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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:37:04 PM

Chapter 16

Qin Feng carefully and meticulously analyzed everything, electing only to buy those that were inconspicuous – he wanted to keep his identity of a dark ability user well hidden .

 Once the strengthening potions that he had with him were all traded, Qin Feng returned to the hotel with several bags of goods .

 “Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!” Xiaobai jumped out of his pocket excitedly, wagging its tail .

 1“Are you a dog?” wondered Qin Feng as he studied the little creature carefully . It seemed to have changed a lot by now: its fur was fluffier than ever, almost doubled its size since it was born . It had dark, ebony eyes, a pointy mouth, and a shaggy tail that’s unlike a dog’s1 .

 5Yes, somehow, it bore an uncanny resemblance to the Pomeranian that Qin Feng saw back at his old alliance . It belonged to a rich lady over there .

 “Ah, whatever . I’ll still keep you no matter what you are!”

 This little creature saved his life . If he could not take care of this little beast, now that he was born again, it would be nothing but a shameful waste!

 Qin Feng took out an ability core and tossed it to Xiaobai . The little creature hugged the energy core the size of a marble and started licking it vigorously . The sphere shrunk before his eyes .

 This was a shock to Qin Feng . Xiaobai was absorbing the energy core! Its potential was boundless and absolutely to be reckoned with .

 2After Xiaobai had finished eating the energy core, it fell into a deep sleep . Qin Feng, on the other hand, did not rest . He took out the Guan Yin pendant and studied it .

 Ancient cultures have been continuously passed down through the generations, and here, everyone knew that Guan Yin pendants were used for protection .

 Mythical wild animals such as the Taotie and the nine sons of the dragon were expertly carved into the jet-black jade stone, eventually weaving together to take the form of the goddess .

 Qin Feng carefully put pressure on the pendant . A loud snap followed, and a crack formed right down the middle of Guan Yin, revealing a thin mesh inside .

 “It’s true!” Even though the extremely thin mesh was finer than silk threads, it was very strong . Qin Feng gently pulled it out, and when he spread it open, it was a good 1 meter long and half a meter wide . On the scroll were small, tightly packed words .

 1Its name was displayed clearly at the top: Asteroid Assimilation .

 The anti-human alliance consisted of dangerous S-ranked people . They included the Ancient Warriors and the cannibal Liu Meng’s Asteroid Assimilation .

 This Neigong also earned the moniker the ancient martial arts alliance called ‘ancient martial arts’ first evil cultivation method,’ and was S-ranked .

 Before Qin Feng’s rebirth, an elect like Liu Meng could stab Qin Feng to death with one finger . Other than just taking revenge on that organization, the one thing that Qin Feng wanted more than anything was to kill Liu Meng .

 6If it were not for the fact that he saw Liu Meng as an enemy, how could he possibly have understood the guy?

 At around this time, before Qin Feng was reborn, Liu Meng was only an eighteen-year-old who had just graduated from the intermediate academy . Although he found out about his Ancient Warrior’s physique, his combat value was low because of all things; he was very lazy . He was also too scared to come face to face with a wild beast .

 There were several people like that in the colony – the thugs and goons of the society .

 Be that as it may, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely . With that, they simply needed to blackmail the average person to live a good life .

 1Once, after robbing an elderly man, he found the Asteroid Assimilation’s skill book among the broken goods .

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 6That right . That was the old man who sold Qin Feng the Guanyin pendant .

 Liu Meng found the Asteroid Assimilation skill very easy to learn . Once and for all, he could absorb other people’s Neigong and make it his own . It was the ultimate skill every ability user coveted .

 2Within a few days, Liu Meng targeted other people once he had gotten the hang of the skill, with one of them happening to be Liu Derong, the director of the orphanage .

 The director was also an Ancient Warrior, but at the age of eighty, he was growing weaker, not mentioning carrying with him the deep-seated problems result of umpteen years on the battlefield . He had an inner force protecting him, which was why it was not evident from the outside . The truth was, his strength had degenerated greatly through the cruel hand of time .

 Liu Meng mercilessly killed the old director in an alley and had since become a fugitive constantly on the run . Thanks to that evil cultivation method, Liu Meng was able to escape many times and eventually become tougher and more reliable .

 2“The Asteroid Assimilation is mine now!” exclaimed Qin Feng as his eyes flashed with resentment .

 1He began to read . Because he practiced meditation, his consciousness surpassed the average person, his memory astounding, allowing him to commit every single word writ on the Asteroid Assimilation to memory .

 3The moment he was done, he set the silk on fire without so much as batting an eyelid .

 From today onwards, he would be the only person who knew the Asteroid Assimilation .

 5“This is worthy of being called the top Ancient Warrior’s skill! Not only does it give absolute strength, but it also comes with such powerful attributes!”

 2Using the Asteroid Assimilation could multiply his strength by a factor of ten . Not only that, the Asteroid Assimilation could even absorb other people’s Neigong – robbed forcibly away from others to strengthen one’s self .

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 8This was essentially like Qin Feng’s ability, but the major difference being that he could not absorb energy from living beings . On top of that, the skill only allowed his energy absorption to strengthen his body, not his Neigong .

 Of course, the Asteroid Assimilation was called the number one evil cultivation method because it was of all things, very unstable .

 Eventually, the corpses of people that Liu Meng fought and killed would dry and shrivel up . Not only that, his inner force became turbulent and uncontrollable – leaving behind a trail of death wherever he went . It was insufferable for him as well .

 3Qin Feng understood that, but the Asteroid Assimilation’s amplification was also the most powerful and the best one that he knew of .

 On top of that, Qin Feng had a postulation: if he used his ability to absorb all that chaotic inner force, then could Asteroid Assimilation become the most powerful cultivation technique?

 4He would have to test this theory sometime later .

 Qin Feng crossed his legs and began to self-cultivate .


 He did not leave the hotel room for the next few days, abandoning sleep and food for the Asteroid Assimilation and meditation .

 1Qin Feng placed his palms together, facing upwards, where a piece of murkweed lay on them .


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 The ability core came alive, and it suddenly became his second nature to use the skill .

 A dark light flashed in his hands, and as the energy entered Qin Feng’s body, the black leaves of the murkweed began to wilt at high speed .

 With this surge of energy, Qin Feng could sense two to three dark runes merging with his ability core .

 “It looks like I have to go out!” After many days of idling and using up his resources, Qin Feng, who was already running out by this time, had dried everything up after a few days of cultivation .

 Even Xiaobai’s food was gone .

 “I’ll go out today, then drop by to see the old director on my way back!”

 Although Qin Feng had the Asteroid Assimilation already, a visit to the orphanage today was still on his plan .

 “Xiaobai! Let’s go!” he said .

 It had only been a few days, and Xiaobai’s fur had doubled in volume . Even with its puffy hair, it was about the size of the palm of an adult . This meant that although Qing Feng could still keep it in his pocket, it was no longer as spacious as it used to be!

 Taking the creature’s wellbeing into consideration, Qin Feng decided to put it into his backpack .