Master of the End Times - Chapter 113

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Chapter 113: Battle the Beast King

Chapter 113: Battle the Beast King

The bright glare slowly toned down and revealed the shape of the weapon in it .

In the previous forge, only a short blade was made since the rat king’s fangs were the only materials used . This time, the Verdant Emperor Saber had obviously become deadlier with the infusion of new materials .

The saber measured at 70 cm in length now . The size of its hilt remained unchanged while the blade elongated by 15 cm to reach 60 cm . Its width and thickness had also grown to 3 . 8 cm and 0 . 9 cm respectively .

It no longer looked like an ordinary cross saber . Despite the spurt in size, it was still rather flexible and had great sharpness . The color of the blade had also deepened and appeared to be cyan now .

Perhaps due to the addition of the Star Steel, there was a faint glittering pattern at the tip of the blade that contrasted its base color, which made the blade more enchanting .

“Nice sword!” Qin Feng complimented and picked up the Verdant Emperor Saber .

“I have prepared a scabbard for you as well . Better keep it hidden in public to avoid unwanted attention,” Liu Zhenshan passed Qin Feng an ordinary-looking sheath . It was made from the skin of the rat king and Qin Feng figured he would make a better one when he obtained better materials in the future .

He agreed with what Liu Zhenshan had just said . There was no need to swank his weapon to everyone he met . The Verdant Emperor Saber now carried a faint gleam of gold radiance—a sign showed only when the weapon had surpassed the beast king’s material limit . It was all thanks to the celestial steel .

“You shall have your thirst quenched by the beast’s blood tonight,” Qin Feng glanced at the saber and said smilingly .

He sheathed the saber and walked out from the forge . Wang Chen and others had yet to fall asleep at this hour . Someone had to be awake and guard the night but in fact, an idea was lingering in their minds .

That was because Qin Feng had claimed that he was going to challenge the beast king .

Without waking Liu Xue and others in the next room, Qin Feng and Bai Li crossed the sandbag wall and submerged into the darkness .

He Ling and co . watched as they departed .

“Do you think they would succeed?”

“It’s hard to say…”

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“Why do I suddenly feel that he might actually make it…”

None of them uttered another word after that . They dared not make too much noise as their sounds might travel far in this quiet night . What if the insectoids were to hear them?

They were unable to take a look at the condition outside from the backyard they were at now . They were eager to find out what the situation of the town was at now and what was going to happen soon .

“Let’s go higher up and take a look,” He Ling promptly suggested .

Zhao Xiang contemplated and nodded . “Let’s go to the top floor . We can use any of the rooms . It should be fine . ”

“Let’s go!” Wang Chen could not hold back his curiosity too, and joined them .

They climbed to the fourth floor and found a decent spot . They then proceeded to set up their scope and scanned around the town through it .

On a distant building, Qin Feng was mounting a dark warhorse with the Verdant Emperor Saber on his waist .

The warhorse once belonged to the Emperor Knight . The horse could be steered by simply infusing dark energy into it . It could run at a speed faster than the hovercar . Most importantly, it could jump and sprint on all types of terrains .

Qin Feng was staring at the steel-limb broodmother further away .

Bai Li was behind Qin Feng with one leg on the saddle . She was not really stepping on it but was instead floating in mid-air .

‘Such a giant beast . If only we could kill it from afar . ’

Qin Feng sighed . A small-sized beast might not be weak but the rule of thumb was that the bigger the beast, the more powerful it was .

Even getting hit by one of its legs would be devastating . Not only that, Qin Feng would be easily trampled on if the beast decided to body smash him .

“Xiao Bai, the bazooka . ”


Xiao Bai pointed and a bazooka immediately popped up in front of Qin Feng .

Qin Feng retrieved it and placed it skillfully on his left arm . This was the same weapon he had used at Zimu Mountains to counter-attack Lu Heng and also the one that had put down the Emperor Knight .

Qin Feng took aim at the giant broodmother and…


Qin Feng pushed the trigger and the muzzle of the bazooka instantly buzzed with flares shooting out of it .

An orange missile broke free and flew straight out .

On top of the hotel, the three men that had failed to locate Qin Feng immediately turned their heads to the source of the blast .

“He’s there!”

“It’s a bazooka . He is using a firearm?” Wang Chen was bewildered .

“Maybe he is just trying to drive the broodmother away from its web?” Zhao Xiang expressed his doubt .

But Wang Chen was getting more and more astounded .


The missile traveled at an astonishing speed . It reached the beast at a thousand meters away in the blink of an eye .

In the next moment, the missile landed precisely on the spider’s abdomen .

An explosion swiftly followed and it trembled the giant web vigorously .

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The broodmother wailed out of rage from inside the mushroom cloud . A wide string shot out from it and stuck to another building not far away from Qin Feng’s position .

Next, a giant spider was seen dashing out from the fire through the string . It was largely unharmed as not a single wound was spotted on its body .

Qin Feng did not move and launched another missile .


Similarly, the missile flew straight at the broodmother .

However, the broodmother came ready this time . It spitted string from its mouth and dragged itself away from the missile ballistic .

‘Where are you running off to?’ Qin Feng snorted and focused his consciousness . ‘Turn!’

The missile that had missed the broodmother suddenly turned back and hit right at the beast’s abdomen .

Kaboom! The impact flipped the beast and dropped it to the ground .

The three observers had their jaws dropped to the ground after witnessing the entire process .

“How did he do that?” Zhao Xiang could not close his mouth .

“Maybe because he is an ability user?” That was the only plausible explanation He Ling could muster .

Wang Chen did not think that it was that simple . “Although an ability user may have stronger consciousness than a gunner, it’s still pretty difficult to manipulate external objects based on conscious energy alone . Besides, it is such a precise maneuver performed at such a great distance!”

Qin Feng was at least eight hundred meters away from the beast!

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Wang Chen had no idea how Qin Feng achieved such a tremendous feat .

Nevertheless, no matter how accurate Qin Feng’s missiles were, they had failed to halt the approaching broodmother .

The one thousand meters was shortened drastically under the beast’s relentless charge .

In the meantime, Qin Feng had fired eight more missiles and hit the broodmother every single time .

Unfortunately, the twelve missiles left by He Li had been exhausted .

Cluck .

Qin Feng unlatched the bazooka and threw it to Bai Li .

Bai Li caught it and swiftly stored it into the spatial rune . At the same time, the broodmother had reached under the building Qin Feng was at .

Its spider legs climbed tirelessly up the twelve-floor building and the beast was closer than ever .


Qin Feng promptly unsheathed his saber . The gleam of the blade brightened the night as if a meteor had just flashed across it .

Qin Feng signaled to the horse under his thighs and the umbra stallion immediately merged into the surroundings .

Dark Shadow!