Master of the End Times - Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: Chengyang City

Chapter 133: Chengyang City

“What is your plan after the Spring Hunting Ground? Any plans to remain in the university?” Deng Nian asked .

Qin Feng replied without any hesitation, “Of course, there is still a lot for me to learn!”

However, he would still be playing truant to take care of personal matters .

Deng Nian did not care about those as he was already delighted to have such a reply from Qin Feng .

“If that is the case, I shall not continue to retain you as a student then! Didn’t Han Jian give you the title of an Honorary Captain? I shall award you with the title of an Honorary Teacher then!”

Deng Nian giggled and raised his hand, then, a box appeared on top of the table .

“This is a token of appreciation of an Honorary Teacher, and also my support for your journey into the Spring Hunting Ground!”

A token of appreciation?

Qin Feng opened the box and found a glove inside .

It was a red and large glove, and with its luxurious finishing, it could almost cover up to the forearm . There were also sharp nails that covered the fingertips .

It was more like a claw rather than a glove .

There was a red cobblestone-size ability core embedded at the back of the hand, while there were stripes that connected it to every part of the glove .

The extremely sturdy inner part was revealed as the glove was flipped over, and it could even withstand forces from incoming bullets and weaponry .

“Ability rune equipment . ” Qin Feng was surprised with the ability rune equipment that was glowing in purple light, and all of a sudden, a label on the equipment caught his attention: Scarlet Fire Claw F5!”

It was a rune equipment made from the fire core of an F5-tier beast general .

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Due to the scarcity of ability cores, the price of ability rune equipment would be higher than rune equipment of the ancient warriors .

However, Deng Nian had now gifted one to Qin Feng .

Furthermore, it was obvious that the glove was meant for a left handed person .

Deng Nian had witnessed Qin Feng’s battle where he would handle the Verdant Emperor Saber with his right arm .

“Principal, I shall receive this thoughtful gift from you!” Qin Feng said .

It seemed that Deng Nian had immediately ordered for the glove to be made upon his return as it would usually take half a month to make an ability rune equipment .

Qin Feng felt honoured and respected by such a thoughtful act from Deng Nian .

“Haha, don’t worry about it, from now onward, you are one of us!”

Deng Nian guffawed cheerily when he saw that Qin Feng had accepted the gift .


The next day, bustling noise and excitement filled the university as many parents were at the campus .

The Spring Hunting Ground was the students’ first journey to risk their lives by going into the wilderness . All the other aptitude users had already been exposed to the dangers of the wilderness earlier on, now, their time had come!

“Feng, please be careful!” Zhou Hao’s father urged .

“Uncle, don’t worry, we will be fine!”

After the seats had been allocated, there were more than ten vehicles on the move toward the South Gate .

The students were excited for their first journey into the wilderness and chattered incessantly among themselves .

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However, all of them remained silent as soon as they arrived in the wilderness .

The skies had become clear and boundless as there were no more high rise buildings around the area .

Zhao Yu looked toward the sky and exclaimed, “All of a sudden, it feels good to be free!”

Indeed, the colony was like a cage!

The boundless freedom could only be felt in the outside world!

However, sacrifices of fresh blood had to be given to obtain such freedom .

Soon, all of them would realize the price to be paid for such freedom when they venture into the horrifying wilderness .

Bam bam bam bam!

The gunshots had alerted the students as they opened their eyes wide and immediately looked around the surroundings .

“There is something in the front that has blocked the road!”

Qin Feng and the others were in a vehicle that was behind others, and they were unaware of what had happened ahead of them . However, many of them extended their head out from the vehicle to look outside, they noticed that there was a wild boar that was rushing toward them; its head was large and its eyes were red as it bared its fangs .

“It is a wild boar!”

Although the wild boar was merely a G6-tier ultra beast, its massive and bulky body structure highly increased its attack power, and it was also covered with thick flesh that could easily handle ordinary bullets .

The wild boar moved at high speed and rushed toward the side of the second vehicle, one of the students that had half of his body extended out from the vehicle immediately moved back into the vehicle . However, the wild boar acted fast with its fangs .


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The fangs of the wild boar swiped across the shoulder of the student, resulting in a whole chunk of his flesh being ripped off with blood splattering everywhere . If there were no guardrails around the bus, the chest of the student would have been pierced through from the attack .

“Argh!!!” The screams from the student could even be heard clearly from a few vehicles away .

Everyone that was there instantly felt fear mounting in them .

It was because of everything that had just happened, the malicious wild boar, the splattered blood, and also the piercing cry from the unfortunate student .

It was fortunate that the number of the wild boars was not that big and the situation was taken care of by the F-tier teachers that were around!

However, the students were stifled by the intense atmosphere .

Some of the female students were even trembling in fear .

“It will be fine!” Zhang Tianche who was silent said calmly, “Have faith in the leader . Furthermore, the three of us are ancient warriors, you will not be required to have close combat with the ultra beasts!”

Zhao Yu who was pale recovered slightly with his words .


“Believe in your companions, and believe in your own team members!” Qin Feng spoke up . “The wilderness has never been a place to have solo combats . ”

It was for that same reason that the university put the students in groups .

The journey went smoothly after the short interruption . Shortly after, the city walls of Chengyang City appeared in everyone’s eyes .

When seen from afar, the city wall was thirty meters in height, and there were pale light rays that were extending from the top of the wall, the light rays had formed into a pale network .

There was a space stabilizing device placed at the centre of the network, it was similar to the Six Flare Star as radiations were being released in silver light rays .

“City-tier space stabilizing device!”

“Energy network, oh god, what would the daily energy consumption be like to support such a size of energy network!”

“Look, it is a tier 3 energy cannon! Every shot from it would be equivalent to the maximum destructive force from an E-tier aptitude user, and there are so many of them!”

Everyone was amazed by the scene .

The city wall of the Chengyang City was not much higher than Chengbei colony’s, it was because excessive heights would restrict the ability of the ability users!

However, the wall definitely had sufficient thickness .

As soon as they got closer, they noticed that they had gone through a tunnel and arrived at the inner parts of Chengyang City .

The surroundings were more spacious and the streets were clean and well maintained, while there were luxurious buildings and greeneries that spread across the area .

It truly depicted the glamorous life of a big city .

Besides, aptitude users were seen everywhere, and there was also the presence of E-tiers . The pinnacle of life seen in Chengbei colony could be seen everywhere in this city .

F-tier aptitude users were a norm here, and G-tiers were also seen everywhere!

This had amazed all of the students that were in the vehicles .

It was as if everyone had just seen a whole new world .

Among all of them, with teachers being excluded, Qin Feng was definitely the only one that remained calm and unbothered!