Master of the End Times - Chapter 145

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:36:11 AM

Chapter 145: Qin Feng versus Chen Ming

It was a pair of hind legs from a beast, covered with greyish-black fur that was robustly sharpened . The shape of his legs had changed while his sport shoes were torn apart as they were unable to withstand the enlargement!

 Chen Ming’s height had also increased tremendously while the muscles on his body had become bulkier .

 The height increase continued until he was two meters tall, and now, none of his body parts had the features of a normal human being .

 It was as if he had become a werewolf .

 Nonetheless, his horrifying aura was very close to an F-tier beast king .

 The presence of his intimidating aura would heavily put pressure on any G-tier aptitude user .

 “Ugh… hoo…” Lin Kai could not resist the gigantic force while being stepped on by Chen Ming’s foot as he wheezed one final breath before his head drooped limply to the side, all life leaving his body .

 Soon after his death, it seemed that the name tag was able to detect the changes in him, there was a spatial passage that appeared immediately and teleported Lin Kai out from the space .

 Students that were in the surroundings were shocked and their eyes were wide opened, while fear started to haunt the crowd .

 It was unknown who took the lead to step backward, one step, two steps, and soon everyone had started to turn around and run away as fast as they could .

 Now, the area was left with only five people .

 Although Zhou Hao did not like Chen Ming, he did not expect Chen Ming to be in this state with such a shocking transformation .

 “You are mad, you really are!” Zhou Hao said in disbelief .

 “Hahahaha!” Chen Ming let out a wicked laugh .

 It seemed that the transformation had also changed Chen Ming’s voice .

 It was huskier and was totally unrecognizable!

 “I am mad? I’m not, it’s just that I have become more powerful, and all of you will not understand!” Chen Ming laughed coldly . “Qin Feng, you cut off my legs, and wiped out my mercenary unit, however, I was lucky to be tipped off by one of my informants, now, did I surprise you?”

 Qin Feng did not falter although the words had slightly caught him off guard .

 “And you allowed him to perform the experiment on you? Chen Ming, should I consider you as smart, or should I consider you the opposite? Weren’t you trying to catch a subject of experiment by putting all of us in a dire situation? And now you have allowed yourself to be experimented on?”

 “How am I the same as all of you, all of you are being deprived, and I am the one who has been strengthened!” Chen Ming burst into laughter .

 “You are digging your own grave!” Qin Feng replied in an uninterested tone .

 “Save it for yourself, you are only prolonging your time to face your death with your speech . Qin Feng, you are the one who cut off my legs, now, be prepared to face your own demise as I am integrated with the gene of an F-tier wolf king with boosted speed!”

 Chen Ming pounced over before completing his sentence .

 He had the features of a wolf in his appearance as his face was distorted with a more protruded chin, while saliva was dripping from his mouth and his eyes had turned gradually from blood red to pitch-black colour .

 Those were signs that he had lost his mind .

 It was not that Chen Ming did not want to continue the argument with Qin Feng, it was that his mind that had slowed down .

 Furthermore, it was the best option to get Qin Feng killed .

 It was his plan from the beginning .


 A stomp from the foot had imprinted a huge pit on the ground .

 Chen Ming was like a bomb as he rushed toward Qin Feng at high speed .

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 Wolf claws had turned into blades .

 Qin Feng immediately took out his Verdant Emperor Saber .

 Bam bam bam!

 Both Verdant Emperor Saber and Chen Ming’s wolf claws collided with each other and what followed was an insane number of clashes between them .

 The clashes dazzled at high speed and the movements were also blurred .

 Zhou Hao and the two others around could only capture collisions of faded shadows .

 It was too fast!

 It was impossible to be captured with the naked eye .

 Both of them distanced themselves from each other, and now, Chen Ming had stopped the attacks .

 Chen Ming raised his wolf claws and noticed that they were dripping with blood and one of the fingernails had even fallen off from his claw .

 He was in disbelief at what he had witnessed .

 As he himself would know how sharpened and powerful his fingernails were .

 However, they were now being cut off!

 The Verdant Emperor Saber was very sharp and it could even cut through fingernails of a beast king . Although Chen Ming might have already integrated with the genes of a beast king, but one would never know whether it was a genuine one!

 F-tier beast kings were indeed powerful, Dark-Robed Ripper, Emperor Knight, and Steel-limb Broodmother, any of those should never be belittled .

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 However, Qin Feng was not the same anymore!

 Qin Feng had now achieved F6-tier for both of his physical and conscious energy, equivalent to the level of a beast king that was rich in internal strength that was quadruple of that of a pinnacle F-tier, and could even cope with any ordinary E-tier aptitude user .

 It was at that moment where every self-satisfaction and arrogance of Chen Ming had turned into a laughing stock .

 “Burning Sword Glare!”

 Suddenly, Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber was engulfed in massive flames, and the flame swiftly surrounded Chen Ming .


 Qin Feng drew his saber across Chen Ming’s arm and it fell apart within a split second, the wounded part did not bleed and appeared to be roasted .


 Chen Ming let out a miserable howl .

 “Double hit!”

 Qin Feng waved his saber again and took down Chen Ming’s remaining arm .

 Chen Ming’s black pupils slowly reversed to its blood-red colour, while fear and disbelief began to rise in him .

 It was not that Chen Ming did not attempt to dodge, however, Qin Feng was moving too fast .

 Chen Ming wanted to escape .

 However, it was too late for him .

 “Triple hit!”

 Qin Feng waved his saber again and it was about to hit Chen Ming’s waist .

 Chen Ming let out a bestial scream .

 He lost his legs as soon as the hit landed on his thighs .

 He was unable to stand anymore, and fell onto the ground heavily .

 Chen Ming, with his limbs all gone, wriggled like a human rod .

 He was no longer able to pose as a threat .

 Fresh blood gushed out from the scorched wounds and flowed out from all four openings from where his limbs once were, Chen Ming’s struggle slowed down, while the greyish fur on his face retracted and revealed his original appearance .

 As black colour had faded away, his pupils turned from red to white, and he could barely breath with his weakened body .

 A pair of black shoes appeared before his eyes .

 Qin Feng squatted down .

 “Qin Feng!” Chen Ming gnashed his teeth as he yelled out the name .

 “Chen Ming, I still have another question!” Qin Feng asked calmly, “Why do you hate me so much?”

 “Why? Don’t you think that you are a hateful person? We were both from the orphanage, however, you had better luck, everyone liked you, and in order to survive, I had to be close to you, or else I would be beaten up, extorted, and bullied by others . Since we were young, you were always ahead of me, and it had been my evil obsession to surpass you!”

 Qin Feng recalled in his mind when Chen Ming was still five years old, when he was sent to the orphanage as his parents had died all of a sudden . He had led a reclusive life since then, he did not want to talk to the other kids as he was revolted by how dirty they were .

 When they had grown up, Chen Ming was provided with monthly allowance, and he cried in grief when he was robbed by some gangsters; it was Qin Feng that had risked his life in a fight and retrieved the money back, since then, the gangsters had never gotten in their way ever again .