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Chapter 11

Lu Meng kept her assault cannon, and although Li Yaoyao had tended to her wounds, she took a huge blow, and the internal damage she suffered was pretty severe by this point .

 Qin Feng looked back to check up on both girls, and when he saw that they had no trouble keeping up with him, he continued to move ahead, not saying a single word .

 They were just some ignorant students . There was no need to get too concerned .

 1Surprisingly though, Li Yaoyao’s had an extremely poor water healing ability!

 If the flowers in the greenhouse were taking risks, then what awaited them was withering after the storm .

 3At around six in the morning, a wilderness en route patrol car arrived at the scene .

 Over twenty people had gathered at the pickup point, some bearing abundant yield while others hung by the threads of their lives .

 These kinds of things had happened one too many times and were nothing unusual .

 Qin Feng kept walking towards the group, unfazed, whereas Li Yaoyao and Lu Meng were on edge, still mortified by the recent violence .

 “Wang Kai, you guys…” Li Yaoyao’s eyes were filled with disappointment .

 She was addressing the companions who had come with her .

 It was those three guys who had invited her to this trip, promising to look after and protect Li Yaoyao from their support class . They were planning to rescue the damsel in distress, whereby they would showoff their strengths . In the end, they had abandoned her and ran off on their own .

 8Now here they were, waiting for the car, with not the slightest speck of concern if Li Yaoyao and Lu Ming were still alive .

 “Asshole! Cowardly pussies! You’ll die horrible deaths!” Lu Meng shouted at the three guys .

 1Jiang Wenxuan was shocked to see his companions getting the boot, but he quickly adjusted his expressions .

 “Lu Meng, Yaoyao, I knew you guys would be alright!”

 “You knew that we were alright? How would you know that? Why don’t the three of you try getting chased by a G3 beast general?!” Lu Meng spat .

 Fear flashed in the boys’ eyes, but that soon turned into anger .

 “Aren’t you fine now?” retorted an annoyed Yu Hai .

 Li Yaoyao looked incredulously at him . She could not believe that he actually had the nick to say that .  “Aren’t we supposed to be companions? You abandoned us, and now, you dare act as if you’ve done nothing wrong? So, you’re that kind of people, huh?”

 “What kind of people? Foolish bravery often leads to certain death, you idiot! We wouldn’t bring a burden like you with us again!” Yu Hai’s nose flared .

 4Li Yaoyao was shaking from head to toe . This was such a big and unexpected blow .

 Others standing around watched the group of youngsters’ arguments, amused by the escalating situation .

 How could these greenhorns understand the dangers and cruelty of the unmerciful wilderness?!

 But when the term ‘beast general’ was mentioned, some of them looked surprised .

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 Coming face to face with a beast general was no joke!

 “Burden?” Qin Feng finally spoke, his tone frosty as his glared at Yu Hai . “If a water ability user is a burden, then I’m afraid that there would be no medical practitioners around to help you . If what you’ve said is uploaded to the internet, you’ll be famous! You are unworthy of companions! Unworthy of joining any team! You may look like you’re an ancient warrior, but are you proud of the fact that you left the water ability user behind while you run for your life? Do you think that you had the right to do that? You don’t even have the balls to own up to your mistakes, yet you want to be on the front line? You might as go back and look after the elderly! Of course, you can hide in the corner and bully the average people, and be some thug or something . The world is so big . I’m sure there are filthy places that can put up with the likes of you!”

 12Qin Feng threw words at the boy . His intention was not to reprimand but to put the three guys to shame and humiliate them .

 4When everyone else heard the speech, they exploded into laughter .

 “Trash will always be trash! Making excuses for his lack of character!”

 “From the looks of it, it’s their first time out!”

 “They are probably still students!”

 “They came out here even though they knew that they were helpless, causing big trouble to themselves and others!”

 “They don’t even know the rules, and they think themselves infallible! This is new . ”

 The people did not restrain themselves from speaking their minds . Every one of them was pretty strong, and naturally, had no reason to be afraid of Wang Kai and his buddies .

 Wang Kai dared not cross the crowd either . But deep inside, his rage boiled under pressure and was spilling over like a volcano about to explode .

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 Yuhai was more impulsive than his friends, and he was shaking violently . As an ancient warrior who had spent a year training in school, he was toned and muscular, and at 185cm, he was a good head taller than Qin Feng .

 He took a step forward towards Qin Feng as if taunting to initiate a fight .


 An arrow whizzed through the air, then stabbed the ground millimeters off Yu Hai’s feet .

 “You want to die?” Qing Feng looked at him with piercing eyes .

 2For a moment, it was as if a bucket of cold water was poured over Yu Hao’s boiling blood!

 Having already exhausted all their weapons in the fight the night before, there were no bullets left in their guns . Then, amid the panic, Yu Hai lost the only knife he had .

 Right now, he dared not return the blows because Qin Feng’s crossbow still had arrows in them .

 “Just you wait!” Yu Hai hissed . Wang Kai looked terrified, whereas Jiang Wenxuan concealed his fury within his eyes .

 9The three boys retreated, receiving scornful looks from the people around them . Soon, they were standing outside of the twenty people group .

 Qin Feng and the girls, on the other hand, were surrounded from all corners . They seemed to have taken a great interest in Li Yaoyao, the ability user .

 “If you want to come out to the wilderness again, then you should look for people like us . Don’t get tricked by those people . It’s too dangerous out here for you to just bet your life on anyone!”

 “Why don’t you join our mercenary team? We take good care of water ability users!”

 “Our teams even provide better benefits!”

 Most of those people were just teasing, most of it meaningless banter .

 Ability users were the first professionals amongst the long-suffering human beings . Even if they were not fully developed, they would not be joining these small mercenary teams .

 Regardless of whether it was the garrison or the patrol, or the official department for that matter, their doors were always open for them . Big organizations and mercenary regiments gave them the VIP treatment .

 Every year in the Chengyang colony, around 30,000 sixteen-year-olds were awakened . Within the vast number, only about twenty to thirty of them were ability users . Not exactly one in ten thousand, but still, one in a thousand .

 The crowd also showed a lot of interest in Qin Feng and Lu Meng . But after asking them some questions, and finding out that one was an average enhancer and the other a gunner, their interest fizzled out as quickly is it lit up .

 They were too young, and besides, small teams like theirs were not a charity; they did not need rookies on their side .

 One of them, however, did not perform like a newbie .

 Qin Feng could not care less for these people’s opinions, and neither was he interested either . He merely kept a straight face and refused to answer their condescending questions .


Luckily for him, the cars soon arrived .

 There were three of them, and each was well-equipped with powerful weapons, considering how dangerous it was to cruise the wilderness at dawn .