Master of the End Times - Chapter 101

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Chapter 101

“Alright . Since there’s nothing else, then I’m going to leave now!”

 Zheng Yang still had many matters to attend to, and it was not convenient to stay in the wild . The other affairs both needed Xue Xingfu and Qin Feng to handle .

 Qin Feng had a lot of experience when it came to the future . He did not want to have to worry too much about the construction of the colony, but at the same time he was not planning on not showing any interest in the matter . He decided to deliberate on this with Xue Xingfu .

 “Right, old boy, about our base . What’s the direction of our main development in the future?” Xue Xingfu suddenly said .

 For newly established colonies, the most important thing was population . What Xue Xingfu was asking was how they were going to develop the population .

 Qin Feng looked at Xue Xingfu and thought about how the other party would become the topmost unscrupulous businessman of the imperial capital ten years in the future .

 Qin Feng suddenly smiled . “We can just develop the economy . Let Fengli colony become the most famous business district . How do you feel about it becoming a commercialized city in the future?”

 Xue Xingfu’s eyes lit up . “Oh I like this!”

 Qin Feng thought to himself, ‘Of course you like it, you’re the most famous business shark . ’

 “Although it’s a developing business district, the benefits that are being issued cannot be changed, it should be more attractive, as for people with technical talents… I’ll think of a way!”

 In this doomsday-like world, the most useful skills were nothing more than three types: gun manufacturing, rune equipment manufacturing and agricultural abilities .

 Having the knowledge of the next ten years in the future, Qin Feng knew about the existence of many talents .

 At the thought of this, Qin Feng’s heart suddenly skipped a beat .

 ‘Right on time . Take advantage of this moment and bring Uncle Liu back!’

 Qin Feng thought for a moment, but he did not speak his mind . After discussing with Xue Xingfu, he placed the matters of the future in the other party’s hands .

 Then, he returned to the frontlines .

 “Qin Feng, everything here’s all done . The college car’s going to go back!” Zhou Hao said .

 Qin Feng nodded, saying, “Okay, you go back first . I’m planning to go somewhere, see you in the Spring Hunting Garden in half a month!”

 “Where are you going?” Zhou Hao did not expect Qin Feng to not want to go back to school .

 “Don’t even think about it, it’s too dangerous to bring you along . Just chill and go back to class!” Qin Feng knew what the other party was going to say the moment Zhou Hao said those words .

 “Forget it, I’m not gonna be a lightbulb . I’m gone!” Zhou Hao gave Qin Feng a disdainful look and returned to his car . Following his retreating back, Qin Feng saw that Lu Meng was sitting shotgun in the car .

 Qin Feng rubbed his chin, musing . “I wonder who’s the one paying more attention to lovers than friends?”

 In actual fact, Qin Feng had misunderstood Zhou Hao . In the backseat of Zhou Hao’s car, there sat a certain Li Yaoyao .

 After that group of people left, Qin Feng also started up his hovercar but proceeded in the opposite direction of the northern colony .


 In the wilderness, the narrow road gradually widened and guard towers had started to appear every hundred meters . This meant that the colony was starting to get closer!

 Finally, a dilapidated city wall loomed into view, but even from a distance it did not look as good as Chengbei colony . The scale only reached that of a small town .

 Han Town* was an extremely ordinary looking town, only just a small, independent colony . The city district in charge was too far from it, gradually making this place its own independent world .

 There was nothing to be done to help such a remote place!*

 The mayor of Han Town was just an F8 tier ancient warrior, but in Han Town this was already the strongest fighting power!

 Even though it was just a humble town, it was surprisingly lively .

 As Qin Feng drove through the streets of Han Town, the people around looked at his car with surprise and envy . He eventually stopped in front of a store that had the words ‘Zhenshan Equipment Store’ written on its signboard .

 The people passing by finally understood what was happening .

 “This guy’s not here to chase Liu Xie too, is he?”

 “This one’s got a bit of strength!”

 “That car’s so cool . It must have been bought in other colonies, we don’t have those here!”

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 Qin Feng heard the surrounding words and smiled slightly . Liu Xue?

 He had only seen her a few times, an extremely haughty woman . Shame her time came early .

 Qin Feng once came to Han Town before he was reborn after fleeing from the orphanage . He had not been here for more than a month when the spatial rift creatures invaded, bringing the whole town into a desperate situation .

 Liu Xue, who was an F-rank aptitude user was outside of the walls as Qin Feng and Uncle Liu were breaking through . He did not see her return, for all he knew, she must have died during that battle .

 “We should get out of the car, this is the place!” Qin Feng opened the car door and those eagerly waiting had their eyes lit up as they caught sight of him .

 In just a short one and a half months, Qin Feng’s bone structure had rapidly changed, his body height had reached one point eight meters, smoothly clad in the high end T7 combat uniform worth 150,000 yuan . One could tell that he was of high value with just one look, making Qin Feng seem more upright and full of energy .

 Seeing him, the people were full of admiration . So young and handsome . Yet, as their eyes fell upon the aptitude badge on his chest, they were stunned .

 Turns out it was just a G-tier aptitude badge . Moreover, there was not even a suffix . This badge was only recently certified! It was at that moment that everyone felt that the kid in front of them overestimated his own capabilities .

 Qin Feng did not care about other people’s opinions . After he got out of the car, Bai Li followed suit . Even with a pair of shades and a hat, she was still very eye-catching . Not to mention the way Bai Li gracefully held Qin Feng’s arms as the two walked into the store .

 This time, the onlookers felt that they had misunderstood him! After all, if he really did come to pursue Liu Xue, how could he still bring another girl and be so intimate with her at that?

 Qin Feng decidedly ignored the crowd of empty-headed gawkers and his eyes went to the Zhenshan equipment store . He felt as if his memory had just been revived .

 The windows were clear and the store had a large storefront . There was a leaflet on the glass door which read that it was recruiting staff, with food and accommodation covered .

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 At the time, Qin Feng was seriously injured and had no strength . Without any other options, he rode in a car and reached Han Town with no help and nobody to rely on . This job suited him perfectly .

 However, he would not be able to do it this time around .

 Qin Feng walked through the door .

 Liu Zhenshan was sitting at the boss’s chair, realizing that a customer had entered the door, he glanced his way . At that moment he knew that a rich man had just come along!

 “What would the customer like to order?” Liu Zhenshan greeted him with a smile before the staff could approach him . Qin Feng hurriedly nodded and said, “I want to reverse-refine a piece of equipment . Do you have that kind of tech?”

 “Of course . I can accept a private offer here, refining is a trivial matter . I graduated as a runesmith major . My father was a senior runesmith! Pity he went so early!” Uncle Liu said with a smile .

 Qin Feng smiled back, evidently Uncle Liu was bragging but he did not expose him .


“Well, this is what needs to be refined!”

 Qin Feng took out the armor of the Emperor Knight!

 Translator’s Notes:

 The name ‘Han Town’ when directly translated from the Chinese characters also means ‘Cold Town’ . Localization name could possibly be Coldton .

 Translated from the term ‘天高皇帝远!’ which is a saying that means ‘It can’t be helped!”