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Master of the End Times - Chapter 139

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:36:19 AM

Chapter 139: Three Ranks Up

Chapter 139: Three Ranks Up

Qin Feng could clearly feel that some things were changing . A clearer mind and sharper perception, far from something that could be brought by the mere ranking up of consciousness .

“It must be talent . I originally had an S-tier consciousness talent, if the rune affinity is the same, I could become an S-tier ability user in the future . Though, now…”

Qin Feng felt that his consciousness talent was probably over S tier by now! However, it was probably nowhere near SS rank at this point .

“One more!” Qin Feng said and Bai Li passed him one more conscious fruit, once more he quickly drained it after a few large gulps . Soon, the conscious fruits were downed one after the other, by the fifth one, Qin Feng felt that his stomach could no longer handle it .

“Ability, Absorb!”

Qin Feng urged his innate ability to consume the energy remaining within his stomach .

Everyone absorbed energy differently, some people absorbed it well, some people had a hard time doing so . To have taken in so much in one go, Qin Feng naturally would have had trouble consuming all of it, but since he had the absorption ability, it was not a problem at all .

A huge wave of energy quickly spread throughout Qin Feng’s body . His consciousness had a breakthrough once again!


Qin Feng’s perception increased again! It had now expanded to two hundred meters, and his consciousness control seemed to have reached five kilometers in range .

“Again!” Qin Feng felt that the hidden talent would soon be promoted! The potential of one’s consciousness was really huge . The kind of potential that would normally be accumulated over time was triggered by Qin Feng’s absorption ability, thus resulting in this rapid advancement .

Bai Li took the fruits out again and Qin Feng ate them one by one . No normal being would be able to absorb anymore . He swallowed fifteen in one single sitting!


Three hundred meters now, the control was now six kilometers . Not only that, Qin Feng’s consciousness finally broke that threshold to become an SS-tier talent .

Qin Feng felt that everything had changed . Yet, he could not specify what had changed .

Only that Zhou Hao and everyone else had suddenly woken up, they looked around and realized that there was no danger then they went back to sleep, scared witless .

The second day came and Zhao Yu’s condition did not look any better . She had dark shadows under her eyes and had a spell of listlessness around her .

On the contrary, Zhou Hao who had experienced the Corpse Corps on Zimu Mountains slept soundly despite being on guard the first half of the night, as did Zhang Tianche .

“I’m afraid there are going to be tough battles ahead today,” Qin Feng quietly said .

“Maybe we’ll meet the students from the other universities, like those from Chengyang University . They would have caught up by now!” Zhou Hao peered around before starting to walk .

“Yeah, maybe we’ll have to fight them too!” Zhao Yu slowly nodded .

Zhang Tianche finally spoke, adding, “A person with weak strength would have just spent a night in the outer circle . Everyone in the inner circle is not weak, combine that with being in a team, they can take down any G-tier beast . ”

If one were not able to handle a G-tier ultra beast, they would not even be in the Spring Hunting Garden in the first place .

“Regardless of all that, let’s get moving . This time, I’ll take point, everyone try to keep radio contact!”

Previously, Qin Feng had been opening up a path for the team in the front . Last night’s ambush would not have happened if Qin Feng did a sweep with his perception ability .

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Extending one’s consciousness had a limit, and was normally rarely used . Now, Qin Feng had reached F6-tier in consciousness, even if he did not activate his ability he would be able to see everything within three hundred meters in his mind, just like a radar .

In other words, it was a more convenient way to find a path .

The other three knew that they had to be careful . Qin Feng was fifty meters ahead of them, and after a certain distance he would leave marks in order to direct Zhou Hao and the others on where to go .

Being ahead, Qin Feng quickly found himself in a rather special part of the forest .

There was a banana tree here . However, it did not have ordinary fruits . Nowadays, fruits have undergone mild changes in the wild, causing fruits in the colonies to be more expensive than meat products .

“Bully bananas!”

After eating these bananas, a person could increase their weak energy . While they were not as strong as fortification elixirs, they did not have any side effects .

Large aptitude user families in Chengyang City fed their children these bananas as snacks to strengthen the body of the future generation . Therefore, those in an aptitude user family would naturally get stronger and stronger .

Also, there were people here already! Xita University’s people .

There were more than thirty of them, two of them were wearing dark-green badges with golden rims which had the number 1 and 2 written on each respectively .

“Hurry up, people are gonna come!”

“You! Draw away those barbarous monkeys!”

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“Move it!”

Bully bananas were the favorite food of barbarous monkeys and naturally had become a hindrance to the students . However, due to the large number of people, they had come up with a good plan . Some people would lure the monkeys away while the rest would go and pick the bananas .

If it worked out, there would be a bountiful harvest .

“Guys, move thirty degrees to the right, there’s good stuff over there . Lets go get it!”

Qin Feng ignored the Xita University students . At this time, it was better to take advantage of the wild monkeys being drawn away by other people and reap the benefits .

“Right! We’ll be there soon!” Zhou Hao’s voice crackled from the radio . Within two minutes, the four had gathered together .

This was a large forest, Qin Feng and his team harvesting here would not have them cross paths with the others .

“Bully bananas!” Zhou Hao’s eyes lit up . “Sweet!”

Zhou Hao did not want to pay attention to the G-tier monkeys, rushing out to cleanly and quickly sweep them up . Of course, most of the monkeys were being distracted by Xita University students, with only some left to pick them up .

Needless to say, their actions would not escape the eyes of a Xita sniper .

“Damn it, these people from Chengbei University are actually stealing from us!”

“Steal from us?! Kill them!”

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“Wait, one of them is from the ability user course . It’s number one!”

One of the ability users standing in the crowd raised his brows in interest .

“Number one of Chengbei’s ability user class?”

“Yes, Lin Mao, I’m sure . It’s a girl!”

The one called Lin Mao was number one in the Xita University ability class . His parents were both F-tier and had a high position within the Xita District . Naturally, he had wanted to be a powerful ability user ever since he was small .

Today, he even participated in the Spring Hunting Garden with grades at the top of his class . It was no doubt that he was one of Xita University’s seeded players, a future hope .

Due to him having strength and being rich, five teams had decided to follow him, including the second place, Qian Tao .

This was Xita University’s strongest team .

“Since that’s the case, why don’t we go and take a look . Show them what happens when they steal from us!”

Lin Mao let out a frosty laugh, picked up his pace and walked over .