Master of the End Times - Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: Sword Art—Blazing Sky

Chapter 114: Sword Art—Blazing Sky

Qin Feng completely vanished from sight in an instance . Not even the scope could locate his position .

Qin Feng was not only watched by Wang Chen and co . but other aptitude users that had survived the attacks were startled by the battle noise and had come out from hiding to check on the situation .

Nobody would have thought that someone was daring enough to challenge the broodmother . He even chose the time when the beast might be at its strongest .

The audiences were treated with a wonderful execution staged by the mythical gunner from a thousand miles away .

“That’s a shame . Gunners are weak in close combat . He is going to die after being caught up by the broodmother . ”

“Why waste such effort? That would only disturb and further enrage the entire insectoid troop . ”

The survivors began to hear rustling noises around them . The attacker had not only provoked the broodmother but at the same time had also attracted the entire fleet of insectoids toward him .

But neither the creatures nor the survivors knew that Qin Feng could come and go as he pleased in the dark . He was invisible in total darkness with the help of the dark gem . This environment maximized his dark ability to its fullest potential and not even the beast king could detect his presence .

He was the true master of the shadows . The darkness was his reign .

The umbra stallion appeared silently .

“Dark Laser!”

A band of ray darker than the night sky suddenly pierced through the broodmother’s body out of nowhere .

The dark rune energy erupted and cells that were still vibrant a moment ago started to contract and lose their vitality . Its power and speed had been greatly compromised .

It went exactly the way Qin Feng intended it to . But naturally, the broodmother was not to be simply trifled with . It discovered Qin Feng’s location the moment he used the ability .


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A giant white web was shot out and shrouded Qin Feng from all corners . He retreated at once .

In the end, the web missed Qin Feng and landed on one of the buildings and was stuck there . Not only that but some of its strings hit the windows due to inertia and smashed them into pieces . What a brutal attack! One could only imagine the outcome if Qin Feng were to be hit by the strings .

The steel-limb broodmother twisted its legs and turned around . Its daunting eyes scanned the night painstakingly . Then, one of its legs slid up abruptly .


Qin Feng was exposed after the impact . The Verdant Emperor Saber shone brilliantly in the dark like a star in the night sky .

The sharp saber crippled one of the spider’s legs but Qin Feng was sent flying backward as well .

‘umbra stallion!’

Qin Feng stopped short as his momentum was halted by the stallion’s pull . Even so, he had flown straight into one of the tall buildings and blasted all its windows apart .

Poof .

Another thin string came flying and Qin Feng dodged dexterously . The string bypassed him and was attached to the wall of the building .


Qin Feng’s expression changed .

“Space Blade!” Bai Li who had not shown herself thus far finally made her first move . The blade cut the string and consequently, the giant spider coming through it fell instantly to the ground .

But the broodmother was persistent . Another string was squirted and glued to the building Qin Feng was at . It was in hot pursuit once again .

The building was seven floors high . This place was obviously one of the high-class residences in Han Town . Nonetheless, no matter how well-built this place once was, it could not sustain under the broodmother’s rampage .

The beast raised one of its limbs vertically and launched a quick down-swipe with it . One of the building corners was effortlessly sliced off .

Qin Feng rode the umbra stallion and dashed out from the building . The sliced building came crashing down to the ground and raised a cloud of dust .

‘Blooming Flame!’ Qin Feng grasped the short window of opportunity and slid his saber across one of the spider’s limbs . Fire emerged where the blade passed and another steel limb of the broodmother was removed .


The broodmother was enraged . Its other limbs swung rapidly toward Qin Feng, trying to tear him apart .

Qin Feng could not be caught while he was on the stallion .


Another building had fallen victim to the spider’s assault .

‘Bushfire!’ Qin Feng once again triggered his ability .

Fire sparks appeared in the shape of a fan on the Verdant Emperor Saber . Triggered by his inner force, the runes exploded outward and spread out a few ten meters wide .

Even inner force as dense as Qin Feng’s evaporated rapidly at this instance .

Immediately, the flame engulfed the steel-limb broodmother .



The broodmother hopped up and down terrifyingly . The burning flame on its body had greatly frightened the beast . It got more and more violent, and soon the entire area was demolished by the beast and had turned into an unrecognizable ruin .

The giant swerved about wildly and finally put out the fire . The beast charged toward Qin Feng once it recollected itself .

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Qin Feng dared not brace the charge and could only escape with the stallion .

It was indeed a terrifying battle . The loud noise trembled the entire Han Town . Qin Feng was gasping for air as his battle against the steel-limb broodmother was reaching its climax .

‘What a tough opponent!’ Qin Feng guessed that it was due to the giant size of the broodmother .

The Dark-Robed Ripper was equally powerful but had a much smaller body size . Besides, Qin Feng was immune to dark runes . Those played into his hand and greatly reduced the difficulty of that battle .

It was an entirely different situation this time around .

He needed little energy to avoid the Ripper’s attacks but against the giant broodmother? Every evasion took great effort and concentration .

Qin Feng would have been run over numerous times if not for the stallion’s agility . However, the broodmother got a fair share of damage as Qin Feng managed to take away three of its limbs .

‘Its weakness is going to present itself soon . Dark Shadow!’

Qin Feng once again blended into the darkness .

He had battled for almost two hours now . Dawn was almost upon them as Qin Feng could see the first light on the horizon . The sky might be brightened up in another ten minutes or so .

That was highly unfavorable to Qin Feng if the battle were to drag on to that point . He decided to take the risk and finish off the fight quickly .

“Xiao Bai!” Qin Feng summoned Bai Li to stand by his side .

“I want to teleport there later, is it possible?” Qin Feng pointed at the abdomen of the broodmother .

“No problem!” Xiao Bai nodded .

Actually, Bai Li could have defeated the broodmother easily if she were to turn into her fox form now . But Qin Feng thought that it was still too early for Bai Li to reveal her true power . He was even reluctant to use the Space Blade unless it was a real emergency .

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This exact moment was such an emergency .

The broodmother was still crawling and had finally arrived above a pit .

“Go now!” Qin Feng ordered urgently .

Bai Li grabbed Qin Feng and vanished instantly .


Their vision changed instantly and Qin Feng could see the lower abdomen of the steel-limb broodmother as he looked up .

Numerous one-meter-thick reverse spurs were growing on the outer skin of the abdomen . It dragged out marks on the ground as the spider crawled by .

If Qin Feng did not teleport into the pit but directly under its belly, the spurs would have pierced through both him and Bai Li alive .

‘Sky Burning Sword Art—Blazing Sky!’

Qin Feng drew up his saber and temporarily boosted his aura . The blaze rapidly gathered around the Verdant Emperor Saber and shot straight upward .

The fire runes vibrated rapidly and the resulting Hellfire erupted upward like a lava fountain .

The blaze penetrated the steel-limb broodmother’s abdomen instantly . Then, the skyward blaze slanted and broke through the broodmother thorax as well . Qin Feng had practically opened up a giant hole through the beast’s body .

The fire continued to rush higher and bridged with the sky . Instantaneously, the entire Han Town was lit red by the mighty flame .