Master of the End Times - Chapter 157

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Chapter 157: I Only Need One Cut To End You

Chapter 157: I Only Need One Cut To End You

Qin Feng’s face had also turned a little pale but there was still energy left in him . It was entirely possible that the other party’s abilities could be avoided with the use of ancient martial arts . Before fighting, Qin Feng did not exactly promise that he would not use some ancient martial arts at all, otherwise, he would have had a lot of chances to defeat his opponent!

“Huff!” Cheng Zhou suddenly called back his consciousness and his ability had even stopped moving!

“I admit defeat!” Cheng Zhou said, leaving everyone bewildered .

Admit defeat?

Qin Feng had already expected this . If they were to continue fighting, Cheng Zhou would have had to pull out his trump card but since there were too many people around them, he did not want to do that . There was no grudge between the two so there was no reason to fight to the death .

“I accept your admission to defeat!” Qin Feng said .

“I hope there will be a chance in the future where we can learn from each other again!” Cheng Zhou went over, taking off his rune equipment and reaching out to shake hands with Qin Feng .

Qin Feng’s right hand was not wearing any rune equipment, he directly extended his hand and shook hands with the other party . “It would be my pleasure!”

The two of them had smiles on their faces, battle was one way of getting to know each other!

Cheng Zhou confirmed his failure on his communicator, then he exchanged communication numbers with Qin Feng .

At the same time, a loud voice was broadcasted in their surroundings .

[Ding Dong! Ring No . 3 achieved 20 consecutive victories! ]

During the broadcast, there was a cheerful sound effect as well .

Qin Feng had actually won twenty matches in the blink of an eye! After having followed him closely for so long, the crowd of onlookers gave him a standing ovation . The battle really was fantastic .

Not only that, they felt as if they had witnessed the birth of a miracle .

Twenty matches in a row . In this colosseum, this rarely ever happened!

Qin Feng became famous after his first battles .

[Do you wish to continue?]

Qin Feng raised his hand to choose ‘No’ . After all, if he were to challenge again, he would have to face off against an E-tier aptitude user . Even if that were possible, no E-tier aptitude user would show up in this combat pit right now!

It was at this time that a group of people began to rudely shove through the crowd until they had reached the edge of the ring . Not only that, they even began to surround it .

These were all F-tier ability users! They were being led by an E-tier ancient warrior but Qin Feng did not recognize the person, he did notice that the other person next to the E-tier was none other than Xin Jiasheng .

Qin Feng furrowed his brows .

“Qin Feng, the head of Fengli colony?” The E-tier person said, looking directly at Qin Feng with fierce eyes .

“Shouldn’t you introduce yourself first before asking people their names?” Qin Feng asked coldly .

The man suddenly sneered, “Looks like I’m talking to a village idiot . There aren’t a lot of people in Chengyang City who don’t know who I am!”

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At this time, the manager of the combat pit looked at Qin Feng with a fearful gaze that had a trace of anger . After all, Qin Feng had killed many of his men and severed the connections he so painstakingly built up, how could he not be angry?

“Qin Feng, this is Xin Guang, the sixth son of the Xin family in Chengyang!”

“Oh!” Qin Feng nodded, then said, “Nope, no idea who that is!”

Of course, Qin Feng did not know him, and before his rebirth, Qin Feng’s path was not in Chengyang City . During that time, Chengyang was just a small city . The ups and downs here did not have much to do with him, there was no mention of a Xin family in the previous world either .

Even if he ranked sixth in the family he was nothing more than Xin Jiasheng’s uncle, and he did not seem to have any title nor hold any sort of power within the city .

They had done some digging on Qin Feng’s background . The Xin family was a brainy bunch, they would not send anyone with real power over, otherwise it would turn into a scandal . Qin Feng, being the mayor of his colony, was acknowledged by the mayor of Chengyang after all!

Xin Guang was indeed not a famous person . He was said to be the Sixth Lord, but that was just a respectable title . His strength was marked as the sixth in the Xin family but he was not part of the main one . He had no power, and had to do all of the hard and dirty work that fell on him . He was instead infamous!

The death of Tao Shichang, a F9-tier aptitude user, was a huge deal for the Xin family . Even if the general public did not know who Tao Shichang was, that did not mean that the family did not .

If such a thing were not handled and their honor not protected, then would that not mean that any random ruffian from the streets would be able to bully the Xin family?

Qin Feng had to be killed . The chicken must be killed to warn the monkeys* so that the rest would remember the prestige of the Xin family .

It was just that none of them had expected Qin Feng to respond the way he did .

“You are just the mayor of an up and coming colony, and yet you dare diss the Xin family . If I don’t teach you a lesson, that would mean disregarding the prestige of the Xin family . ” Xin Guang’s eyes exuded a strong murderous intent .

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Qin Feng then understood that this person was here for revenge for the other person that had the fescue needles!

“The prestige of the Xin family has nothing to do with me . If I don’t recognize you that means that I don’t give a damn . What great honor your family has . ”

The others in the audience were dead silent but they thought that Qin Feng was not wrong .

In fact, the Xin family gave people the feeling that they were too domineering .

“You know what I mean!” Xin Guang said with a growl . Of course, he could not say that the person that had been killed was a part of his family, if not they would become a joke to the people around them .

“What do I know? Your young master acted obscenely toward my girlfriend, challenged me in the combat pit, ran away with his tail between his legs, and then sent a large group of people here to try and kill me . I don’t know anything!”

Qin Feng looked at Xin Jiasheng with a disdainful look .

Xin Jiasheng looked flushed, but he was furious now .

“Qin Feng, don’t be so smug . Didn’t you want to fight in the combat pit? You can keep going, my sixth uncle will fight you . I wanna see if you have the stuffing for it or not!”

“Sorry, I’m tired, but if you still want to fight, please be early tomorrow!” Qin Feng said as he wanted to step off the ring .

Yet in the next moment, the light dome on the ring was removed for a split second and Xin Guang leapt into the ring! Obviously this was the handiwork of the manager!

“You think you have a say in this?” Xin Guang sneered .

Qin Feng was expressionless, but everyone close to him knew that he was extremely angry . He turned on his communicator and chose to continue the challenge .

“Alright, perfect timing too, one more challenge and I’d get to go home with 100 million!” In fact, after twenty consecutive wins, Qin Feng’s prize money was 111 . 1 million!

The twenty-first round began with 100 million and after five rounds it went up to 1 billion! It was just that there were not many people that had managed to reach this far before, especially when one had to jump over such a big hurdle!

“Oh?” Xin Guang let out a frosty laugh, “Do you really think that you can still win?”

Qin Feng replied, “It’s my business whether I win or not . You can challenge me, otherwise I can cancel my fight with you . I am the head of a district and I don’t like dealing with unknown people!”

Xin Guang was suddenly flushed with anger . What Xin Guang said before had only been smack talk . He did not have special treatment for others and did not care much about someone like Qin Feng .

Now, he was actually truly angry!

Xin Guang quickly grabbed his communicator and punched in his serial number to enter the ranks of the challenge .

Qin Feng heard the prompt and grabbed the Verdant Emperor Saber to unsheathe it .

“I only need one cut to end you!”

*Translator’s Note: This is a Chinese idiom (杀鸡儆猴) used to describe ‘to punish an individual as an example to others’, the saying in English would have been derived from the French saying ‘pour encourager les autres’