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Master of the End Times - Chapter 176

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:35:30 AM

Chapter 176: Jade Cuirass

Chapter 176: Jade Cuirass

After the mention of ‘Fu City depot’ by the other party, several images quickly flashed through his mind .

A strong consciousness allowed Qin Feng to clearly recall images from before his rebirth .

“Have you heard? The rift treasures that the Red Sun Group has been looking for were stolen long ago!”

“Yeah, it’s said that the treasure that they’re looking for has been spread out!”

“I’ve found one already, it’s a jade cuirass that fell into a depot in Fu City . Nobody wanted it for many years and as a result, it’s now been discovered . The Red Sun Corp is gonna put pressure on the owner of Fu City!”

“The Red Sun Corp has a number of strong A-tier directors, the owner of Fu City wouldn’t be able to resist!”

“Who knows, the owner of Fu City has their own backers, we’ll see who’s stronger!”

“The owner definitely wouldn’t stand a chance . ”

The mental image gradually blurred, and the visual angle began to shift . At that time, Qin Feng was merely a passerby who overheard this particular conversation!

“Hoo!” Qin Feng took a deep breath and furrowed his brow, the consumption of his consciousness was obviously too large .

This memory was just a passing scene before Qin Feng’s rebirth . If it were not for Qin Feng reaching the SS tier of his consciousness potential, he would not even remember such a scene .

He did know that this jade cuirass was definitely something useful . Of course, something that’s useful naturally needs to be his own .

“Alright, with Commander Chi with me, it would be great to see the warehouse in Fu City!”

Chi Long let out a guffaw, “The battle’s over, commander or no commander, you can just call me Chi Long . ”

Chi Long was not as young as Qin Feng was, and since Qin Feng was a teenager, he ought to just call Chi Long ‘Bro’ .

However, Chi Long would not have dared to do that because Qin Feng’s potential was great, maybe he would even become a D-tier ability user in the future . Not to mention, now that he was an E-tier, Qin Feng being an ability user stood at a higher point than Chi Long who was a gunner .

Qin Feng nodded . “Respecting someone isn’t the same as just obeying orders, you can call me by my name in the future . Calling me Mr Qin after fighting side by side would seem very strange!”

“Haha, good, good! Qin Feng, let’s clean this up first and we’ll go together in a while!”


Both of them needed some time to sort things out, Qin Feng ordered Wang Chen to go back to the transport . After all, the goods being transported this time were worth about three million to four million .

Fortunately, Zhou Hao was with the team . Even if the Golden Ant Queen was beaten down and very injured, it was still a deterring force . All it needed was a few days of good rest .

As for the ordinary civilians who fought alongside Qin Feng for more than ten days, after asking about their future plans Qin Feng learned that they wanted to return to Fengli colony with him . Qin Feng had even taken the initiative to host a group of refugees .

After all, Fengli colony was originally short on people but now nothing was lacking!

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After a day of rest, the groups of people gradually evacuated . Qin Feng and Chi Long took a luxury hover train toward Fu City .

Han Town was a six hour drive away from Fu City, it was no wonder nobody loved it . If they were using an ordinary car it would have taken a day and a night!

Transportation was inconvenient, the wilderness was full of dangers, which was the reason why the small town never expanded very far .

Soon, a huge city wall caught Qin Feng’s eyes . They had arrived at Fu City!

The terrain of Fu City had high altitudes, it seemed to be almost built into the sides of the surrounding mountain . There were hills, water and natural terrain to defend against enemies . It really did seem like a blessed place .

Its safety factor was one level higher than Chengyang City’s, the leadership of the city was all D-tier . The mayor was a D7 ancient warrior with incredible strength .

Of course, it was impossible for such a person to ever meet Qin Feng .

Chi Long quickly completed a task, Chengyang City would naturally commend him with an award and they even held a celebration feast that Qin Feng and Bai Li did not attend . Although they were heroes of the battle, they were not under any obligation to help and were not Fu City’s people . The gratitude of Fu City came in the form of Qin Feng’s reward .

The next day, Qin Feng saw Chi Long with a smiling face appearing at the door of the hotel .

“Looking at you, it feels like something good has happened!” Qin Feng teased .

“It’s a good thing for you too!” Chi Long said, taking out two small boxes and handing them to Qin Feng . “This was specifically approved by our generals, and we also have the special privilege to enter the third-level treasure vault . Lets go after we get some food!”

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Qin Feng opened the small box and saw that it was actually an E-tier aptitude user badge .

The certification method for E-tier badges also required the users to enter the aptitude user certification hall, but regardless of Fu City or Chengyang it was impossible for the certification to take place as there were no E-tier ultra beasts nearby .

If there were such beasts at such a high level, and in large numbers, then Fu City and Chengyang probably would not be standing at this point .

Moreover, in these two cities, there were not many people capable of becoming E-tier aptitude users . Perhaps one every three to five years . They would have their own approval rights and reached E-tier through a special accumulated combat effort .

Just like Qin Feng right now .

“This really saves us some trouble, thank you!” Qin Feng nodded with satisfaction and called over Bai Li to put the medal on her . Bai Li did the same in return, the two seemed intimate and the other person present found the scene adorable .

While the three were eating breakfast, the other guests gave them a passing glance and did not dare make too much noise . Even if they find Bai Li beautiful, they would not approach .

This was power and it intimidates people .

After breakfast, Chi Long took Qin Feng to the Fu City military base . The base was built out of a hollowed out mountain, reinforced with concrete on the inside and was sealed airtight . The reinforcements seemed to have been made by Earth-based ability users .

Passing through the layers of defenses, they finally reached the Fu City treasure vault .

“The first level here has some G-tier beast-general, beast-king armors containing maybe internal power, ability powers, consciousness enhancements and whatnot . Pick what you like!” Chi Long said off-handedly .

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While he sounded casual about it, everything here had different costs in terms of points . The beast general ones would probably be thousands to tens of thousands and the beast king ones would cost even more points .

Qin Feng naturally would not waste his points on useless things . He had a strong perception, after expanding his consciousness, he did not find anything useful so he shook his head and showed no interest .

Chi Long seemed to have thought so as well, taking Qin Feng onto the next floor which contained more dazzling displays with an even more expensive cost as it was all F-tier items .

Qin Feng gave a sweeping glance and his eyes stopped on one of the jade capes .

It was no mistake, it looked like a triangular lady’s cape or shawl, evident by the way that it was placed . The jade was as thin as a cicada’s wings, but delicate like wool, the overall appearance made it look white and beautiful .

Perhaps that was what he was looking for!

Then again, the people he remembered mentioned a jade cuirass, not a jade cape .

“Let’s look around elsewhere!” Qin Feng said since they had not reached the third level yet .

Just as he was about to leave, the single piece of white jade at the bottom of the jade cape began to radiate a ray of light, giving out some sort of a strange pattern .