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Master of the End Times - Chapter 135

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:36:24 AM

Chapter 135: Entering the Spring Hunting Ground

Chapter 135: Entering the Spring Hunting Ground

“Gear up, and enter the Spring Hunting Ground!”

Everyone lifted their black tactical backpacks and suited up with their protective helmet and vest while the wireless communicator was placed in their ears .

“Zhao Yu, bring this along!” Suddenly, Qin Feng took out a box and passed it over to Zhao Yu .

Inside the box was the F5-tier Fire Scarlet Claw that was given by Deng Nian the day before .

“Ah! This is an ability rune equipment!” Zhao Yu was shocked .

Qin Feng nodded .

Zhao Yu sensed the dominating aura overflowing from the rune equipment and had mixed feelings about it . “It is an F5-tier equipment, and I am not even a G-tier now, it would already be considered decent if I were able to utilize one tenth of its power!”

“Its main attribute is defensive energy!” Qin Feng turned the Scarlet Fire Claw around and showed Zhao Yu the inner steel part that could protect her from bullets or attacks during close combat .

Zhao Yu paused for a short moment and nodded, then she put on the claw .

Fire runes exploded from the purple rune equipment and formed into a glowing flame .

Everyone around the area had also started to put on their own equipment!

With restriction on spatial rune equipment, some of the top tier wealthy gunners were revealing a ridiculous display of firearms . Even ordinary gunner students had also taken out countless sniper guns, riffles, hand grenades, bullets, and more .

Some even required help from ancient warriors in their teams to carry the firearms .

Of course, in the early stages, sufficient firearms would easily secure victory from such battles .


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Zhou Hao took out a cape and put it around him .

“Do I look handsome in this?” Zhou Hao took out a dagger and placed it on his waist .

Silver light rays that were emitting from the two rune equipment were eye-catching among rune equipment that were releasing blue and purple light rays .

“This cape is… so powerful!” Zhao Yu exclaimed .

After all, it was made from materials from a beast king .

“Haha, this is a sponsor by a psycho friend of mine!” Zhou Hao giggled and replied .

Of course, Zhou Hao still had his inner armor as he did not equip those that were distributed by the university .

On the other hand, there were silver light rays that exploded from a few massive rounded disc bases .

The light rays crossed paths and formed into a network of giant passage that was about twenty meters in width and three meters in height .

“Xita colony is the first to enter!”

The sequence of entry had already been decided by a draw . However, due to the overwhelming number of students, Chengyang University would be separated into two batches and was always placed to enter last .

Students from Xita University took the lead and stepped into the giant passage .

“Chengyang University is well aware of their responsibility as the host and has allowed us to be the first to enter!”

“It must be the arrangement from our principal to allow us to be the first to enter, we can definitely gather more useful items!”

“I wonder if anyone will get Conscious Fruit this year!”

The chatter continued on as all students from the Xita University had completed their entrance!

A teacher continued to alter the space coordinates and released another batch of students for entry .

It was obvious that the location for every university would be different from each other .

“Set off!” Chengbei University was the third batch to enter, Qin Feng followed the footsteps of the other team members and moved forward .

After all four universities had entered, it was Chengyang University’s turn!

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“All prey have been released, time for the hunters to set off!”

The young guys and girls that were in white and golden colored uniform sneered as they made their move .

This would definitely be a lopsided slaughter!

After Qin Feng and the others had gone into the spatial passage, they immediately arrived at a wide turf .

Even without any careful trimming, the green turf looked smooth and displayed early signs of spring, and also the warmth that came along .

The surroundings were overflowing with greeneries that contradicted the late autumn scenery from the outside . There was a dense forest at a far off distance while a crystal clear stream was flowing down from the left .

“This is magnificent!” Zhao Yu said joyfully .

Compared to the wilderness that was seen when leaving the countryside of Chengbei colony, this place would undoubtedly be classified as a garden .

“Stop focusing on the scenery, let’s go!” Qin Feng remarked as he looked at everyone .

Students from Chengbei University were all around them . Now that they had entered the area, all of them would surely not act rashly .

Or else, they might risk leaving without any reward, and would that not be a loss? They might also give themselves a bad title of harming each other .

With that in mind, the crowd immediately spread across the area .

Qin Feng led the three others and slipped into the forest .

The landscape in the Spring Hunting Ground was beautiful, it was like they were on a field trip without any sense of danger from the surroundings!

However, danger would always appear out of nowhere .


Qin Feng took out his energy blaster and fired a shot toward the front .

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Before the others could react to it, it was as if Qin Feng had blasted onto some vines .

Zhao Yu was still puzzled and wondered what Qin Feng was aiming for .

It was only when they got closer to the vines that had fallen onto the ground that they were shocked as they noticed that it was a snake .

“Jade snake!” Zhao Yu was shocked and inhaled deeply .

It was a low-level viper that could paralyse their nerves with just one bite, and it could even cause death if the victim did not have strong conscious energy .

Qin Feng was able to notice it from a far off distance earlier on .

“Qin Feng, you are amazing, I thought that you were aiming for some vines, it seems that Lin Kai was not telling the truth yesterday!” Zhao Yu said .

Zhou Hao’s lips twitched when he heard what Zhao Yu said .

“Zhao Yu, do you really think that Lin Kai was telling the truth? It was not only Qin Feng that had gone to the frontlines! We have already earned ourselves hundreds of thousands from our past solid battles!”

Zhou Hao’s ancient warrior ability had indeed increased at a fast pace, and he had benefited a lot as he obtained most of his energy supplies from the battle at Zimu Mountains; or else, without any financial support from his family, how could he afford such an amount of resources?

Zhao Yu felt embarrassed .

“There are people approaching!” Zhang Tianche broke the silence and alerted everyone .

“Could it be students from other universities that have entered earlier?” We should leave now!” Zhao Yu said .

Qin Feng felt the presence of those that were approaching and his expression immediately became solemn, his eyes flashed with a trace of murderous intent .

“Let’s go!”

Qin Feng took the lead and went deeper into the forest . What the others did not notice was that while doing so he left small-sized bombs around the area where they were at .

Half a minute later, more than thirty people had arrived at the spot . They were being led by Lin Kai .

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“Is this the correct direction? Why haven’t we found him yet!”

Lin Kai indignantly barked while anger could be clearly seen from his expression .

“This should be the right location!” Chen Ming replied as he took two more steps forward .

It was at that moment, a red light flashed from the ground .

Tick tick tick!

Immediately after three consecutive flashes from the triggers, a loud explosion was heard!


The massive shockwave from the explosion impacted Chen Ming and two others that were beside him . They were thrown into the air from the impact .

Chen Ming was the first to react, and he rolled backward . It was as if his legs were filled with a massive jumping force, and it was fortunate that he was able to remain unharmed by the explosion .

Lin Kai was extremely shocked .

“Damn, luckily it didn’t get me!”

Chen Ming was obviously infuriated .