Master of the End Times - Chapter 182

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:35:21 AM

Chapter 182: Mutant’s Old Lair

Chapter 182: Mutant’s Old Lair

They were all covered in long fur, and they had a normal human body’s upper part combined with a cat’s lower part . As they crawled on the ground, their movements were like that of a cat’s .

Some even had fangs in their mouth, with dull yellow skin and protruded noses, akin to that of pigs .

There were also bears, rats, and hawks!

The laboratory was larger in size and was even more horrifying than the others .

The atmosphere was more terrifying with the presence of human beings that were being trapped in the special cages for experiment!

It had definitely surprised Qin Feng, but he was even more agitated by it .

All this while, he had been thinking that the Z Organization was only an insignificant organization that was not widely known, that was why he had never heard of such an organization in his past life .

However, now, he realized that he was wrong .

Terribly wrong .

How could a small and insignificant organization be capable of owning such a tremendous capacity in conducting experiments of such a scale!

Regardless of the reason behind it, such experiments should not be allowed to continue, as the methods that they had taken were those that would only be adopted by the Dark Coalition .

Qin Feng would eliminate such experiments if he were able to identify any .

In the next moment, flames surrounded Qin Feng and engulfed the entire room .

Boom boom boom!

Every machine equipment in the control room exploded, and all of the video recordings were destroyed . Although there might be some that had been sent out, at the very least, there would not be any recordings of Qin Feng and it would never have any other recordings in the future!

It was a decision that Qin Feng had to make to protect himself .

The deafening sounds of explosions and the blazing flames had instantly triggered the fire protection system, and as soon as the alarm went off, water sprayed out from the fire sprinkler pipe, and the Hellfire flames instantly evaporated it into steam .

Then, Qin Feng kicked toward the main entrance with his leg and walked into the connecting passage .

The loud explosion had definitely drawn attention from the base, and everyone was contacting the central operations room, but all in vain .

It was because the control room had been destroyed by Qin Feng .

Some of them rushed toward Qin Feng’s direction and his attire that was different from the rest had drawn their attention toward Qin Feng .

“Who are you?” One of them shouted in anger, and without waiting for his reply, they started firing shots at him .

Without any delay, Qin Feng continued to move forward as the bullets fired at him were halted in mid-air one meter around him before scattering all over the ground .

Qin Feng was not harmed even one bit .

A person that was armed with a firearm was stunned by the scene . Although Qin Feng was not moving at great speed, the E-tier aptitude user badge on his chest was already terrifying enough .

“Hostile attack!!! Hostile attack!!!”

That person shouted into his communicator .

Qin Feng shifted his feet and kicked the ground lightly, several bullets were launched toward that person’s skull .


The eyes of that person were wide open in disbelief at the way he was killed .

Everyone in the laboratory began to panic when they heard that person’s scream .

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“What is happening?” In the laboratory, an elderly person that had just completed his surgical operation asked in a deep voice, he was clearly enraged .

“Professor Wang, there are intruders in the laboratory, and the surveillance system is not working, it seems that the operations room has been destroyed by someone!”

“Trash!” Professor Wang shouted furiously and instantly activated the second backup plan of the control room, then, he connected it with the communicator in his hand .

Soon, Qin Feng’s shadows were captured in his surveillance feed .

However, Qin Feng’s entire body was covered in black shadows from the dark runes, he was like an irregular-shaped shadow that was not an actual figure .

Professor Wang felt relieved and inhaled deeply .

Then, he became excited and his face was flushed bright-red!

“Dark ability user, great, great, great, quick, send someone to capture him, and I want him alive, hahaha!”

Professor Wang shouted in excitement .

The presence of dark ability users was extremely rare, but everyone knew about the power of dark abilities .

Including the Finger of Death that could strip off life, and also the Dark Plague that could wipe out an entire race without being noticed .

Scientists were crazy about finding out about these elements .

Although Professor Wang might not know the reason behind the presence of this person, or even his intention of creating chaos around the place, the professor had already firmed up the decision to execute the capture as soon as possible . There were even several experimental ideas that had already been formed in his mind!

“He is now in the passage outside the operations room, release the poison, get him sedated!” Professor Wang commanded .

“Yes! Professor Wang!”

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The others immediately followed the instructions, and it was fortunate that even without the functioning of an operations room, the location of the enemy could be quickly identified and decisions could be made within a short time .

While Qin Feng was still in the passage, suddenly, a metal plate fell off from the ceiling and a giant black hole appeared before him .

A gun appeared from the hole, and within the next moment, foggy dust was being sprayed out from it .

Qin Feng lifted his gaze and looked up at the gun, he activated his conscious energy, and the muzzle was then twisted by a powerful and brutal force .

Furthermore, the poisonous gas was too mild to cause any effect on Qin Feng, an E-tier aptitude user .

Qin Feng then left the passage and entered another space . He extended the perception of his conscious energy and identified the location of the laboratory .

At that moment, Professor Wang was infuriated when he saw that Qin Feng had casually walked into the laboratory, he roared, “Go, capture him, even if it is only his dead body!”

Everyone in the laboratory heard the roar from their communicators and began to gather around to stop Qin Feng .

However, they only knew belatedly how powerful Qin Feng was when he had appeared before them!

“Professor Wang, he, he is an E-tier aptitude user!”

“What is so great about E-tier? Your abilities are equivalent to the capability of an F-tier beast king, why would you be afraid of an E-tier, get him!”

Everyone hesitated for a moment, then, they bit the bullet and said, “Professor Wang, wait for good news from me!”

“Haha, great, I will help you with another round of genetic modification upon your return, you will be enhanced and be closer to perfection!”

Those who heard what Professor Wang said felt the immediate motivation and excitement .

Despite being a difficult experiment, every successful case of genetic experiment would grant the subject of the experiment the capability of a beast king, while the perfection that was mentioned by Professor Wang was referring to the possibility of achieving E-tier!

It was something that they could not achieve even if they had put in effort to train for decades .

They had forsaken their past lineage for stronger capabilities, and they were being transformed into indescribable monsters that were neither human nor beast . What was there to hold them back from enhancing their capabilities and becoming stronger?

With that in mind, they started to rush toward Qin Feng’s location .

At that moment, there were other gunners attempting to stop Qin Feng, but they were all slaughtered mercilessly .

None of them could resist the attacks from Qin Feng .

Suddenly, a shadow dashed before Qin Feng, he was holding onto a syringe filled with blue liquid . He injected the liquid into his body, and he instantly underwent a shocking mutation .

His skin turned into a dull yellow colour, it was like he was being covered by a layer of cuticles . His hair became coarse and his nostrils were enlarged along with the rapid growth of his body height and size .

Within a split second, he was already above two meters in height, despite having an extremely swollen back and waist, his combat power had been increased tremendously .

Needless to say, he looked utterly gruesome!