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Master of the End Times - Chapter 158

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:35:54 AM

Chapter 158: The Almighty Blaze

Chapter 158: The Almighty Blaze

Xin Guang laughed sardonically . He reckoned Qin Feng was only bragging but the latter had swiftly unsheathed his saber .

Qin Feng’s motion was nothing spectacular but the saber was overflowing with internal power . An unseen force of conscious energy had quietly locked on Xin Guang .

In the next instance, blinding radiance emanated vibrantly from Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber .

The fire from the saber soared to the sky ceaselessly .

Sky Burning Sword Style—Blazing Sky!

The flame escalated by more than twenty meters . The suffocating aura coming from the sword style shrouded the entire arena .

The heat from the flame struck the audience without any reserve . Even the audience could clearly sense the killing intent hidden within this looming strike .

It terrified them greatly . None of the audience dared to move an inch closer as the scorching flame might incinerate them instantly .

Qin Feng did not hold back on this one .

He came to the arena because he wanted to do so but he could not tolerate being cornered like this .

“It disgusts me the most when I am being forced to do something against my free will!”

It was just like when he was saving people during the Han Town tragedy . He could be ruthless when it came to people that were not worth saving .

This guy was asking for it . He had had enough tonight but these people just would not let him be .

Blazing Sky was an otherworldly skill that demanded a lot of energy . Its power was enough to exterminate an F-tier beast king .

In comparison, an E-tier aptitude user might not necessarily be able to defeat a beast king single-handedly .

Thus, it was not difficult to guess the outcome of Xin Guang after he was hit directly by the Blazing Sky .

As the flame slowly dispersed, grey ashes seemed to be carried upward by the dissipating heatwave . The crowd soon realized what had happened when they saw that Qin Feng was alone on the battle stage .

Those ashes were Xin Guang!

Just like Qin Feng had claimed, he only needed a single strike!

“Anyone else?” Qin Feng raised his eyebrows and looked imposingly toward the crowd .

None of them dared to meet his eyes .

Even Xin Jiasheng was trembling as he looked at Qin Feng in horror . He cowardly bowed down his head when Qin Feng turned toward him .

Qin Feng sneered . ‘No one else?’ He walked down the stage and ended the challenge . His bank credit instantly increased by 200 million .

“Alright . I got my twenty straight wins . I believe the points I have collected are enough to exchange for an E-tier beast king core, right?!”

Qin Feng’s gaze fell on the perspiring manager .

The manager almost stumbled . His mouth was twitching as he answered reluctantly, “Ye… Yes, you may . ”

“Then get me one . Remember, fire-type,” Qin Feng commanded .

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“Yes, mister . As you wish . Please come this way . ”

After Qin Feng left the scene, the crowd slowly recollected themselves from the startling encounter . Lingering terror could be seen in most of their eyes .

They had gathered to watch Qin Feng because he was currently owning a colony .

The colony, despite still being small in scale, was a gold mine with great monetary potential due to its proximity to Chengyang City .

It was not surprising for an F-tier colony leader to die accidentally in this tumultuous era .

But now they know that it would never happen to Qin Feng . No chance at all .

Qin Feng was capable of instantly killing an E-tier aptitude user . Such terrifying strength!

Qin Feng left immediately after he collected the money and the most valuable piece, an E-tier beast king energy core owned by the arena .

He knew he was being followed by two men after he had left the arena . However, they did not say anything and showed no hostility . Even so, Qin Feng did not like being followed .

He did not mind killing a few more daredevils . He actually admired their courage to still do this after he had demonstrated what he was capable of .

Qing Feng held Bai Li’s waist and boarded the hovercar with her . He did not start the engine immediately .

After a while, the stalkers hesitated and walked toward the car .

They were wearing the uniform of the patrol unit . One of them knocked on the window .

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“Mr . Qin, this is your first time here in Chengyang . To ensure your safety, I and my partner will be your guide in your subsequent tour around the city . Is that okay with you?”

Qin Feng glanced at them . Apparently, the superiors of Chengyang had noticed him .

Nonetheless, he welcomed such an arrangement . There was not much bureaucracy left in the authorities after doomsday had taken place . After all, the position you were holding today could easily be replaced by a stronger candidate at any moment . The limited resources in today’s world would always go to the one with the bigger fist .

The two members from the patrol unit were not exactly here only as Qin Feng’s guide . They were more like pacifiers .

First and foremost, they were around to protect Qin Feng from being harassed . At the same time, they were also tasked to keep an eye on Qin Feng so he would not go killing randomly again . Lastly, they were there to warn the Xin family that had offended Qin Feng not to do anything reckless .

It was killing three birds with one stone!

Qin Feng had no reason to reject it .

“Alright . First, lead me to the marketplace under the Wanzong Organization . ”

“Sure . ”

They reached the marketplace faster than expected being convoyed by the patrol unit . Qin Feng contacted Sun Yu and asked him to recommend a manager from the auction house .

Sun Yu was pleased to help but at the same time, he was a little dejected . The shops in Chengbei were too small for Qin Feng after all . Qin Feng’s power had grown exponentially by the days and the items inside Chengbei could no longer satiate his appetite .

On the 25th floor of Wanzong auction house .

“Mr . Qin, welcome . My name is An Zhengwei . I am happy to be at your service . ”

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“Good day, Mr . An . ”

Qin Feng shook hands with the middle-aged man while the patrol unit members stood guard outside . It was a private conversation and Qin Feng did not wish to be overheard . He went straight to the point and made his request, “I have some materials to let go and would like to order a few types of equipment . ”

“Let us go through the materials for your equipment first . I heard that Mr . Qin has gathered a lot of materials from Han Town during your last trip . It will take us some time to check all of them . Thus, I suggest we start with those for your equipment so that it could be processed and delivered to you as soon as possible . ”

Qin Feng smiled and was amazed by Wanzong’s intel network . He delayed no further and nodded to Bai Li . She proceeded to take out the packed materials . It was the Steel Broodmother’s eight giant legs and its silk sac .

Everything found in and out of the Broodmother was valuable materials, including its blood . But Qin Feng did not want to attract too much attention, thus he burned away everything .

Nevertheless, the size and abundance of the remaining materials collected by Qin Feng were still pretty astonishing .

“Steel legs from the Broodmother, and the silk sac!” The manager was obviously amazed .

Qin Feng nodded . “The steel legs are to be melted and mended into armor . For the silk sac, please use it to make a net gun . Please knit the remaining silk into a dress . Here are the designs for the dress . ”

A white color frock appeared on Qin Feng’s communicator . It had nothing to do with battle but it looked gorgeous . The dress would be even more stunning after being decorated by the silver silk .

Qin Feng wanted to give it to Bai Li . He not only wanted Bai Li to wear a human gown but also planned to let her obtain tier certification since she was no different from a human now .