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Master of the End Times - Chapter 121

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:36:43 AM

Chapter 121: Something Fishy in the Underground Bunker

As the group grew larger, it became more chaotic and bloated as well . They attracted more insectoids wherever they went .

 Time for a cull!

 Qin Feng was the first to break into the mall .

 The market was in a mess . There were signs of insectoids inhabiting the place .

 It was the knife-edge mantis!

 The mantes possessed sharp scythes as their front limbs . Even the glass and steel doors were unable to prevent them from marching in . The mantes did not live in packers however, and were much easier to clean up .

 The large group entered the mall and started to get busy . They sealed off all ventilation shafts and windows to form a defense perimeter!

 They finally had time to catch their breaths!

 There were large quantities of food within the mall . They ate without holding themselves back .

 Although it was merely the second day of the doomsday, these people feasted as if they had not eaten anything for a week .

 The psychological stress had taken a great toll on them .

 Quite a number of them were crying . Some of them were even cursing . The whole crowd in the mall became rowdy .


 Qin Feng’s gunshot sounded off once again . But it was not his energy weapon, it was his pistol .

 “Looks like you guys haven’t had enough, would you like to try living in the ends of time once again?” Qin Feng’s eyes swept coldly at these people .

 The crowd turned silent instantly .

 In a cold voice, Qin Feng continued, “If you can’t hold it in then use the communicator . The rest of you, shut your mouth! Liu Xue, tally them up and divide them into groups!”

 “Okay!” Liu Xue hurriedly stood up and began counting the number of people .

 Five hundred people was not that many, but it was not considered little as well . If it were a middle school, thirty people would make up a class . These people would just make up eighteen classes .

 But in such a situation, if chaos were to erupt among these eighteen classes, the only thing that would await them was to be turned into bug feed .

 Qin Feng was not asking them to restrict their movements, but he did not want them to give him any more trouble .

 After that, he went up to the roof of the mall .

 Wang Chen was already waiting there .


 Wang Chen called out to him . After dividing into groups, Wang Chen had been by Qin Feng’s side . To get closer to Qin Feng, he no longer addressed Qin Feng as Mr . Qin .

 “How’s it looking!”

 “Some of the insectoids have either heard or smelled our presence . They’re congregating toward our position . If we don’t clean them up, there would be more of them coming . ” Wang Chen explained .

 Wang Chen as a gunner could also perform some surveillance and patrol duties other than offering long-range firepower support .

 Just now, he had already climbed up to the top floor and surveyed their surroundings!

 Qin Feng nodded and walked toward a window . He observed his surroundings using his sniper rifle before looking at the rift .

 The rift that was left untouched was like a giant gaping mouth hole of a terrifying large beast . It could swallow up the whole of Han Town at any moment .

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 Qin Feng knew that more and more insectoids would pour down from the rifts . It would become unstoppable .

 “Let’s not worry about that first!” Qin Feng said .

 “Yeah, but boss, there are too many people breaking out from here with us! If you’re still going to save the kids, we better be prepared!”

 Unlike the adults, the children over at the orphanage were a pitiful existence that was completely powerless .

 “I know, I’ll be moving out tonight!”

 Wang Chen nodded without saying anything else .

 However, things would not stop moving just like that . Although there were quite a number of people who were breaking out from the zone, almost five hundred in number, the casualties along the way were not little as well . Some of the civilians were already panicking .

 When Qin Feng returned to the ground floor, Liu Xue was quick to meet up with him .

 “Qin Feng, some of the civilians no longer wish to break through the encirclement with us . There’s a large underground bunker here that can take in two thousand people, we should let them hide inside . We’ll get them out when the Coldstorm Battalion comes in to reclaim the lost lands!”

 They were the ones who wanted to break out from the encirclement . Now, they were scared for their own lives . Perhaps they would only understand the gravity of the situation when death comes knocking .

 Qin Feng did not reject their decisions .

 “Whatever you say then . How many of them want to stay? Get a quick count and we’ll leave right now . When night falls it’ll be harder to get them moving!”

 “Yes, I’ve tallied up the numbers . About two hundred!”

 “Ask them to pack their stuff, get them underground in ten minutes!”


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 Liu Xue quickly replied before letting them pack their items .

 Although there were supplies within every underground bunker, the crowd still filled up their bags found from the mall with food and water . They carried their puffed up bags and gathered round .

 Qin Feng led these people safely through the underground car park . There, they found a large steel gate .

 “Please open the gate, there are no more insectoids outside . We are seeking refuge inside!”

 Liu Xue called out .

 There was actually a communicator outside the steel gate to prevent people from being accidentally sealed inside .

 In a short while, a voice came out from within the gates .

 “There’s no more room here, you’ll have to go elsewhere!”

 The crowd who followed Qin Feng and Liu Xue was enraged .

 “On whose authority? This is a public facility of Han Town, why can’t we get in!”

 “How could there be two thousand people inside, bullshit!”

 “What’s going on!”

 Liu Xue too was furious .

 “How could you be so selfish, did you think we can’t go in just like that?”

 Liu Xue’s communication just now was merely a formality .

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 There was an emergency protocol built in in public facilities such as this to prevent insiders from stopping other people from getting in . Of course, to prevent others from being scapegoats, not everyone could trigger the protocol .

 Liu Xue slammed her palm on the side of the gate . A screen appeared . Liu Xue entered a string of codes without hesitation .

 But Qin Feng suddenly stopped her .

 “Did you leak the news about us going into the mall previously?” asked Qin Feng .

 Liu Xue nodded . Slightly embarrassed, she said, “Although we have switched routes and have stopped here, there could be more people who would want to join us in the evening . Moreover, we have caused quite a commotion along the way . They should be able to hear us!”

 “So, is there anyone in the underground bunker who wishes to join us?”

 “Erm, there’s none!”

 “Not even one?” Qin Feng began to smile coldly . There must be something fishy going on here . “Open the door then!”

 The code that Liu Xue had entered just now was interrupted by Qin Feng . Luckily, there were three chances .

 Once again, Liu Xue entered a series of codes . Qin Feng hit the final confirmation button . A buzzing alarm sounded from the gate .

 “Make way!”

 Qin Feng waved his hand and signalled for the civilians who followed him to stay back .

 Qin Feng’s question just now had alerted the already startled crowd . After one whole day of surviving in such dire conditions, the crowd was already quick on their toes . After Qin Feng gave the order, the crowd dispersed and stayed away from the gates!

 After the gate opened up by more than half a meter, the dark barrel of a machine gun emerged and fired away underneath the dimmed lights .


 A hail of bullets began to pour .