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Master of the End Times - Chapter 102

Published at 12th of June 2020 05:33:53 PM

Chapter 102

The armor appeared to be severely deformed, Qin Feng had taken it out from a spatial rune ring on his finger .

 With the points obtained from hunting down the Corpse Corps, Qin Feng had exchanged them for the spatial rune equipment in order to disguise Bai Li’s identity as a spatial ability user .

 Besides, it also seemed more convenient .

 As soon as the armor of the Emperor Knight appeared, Liu Zhenshan raised both his eyebrows .

 This was obviously designed by intelligent creatures from the parallel world . Without the light emitting from it generated by fusion via modern technology, it seemed simple and unadorned . The fusion material seemed to be at least beast king tier .

 That meant that after refinement, a part of it would be missing but the material remaining would definitely be on the tier of a beast king .

 How much was a piece of king-tier material? F-tier would be tens of millions at the least .

 Although his rune equipment storage was large and had many goods, he did not have tens of millions of working capital .

 “Uh, you really want me to reverse-refine this here?”

 Was it not a better idea to hand it over to a big company with high-end precision technology and have it refined there? Otherwise it would be easy to lose some materials .

 “Small stores have the benefit of being small stores . Do you have the skill for this or not?” Qin Feng said .

 Liu Zhenshan immediately understood what he meant, it seemed that Qin Feng wanted to keep this a secret, maybe the origin of the armor was unknown . Liu Zhenshan thought he had found the answer, naturally he would not want to miss out on such a bill .

 “Yes, the cost of refining is now estimated to be 8 million, and a deposit of one-tenth is required! Your shipment will be within three days!” Liu Zhenshan said .

 “Good!” Qin Feng nodded and agreed, signing a contract with the other party, paid the deposit and left his communicator number before going out . However, instead of stepping into the hovercar, he entered the hotel next door .

 The hotel proprietress looked to be around thirty seven years old, a very young age, but Qin Feng knew that this was Liu Xue’s mother and Liu Zhenshan’s wife, Qiao Yan .

 The hotel and rune equipment store just now occupied a lot of space . The house above the rune equipment store was also a hotel suite . Without the strength of their background, they would not have been this wealthy .

 The status of an F-tier ancient warrior in this town should not be questioned . Although Liu Xue was only twenty years old, yet with F-tier strength, it would be higher than Xue Xingfu’s status in Chengbei colony!

 In the hotel room, Qin Feng slipped into cultivation .

 After consuming countless elixirs, Qin Feng’s internal forces had reached F4-tier . Though in the last battle, two ancient warriors had their internal powers absorbed by Qin Feng, and combined with the exchanged potions, Qin Feng had built up a lot of internal energy .

 It was just that his dantian was wider now, it did not matter if he did not refine for the time being .

 Now that he was in a safe place, in order to prevent something from suddenly changing in the future, Qin Feng intended to condense and devour it .

 “Ability, Absorb!”

 The mist-like internal forces of the two ancient warriors that were absorbed in the last battle began to strengthen Qin Feng’s body . The internal energy was repossessed and then integrated into Qin Feng’s dantian .

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 F4 tier!

 Although the place where the internal force occupied in the dantian was F4 tier, the number was ten times stronger than an ordinary F4 ancient warrior!

 Then, Qin Feng took out two sets of bones! There was no doubt where these bones came from, one was from the Emperor Knight and the other from the Dark-Robed Ripper . The Dark-Robed Ripper had very little loot, the crystal core was taken by Qin Feng, unbeknownst to the others . In the end, everyone was fighting over the rune equipment cloak that still had some abilities despite being ruined by Qin Feng . This only left the bones for Qin Feng .

 “Ability, Absorb!”

 The absorption skill surged forth once more, this time, Qin Feng clearly felt his bones continue to strengthen . His bones’ color began to darken into a shade of metallic black .

 In fact, these two sets of bones were not like that person’s palm . The volume of the palm was too small and even after strengthening, only some potential was brought out .

 On the contrary, these two king-tier bones definitely felt like something more solidified . After the absorption, Qin Feng’s bone could be fully strengthened .

 Pop pop!

 Qin Feng’s body made a loud noise, if his calculation were on point, he had grown one centimeter taller and had reached about a hundred and eight one cm!


 Qin Feng opened his eyes and felt that his body possessed an incredible power . The strength of his bones was probably that of beast kings . To say that Qin Feng was a humanoid beast king at this point was no mere exaggeration .

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 Finally, Qin Feng took out the crystal core of the Dark-Robed Ripper .

 After some meditation, his consciousness had also reached F3-tier . While it was not as strong as an ancient warrior’s, it was enough .

 It was getting dark . Qin Feng and Xiao Bai went downstairs to the hall to eat . The lobby downstairs had a buffet . People were gathered in groups of three to five, the voices from conversations were coming one after the other .

 A fringe town not so far from the frontlines should not be having so many guests!

 “Damn it, who said that there is a crystal shell beast here? Putting me on a wild goose chase!”

 “Not even a shadow!”

 “The colonists here probably made it up so they’d drag us here for business!”

 “They wouldn’t dare!”

 “Didn’t someone say they saw one outside the walls yesterday?”

 “Hmph, it’s not a fake!”

 Qin Feng did not need to listen in too closely to figure out what they were talking about . The crystal shell beast was a very special kind of ultra beast that could devour minerals and convert them into energy for its body . Its body was the color of transparent crystal .

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 The most important thing was that the beast’s energy core was a very strong synthetic material . Adding it to a rune equipment could give said rune equipment the capacity for continuous strengthening capabilities .

 For example, making the Verdant Emperor Saber shift from a G-tier weapon to an F-tier weapon would require adding advanced materials, but this kind of improvement was limited and would not exceed past D-tier .

 By that time, would it not be better to just swap for a new sword?

 What if Qin Feng were to add Star Steel to the Verdant Emperor Saber? At that time, even with refinement, a lot of Star Steel would be wasted . It would be better to add the core of the crystal shell beast then add in advanced materials . Therefore, the core of the crystal shell beast was not something that everyone found necessary but some people of high skills would buy it .

 Due to this, the value of a crystal shell beast’s core could be raised up to 30 million . To normal F-tier ability users, it was almost like a free piece of pie .

 After all, not everyone was making the same amount of money as Qin Feng was .

 “Xiao Bai, what do you want to eat? Get it yourself!” Qin Feng handed a plate over to Bai Li . Bai Li did not care much for these kinds of food, having surveyed what was around her .  She pursed her lips and said, “Hubby, I want to eat chicken legs and chicken wings but they have none!”

 Qin Feng chuckled, “Don’t be so picky, steaks are good too! Would you like to try them?”

 Before Bai Li could answer, an F-tier person nearby let out a weird sounding laugh . “Little girl, if your husband doesn’t want to let you have chicken, I will . Follow me and I’ll show you a big one tonight!”

 After saying so, the man erupted into a wretched fit of laughter .

 Qin Feng shot him a cold glare .