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Master of the End Times - Chapter 154

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:35:59 AM

Chapter 154: The Elder of the Xin Family Makes A Move

Chapter 154: The Elder of the Xin Family Makes A Move

When it reached the fourth round, time dragged on but the next challenger was nowhere to be seen!

The manager was drenched in cold sweat and looking like he was about to cry . Some of these people were gold medalists in the combat pit and some were personally invited by him .

Unexpectedly, Qin Feng did not hold back and had managed to kill off all of them!

His huge network of people, all of it for this Xin family, had folded in on itself! He was regretting his move .

“Young Master Xin, there’s nobody left! I have… I have nobody left!” The manager said with a trembling voice .

It looked as if Xia Jiasheng had gone mad .

“Elder Tao!” Xin Jiasheng gritted his teeth before angrily calling out .

The manager was confused, but in the next moment, a person suddenly appeared in the private room .

Tao Shichang, the honored elder of the Xin family, was a servant of the Xin family during his early years and was favored by the family . Now, he had gained the title of an honored elder, albeit still doing what he did when he was a servant .

He was assigned to protect Xin Jiasheng, the most promising member of the current generation of the Xin family .

“Elder Tao! This person must not continue on!” Xin Jiasheng was actually fretting deep down, he was unsure if Tao Shichang would take action because of a trivial thing like this .

However, Xin Jiasheng felt an unprecedented sense of danger . This opponent was too strong, his potential was too great .

Seemingly indifferent, Tao Shichang who had always been in the dark, also felt the same way!

“Young Master, be rest assured . This old one will take action . ”

After saying that, Tao Shichang suddenly pulled a leather mask over his face, turning his face into that of a middle-aged person’s . He was a senior citizen and had a special status, for him to face off against Qin Feng was too unreasonable!

The rank-bypass challenge was not too difficult to achieve, some children of the rich families could do it . However, for the F6-tiers and other weaker tiers, three rank-bypass challenges was unheard of . Not only that, Qin Feng went through the rank-bypass challenges in one fell swoop .

Eighteen consecutive wins was shocking enough .

Even the top-ranking people of Chengyang City had taken notice . They were using various image projecting devices to keep track of the situation in the colosseum .

Not only that, there were still some people trickling over to watch .

Qin Feng had been sitting in the ring for twenty minutes, and after looking at his watch he realized that it was nearly eight o’clock . He had not eaten dinner yet! If nobody were to show up, he was going to just leave .

At that moment, a short and thin figure appeared in front of Qin Feng .

The man had a very ordinary looking face . When thrown into a crowd, he would be easily lost . However, he had a pair of eyes that gave off a chilly aura .

This was probably an expert killer!

Qin Feng’s face finally became serious .

“Finally, someone that looks promising!” Qin Feng stood up .

“Your potential is incredible, what a shame…” The person said, “The tallest trees would be toppled by gale force winds!”

Qin Feng chuckled . Someone had told him something like that before . Now, he did not feel like saying anything back!

“Come at me then!”

Tao Shichang nodded, and in the next moment his body became an afterimage, and what felt like a strong gust of wind suddenly appeared . With the gust of wind came the cold glint of a poniard, rapidly approaching Qin Feng’s neck .

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Qin Feng was shocked, it was too fast to defend against it!


A loud explosion rang out! A huge burst of flame rose into the air, runes were flying about as the shockwave pushed the two apart .

It was Qin Feng’s fire ability . The Spring Hunting Ground was not without its benefits . Qin Feng’s consciousness level had increased exponentially, to the point where he was able to remember every single thing he had seen . Once a power had been released by someone, as long as he could see it, he could mimic its properties and do the same .

This move was indeed the Fire Impact ability .


Tao Shichang was flung out, bouncing across the ring a few times before reaching the edge of the ring, avoiding the huge runes .

There were surprised shouts from the stands!

“An ability!”

“How!? Isn’t he an ancient warrior?”

“A double cultivation of ancient martial arts and abilities!”

Everyone cried out in excitement . “Wow, that’s seriously amazing!”

Tao Shichang had been following Xin Jiasheng the entire time and knew all that Qin Feng had tested . Although consciousness could also be used by gunners, to reach the level of hero-class, that was something only ability users could achieve .

As such, he remained guarded whenever around Qin Feng .

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Qin Feng also put on a serious expression . “It seems like this time, I need to get serious!”

He looked at the silver glint of his opponent’s poniard and raised his hand . The Verdant Emperor Saber appeared in his hand .

Those people before were not worthy of the Verdant Emperor Saber, but now he really did have to get serious . After all, those people fought like they were trying to take down an enemy . Tao Shichang fought like he wanted to kill .

The situation was incredibly dangerous!

After seeing Qin Feng pull out the Verdant Emperor Saber which looked like a similar silvery rune equipment that seemed to be giving off a faint golden light, Tao Shichang’s eyes narrowed and he was more alert .

The two of them were staring closely at one another, as if trying to find the other’s flaws .

In the next moment, the two moved at the same time .


The two flashed toward each other . There was no sound of weapons clashing, and they both reappeared at the edge of the ring .

Qin Feng’s bangs seemed to be blown aside by his breath, lightly fluttering to the ground .


There was the sound of fabric tearing and a scratch had appeared on Tao Shichang’s waist . His clothes had been damaged, revealing the silver inner armor underneath, and the armor seemed to have been damaged as well .

The corner of Tao Shichang’s mouth twitched, and because of the human skin mask, the movement seemed very unnatural .

The cheering crowd went pin-drop silent and quietly looked at the two people in the ring, feeling that the tension in the air had gotten so thick that they had to hold their breath . The murderous atmosphere made it extremely hard to breathe .

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Qin Feng carried himself even more seriously now in the ring as the two launched another assault .

Clang clang!

The dual sounds of weapons clashing reverberated throughout the pit, slashing at one another as the bodies wielding them shifted and rapidly struck out .

The two of them were getting faster and faster .

Qin Feng felt as if his entire person was in a moment of extreme crisis, but his muscle perfection exercise allowed him to surpass his previous offensive methods and achieve one-hundred percent of his combat ability .

It was like dancing on the tip of the saber of death .

Gradually, the recently learned moves of the Spectre Motion Steps became more and more familiar . Not only that, Qin Feng’s body seemed to be slowly shrouded in a dark shadow, causing his aura to pulse .

Even his murderous intent began to converge .

Tao Shichang’s pupils dilated . The killer and target had suddenly swapped places, originally he had been chasing Qin Feng but it was now Qin Feng who was chasing him . His sight could not keep up with Qin Feng’s speed . The situation was getting too dangerous .


Tao Shichang’s body was once again wounded . While the wound was not fatal, it severely damaged Tao Shichang’s spine .

With this thought, Tao Shichang suddenly became fiercer . In his other hand, a black device was revealed .