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Master of the End Times - Chapter 100

Published at 12th of June 2020 05:33:58 PM

Chapter 100

“F*ck, it’s already dead . Don’t tell me it’s ’cause of a lucky shot some gunner fired?”

 “No, that ain’t right . Look, its throat’s been slit by someone!”

 “Its ability core’s gone too! Whose doing is this!?”

 “What a goddamn waste of effort coming here!”

 All of a sudden, the group of people was getting more and more furious by the moment .

 Still, no one directed their suspicion at Qin Feng . After all, he was right under their watchful eyes the entire time, up until they discovered the slain Dark-Robed Ripper .

 However, the way in which this Dark-Robed Ripper died had now turned this entire situation into an unsolvable mystery!

 The people here, who had prepared themselves for a brawl to the death, started walking away in disappointment and frustration .

 However, this still came as great news for regular aptitude users .

 After all, the Corpse Corps’ two strongest leaders had now been taken down . With no other creatures able to open up new spatial passages, this place was now secure once and for all . This meant that the soldiers conscripted against their will could now return to their homes!

 While the crisis was resolved, there were still the names of a handful that must be remembered .

 One of these names was none other than Qin Feng himself!

 Qin Feng, alongside many other F-tier aptitude users remained in combat, encircling and finishing off what remained of the Corpse Corps . On the second day, the space stabilising device dispatched from Chengyang had finally arrived .

 At this moment, words alone were insufficient to describe how precious this item was .

 The device was launched up into the sky to an altitude of roughly two-hundred meters . Viewing from the ground, it looked just like a satellite, only many times larger . In the future, this place would be developed into yet another human colony .

 Meanwhile, on one of the slopes of Zimu Mountains, Qin Feng, with Bai Li tagging along, was meeting up with two other people .

 “Mayor Zheng!” Qin Feng greeted the man before him . The mayor was a large man, standing at a height of roughly six feet and three inches that was packed full of muscle . With eyes livelier than ever, it was no wonder that his ability had reached E4-tier!

 This was a man who was in his prime . However, he still had room to progress for the years to come .

 The mayor, the head honcho of both the colonies of Chenyang as well as Chengbei!

 “Qin Feng, I see you’ve become quite the hero, young man!”

 Zheng Yang complimented him as he shook hands with QIn Feng .

 “I’m flattered, Mayor Zheng!”

 Qin Feng chuckled .

 All while this was happening, Xue Xingfu who was standing beside Qin Feng, could not help but let out a great sigh .

 “Old boy, you’ve been pretty quiet lately but who would’ve thought, the entire ruckus was your doing!”

 In the siege against the Emperor Knight as well as the Dark-Robed Ripper, regardless of the disputes which the people had about it, the truth of the matter presented itself in the end results and that alone was indisputable .

 It was Qin Feng, who struck the Dark-Robed Ripper first, inflicting heavy wounds before the main force arrived only to find it lying on the ground, its throat slit . Still, no one came out to claim the reward so there was no doubt that Qin Feng deserved most credit as a whole .

 In regards to the Emperor Knight, as Qin Feng was the one who dealt the final blow, while there was inevitably going to be suspicion about him stealing the kill, the same could be said for the initial attackers from before .

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 Qin Feng was only giving these people a taste of their own medicine for treating him with unfairness .

 The most unexpected thing to occur, was that the Mayor of Chengyang kept his word by ceding the responsibility of overlooking the newly-established colony over to Qin Feng .

 This was the only reason why Zheng Yang deliberately came over today, to launch the space stabilizing device into orbit as well as to seek cooperation from Qin Feng .

 “I don’t think I’ll have the time to manage the colony . I can, however, be the honorary person in charge, just like the honorary captain of the previous garrison troop!”

 “I must admit that I feel a sense of guilt hearing you say this but I understand where you’re coming from . After all, a young man shouldn’t be tied down to a place like this . However, about the ‘person in charge’ matter, I’d like to hear your thoughts on it . ” Zheng Yang said .

 Qin Feng smiled as he glanced at Xue Xingfu, patiently standing beside Zheng Yang .

 “Big Bro Xue’s one of the closest buddies of mine . Why not just let him take the job?” Qin Feng said excitedly .

 “Haha, alright . Well then, you’ll be shouldering the responsibility of being the man in charge of this place from today onward!”

 Zheng Yang said as he nodded .

 Xue Xingfu was visibly excited at the unexpected proposition . It never crossed his mind that Qin Feng would pick his name out of everyone elses’, and without any hesitation at that .

 “Have you got a name in mind for this colony?” Zheng Yang questioned .

 “Well uh, I haven’t given too much thought about that to be honest!” Qin Feng refrained from rashly proposing any names for now .

 “How about calling it Beifeng colony? It carries part of your name after all, so how about that?” Xue Xingfu suggested .

 Qin Feng chuckled forcibly at the proposition as he looked over at Xue Xingfu .

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 “Well, this isn’t really the northernmost part of Chengyang is it?”

 Deep down, Qin Feng sensed that Xue Xingfu’s previous statement was an expression of loyalty to Zheng Yang!

 With Qin Feng’s influence, Xue Xingfu would soon be in charge of all matters pertaining to this new colony . However, for the moment, he was still an underling of Zheng Yang’s . But if the colony were to expand, which was a very likely outcome, there was no guarantee that this status quo between their relationship could be maintained!

 If the colony were to be named Beifeng, the addition of the word “bei” would be equivalent to subjecting the place under the jurisdiction of the Chengbei colony!

 “What’s more is that the name sounds like the bitter cold winter winds, blowing down from the North! Not a particularly good meaning!”

 Xue Xingfu laughed awkwardly then remained silent .

 Zheng Yang broke the silence with a hearty laugh .

 “It might not be appropriate to say this but, old boy, you’re still the man-in-charge, I wanna hear what’s on your mind!”

 Qin Feng looked over at Bai Li beside him and suddenly, a name floated conveniently into his mind .

 “Let’s call it, Fengli colony! “Feng” as in wind and “Li” as in the break of dawn!”

 In reality, this was just the homonym of Qin Feng and Bai Li’s names but with a twist in its meanings .

 Was this not better?

 “Fengli colony, huh? Sounds pretty good, let’s call it that then!” Zheng Yang nodded in agreement .

 “Oh right, Qin Feng, about your encirclement of the Corpse Corps, as well as the establishment of the new Fengli colony, we will be making a propaganda about it so I hope you don’t mind that I’ll be using some of the clips taken of you wiping out the zombie soldiers!”

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 “Oh, of course, by all means go ahead!”

 “Old boy, you’re going to be a hero of the masses now!” Xue Xingfu smiled at Qin Feng .

 Scenarios such as this were not entirely unheard of . Everytime humans survive through an existential threat and come out victorious, they would always be making propaganda videos, dances and even films to further amplify their success .

 Only through such measures could the ideology of those in the colonies be altered; they would be taught the glory of slaying ultra beasts and undead zombies .

 So was Qin Feng going to be one of their propaganda pieces?

 He had already become a leader of a colony after all!

 Still, was such an incident enough to inspire the hearts of the masses?

 Soon after, the three went into discussion of how the reward was going to be distributed .

 To put it simply, Qin Feng now had the rights to develop the colony whilst Zheng Yang had the rights to investment . On the other hand, Xue Xingfu was handed the right to safeguard the colony . The final distribution of quantifiable rewards was set at thirty percent for Qin Feng, forty five percent for Zheng Yang and ten percent for Xue Xingfu while the remaining fifteen percent would remain liquid, to be further distributed to other newly established senior executives .

 The proportion of these benefits would inevitably change with the development of the colony and would be rearranged on a bi-anually basis .

 Qin Feng did not put too much importance on the rewards as a lot could happen within the span of six months . He could foresee so much change that these two in front of him could be left speechless the next time they met!

 He did not particularly care about the existence of this colony . However, because of the butterfly effect that resulted from him taking the Hell Stone, he could not help but feel a sense of obligation toward this entire matter .

 He must shoulder some responsibility on his part, somehow!

 One day, he would march forth into the unknown plane and completely eradicate the bogeymen to restore peace on this land once and for all!

 (Volume 1 ends!)