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Master of the End Times - Chapter 149

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:36:06 AM

Chapter 149: The Good For Nothing Child of the Xin Family

Chapter 149: The Good For Nothing Child of the Xin Family

“Still, this is good news innit?”

At least Qin Feng would not be as clueless as he was in the past, when he did not even have an inkling of an idea about the Z Organisation .

Qin Feng smiled unwittingly at the thought of this .

This smile however, did not last long .

“Hey pretty one, seems like you’re really into these clothes . If you like it, why not buy ’em up?” A man’s teasing interrupted his thoughts . Raising his head, Qin Feng saw a grimy-looking fellow standing too close for comfort to Bai Li .

Bai Li was completely oblivious as to the man’s intentions . She innocently nodded in response to the man’s words . “Of course, I’ll buy them all!”

Bai Li had tried on quite a number of clothes and all of them looked pretty on her . The only thing left for her to do was to pay up at the counter .

The man who had just entered this place however, boldly assumed that Bai Li would not be able to afford these clothes . He thought that she was just here to try them out and lied about her intention to purchase the outfits .

The one who was truly oblivious here though, was the man . He was unaware of Bai Li’s abilities, which were skilfully disguised to make her appear as your average, meek little girl . The only thing that set her apart from any other girl on the street was the color of her hair and her pupils . Still, it was not impossible to get her hair color as hair dyes did exist in their world .

Some people seeked novelty . Her white hair and silver eyes could be included as such . Not to mention the fact that she had an alluring face too!

“The tab’s on me then! Name’s Xin Jiasheng . I wonder what’s the name of m’lady?” Xin Jiasheng asked with a devious smile .

Bai Li glanced at this Xin Jiasheng with a weird look and responded with a simple “oh” .

“You’re trying to hook up with me? Buy me new clothes, stuff my belly with food? Are you what they call a “rich man’s son” on TV? The evil-villain antagonist type?” Bai Li’s eyes lit up, followed by a cheeky laugh . “It’s my first time seeing such a character in person!”

Xin Jiasheng’s smile turned stiff . Still, the exchange made him realise how innocent Bai Li was . She did not show despise for him as regular girls would . Instead, she was just a playful but innocent girl with no underlying intentions . At least that seemed to be the case for him .

A thought arose in Xin Jiasheng’s head .

This girl must have been raised in an abnormal family . Given the current state of life for ordinary people, even a twelve year old child, let alone a girl her age, would have already learned many harsh lessons in life!

“Were you raised in captivity at a slave farm? Or are you an artificially raised subject from a laboratory? Your eyes aren’t real are they?” Xin Jiasheng felt an urge to stretch his arms out and grab Bai Li’s waist and so, he inched closer to her .

Xin Jiasheng’s ability had already reached the tier of F6 hence his eyes and ears were sharper than ever . He had only noticed Bai Li’s beauty just now but upon closer inspection, he had come to realise that she was not wearing any colored lenses nor were there stains on her hair typically found on people with dyed hair .

Despite her peculiarity, Xin Jiasheng could not help but reach out his grubby hands . Obviously, he was trying to take advantage of the situation . There was something erotic about Bai Li’s child-like innocence which caused his hand to itch . An itch which could only be cured by physical contact with the seemingly defenseless girl .

Since aptitude users were infamous in their unscrupulous mannerisms, no one at the scene was willing to chase him away, no one dared to speak up for the innocent young lady .

It was when Xin Jiasheng was about to reach out that Bai Li’s innocent gaze turned freezing cold, prompting his arm to jump back as if he had touched a piece of glowing hot iron .

This was because Bai Li had sensed a malicious vibe coming off of Xin Jiasheng’s body .

Moments ago, Xin Jiasheng had only planned to flirt with the pretty young lady, perhaps he was drooling over her, perhaps his mind had wandered off into dirty thoughts but none of them were about hurting Bai Li .

But now, the situation was not the same as before!

If not for the location right now, Bai Li would have already struck at him with her claws immediately after detecting the malicious vibe .

It was then that Qin Feng walked over, sullen-faced .

It did not cross his mind that there would be some creep closing in on Bai Li just after a few minutes of him not looking!

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“Apologies mister but my girlfriend here is a bit awkward around strangers . If she has accidentally said anything that offended you, please don’t take it to heart . ” Qin Feng apologised in an attempt to defuse the tense situation . His cautious eyes then shifted down toward Xin Jiasheng’s sweaty hands . “However, I sincerely hope you don’t make any unsound decisions . Decisions which, when made, will result in consequences you may not be able to face!”

Xin Jiasheng smirked .

A G-tier aptitude user spewing nonsense in his face? This was outrageous .

“Who do ya’ think you are? Get outta my face!”

Xin Jiasheng raised his arm, planning to shove Qin Feng aside and to grab at the grand prize hiding behind his back .

Well, he did shove Qin Feng, it was just that the person in front of him did not budge as he had expected he would .

A thick wave of raw internal power came from his core, crashing down on Qin Feng’s body .

Of course, Qin Feng would never head into a situation unprepared .

His internal power swelled up in an instant, releasing four times the amount of energy of an F9 user .

The power of both users clashed, resulting in Xin Jiasheng being sent flying backward through the air .

Xin Jiasheng was royally pissed .

Who would have thought that this guy would contain so much power . Though, Xin Jiasheng had not exerted his full strength in his previous attack so he deduced that he could still take down Qin Feng with no problems!

Also, Qin Feng had revealed to his enemy the extent of his abilities, which was up to F6-tier .

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Xin Jiasheng cackled . “Oh ho, so your plan is to make me back off with an initial show of force? Do you genuinely think that this is enough to defeat me? I can make a single call and you’ll be completely surrounded! You won’t make it outta here even if you had wings on yer’ back! Now, hand over that little missy behind you!”

Qin Feng’s eyes were as cold as ice . “And what if I don’t?”

“Then you shall die here today!”

Xin Jiasheng announced as he was about to unleash yet another attack .

His move however, was interrupted by the arrival of yet another aptitude user lurking in the luxury goods shop .

This aptitude user was of F1-tier . It seemed that many forget that the people running such shops were not your average aptitude users . This one wore a formal suit, and pinned on his chest was a label with the words “manager” .

“Master Xin, how about giving face to the Cheng family? If you want to teach the ignorant one a lesson, best do it in a combat pit rather than here . Fight proudly in front of everyone while abiding by a fair set of rules!”

Within Chengyang City, especially in such areas where business was conducted, fighting was strictly forbidden unless done in specified areas .

The patrol unit focused their efforts on making this place as secure as possible to facilitate the growth of local businesses . If anything out of the ordinary were to happen, they would arrive at the scene at a moment’s notice .

Apart from that, the Cheng family was of significant status in the city . They were not people you would want to mess around with .

With a single sentence from the manager, Qin Feng now knew the name of the man he was facing off against as well as the powers they possessed .

Chengyang was a massive city . Although the strongest man here was the mayor, Bai Tianyang, a D8-tier user, there were also families who had a lineage of aptitude users stretching back generations .

Pu, He, Xin and Cheng, the four great families .

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He realised that the two men in front of him were members of said families .

The four great families had fates that intertwined in Chengyang City . The power that they commanded was hard to grasp . It could be said that whoever crossed Xin Jiasheng, even if they were members of his own family, that person would meet his demise shortly after .

But the man that crossed him was Qin Feng .

Upon hearing what the manager had to say, Xin Jiasheng retreated angrily . At least the man was intelligent enough to hold back his fists .

He shot a toxic glare at Qin Feng before leaving .

“Boy, I’ll give you two options . One, you and me fight at the combat pit, two, your corpse will be lying on the streets rotting away as soon as you step out from this shop . The choice is yours!”

Xin Jiasheng was not planning to fight here . He also was not planning to let Qin Feng go .

From his perspective, either choice would end with the same result—Qin Feng’s death . Xin Jiasheng was a new generation in his family that had exceptional potential for growth, hence the strength he possessed was to an extent, unrivalled . Still, he hoped that Qin Feng would choose the former .

Xin Jiasheng wanted everyone in the city to witness firsthand Qin Feng’s humiliating defeat .