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Master of the End Times - Chapter 144

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:36:12 AM

Chapter 144: Chen Ming’s Mutation

Chapter 144: Chen Ming’s Mutation

Zhou Hao laughed hysterically after hearing what Lin Kai said .

“Hahaha . Chen Ming, what’s there to be proud of? No matter how powerful you are, you are no more than a pawn . Lin Kai doesn’t even view you as a person!”

Chen Ming was infuriated as Zhou Hao’s mockery was dead on the target .

“You are no better . You are one good pet yourself . If not because of Qin Feng, do you think you will reach where you are now?” Chen Ming kicked furiously and sent Zhou Hao flying backward .

“Urgh!” Blood splashed out from Zhou Hao’s mouth . If he were not protected by the rat king Chainmail given by Qin Feng, Zhou Hao’s internal organs would have been crushed now .

Chen Ming paced toward him slowly . Did Chen Ming ever regret up to this point? If only he had pretended to be Qin Feng’s buddy longer, would he be the same as Zhou Hao now? Would he also be supplied with martial arts techniques, carried by Qin Feng to hunt in the wild, and holding onto a beast-king-tier armor?

Who would have foreseen how strong Qin Feng had gotten now?

They started off equally as orphans but ended up in such a huge disparity .

‘What makes you so special that you are able to get all the benefits from Qin Feng? I cannot allow you to continue to enjoy things that should be mine!’ Thinking as such, Chen Ming raised his foot and stomped down viciously .

He was aiming for the head and Zhou Hao’s head would definitely be crushed if Chen Ming were to use his full force . Zhou Hao reflexively raised his elbow to block Chen Ming’s foot .

Before he felt the anticipated pain, the person above him suddenly yelped .

Zhou Hao opened his eyes and caught a glimpse of a familiar figure .

His savior was not wearing any protective gear and his scarlet uniform remained untouched after the three-day expedition .

The saber on his waist was still glaring to the eyes, though the scabbard had concealed most of its radiance .

It was none other than Qin Feng . He had made it in the nick of time .

“How dare you compare yourself to Zhou Hao?” Qin Feng scoffed coldly at Chen Ming . “Of course, there’s a difference . He is my brother while you are just someone’s pet . You think too highly of yourself . ”

Chen Ming was clutching his belly after being kicked by Qin Feng . His whole body was quivering after the impact . But it was Qin Feng’s words that had hurt him the most .

“I am not his pawn . Lin Kai is the one thinking too highly of himself . He is nothing more than trash!” Chen Ming bellowed exasperatedly .

Lin Kai’s eyes widened in disbelief . He did not expect those words to come out from his pet’s mouth .

“Chen Ming, are you insane? I am going to kill you!”

Chen Ming laughed hideously . He then struck rampantly .

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“I have been putting up with you for too long now . Die!”

Chen Ming dashed toward Lin Kai and grabbed him . In the process, his fingers suddenly transformed into sharp wolf paws . It was an actual transfiguration and not the usual materialization of inner energy .

Qin Feng and Zhou Hao were startled by the sudden turn of events .

They immediately understood what happened to Chen Ming . After all, they had once hunted down someone with similar capabilities—Viper .

“You are a mutant subject?!” Zhou Hao exclaimed . But his exclamation was submerged by a horrible screech .

Blood was spurting out from Lin Kai’s neck . His carotid arteries were sliced open by Chen Ming’s sharp claws .

“Argh!!!” Lin Kai continued to scream in pain but realized that more blood was coming out through his mouth . He thus stopped shrieking and held his neck with one hand while the other hand was reaching desperately for the first aid kit in his bag .

Chen Ming stepped on his body mercilessly .

“Look, isn’t he the epitome of trash? How dare you order me around, huh? The only reason I ever listened to you is because you might have information someone needs . You dare call me your pet and pawn? F*ck off, you disgusting piece of sh*t!”

Everyone was shocked by Chen Ming’s abrupt revelation . Qin Feng astutely picked out the key points within his furious babbling .

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‘What does he mean? Who would have wanted information from Lin Kai, who is nothing more than a spoiled playboy?’ He connected some of the dots but there was too little information to make much out of it all .

He did not dwell on the matter much since everything would be clear once he captures Chen Ming .

Meanwhile, the other students could only watch in panic .

“Chen Ming, let him go . Young Master Lin is going to die at this rate . ”

“That’s right . We can talk this out . Don’t do this to him!”

They were all of Lin Kai’s followers . Though he had not been nice to them, they would be held responsible if anything were to happen to Lin Kai . After all, Lin Kai’s father was the deputy mayor .

However, Chen Ming was too hot-headed and could not care less .

“Hehe . He is just rubbish . Die already!” He switched his gaze from Lin Kai to Qin Feng .

“Qin Feng, you are the one at the alley one month ago, right?” His gaze now fell on the Verdant Emperor Saber .

Among them, only Qin Feng understood his question . Chen Ming was clearly referring to the incident where his leg got amputated .

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“How about the incident at the gathering? Are you the one behind it?” Qin Feng asked reciprocally .

Chen Ming guffawed . “You figured that out? That’s why you have taken my legs . Just because of a peasant? She is nothing more than an ant!”

Qin Feng reprimanded him . “She is our friend! We have been living together since we were six years old . We sat in the same classroom for ten long years! Besides, if I am not at the scene that day, does that mean all of them were going to die? You should be grateful that I didn’t take your life after you have done such an unforgivable deed!”

“F*ck them . Qin Feng, you are an ability user yourself . Why are you still holding to that useless and childish sympathy of yours? They are all trash! We are the special ones while those who are without ability are all expandable!”

“Chen Ming, I can’t believe you bought those brain-washing bullsh*t the Dark Coalition has been feeding you!” Qin Feng chastised spitefully .

Everyone was getting more and more confused with the ongoing conversation except for Zhou Hao .

“Chen Ming, you were behind the attack last month? Why did you do that? How could you?” Zhou Hao questioned angrily .

A lot of people got injured that day and Yang Qian even lost her lower limb .

“Why?” Chen Ming laughed hysterically . “Because I want more power . I have had enough . I am sick of being looked down upon as an orphan . I will become stronger and surpass each and every one of you!” His eyes displayed nothing but insanity .

“Qin Feng, you have my thanks . If you have not severed my legs, I would not have become what I am today . You will be surprised to see how powerful I am now . ” As he spoke, his body, especially his legs, began to transfigure rapidly . His pants were ripped apart, exposing the furry beast-like legs beneath it .