Master of the End Times - Chapter 161

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Chapter 161: The Hierarchy of Fengli

Chapter 161: The Hierarchy of Fengli

Lin Zheng was in his villa when the news was delivered to his doorstep by his subordinate .

He angrily booted the table in front of him and quivered uncontrollably out of rage, perhaps a little frightened as well .

“Qin Feng, why don’t you die already?”

Lin Zheng was informed when Qin Feng reached the hall . His result there petrified him .

Lin Zheng did not see him as a potential threat when Qin Feng gained first place in the Spring Hunting Ground . Any G3-tier student could have easily defeated multiple opponents simultaneously . There was a huge gap between a prodigy and an average student after all .

But he did fear him now after learning about the test result of Qin Feng and his companion .

“During the test, he released his punch with such precision without even using his internal strength . Not to mention that he didn’t even undergo the consciousness test . From what we gathered, almost all the conscious fruits have been stolen from the Spring Hunting Ground . Though there is no direct evidence that Qin Feng was behind it, it’s odd that he didn’t take any of the three fruits his team obtained openly during the expedition . ”

“His ability must be quite powerful too . ”

“I strongly suspect he was the thief . ”

“That girl with him is by no means ordinary . ”

Lin Zheng had been following Qin Feng closely but lost his trace when Qin Feng went to Han Town after visiting Fengli Colony .

When he heard of Qin Feng again, he almost could not believe his ears .

Qin Feng had taken down the Steel-limb Broodmother all by himself .

Lin Zheng could not do anything since he had become a hero to the people now . There was no need to rival the hope of Chengbei just because of a lost underling, he once thought .

“Damn you!” Lin Zheng deeply regretted it after what happened later on .

Aptitude users normally had fewer offsprings . The stronger one was, the fewer children he or she bore . It pained Lin Zheng greatly as his only son, Lin Kai, had been brutally killed!

He knew a lot of people said that it was Chen Ming that killed his son but the culprit was dead now . He needed someone else to blame to mitigate his pain of loss .

‘If Qin Feng did not stop the Z Organization from abducting the wood ability user, things would not have turned out this way . He is the one who should be held responsible for my son’s death!’

Though he wanted to take revenge, Lin Zheng was running out of ideas . He had used his connection and tried to assassinate Qin Feng in the arena . The result? Twenty-one straight wins for Qin Feng and an E-tier ancient warrior being killed by Qin Feng in an instant .

He did not know what else to do .

“No . It’s too early to give up . I still have the Xin family as my ally . ” He opened up his communicator and typed furiously . His face was filled with nothing but vengeance and resentment .


On the other side, Qin Feng was passing the runic vest to Zhou Hao .

“Don’t tell me this is made from the broodmother’s materials?” Zhou Hao asked in astonishment .

Qin Feng nodded . “This is for your protection . I plan to go to Han Town soon . Do you want to come along?”

“Of course! I am getting bored with all these classes!” Zhou Hao complained .

Zhou Hao gained a lot of real battle experience from following Qin Feng’s footsteps . Things being taught in the classroom were not particularly useful to him now .

“Then apply for leave later . We will depart tomorrow . Let’s take public transport . ”

It would be too tiring if he were to drive there all the way .

“That would not be necessary . Reclaiming Han Town is our university’s current priority as well . The school has been busy organizing such trips recently . All G-tier aptitude users have been asked to go . This time the headmaster is going to lead the troop so there’s nothing to be worried about . ”

Qin Feng did not think of it at first . “I see . When are the university troops departing?” He asked .

“Coincidentally, tomorrow . ”

Qin Feng nodded and talked to Zhou Hao for a while more . He left after teaching Zhou Hao how to further improve his internal force .

Reclaiming Han Town was an important matter . He reckoned Liu Xue and Wang Chen would be eager to follow him there as well .

He steered his car out of town and headed straight to Fengli next .

Qin Feng was only gone for a few days and Fengli had already changed drastically . There were various facilities set up in it right now and the blueprint of the colony had started to take shape . Because of the sufficient capitals, this place was larger than Han Town by quite a margin . Yet, it was still only half the size of Chengbei and no way near to the scale of Chengyang .

In the center square, a giant skyscraper stood there proudly . This was the heart of Fengli colony .

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Around the long table, Qin Feng sat on the chairman seat with Bai Li beside him . Next to him, in descending order, were Xue Xingfu, Liu Xue, Wang Chen, Zhao Xiang, and He Ling .

They were holding different important positions inside the colony now .

Deputy mayor—Xue Xingfu .

Resource minister—Liu Xue .

Internal Patrol—Cyclone Unit Captain, Wang Chen .

External Guard—Winter Unit Captain, Zhao Xiang . Vice Captain, He Ling .

They had not set up an expedition unit . Most of the regions around them belonged to the Wilderness Ranger . Qin Feng did not wish to contest with them . They did not have enough strength to do that just yet .

“That’s all for now . Wang Chen will be going with me while the Cyclone Unit will be under He Ling’s command for the time being,” Qin Feng announced solemnly .

Xue Xingfu and the others stood up and escorted Qin Feng out of the room .

Xue Xingfu had witnessed Qin Feng’s superiority but he never expected him to excel in management as well . He sometimes wondered where did the sixteen year old teenager learn all these from? ‘I guess that’s what makes a genius stand out from the rest . ’

This was when Liu Xue blurted out, “I wish to go too, Mayor . ”

Qin Feng had just told them he was forming his own team to be part of the reclaiming project . He did not wish to join the main troop and was gathering some G-tier aptitude users himself . This served as a training for those potential warriors he had scouted .

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Unfortunately, Liu Xue was not among the selected .

“Liu Xue, you should think it through . Do you wish to come back in pieces?” Wang Chen joked .

Liu Xue glared at him angrily .

He Ling faked a cough and advised her, “Liu Xue, you should remain here since your parents are here . If you go back to Han Town now, what will you do if the mayor of Han Town asks you to stay? Besides, the colony needs you . We need you . ”

Liu Xue could not rebut . She was in charge of the resources of the entire colony and indeed had ample things to deal with .

Qin Feng had assigned them appropriately based on their personality . Though Liu Xue was a decent fighter and had been improving consistently, she was too lenient to be given any crucial positions . Resource management was the least taxing task Qin Feng could think of . Generally speaking, Liu Xue was just a stock keeper

However, that did not undermine the importance of her job . She was given direct access to all the money and materials of Fengli . Hence, Liu Xue viewed it as a mandate given by Qin Feng to her because he had the utmost trust in her .

As for Wang Chen, as mischievous as he was on the surface, Qin Feng knew his cold-blooded nature deep down . He stood by strong principles, was a little selfish, but very witty at the same time . He would be of great help in the future if given the proper upbringing .

Zhao Xiang was more of the hot-headed type, while He Ling was too kind to everyone . Both of them were still too immature to be a governor so Qin Feng arranged for them to guard the colony border against wild beasts while he entrusted Wang Chen with internal affairs .

Qin Feng glanced at them and instructed, “Just do as I say . Don’t try to figure out my intentions with that simple brain of yours again . ”

Liu Xue’s face reddened, she was half embarrassed, half frustrated .