Master of the End Times - Chapter 178

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Chapter 178: tier Consciousness

Chapter 178: E-tier Consciousness

This was where Qin Feng hit the stumbling block .

Though he managed to diverge his consciousness into nine streams, he was exhausted at the end of the third cycle .

Qin Feng retrieved his consciousness half an hour later . His face was pale and he could tell that his conscious energy was completely emptied .

‘I can still go on!’

Qin Feng gulped in a bottle of Luminous Honey and his consciousness recovered swiftly . He could almost see the end of the road and was unwilling to give up when he was this close to completing the third cycle .

He immersed himself into the atlas and charged forward rapidly .



After the eighth attempt, Qin Feng finally reached the end of the jade maze . He felt dizzy when he split for the twenty-seventh time and retreated from the atlas .

Once he got out, he sensed that his conscious energy was gradually returning to him . More so, it expanded to the point beyond his previous limit .

A clear revelation occurred to him .

Without him knowing, Qin Feng’s consciousness had just breached E-tier .

Qin Feng’s eyes were beaming with newfound confidence .

“This Godwill Atlas is tremendous!” Qin Feng retracted his conscious energy and the cape fell right back into his arms . In his eyes, three rows of jades were blinking brightly at the bottom of the cloak .

Qin Feng estimated there to be at least nine rows on the atlas . If each row represented one cycle or stage, he could possibly reach SS-tier through it .

‘The function of this cape must be kept a secret . ’

“Bai Li, store this for me . ” He was reassured only after Bai Li had placed the cape back into her spatial rift .

There was no need to rush it . Qin Feng knew that he could easily conquer three cycles on the cape not because he was gifted but because he was already on the brink of entering E-tier .

It would take him a lot of effort and time to conquer the next stage .

After that, Qin Feng took out the leather scroll detailing the Fire Dragon Style .

Fire runes flickered on the leather as if it was on fire .


Qin Feng did not study the leather like others would have . Other ability users would normally analyze each rune carefully and then laboriously carve each rune onto their own energy core .

To Qin Feng, he would automatically learn the skill simply by absorbing all the runes at once .

He closed his eyes and freely consumed the fire runes from the scroll . The runes entered his E-tier conscious realm and spun rapidly around his diamond core .

The leather scroll suddenly caught fire at one point and the flame was absorbed through Qin Feng’s glabella . Within seconds, the leather scroll turned black, then grey, and finally dispersed as dust .

Within Qin Feng’s conscious realm, the large number of fire runes was all dyed by the gem of darkness and transformed into Hellfire . It spun around the diamond planet within Qin Feng and dark red flames gradually engulfed the entire core and took the form of a scarlet dragon .

After all the runes were imprinted onto the core, the dragon fully materialized and seemed eager to wreak havoc under the command of his new master .

Qin Feng had thoroughly mastered the new skill within a short amount of time .

His unique ability allowed him to improve drastically at an unprecedented rate .

Nonetheless, E-tier and below were considered entry-level . After that, the difficulty of being promoted to the next level would become significantly tougher .


The next day, Qin Feng contacted Chi Long to inform him about his departure .

“Why not spend some time to chill in our city? We have some extraordinary sceneries here . ” Chi Long laughed and said .

“I wish to but I have many things to deal with . After all, I still have a small colony to take care of . ” He was actually not involved much in the development and management of Fengli but he used it as an excuse .

“Haha . I get it . I have prepared an automobile for you . Take it as a sign of my gratitude and as a thanks for the help from Lady Bai!” Chi Long said joyfully .

In front of Qin Feng and Bai Li was a luxurious hover limousine . It was equipped with autopilot and was very spacious . The mobile appeared stylish and comfortable .

This luxury car cost Chi Long a fortune . It was priced at twenty million .

Chi Long did not earn as much and as fast as Qin Feng . Twenty million was considered ludicrous spending by his standard . But he decided to spend it anyway . After all, Qin Feng had given him thirty million before so he wanted to repay Qin Feng and leave him with a good impression .


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“Don’t be . In the future, just call me if you need a hand!”

“Naturally,” Qin Feng nodded . He thought highly of Chi Long . He was smart, diligent, and comfortable to be around .

Qin Feng did not wish to make him an enemy . He did not say those words out of courtesy . It was hard to walk alone in this post-apocalyptic earth . Dangers that might emerge anytime would need aptitude users like them to save the day . Besides, conflicts between different parties would surely ensue in the future .

Qin Feng would do what he could to help those he viewed as allies and he hoped for the same from Chi Long .

Qin Feng exited the city in the limousine . He changed directions as soon as they were out of the city’s surveillance .

He was not heading back to Chengyang . This was the place he wanted to go all along .

Qin Feng checked his communicator . The time on it slowly ticked toward the same time in his past life .

At the junction, one after another, trucks swirled down the mountain route . On top of each truck, several gunners were puffing leisurely while standing guard .

It was just a normal conveyance . The only unusual thing about this group would be the freight they were transporting .


These cars were traveling to Sea City . The city formed a triangle with Chengyang and Fu City . As its name suggested, this city resided by the sea, threatened to be demolished by the raging waves at any time .

Here, brutal fights broke off every now and then . Aptitude users here were ready to give their lives at any moment . Hence, they lived on the knife’s edge every day and indulged extravagantly .

A lot of teenage girls from the slums would be kidnapped and sold to Sea City .

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Qin Feng was unaware of this in his past life . He was one of those guards on the roof then .

Though he figured it out later on, he did not have enough courage and capability to save them after narrowly escaping death himself .

More than ten trucks passed him by like the wind . They did not notice Qin Feng at the corner . Qin Feng started the limousine’s engine and trailed behind them .

One of the gunners noticed Qin Feng’s limousine immediately .

“Wow! Where did this tycoon come from?”

The owner of the luxurious limousine must be showing off . Otherwise, he or she would not have driven this car out in the wild .

To an ordinary G-tier aptitude user, only a tycoon could have afforded such a vehicle .