Master of the End Times - Chapter 164

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Chapter 164: Investigating the ants’ lair

Chapter 164: Investigating the ants’ lair

Qin Feng switched on his communicator and scanned his location, then, he assigned Bai Li to form a temporary team with him .

“Clean up street number 39 of the outer city up to a distance of thirty meters, mission accepted!”

Qin Feng selected the mission, although he might not be rewarded with a lot of money, it was a mission that he could clear without much extra effort .

Bai Li adjusted and turned on the video recorder on the communicator and recorded the scene of the street .

There were about six flies that were buzzing around the dark alley, they were about the size of a washbowl and they landed onto the ground that was scorched black .

There was a corpse that had decayed for a long time .

Qin Feng focused his sight .

There were now more species of insectoids .

It was at that moment, without Qin Feng’s reminder, Bai Li leaped forward at an undetectable speed and slashed at the five gigantic flies, taking them down instantly .

While both of them were wandering around, the number of insectoids being hunted down had increased as well .

Soon, they had completed up to thirty meters in distance, and Bai Li had hunted down more than twenty insectoids that were of several different species . However, the area was indeed densely packed with insectoids!

Moreover, it was only the outer area .

There were no signals seeking for help as most of the people in the outer areas had either escaped or been rescued!

Qin Feng led Bai Li to clean up ten streets and Bai Li’s G-tier mission was completed very quickly .

The sky dimmed into a darker colour .

“Turn off the camera of the communicator!”

Qin Feng ordered Bai Li to turn off the camera .

Then, he hopped onto his umbra stallion together with Bai Li and went deeper into Han Town .

It would be better to perform his own physical scouting as it was not always reliable to have drones to perform the scanning .

Moreover, taking on battles during night time was a wise choice as it could provide a natural camouflage to many of Qin Feng’s abilities .

Soon, both of them had stepped into the food market that they passed by when they first escaped from Han Town .

Qin Feng inhaled unwittingly as soon as he arrived at the spot where he once escaped from .

He had once scanned the area with his conscious energy, however, a different scene had now appeared in his conscious energy, it was a totally different environment from what he had seen before .

Furthermore, when he looked down from a high-rise building from afar, the food market had already been demolished into a flat surface, it had turned into brown-colored dunes .

It was all because of the F-tier blacksteel ants .

“Later on, turn on the camera, let’s get two hundred kills first!”

Qin Feng rode his umbra stallion and went into the streets .

As soon as the umbra stallion was dismissed, Qin Feng and Bai Li landed on the ground .

Massive numbers of blacksteel ants started to appear in the surroundings .

The ants were extremely massive in size, and within a week, the number of beast generals and beast soldiers had increased tremendously .

“Kill them!”

Qin Feng shouted with a deep voice while he acted swiftly and slashed the Verdant Emperor Saber, a blacksteel ant took the hit and fell onto the ground .

Although the ants were reinforced with a firm outer shell that could hardly be broken by any ordinary saber, the Verdant Emperor Saber was able to take down the creatures with ease, it was like slicing through tofu .

Bai Li did not want to use her saber, hence, she punched the creatures with her fist . Being an E-tier beast king with great energy output, she was able to easily destroy the outer shell of the blacksteel ants with every single one of her punches .

However, it was at that moment, more blacksteel ants started to swarm and fill the area, both of them were left with a smaller space .

“Spectre Motion Steps!”

Qin Feng’s body motion became swift and he started to manoeuvre around the limited space .

Soon, black rays started to emit from Qin Feng’s body .

The dark runes .

“Phantom Motion Steps!”

Qin Feng’s shadow began to flicker as his body movements became faster and he was able to conceal his presence better .

The blacksteel ants who were after Qin Feng were unable to track his footsteps and had no idea on how to capture him .

Qin Feng continued to manoeuvre around and took down the ants one by one, and the carcasses of the ants began to pile up on the ground .

The recordings could only capture a blurred scene, and it was impossible for it to capture any abnormalities from Qin Feng’s motion .

Soon, Qin Feng had taken down eighty F-tier blacksteel ants .

Capabilities of ultra beasts were often ahead of the advancement of humans, hence, there was a huge difference in terms of capabilities between an A-tier aptitude user and an A-tier ultra beast .

Therefore, certification of an F-tier would require one hundred kills . However, when providing support to Han Town, the completion would only require eighty percent of it!

On the other hand, Bai Li had also stopped her killing as she was already close to her targeted number!

“Turn off the camera!”

Qin Feng ordered!

Bai Li immediately turned off her recording, and Qin Feng also did the same .

It was at that moment, Qin Feng and Bai Li were surrounded by even more blacksteel ants, to the extent that there was no space left for them to stand!

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However, Bai Li did not panic at all, and it was the same for Qin Feng as well .

Bai Li gently launched herself off her feet and leaped onto the first floor with ease .

Qin Feng remained alone on the streets!

If it were seen by the others, they would have assumed that Bai Li had betrayed her team member .

She had forsaken Qin Feng and escaped herself!

Of course, it was not the case .

As soon as Bai Li left, Qin Feng’s conscious energy was activated and it grew rapidly .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

A strong flame swept through the surroundings .

The ground was covered with fire that was pulsing with vigorous fire runes, countless of blacksteel ants were charred by the fire from Qin Feng .

Qin Feng could feel that he was growing stronger!

Despite being small in size, the blacksteel ants were extremely horrifying with their firmly enforced steel on the top of their heads, and the ankle bones of a human being could be easily fractured if attacked by it .

After killing off the powerful ants, the energy devoured by Qin Feng had also increased tremendously .

The muscles on Qin Feng’s body had also improved simultaneously with the accumulation of energy .

The size of his muscles was not too overwhelming, and they were rather refined with each of them filled with explosive energy!


Qin Feng recovered the runes, and the ground was scorched together with the ants that had turned into burnt charcoal, a light touch would cause them to disappear into ashes .

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It was only the steel armor on top of their skull that was left behind, and it was the most precious material that could be obtained from a blacksteel ant .

Qin Feng activated his conscious energy, and as if the surroundings were being swept through by a tornado, all the carcasses of the ants were destroyed while the metal armor flew up high, being controlled by Qin Feng’s conscious energy as they landed onto his hand .

The blacksteel ants were mostly F3 or F4-tier insectoids, hence, with his overpowered capabilities, Qin Feng could easily take down all of them within a split second!

Before Qin Feng could leave the street, there were more blacksteel ants that were swarming toward him .

The blacksteel ants could easily survive in dire situations, and of course, they would prey on human beings with aptitude users being their favourite, as their flesh was even more delicious .

Moreover, there was a saying that describes a massive number of ants that could kill an elephant!

Although Qin Feng might not be an elephant, the number of blacksteel ants was indeed too overwhelming!

Before Qin Feng could estimate the number of ants that were there, the ants that were rushing toward him had caught him off guard .

The army of ants that was in black moved at high speed, as if Qin Feng would soon be slammed on by a gigantic wave .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

Qin Feng casted the Hellfire Carpet all over the ground, but it was outnumbered by the overwhelming number of blacksteel ants . They went against the fire, stepped on top of the other ants who had sacrificed their lives and surged on toward Qin Feng furiously to kill him .