Master of the End Times - Chapter 106

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Chapter 106

Due to the risk of invasion from the spatial rift, there was a combination of underground shelters, reinforced car parks and military-grade, large-scale underground bunkers beneath every city in order to ensure that people could take refuge when all hell broke loose .

 And it was during such a situation that Liu Xue was somehow bogged down by indecisiveness!

 This happened as a group of people stumbled upon Liu Xue and started gathering around her .

 “Those in the patrol team, squad leader Liu’s over here!”

 “Quick, go over to the leader’s side, we’ll be under her protection!”

 In mere moments, a crowd had materialised around Liu Xue!

 As if the timing could not be any worse, a pissed off group of blade mantises were crawling quickly toward the cluster of human beings . Some let out blood-curdling screams at the sight of the monsters, more courageous ones chose to run for it and the rest, whose legs went limp as the predators approached, shrunk behind Liu Xue’s frame . There was even someone who was pushing Liu Xue forward, as if presenting her as a sacrifice into the gaping jaws of the blade mantises .

 However, it quickly became apparent that these G3-tier blade mantises were not that powerful of a foe . With a few swift strikes from Liu Xue, they went down like the bugs they were and the mass of people were protected . However, this only caused the group of people surrounding her to grow ever larger .

 It seemed that this group of people intended to get Liu Xue to escort them to the underground shelter at the nearby supermarket .

 Seeing the current situation Liu Xue was in, Qin Feng finally understood how she died in the previous life!

 “Liu Xue, think about your parents . They’re both regular civilians . If you choose to stay here at this time, who’s gonna take care of them in the days to come?” Qin Feng asked bluntly .

 A look of unease flashed across Liu Xue’s face though it was obvious that Qin Feng’s words precisely mirrored her worries .

 How could she leave her defenseless parents behind? It was impossible .

 At the same time, it was these people that clung on stubbornly to Liu Xue, refusing to let her go .

 “Are you even human? How can one be so selfish? Why on earth would you let the squad leader go?”

 “Yeah, in such a crisis, letting her go would put our lives on the line!”

 “I’m pretty damn sure that Liu Zhenshan’s place has got an underground shelter . There’s still gonna be plenty of time left for her and her parents after these bugs are dealt with first!”

 A commotion spread like wildfire amongst the people .

 Qin Feng sneered viciously and silenced the crowd by delivering a powerful kick to the side of a car, scaring the wits out of the protesters .

 “Not one more word from any of your mouths!”

 Qin Feng roared coldly .

 The power from his mere threat was enough to cause dizziness among some in the crowd .

 “If you want to live, stop spewing nonsense . On your feet and keep up with me . Whoever that dares to give stray orders will be struck down without mercy with this gun in my hand!”

 Qin Feng produced an energy blaster and pointed it in the general direction of the crowd .

 Seeing the gun alone was more than enough to stun the masses . However, some who noticed the G-tier aptitude user badge pinned on Qin Feng’s chest started giving disdainful looks . It was apparent that they were not taking Qin Feng seriously .

 “Who even are you? Ya think ya can protect us? Well, aren’t you a cocky one?”

 “Damn right! We were talking to our squad leader . How dare you butt into our discussion!”

 “Squad leader Liu, is he your underling? Isn’t he planning to abandon us? Just who does he think he is…”

 As Han Town was a relatively small place, some of these people literally watched over Liu Xue as she was growing up, hence explaining why they rightfully felt that they deserved her protection . After all was said and done, these people felt a lingering fear in their hearts, fear that Liu Xue would run off . This was why they clustered around her, clinging onto her stubbornly, refusing to let her go .

 Qin Feng’s expression darkened and he said out loud in a cynical tone, “Liu Xue, it matters little to me whether or not you want to stay or if you want to leave with me . I still have a rune equipment waiting for me back at uncle Liu’s place so I will have to go back there regardless . If that were not the case, I wouldn’t have saved you back then . If you feel obligated to stay and protect these people, then by all means go ahead . In fact, I’ll notify your father of your death in advance when I meet him!”

 Liu Xue was shaken to the core by Qin Feng’s words .

 From the time Liu Xue spent with Qin Feng, she already understood how pivotal his role was for their survival . If the group were left with her alone to fend against the enemy, there was no doubt that their days would be numbered . Even if one could successfully escape, the chance to live and see another day was miniscule . Their lifeline laid within Qin Feng .

 With this in mind, Liu Xue brushed off her indecisiveness and replied quickly, “Qin Feng, I’ll listen to what you have to say . Those who still treasure their lives, follow us! My place isn’t too far away! It’s only three blocks down so get your act together!”


 The people started panicking at the sudden change in plans . Their worries, however, were briefly interrupted by the rumbling ground . Soon after, the cause of this ruckus introduced itself as a massive snail making its way around the corner of the street .

 That thing was at least four to five meters tall, reaching almost two stories in height . Right in front of its shell appeared two heads, oozing out and shrinking back in at an alarming frequency . It was evidently able to absorb humans into its gut effortlessly given its size .

 It did not take a university graduate to recognise the beast that was making its way toward them, for illustrations of it were widely taught during high school .

 “Steel-back Snail!”

 “A double-headed mutant at that! It’s a beast general!”

 In the blink of an eye, chaos erupted among the masses .

 Everyone present understood the ferocity of beast generals that were able to hold off against ten combatants at any given time . No matter how skilled Liu Xue was, resisting, let alone defeating this double-headed snail was practically impossible .

 “Screw this! Run for it!”

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 The group ran like madmen away from the incoming attack .

 Run as they might but it was all futile . Despite it being a snail, the beast was able to crawl at an alarming speed, moving significantly faster than your average human being .

 The surface beneath its foot seemed to have turned into a wave of sorts, enabling it to glide across the ground swiftly like a hovercraft .

 These people still had to avoid the cars that formed obstacles in their escape path . This however, posed little hindrance to the double-headed Steel-back Snail as it crushed anything and everything in its path .

 The double-headed steel-back snail outstretched one of its heads, and with its maw wide open, gobbled down one of the fleeing men into its gut .


 The man let out a helpless wail but was quickly silenced as he disappeared into the abyss that was its gut .


 Liu Xue raged as she struck the enemy with her palm .

 “Subzero Slammer!”

 While the force from her palms impacted like a raging river, it somehow slipped off from the steel-back snail’s body and the beast shrugged off the attack unfazed .

 The enemy’s body was coated in a slippery layer of mucus . Liu Xue’s attack merely scratched the itch of the beast .

 From Qin Feng’s point of view, Liu Xue’s impulsive attack was basically presenting her as takeout dinner for the snail . Seeing how little regard she had for her own life, he was at a loss for words .

 “Han Town truly is blessed with an abundance of retards!”

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 Qing Feng yelled out before rushing forward into the fray . As soon as he grabbed hold of Liu Xue’s clothes, he pulled back with all the strength he could conjure up .

 His immense strength sent Liu Xue flying back into the background . A mere millisecond later, a meter-wide jaw snapped shut above where she once stood . If not for Qin Feng, her head would have been turned into snail feed in an instant .

 Despite seeing what would be its meal escape, the double-headed steel-back snail paid no heed to Liu Xue and instead contorted its grotesque, soft body and shifted its fury onto Qin Feng instead .

 Qin Feng smiled wryly and raised his arm above his head, revealing a shining sword .

 “Flaming-tree silver blossom!”

 In an instant, a fan-shaped jet of flame shot forth from Qin Feng . In the midst of the flames, the Verdant Emperor Saber shimmered in silver, just like a green flower within a firestorm .


 With a single attack, the tables had turned . The situation in which Liu Xue seemed so powerless against the enemy had now shifted in humanity’s favour as both skulls of the steel-back snail plopped onto the ground .

 Thud! Thud!

 Two heavy skulls rolled across the ground, leaving a trail of transparent mucus-like substance . It was the blood of the snail .

 Once again, the Verdant Emperor Saber shone in the light before it swung down, slicing the tip of the enemy’s skull off cleanly . Not long after, two goose egg-sized azure crystals appeared in Qin Feng’s hands .

 These were the enemy’s ability cores .