Master of the End Times - Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: He’s Qin Feng, You Know

Chapter 128: He’s Qin Feng, You Know

Inside the orphanage’s building .

“Sorry to trouble you this time, elder dean!”

“You rascal, don’t say that, you’ve helped a lot this time!” Dean Lin Derong said emotionally before sending people to help manage the group that Qin Feng brought over . “Qin Feng, I was indeed right about you, but you’ve just grown up so fast, so fast that it’s shocking . You must remember that it’s the taller trees that will have their tops blown off . You need to remember to keep a low profile!”

Qin Feng smiled . If it were before his rebirth, he would have naturally done so as it would have been the right thing to do . It was completely different now . If he wanted to stay low, the only thing he would have to leave in the dark was his dark ability . Other times, he had to remain high profile .

“The towering tree deprives other creatures of their nutrients to protect the birds above . Elder dean, I won’t let you down!”

Lin Derong froze for a moment, then laughed uncontrollably . “Okay! We’ll go with yours! Fight on!”

Qin Feng left another 5 million and the meat of the plow worms before leaving .

The orphanage had become more depressing as of late .

Although the tragedy in Qin Feng’s previous life did not happen, in the past half a month where he had not visited, the children’s immune system had become weaker . They suffered from colds, fevers and viral infections, in the end more than twenty of them had passed .

Compared to the situation before Qin Feng’s rebirth, it was considered much better . However with so many children gone, the orphanage seemed rather dismal .

With the new children joining, he believed that the mood might be uplifted a little .

Of course, against the pressures of survival, this was one of the places that Qin Feng should provide a lot of aid to . After the Fengli colony was built, Qin Feng was sure that the children would have a better living condition .

After leaving the orphanage, Qin Feng found a deserted area to have Bai Li bring out his hover car . The car was previously parked in front of Liu Zhenshan’s shop . After the rift opened, Qin Feng had Bai Li put it away and now it was finally taken back out .

After returning to Qinghu Garden, and for not having a good break in a long while, Qin Feng comfortably lay in the large bathtub in his loft, Bai Li was beside him wearing a bikini .

Hmm, with a figure like that one could not help but get a nosebleed .

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Qin Feng was glad that Xiao Lian from before called Bai Li flat .

After one whole night of relaxation, Qin Feng was woken up by his communicator with a call from Zhou Hao .

“Madman, didn’t you say you are back already? We need to do an overall test and find teammates today, don’t tell me you’re not coming?”

On the way back these past few days, Qin Feng and Zhou Hao were in contact, and Zhou Hau had urged him several times, much like this time, that he must not miss the Spring Hunting Garden!

Good thing Qin Feng managed to rush back . This time, Bai Li became a small fox again and rode shotgun .

After being in a humanoid form for so long, Bai Li did not exactly like turning back into a fox . When in the human form, she had to focus on maintaining the shape of the physical form, and in fact, it was a kind of full body transformation . Not only that, human fingers were extremely flexible . For Bai Li, controlling these was a kind of exercise .

Although the trip to Han Town allowed Bai Li to obtain another beast king crystal core, her strength had also increased by a lot . Yet, she still did not have much of a chance to shine!

Qin Feng really treated her like a pet .

Draping herself around Qin Feng’s shoulders, she let out a yawn and went back to sleep .

Qin Feng got out of the car and stepped into campus . After that everything immediately felt different .

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To say that he was just a face among the crowd of students back then would not be an unusual thing to say, but now almost all of the people who had seen him screamed with excitement .

“Qin Feng!”

“Hey, is that the ability class’s Qin Feng who’s also an ancient warrior?”

“He’s so amazing!”

Among the cheering, there was a girl who boldly approached him .

“Qin Feng, are you going to take part in the month-end test today and look for a team?”

Qin Feng was not too frigid . He kept walking but he answered the other’s question . “Yes!”

“It’s a shame that I’m a sophomore . If, if you come back from the Spring Hunting Ground and the team has been dissolved, I hope you can consider me!”

Qin Feng . “… We’ll see then . ”

It was considered a polite rejection!

“Ah, thank you Qin Feng!” That girl happily dashed back and openly announced, “Qin Feng said that he’d give me a chance!”

Qin Feng: “… I didn’t even say anything . ”

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Since he was gaining too much attention, he started to pick up the pace and those who were eager to try and go after him simply could not keep up .

Qin Feng quickly arrived at class . Only this time, something unimaginable happened .

“Qin Feng, the Spring Hunting Garden’s about to start . You should join our team!”

“Yeah Qin Feng, take me aboard and I’ll use my Tailwind Assist to make you run speedily!”

“Outta the way, you wind-element ability user, you’re just an auxiliary support ability user!”

Qin Feng furrowed his brow at the group of twittering teenagers . Did they not look down on him thinking that he had low elemental affinity before? Why did they want to join up with him for the Spring Hunting Garden now?

Qin Feng was not going to have these expressions of good will and join this group of people .

“Sorry, I need to discuss some things with my teammates!” Qin Feng said .

“Who? With the genius Zhou Hao from the ancient warrior class?”

“Aw jeez, if Zhou Hao’s with Qin Feng, they’ve already won!”

This group of people stared at Qin Feng with greater intensity! After all, those two together were too strong, everyone knew that Zhou Hao was a certified G-tier ancient warrior!

In the eyes of these students who had only newly awakened for two months and been in the school for a month, Zhou Hao’s capabilities were already extremely powerful . Qin Feng was naturally strong as well, but it would never occur to them that Qin Feng had already reached F-tier .

Even if the advertisement was broadcasted everyday, they still believed that they could stand a chance against Qin Feng’s power .

Just as they were about to say something else, the teacher of the ability class, Cheng Chao, finally arrived and dispersed those surrounding Qin Feng .

“Qin Feng’s back? Perfect, and I thought you’re not attending this time’s Spring Hunting Garden!” Cheng Chao was obviously delighted . He thought that Qin Feng would only be back the next day! “Everyone prepare yourselves, this time we’ll do the first examination . This exam is very important, I hope you don’t embarrass yourself . If your score is lacking, you may not find a team!”


The students were suddenly in an uproar .

Soon, with the announcement spread across the whole school, the people from the ability class also followed the rest to the central square . People of all classes were dispatched one after another . This year, more than three hundred freshmen were seated on the stands beside the square .

Of course, because the central square was surrounded by the other buildings, those within the lecture floors could still see the rest of the square .

Just above Qin Feng’s original class, among the ability classmen, Li Yaoyao was among the onlookers .

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