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Master of the End Times - Chapter 140

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:36:18 AM

Chapter 140: Lowest Rank? Try Me

Chapter 140: Lowest Rank? Try Me

After the others got rid of the Barbarous Monkeys, they joined up one after the other and even ignored picking the fruit!

Qin Feng naturally felt the movements of these people .

However, they did not try to get a surprise attack on them with their guns, and chose to swagger over instead .

Without Qin Feng having to say anything, Zhou Hao and the rest felt it too, dropping from the tree to stand by Qin Feng . Of course, the three surrounded Zhao Yu to protect her, waiting for the arrival of the others .

Soon, the Xita College students arrived and for that moment, Qin Feng’s four-man team felt particularly alone .

Lin Mao took two steps towards the group of four with a trace of contempt in his eyes . “Number one of Chengbei colony’s ability class? Just the four of you? What did your gunner die or something? Such power is too weak!”

The Xita College students suddenly burst into laughter .

They had originally thought it was a team of five, they’ve made the assumption since they didn’t see the remaining gunner .

Not only that, because Qin Feng was standing in the front, the number tag on his chest could be seen by everyone .

“Number 21?”

“Isn’t that dead last?”

“How many students are in Chengbei College’s ability class? About thirty?”

“To think this kind of force is with the top student in class, does Chengbei College not want to get number one this time? Then again, they’ve been falling off for so many years already, without anyone outstanding popping up . ”

The group chattered rounds and rounds of ridicule .

Too bad that hardly got a reaction from the other party, as if what they said were entirely untrue .

At this time, Lin Mao let out a frosty laugh, “I won’t make fun of you . We duel, how about it? I was thinking about just how strong the power of Chengbei College is!”

Lin Mao was staring at Zhao Yu, trying to coax them out for a fair one on one . He completely ignored the others .

Zhao Yu did not step out, instead Qin Feng did . “Then you’ll just have to go through me!”

Zhao Yu didn’t have a lot of experience in fighting people and wasn’t sure if she could actually beat Lin Mao in her state . Only when Qin Feng stepped out, the other party wasn’t very happy .

“Just you small fry, is not worthy to face our class monitor . I’ll fight you!” A short, chunky teenager said as he walked out, on his chest was a number tag with his ranking!


There weren’t a lot of ability users in Xita College . The position of 13 could have already been considered as a middling achievement!

“Alright! Li Yang, kick his ass!”

“He’s dead last, definitely not Li Yang’s opponent!”

“Li Yang has a fire ability with a strong attack, won’t that person die?”


The rest sneered and snickered from the sidelines, and Li Yang was also very excited, stepping forward . He wore a pair of gloves over his hands .

Fireclaws Set G1!

Rune Equipment!

It was the kind of equipment worn by beginners . While low level, the buying price was also 53 thousand . Having these gloves also meant that their family wasn’t weak either .

Qin Feng stepped forward .

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“Let’s start! Don’t dawdle!” Lin Mao urged from the sidelines, as if waiting for Qin Feng to fail .

“Alright! Here comes the fire!” Li Yang did not hesitate, shrouding his own body in flames and then several fist-sized fireballs condensed in front of him .

“Rapid Embers!”

As the consciousness was urged, the flames swept towards Qin Feng like a volley of bullets from the ambush from before, one after the other .

Looks interesting . Too bad it’s too weak .

“Fire!” Qin Feng also urged forward his consciousness .

“Rapid Embers!” The same fist sized fireballs surged forward, but the color was a dark red, hitting Li Yang’s fireballs .

“Bang bang bang!” The fireballs exploded in the air and the flames blinded everyone’s eyes . Only this time there was a surprised cry from among the crowd of Xita students .

“Li Yang! Look out!

In the flashes of fire, a dark flaming mass flew out and struck Li Yang right in the chest .


Li Yang was blown out from his spot . Even if he had protective underclothes, Li Yang was blasted until his face was scorched black .

After awakening the human body receives greatly enhanced vitality and resistance to attack, and would not die immediately to such a blow, but Li Yang was still seriously injured .

“How could this be!” Li Yang’s eyes widened, coughing up a mouthful of blood, still trying to process what just happened .

Everyone else’s gaze began to carry themselves more properly .

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Both of them released Rapid Embers, the ability released multiple fireballs . With Li Yang’s fire runes and consciousness he could only unleash five . On the other hand, the one with the lowest rank could release up to six and under the bombardment Li Yang lost?

They found this hard to believe, but such was the case .

“I guess I won . Do we continue?” Qin Feng asked casually . This successfully roused the anger of the Xita College students .

“Kid, don’t be so arrogant . You only just beat the 13th place!”

The one who hopped forward was number 10 .


“Water Stamp!”

A water ability surged forward, a huge torrent of water rushed forward with great power .

Qin Feng let out a chuckle .

“Fire ImpactI”

A huge fireball surged forward, at the same time transforming into what seemed like a spiraling dragon as it rushed towards the torrent .

Water and fire collided, causing a huge cloud of mist to rise .

The people of the Xita College nervously looked at the two in the middle .

“Water against fire . Water beats fire . We’ll definitely win!”

“Yeah! Take him down! He’s too arrogant!”

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“Come on…oh!” And they were going to start waving a flag too, but they quickly shut their mouth because the winner had already been decided in the center of that open space .

The huge gout of flame swept the area, evaporating the torrent of water and a wave of heat rolled over .


The flames blasted the tenth place away, unclear if they even survived the blast . The Xita College students widened their eyes .

“Next,” Qin Feng said .

“Kid . Don’t be too arrogant!” Another stood out, this time it was the sixth from the ability class .

Unfortunately, he too was defeated in one move . Qin Feng won again .

Xita College’s people’s faces had gone pale white .

Know that although their team consisted of thirty people, it did not mean that all of the ability class wanted to follow them . They rejected the lower rank ones and the higher rank ones wanted to get points themselves .

Now that the 6th had been defeated, what chance did they have?

“You’re still here? You can come now!” Qin Feng looked to Qian Tao, “After I beat the second, I can challenge the first right?”

Qian Tao and Lin Moa’s faces were also pale .

Hidden to the side by his cloak, Zhou Hao was laughing so hard that his stomach hurt, and was still at the side fanning the flames .