’t think I should touch a girl without just cause .

“What is it?”

“Nothing, that’s…There is no need to do something like that? Seeing as there are already so many NEETs . ”


“The type of people that do not work, adults that are relying on their parents for support-roughly like that?”

“NEETs will cause problems? If their parents have the resource to raise them and if they do so voluntarily, they should not cause to many disturbances . ”

“The country would be quite shaken . ”


“Because there are people that work, the country is able to collect tax . So, if the amount of NEETs was to rise, the country would face certain issues – I hear it is like that . ”

Too much, too much, I begin to let out sweat . Not good, have I just spoken more than I should have spoken? I close my lips, waiting for Ryuugamine’s reaction . Waiting for her to smile or let out an “is that so” type of phrase . The only thing she did was tilt her head, looking at me with an expression saying “Please continue” .

The end of it . That is the end of this topic . I will not speak another word on this topic of NEETs .

“Final…Finally I understand that you want to do, the only thing is, will something as petty as destroying their sandcastle really result like that?”


“That’s enough on that topic! You should answer my question first!”

“Right . Eh… . My plans are not that minor . A result that they worked hard for, then forcefully obliterated in a matter of moments – That will bring about an incomparable feeling of emptiness . That not so-”

Ryuugamine faced the sky with closed eyes, the closed fists unable to stop trembling .

“I am forever unable to forget, the time during my childhood where I experienced a similar event . A giant spade, causing the annihilation of the snowman that was just missing it’s nose to be completed . ”

Inside my mind, floated up the image of Ryuugamine in front of her family home piling up snow to build a snowman . Maybe it is because it was piled on the side of the road, blocking someone . If it is so, those kinds of people over the top .

“…Within that world, how is these some adult that can act in such an unwavering way”

Ryuugamine opened both her eyes, looking at me in a strange manner .

“That’s not it! The opposition was not an adult . It happened during the time when I was in kindergarten, the one that destroyed my snowman, is a girl who was from the same grade as me . ”

So it was in fact a student from the same grade! How would kids in kindergarten using a spade to wipe out a snowman in one go!

“Even until now, every time I remember that incident, I become angry . You know, I spent quite a lot of effort into building that snowman! Using the morning’s effort in order to complete it, I planned on putting it during the afternoon nap time onto the sleeping teacher’s bed, so that they would think that they had wet the bed, such that society would lose their trust! If that succeeded, I could then observe the way society killed off a person and the way the individual would change . ”

What were you going! There will definitely be someone to prevent that! … Not right, wait a moment, I feel there is something strange about that . Her snowman was destroyed, would such a thing happen occasionally .

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“Ryuugamine, let me ask . Which kindergarten did you attend?”

“I think it would have been the kindergarten in the northern district of the city . ”

There is nothing wrong with that!

Thinking about it . I am not 100% sure, but thinking about it . I know about that situation . Because, I attended that same kindergarten, also Tsubasa attended that one as well .

The culprit must definitely be Hikarigaoka Tsubasa .

Until recently, I did not believe that Tsubasa had displayed any qualities showing herself as a Hero, however, looking back, I simply did not see how she fit the Hero role . Ryuugamine and Tsubasa are destined to be against each other, it all began from early on!

“What is it?”

“No… Nothing… I just wanted to ask . ”

“That’s . ”

The agreement might have brought about some rest to the anger, Ryuugamine put down her shaking fist .

“However, I only spent two weeks at that kindergarten . This was because the original kindergarten that I was studying at was undergoing repair, so I was temporarily placed there . ”

I finally understand . If it is like that, the matter of the rivalry between Ryuugamine and Tsubasa, could not have begun from such a small matter . It was such a small thing that it would be ridiculous for it to be the cause .

“However, Ryuugamine . Looking back, you did not feel any sadness due that that, is that not so? If it was like that, wouldn’t that sort of method have no effect? I feel that you are just wasting your energy-”

“Because I am a Maou . ”

Ryuugamine’s attitude became resolved .

Right .

If she has stated so, there is nothing I can say . Personas are different from us normal people, so they are unable to draw from their own experiences . Her meaning should be like that .

“Looking at it, your already seem to understand”

I don’t want to understand .

“Right, it’s about time for me to go”

Ryuugamine once again turned around then…

“Ah . ”

She let out a small sound, stopped moving .

“What? Won’t?”

She became unable to control herself . Exactly what just happened?

…Hahaha .

I look over Ryuugamine’s head towards the park, immediately being able to see the reason . Because the children had already stopped playing in the sand . I guess they are already tired of playing there . They clapped their hands, flicking away the sand that had stuck onto their feet and pants, standing around discussing what to play next . Looking at the sand castle that they were planning to build, it is clear that only half of it has been completed, yet it had not been complete . Initially, they had planned on putting small window openings, however as work progressed and the building became even taller, their design had already become disorganised with less and less effort being put in .

“Ah, such a shame Ryuugamine . Nothing can be done, they are children after all . The main part has failed, hurry up and go home . ”


Ryuugamine shook her head . With a lot of energy, her hair spread out nearly slpping me in the face . However I had already moved aside .

“You can’t!”

You aren’t going to give up? If it is like it currently is, there is no point in destroying it right . That is what I thought . Unfortunately, Ryuugamine does not think of it in the same way about the matter .

“You should not stop halfway through what you are doing!”


I ask trying to understand, but Ryuugamine had already run out of the alleyway, arriving at the park . Sliding to a stop, blocking the the kids that were planning to leave .

What is that person doing!

As expected, the kids let out a really surprised expression . However, looking at the opposition, the age gap between us is neither big nor small – the difference is actually big – Seeing that it was a girl, the kids relaxed their breath .

“You…What are you doing?”

One of the older kids compared to the others, roughly year 3 or 4 in primary school asked the question . He really did not know what was going on, moving the smaller kids to behind his back, protecting them .

Ryuugamine put both her hands on her hips, pushing out her chest, sucked in a deep breath:

“You guys, it is not allowed!”

After hearing the cries she made, the kids stood up straight .

“Why would you waste effort only to stop halfway!? Since you have already started, you have to endure it until the end!”

“You…What are you talking about…?”

“I am saying!”

Ryuugamine pointed at the sandpit with a shah sound . I think, I really heard a “Shah” sound . The kids seemed as though they were drawn in, turning their heads to look at the sand pit they were previously playing in . Inside was a sand castle they had left, one that was far from complete .

“Complete what you have started! How can you do something that looks good initially, but fails halfway through, you will forever be unable to become excellent adults!”

What are you saying! -But speaking of which, what is your meaning? Wanting them to become excellent adults, wouldn’t that hurt your brain thinking about it?

Ryuugamine let out a never before seen smile, letting out a small laugh at the kids .

Uwah…there is not enough freedom .

Certainly the children seem to have been taken in by the lie, unfortunately I have not . That is absolutely not a smile that is neither malicious or good . What are you planning this time?

“Come, Onee-chan will also help, we will complete it together right?”

Ryuugamine had a forced smile, running across to the side of the children, and then twisting their shoulders, making them turn around . The children did not revolt . Is that the leadership ability of a Persona? Everyone normally says it, the Maou and the Hero both have strong leadership qualities, but I seem to be unaffected . (The words revolt and twist are the best I can think of for the chinese verbs used . for the revolt, it would be something like pushing the person away . For the word twist, it would mean draw to one’s side and direction . )

The main point is not that .

I wave towards the Ryuugamine that was by the children’s side in the sand pit .

“Come over here . ”

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I originally thought that she would not respond to my request, I did not expect her to be co-operative and come over, asking me what was my problem .

“What do you want to do about it?”

I ask in a low voice .

“What is the meaning behind those words?”

“What you said before, compared to your current actions are the complete opposite! Didn’t you want them to become kids that did not have any will power in order to exterminate humankind? Why would you need for them to continue building?”

“You really don’t understand . ”

Ryuugamine let out a giggle .

“If they are to stop, my plans would all wash away . So I need to make them continue building it, waiting until they are near completion before breaking it, that way they will experience the feeling of emptiness from wasted effort . ”

Your plans…Every one of them is so long winded . 2

“So if you understand, I will also need you to participate and help . ”

“Why would I need to-”

“Aren’t you my vice class president? Seeing the situation as it is, you should be helping me out in this . ”

That is not right! I am certainly your vice class president, but that is limited to within the classroom, I do not need to help you exterminate mankind!

The words came to the lips of my mouth, but I held them back with my mouth shut .

It is not because Ryuugamine was holding my hand, pulling me along! I am speaking the truth you know? It is because, if I let her go unwatched, I would be held responsible be the teachers . I would be lying if I said I did not know about this matter…It is because my personality does not allow me to simply become a 《Villager》 . Certainly you can say that everyone’s characters are not their true character, but that point has already been made previously . In the end, I am certainly not good at lying .

So, I then arrived at the sand pit that I have not been to for a while, playing with the kids in the sand . The last time I played with sand, I was using the back of a shovel to tap and pack sand, building up a sandcastle, at what time was that again?

Eh, it really is fun to play with .

After I helped out, the children took an interest in it, playing until they were laughing .

“Onee-chan, you are very good!”

The children that Ryuugamine helped let out sounds of approval from beside her .

I turn my head and I can’t help but let out a sound . Oioi, what is that, Ryuugamine! Well, that is definitely a sand castle! That is not at a level that!

However, isn’t that sand castle completed mostly by you? What are you thinking? Even if you destroy the castle, the children won’t feel a sense of regret, they wouldn’t feel disheartened right?

“Is that so!”

You are arrogant!

“Good, there is only a tiny bit to complete . We will finish it together?”


…It seems that she has become happy, let it be . Speaking of which, she seems to have forgotten her plan to destroy it just as it was completed . Good, we are about to complete it-

“-It all ends right here!”


Hearing the sound of a warm familiar voice, my heart nearly stopped beating .

Crap, really crap!

Why would that person be here .

“-Maou! I will not let you do as you wish!”

From the surroundings, a person suddenly appears . Unable to stop the person, the Hero – Tsubasa Hikarigaoka appeared amongst us within a flash . At the same time, waving around her sword .

In a single moment, the recently finished sand castle was reduced to rubble .


The children, me and certainly Ryuugamine, even Tsubasa herself had sand all over our heads .


It was done so quickly like thunder rumbling so soon after the lightning flash that we are unable to cover ears in time, the sand castle that I helped to build was completely destroyed . Only seeing the eyes of the children slowly tearing up…Oi, this really is . . Resulting in a lot of people becoming angry .


The sword replica was crowded against my throat .

“…You are even helping the Maou; What the hell are you thinking, Jirou?”

“It…It should be me asking you that! What the hell were you thinking! The Hero causing little kids to cry!”


After I pointed it out, Tsubasa regained her wits, looking at the them holding onto my waist without being willing to let go . They suddenly held back their tears, however, they still looked as if they were about to cry, the one with their hand wrapping around Ryuugamine was also the same .

“Wo…Won’t? Why?”

Tsubasa was suddenly very nervous .

“Why are you guys crying? I am pleading with you!”

“Where did you come from!”

The children seemed angry right now .

“We were simply playing with the onee-chan here!”

This is bad .

People were beginning to gather around the sides .

“Oi, Tsubasa, enough-”

“That…That’s wrong! You guys are misunderstanding!”

Tsubasa anxiously tried to explain, a pair of blue eyes scanned around the area . No good, she had already put me out of her sights . When she is like this, She would not be able to see or hear me .

“I…I am pleading with you guys! You…You don’t know? That girl, in the moment before the sand castle was finished, she planned to destroy it . Causing you to feel disappointment! So, I would act before she could act, before the other side could destroy it . So that you won’t feel disappointment!”

What kind of reasoning is that…! You should not have destroyed it! There is only the difference between day and night, the feeling of misery will not change!3

“Those are words wishful thinking!”

“It’s like that!”

The kids stopped crying, beginning to get angry . This becomes their reaction as the tears begin to go back .

Being looked upon with anger by those kids that she wished to protect, Tsubasa’s understanding of the situation changed . In the end, she looked at me with pleading eyes for help, but unfortunately, I am unable to help you there . I need to make her understand her mistake and then apologize to everyone present .

However, no matter what I say, She probably won’t apologize . However, this time, she was able to see through to the truth, but Ryuugamine’s plan was quite close to what she predicted, in fact the Hero’s sense of justice seems unshakable .

Looking at it like that, her emotions were really there after seeing the tears from the children . Because that person is the Hero, they were trying to stop the Maou’s plans, definitely not to cause more problems .

“Tsubasa . ”

I spoke quietly to her .

“Just forget about this and hurry up and leave . If this situation gets out of hand, those men in black may also return . ”

Tsubasa let loose an “Uwah” sound, shrinking her body so much so that the bystanders around were able to see . However she suddenly became red with shame, so that even her neck was red .

It seems as though other people seeing her fear had resulted in her feeling embarrassed .

“You…You better not forget this! I will absolutely not let you get away so easily next time!”

Tsubasa looked at Ryuugamine, letting out words that are normally spoken by the bad guy, and then escaping like a rabbit that is let free .

…Ayah, this is really bad .

I don’t know when, the surrounding people started applauding . Under these conditions, you really have become the bad egg…Tsubasa .

But thinking about it, how was she able to understand the events taking place, able to clearly state Ryuugemine’s plan? There must be something within her body that we are unable to explain, maybe even an extra sensory organ .

…If it was to be said, the Hero really did have an extra sensory organ? Wah, really unique .

In the end, this matter should be treated as completed? After the sand castle was destroyed, the children did not show any feelings of despair .

But I think that this could be related to Ryuugamine’s actions .


Suddenly, Ryuugamine let out a cute sound effect .

…Oi .

Those little guys! You still holding onto her without any sign of letting go!

Aaah! Taking advantage of the messy situation, one of them placed their check against her chest! Certainly her chest area is very small, but it is still there! In fact it is very soft! Oi, here comes another one!

Don’t think that since you guys are primary school students you can do as you wish! I just need to say, not because I am envious of you guys!

“May…May I say…”

Ryuugamine did not know how to act, letting them do as they wished .

“Nee-chan, thank you!”

The one holding onto her without letting go, lifted up her head, Ryuugamine’s expression suddenly froze up .

Eh, wait a moment .

Why are you thanking Ryuugamine? The one who dealt with Tsubasa was me! You little guys, you only want to praise the girl!

“We are really happy! Onee-chan really is good! Suddenly able to make such that sand castle! Can you make another one!

“Such…Such a small thing…nothing can be done about it…”

This time, it was Ryuugamine’s turn to be unable to do anything . Letting out a strange expression, she was indecisively attempting to escape from the children’s grasps, yet rubbing her arms continuously as if itchy – It could be said that she has an itch . Ah, careful! Don’t fall over!

“You, you guys…Don’t…Don’t, don’t need to thank me!”

Ryuugamine turned around and just like Tsubasa, escaped like a rabbit off it’s leash . In the blink of an eye, that small stature disappeared into the crowd of people .

“I am not that kind of girl! I am a bad girl!”

Leaving only her words hanging in the air behind her .

“What…What is with her…”

The children open their mouths wide, asking in a frightened manner .

“Who knows? Probably because she is shy . ”

I reply like that .

Actually it isn’t like that . It is a problem with the character . Speaking of Ryuugamine Ouko, when being praised as a good person or on the receiving end of thanks, it is something that she cannot stand . Looking at her being all itchy and scratchy . It could be said that she had an allergic reaction .

“Good . ”

I look upon those kids .

“We will build another castle . As an elder brother, I will help you . ”

In the end, the kids exchanged a look, replying:

“Meh, no need . ”

“What fun is there in building a sand castle with a guy . ”


You rascals!

  Can’t figure out how this line goes = Chinese: ‘……好遜!’,  Japanese : ‘……せこつ!’ 

 The description is “following the curves and corners” so like you are on an island, instead of crossing by going through the mountain, you follow the beach .    I think they mean the difference between breaking it earlier or later .  

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