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Master of the End Times - Chapter 173

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:35:34 AM

Chapter 173: The Golden Queen Ant

Chapter 173: The Golden Queen Ant

However, the number of the ants was way too much!

One by one, the carcasses were replaced by new ant beasts that used the fallen ones as stepping stones to pile higher . Except for Qin Feng’s side, the insects had begun to cross the ring of fire!

“Why! Why are there so many of them?”

“This is terrible!”

“No! Get away from me! Damn bugs!”

The people cried out while the ancient warriors rushed out to engage the incoming insectoids, opting to hold the tide of insectoids back with their own bodies .

“Hellfire Carpet!” Qin Feng launched his hellfire at the gravel, covering the bottom of the bowl of fortification which would kill additional blacksteel ants as they crawled out of the holes, greatly reducing the pressure everyone had on the surface .

This method seemed to solve everyone’s immediate need . Soon, firearms opened up and came down like a pouring rainstorm, every aptitude user sent out their strongest attack at the anthill .


Bang bang bang!


It was non-stop slaughtering, everyone’s field of vision was filled with the grim visage of the blacksteel ants .

At this time, from the gravel shrouded by hellfire, a huge hole appeared at the centermost point! The cave was two meters wide and in the next moment a bright golden light emerged . Not only that, on this ant’s back were a pair of dragonfly wings as thin as a cicada’s that quickly spread open in the air .

The creature was more than two meters wide and four meters long . Although it was much smaller than the Steel-limb Broodmother, for human beings, this terrible thing was the size of a truck .

“Golden Queen Ant!”

Although the previous data showed that the ant’s nest had been advancing very quickly and it would have been very likely that a beast king tier queen ant would have been spawned, it was still shocking to see its emergence .

It was at least an F5-tier Golden Queen Ant, not to mention, it also had a very scary ability . It could fly!

As if it had realized the situation outside, the Golden Queen Ant flew out, slamming its truck-sized body forward and knocking over those standing on the fortifications .


One aptitude user cried out in horror as they tripped over and fell off the fortifications, into the bowl .

At this time the inside of the bowl was not just on fire, but it was also packed with a seemingly endless number of blacksteel ants . Almost instantly the black wave converged on their point of interest and what could be briefly seen was stripped to the bones .

Then, in the blink of an eye, even the bones were gone!

It was at that moment that everyone near the former aptitude user retreated in a panic! The firepower coming from that direction weakened significantly and a group of blacksteel ants charged forward, following the footsteps of their queen .

“Don’t let them get away!” Shi Tianhai roared and he rushed forward, the weapon in his hand slamming hard against the body of the Golden Queen Ant .


There was the sound of metal impacting against one another, but there was no trace of damage on the queen’s body . The queen looked sideways at Shi Tianhai and stretched out a thick insect leg, kicking at Shi Tianhai’s body .


It was like kicking a pebble away . Shi Tianhai was sent flying a long distance away .

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“Puh!” He spat out blood as he crashed, fortunately he crashed outside otherwise he would have turned out like the previous aptitude user that fell into the bowl .

Then, a roaring sound broke through the skies as a yellow, shrieking shell soared over and crashed directly into the queen’s body .


The huge shell exploded, the powerful force knocked the Golden Queen Ant over the fortifications .


Rolling through the smoke, the Queen let out an angry screech before flapping her wings like how a fly would and buzzed at high speed toward one of the tall buildings .

The one who attacked her was the E-tier Gunner, Chi Long!

Chi Long stayed calm, unleashing another volley of gunfire at the queen and managed to knock the queen down . The queen was very fast, in just the blink of an eye she was already very close to him . Chi Long frowned, quickly hopping off the building as his gilding wings opened up behind him .

His speed was obviously not as fast as the queen’s .


Three cannonballs shot out to intercept, forcing the queen into a retreat!

Chi Long dropped to the ground, controlling his consciousness as small metal balls appeared one after another, surrounding him . These balls either flew in the air or fell to the ground as Chi Long rushed forward .

The Golden Queen Ant gave chase, directly crashing into the small ball and in the next moment it was like plunging your hand into an angry hornet’s nest . The small ball exploded, and dense purple flashes of light enveloped the queen .

Plasma Ball!

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The Queen was shocked with so much electricity that its body began to convulse uncontrollably!

Undoubtedly, Chi Long was powerful, and his combat ability was not weak . However, at this time, he was facing off a Golden Queen Ant with extremely high vitality!

Seeing Qin Feng take on a beast general earlier, Chi Long evaluated that it would take himself about half an hour to take out an F-tier beast general with his own strength .

And now he was facing down a beast king .

Chi Long estimated that he only had approximately ten minutes and realized that he was not going to be able to help himself . His consciousness was about to dry up and he had used up half of his spatial rune equipment .

He definitely could not go on like this!

At this time, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Chi Long . It was a young girl in a white dress . If it were not for the silver light emanating from the white dress, many people would have thought that the girl was insane .

Such a costume in the battlefield was a death wish! Yet nobody would dare question the girl, on her chest she carried an F-tier aptitude user badge .

Chi Long was a little surprised when he saw the girl arrive but he did not gain much hope from it .

“Miss Bai, be careful! Just impede it for a bit!” Chi Long called out, he planned to place down another machine, but the assembly would take time .

He was hoping that Bai Li would buy him some time .

However, he would find his heart almost leaping to his throat very soon . Bai Li did not try to evade or hide, she was just watching the queen rush toward her .

“Move!” Chi Long roared, starting to feel a little bit frustrated .

If it could not be blocked, then hide, standing still was just asking for trouble!

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Just as Chi Long was about to rush forward to save Bai Li, he saw that just as the Golden Queen Ant’s truck-sized body had just about reached his side, Bai Li had already thrown a punch toward it .

Bai Li’s hands were pink, delicate looking and she had extremely slender wrists but it was this appearance that gave people a shocking image .


A crack appeared on the queen’s head . That was the strongest part of the Golden Queen Ant’s body and could break through large hills . It was prime material . Yet, under Bai Li’s punch, it got fractured .

Not only that, the force of the punch blew the queen outward and toward a building!


The queen burst through the other side of the building before it started scrambling away!

From its frantic escape, it was clearly a full on retreat!