Master of the End Times - Chapter 162

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Chapter 162: Rope in!

Chapter 162: Rope in!

In the end, Liu Xue did not join Qin Feng when he went back to Chengbei colony with Wang Chen . They waited in the vehicle for the troops to begin their journey .

Of course, Wang Chen had received the gift from Qin Feng, the inner armor of the Steel-limb Broodmother .

Wang Chen had an affirmed feeling that it was a right choice that he had made at that time to follow Qin Feng .

During the second day, everyone that was supposed to travel to Han Town had settled down in the vehicle in advance; then, they travelled from Chengbei colony for more than five thousand meters and were stationed at that location .

“Why is it taking so long, what if an accident happens to anyone of us waiting here!” Zhou Hao frowned unwittingly .

“It should be alright, we are still within the area covered by the outer patrols!” Zhang Tianche replied .

Chengbei colony had mobilized three hundred G-tiers, while there were only slightly more than ten F-tier aptitude users .

Chengbei University had also sent quite a number of people to join, majority of them were G-tiers, and there were about thirty of them with all the students from first to third year combined .

They were considered as a pillar of strength!

“Qin Feng, are you joining us in the normal coach?” Zhao Yu asked curiously . “Apparently, F-tiers are allowed to register for a private room!”

Qin Feng nodded and felt that it was unnecessary . “Not much difference there, the train travels fast enough and we will be able to arrive in slightly more than twenty hours . ”

The last time when Qin Feng travelled back to Chengbei colony from Han Town, he was travelling along with a crowd that only consisted of ordinary people; therefore, he had to be extra cautious and could only take official roads along the way .

It was now unnecessary for him to do so!


All of a sudden, a loud and continuous horn exploded from afar . It sounded like the screaming of some creatures and the vibrating soundwave sent chills down everyone’s spine .

The soundwave was capable of repelling any creature that was below E-tier .

In the next moment, a black gigantic object appeared from the edge of the sky .

It was about ten meters in width, covered with a pitch-black body that made it impossible to estimate its size . It was gliding at high speed and was about ten meters above the ground .

A hover train .

A logo of a dragon and a phoenix appeared at the front of the train .

Zhongcheng Organization!

It was on par with Wanzong Organization in terms of operation size, and the hover train was their main product!

It was very difficult to fulfil transportation needs during the end times plagued by rifts, and the hover trains from Zhongcheng Organization were the only viable massive transport that could roam around the wilderness without any hindrance .

Soon, the hover train had arrived right in front of everyone .

Upon its arrival, the F-tier captain who had on a set of complete combat fatigue came down from the train .

He stood at the side and remained silent .

While there was another G-tier train attendance who greeted everyone with a smile .

“Our honourable F-tier aptitude user guests, please make your way to coach number 1 and you may find your private coach there, for guests that are G-tier aptitude users, please take turns to enter the coach and you may find your own seats!”

Everyone recovered from the shock and began to board the train .

Zhou Hao said to Qin Feng who was beside him, “Ah, you should have obtained the certification for F-tier aptitude users, isn’t it great to have such special treatment?”

Despite his powerful capabilities, Qin Feng was still with his G-tier aptitude user badge, whereas Bai Li did not even have hers . Needless to say, just like Bai Li, many would want to head to Han Town to obtain their certification!

Before Qin Feng could reply, the captain suddenly caught a glimpse of him and told him, “We have been expecting you Mr Qin, we have arranged a special twin coach for you, this way please!”

Qin Feng raised his eyebrows as he was surprised by the well-informed arrangement by the Zhongcheng Organization, no matter what sort of information had been gathered by them, Qin Feng felt comfortable with such recognition .

“Hmm, alright!”

Qin Feng did not want Bai Li to be left out in the normal coach, hence, she followed him into coach number 1 .

The other students admired such treatment .

Of course, there were those that admired him, and there were also those that envied him .

One of those who felt envious was Gao Linghan .

Being certified with an F-tier aptitude user badge, Gao Linghan was not envious of Qin Feng entering coach number 1 as he was also allowed to enter the same coach .

However, he was envious of Qin Feng that had showcased his capabilities to everyone and had drawn all of the attention away from him .

Ever since Qin Feng’s identity was revealed, all that Gao Linghan could hear were only compliments for Qin Feng . This had greatly irritated Gao Linghan who had seen himself as a natural born genius .

However, everyone was taking turns to enter the train and none of them cared about how Gao Linghan felt, he could only withhold his dissatisfaction and board the train .

Qin Feng was ahead of everyone and he was talking to the captain of the train .

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“Mr Qin, my name is Tan Yue, one of the members of the Zhongcheng Organization, Before meeting you, I found it hard to believe that you are at such a young age!”

Qin Feng smiled politely . “Please just address me as Qin Feng!”

“Haha, then, you shall also not address me as Mr Tan!”

Both of them were into the conversation and became closer to each other .

“Qin Feng, I heard about your twenty-win streak in Chengyang City, your young age definitely does not represent your powerful capabilities, you will have great achievements in the Hero-class in the future . However, great achievements would have to be supported by sufficient resources, hence, would you be interested to join Zhongcheng?”

Tan Yue proposed a friendly offer .

Qin Feng shook his head and replied, “I’m unable to join now, as you might have already known, I am taking care of a colony, and it is temporarily under the governance of Chengyang City!”

There were several sources of interrelated influences that sat on the top hierarchy of Chengyang City, and though Zhongcheng Organization might be a powerful entity, they were only relying on the existence of the colonies and did not develop any of it .

Tan Yue did not seem to be disappointed by the answer .

“Alright, you can always reach out to me if you face any problems, we can look out for each other!”

Both of them added their contacts into each other’s communicator and Tan Yue moved on from the offer that he had proposed, instead, he initiated a discussion with Qin Feng on topics related with ancient warrior skills .

Then, the conversation carried on casually and Tan Yue asked, “Qin Feng, what practice do you have to achieve such an invincible internal strength? How is it possible to have such a rich amount of internal strength!”

Qin Feng smiled gently and replied, “The cultivation method I have is indeed an unexpected discovery, the highest I can cultivate is up to B-tier; however, because of my rapid promotion, I would often have to compress my internal strength . ”

Tan Yue was surprised by it .

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“B-tier cultivation method? That’s amazing! Is it among those cultivation methods that are currently being announced? Which one?”

It was impossible for F-tier aptitude users to master a B-tier cultivation method . However, there might also be some top-tier cultivation methods being announced in the battle net with an overpriced amount .

“It has never been announced!” Qin Feng replied .

“Qin Feng, you must be extremely lucky then, if you ever face challenges in terms of resources, or perhaps you would want to have it sold, please reach out to me!” Tan Yue said .

Qin Feng laughed and nodded, then, he continued to entertain Tan Yue for a little while more before he left .

As soon as Tan Yue left the room, Qin Fen immediately put on his emotionless expression .

“A person’s talent will arouse the envy of the others!”

Qin Feng knew that his performance had been too eye-catching and had caught the attention of the others .

It had merely been three months since he was awakened, and he had already achieved F6-tier invincible internal strength, therefore, it would be reasonable for the others to assume that Qin Feng had been practicing extremely powerful neigong .

Asteroid Assimilation was indeed extremely powerful, but it was not something that should be made known publicly .

“It is lucky that Asteroid Assimilation is still not the number one evil cultivation method!”