Master of the End Times - Chapter 159

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Chapter 159: Xiao Bai’s Promotion

Chapter 159: Xiao Bai’s Promotion

Still, the making of battle costumes for Xiao Bai came first .

Though An Zhengwei was taken aback by Qin Feng’s decision to waste the valuable materials on the gown, he abided by the customer’s desire . This was not the first time he had seen a man spending generously to please his lady .

They finalized the design of the remaining equipment and moved on to other materials Qin Feng wished to lay off . The variety of cores and materials Qin Feng had collected from Han Town were valued at 300 million per market price .

“After deducting the 100 million expense on equipment production, you may opt to use the rest on F-tier beast king cores . ”

On top of that, Qin Feng added another 200 million to purchase a total of six beast king cores .

“Prioritize my order . I wish to see it done within two days . ”

“Please don’t worry . We will have our best smith on it . It will be perfected in no time . ”

Qin Feng nodded and left the auction house very much satisfied .

In the next two days, Qin Feng and Bai Li did not take another step outside of their hotel room . They did not even go out for meals and ordered food through room service .

All the F-tier cores had been given to Bai Li while Qin Feng saved the E-tier core for himself . He won it from the arena .


Qin Feng gripped the crystal core tightly and energy within the core flowed into Qin Feng rapidly .

Cores would usually disappear instantly as soon as Qin Feng had triggered his ability . But this time the core shrunk at an observable speed . The mass runes merged steadily with Qin Feng’s conscious realm .

Qin Feng was prepared for it and hastily fused the incoming rune into his gem of darkness .

The gem promptly stained the runes and transformed them into mutated Hellfire . Those were then imprinted on Qin Feng’s own diamond core .

The influx of runes created radiating stripes on the core . The entire process lasted until Qin Feng had absorbed about a hundred thousand fire runes . Throughout the process, Qin Feng’s consciousness was also strengthened continuously by the incoming energy .

His conscious energy had made a huge leap thanks to the E-tier beast king core . He reached the next stage with ease .

F7 tier, then transitioned smoothly to F8 . Without any delay, it burst right through the F9-tier barrier .

It stopped right in front of the E-tier gate . His journey to Chengyang and the battle experience he gained through the Spring Hunting Ground had no doubt accelerated his conscious energy way past his physical strength .

Bai Li had assimilated three beast king cores by the time Qin Feng arose from his meditation . He stopped her from feasting on the rest . He would not forget the overpowering aura she released when she first attained the F-tier status . It was best not to alert anyone while they were still here in Chengyang .

Two days later, the Wanzong organization had delivered the equipment as promised .

Qin Feng had tailored made himself a battle suit . It was silver in color and looked no different from a normal outfit . However, it would only deceive the eyes of a low-ranked monster . An aptitude user or an intelligent beast could instantly tell how luxurious the suit was with the number of runes emanating from it .

The suit came in a full set encompassing the shirt, gloves, belt, pants, and boots .

Runic equipment were usually made in the form of inner wears like vests or leggings—a compromise between maximum protection and least material usage . However, since Qin Feng had more than enough to spare, he converted them into a complete battle suit . Moreover, there were two extra inner vests, which Qin Feng intended to give to Zhou Hao and Wang Chen .

Wang Chen was no doubt a commendable subordinate .

Qin Feng planned to mold him into one of the major leaders of Fengli in the future . He envisioned that he would at least become a general .

Qin Feng finally decided to leave Chengyang after he had spent the last two days being confined in the hotel room . The two patrols that followed him were equally excited too . Qin Feng’s departure meant that they had accomplished their mission . There was too much uncertainty in guarding Qin Feng . Anything could have happened if Qin Feng were to suddenly act out of the blue, or those from the Xin family were to come to take revenge .

The hovercar left the city and went up the highway quickly . After Chengyang city was out of sight, Qin Feng took a sharp turn and disappeared into the woods .

Dark fogs began to rise around them . Nobody could see the hovercar now as it had been shrouded by the mist .

“Alright, you can consume the core now . ” Qin Feng said to Bai Li . She was on the verge of promotion . Since there was no safe place for her to absorb the core in Chengbei as well, it was best to just wrap it up here .

Bai Li wasted no time and absorbed the remaining cores .

At the same time, twenty kilometers away from Qin Feng’s hover car, three E-tier aptitude users were hiding at the side of the main road .

“Why is there no sign of him? Has Qin Feng figured out our plan beforehand?”

“I don’t think so . Stay alert . ”

“I wonder whether he is as strong as the rumors say . ”

“He left the arena immediately after he killed Xin Guang . That skill was indeed powerful but it must have taken a toll on him . Otherwise, why would he hide inside the hotel for the last few days?”

“Just be careful!”

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The three of them dared not take Qin Feng lightly .

One of them was an honorable elder of the Xin family . His position was like that of Tao Shichang but had an even higher reputation and final says in the family .

The other two were mercenaries hired by the Xin family with a huge bounty on Qin Feng’s head . If they manage to kill Qin Feng, 100 million would be awarded . Even if they were to fail, the Xin family had promised to compensate them for their effort with 10 million .

They happily took the offer because sometimes it was easier to kill a man than a beast .

No matter how powerful Qin Feng might be, he would not be able to take on three E-tier aptitude users at the same time . After all, Qin Feng was only at F-tier . They believed that Qin Feng would not survive their concerted assault .

Unfortunately, Qin Feng did not show up as expected after twenty minutes .

Just when they thought that their hidden ambush had ended in vain, a terrifying aura befell them from afar . The pressure from a beast king spread across the atmosphere and destabilized spacetime . Some small spatial rifts began to emerge around them .

Their faces turned pale instantly .

“E-tier beast king!” Even one hundred E-tier aptitude users would be wiped out in an instant by such a horrendous beast .

The three of them were restless .

“Qin Feng must have fled . There’s no point waiting any longer . We should head back . ” The elder from the Xin family was clearly terrified .

The other two had no reason to object and they headed back to Chengyang at once .

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In the wild, no matter how hard Xiao Bai tried to contain her power, the emperor aura still leaked out profusely and startled the beasts around them . Moving creatures near them had all fled for their lives .

“Alright . Let’s get back on the road . ” Qin Feng turned back to the road and dispelled the dark runes .

The car sped up steadily on the empty road . Qin Feng did not even realize it when he passed by a car from the opposite direction .

However, those three in the car had noticed Qin Feng .

“The car just now!”

“It’s Qin Feng!”

“Turn around and follow him!”

The elder braked hard, made a u-turn, and stomped hard on the accelerator to chase after Qin Feng .

Qin Feng, who was driving leisurely up to that point, noticed the pursuer immediately and scanned the car with his conscious energy . His face turned wicked . ‘You have a death wish? I will grant you that!’