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Chapter 19

Threadsnakes were actually not easy to kill . But no matter how strong they were, they were unable to evade Qin Feng’s deadly accurate shots .

 Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

 Qin Feng pressed firmly on the crossbow’s trigger sending an arrow flying, piercing a viper in the head .

 1The threadsnake struggled but soon slowed to a stop .

 Qin Feng continued like an angry cannon, shooting out arrows with great speed and managing to kill another two more .

 Xiao Jing quietly watched Qin Feng in awe and fear .

 Qin Feng pulled out the dagger in his boots and tossed it to her .

 “Take this, cut them up as I did just now, and collect the parts!”

 “Mmm!” exclaimed Xiao Jing in embarrassment, seeing that the piece of steel that she used earlier was a joke . She grabbed the dagger and waited for the three snakes to stop twitching before dragging them to a pile and cutting them open .

 Xiao Jing was one capable girl . Even though she had never killed snakes before, she was a good cook .

 2“These things are just our food . Nothing else, just food!” she coaxed herself, seeing the amount of blood on her hands .

 Qin Feng looked at her in encouragement and nodded approvingly, then turned his attention towards the incoming danger .

 “Chirp! Chirp!” Xiaobai called out again, an impending warning of something scary .

 Again, it was more threadsnakes . Their eyes were murderous, provoked by the whiff of fresh blood of their kin . When the snakes spotted Qin Feng, they immediately jumped at him!

 Even though Qin Feng was fast, he soon found himself surrounded by the serpents .

 Checking his ammunition, he did not have many arrows left—only about thirty .

 3Gradually, there were more and more of them, and Qin Feng could not kill them fast enough with just a bow and a bunch of arrows .

 “What should we do now, Qin Feng? Should we retreat?” Xiao Jing could barely keep up with the incoming loot . But she had already collected quite a lot at this point .

 Qin Feng did not answer her and just threw the crossbow to the ground .

 1Right now, within his line of sight, there were eight threadsnakes .

 Qin Feng’s dantian had been strengthened; after a few days of cultivating, his inner force had increased by one thread .

 5He had been cultivating the Asteroid Assimilation in the prescribed order by first absorbing heaven and earth spirit aura . The speed was also similar to an A-tier skillset . It was definitely not as fast as absorbing others’ inner force .

 2Qin Feng threw out an invisible hand made of pure energy .

 “Asteroid Assimilation Palm!”

 3The threadsnakes were pushed off the ground, lifted into the air by an invisible force .

 1This, however, was not the most crucial part, as the skill could also create a pulling force and repelling force at the same time . These two forces could be used to defeat a creature with ease .

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 1Qin Feng swung his palm in a slapping motion, and eight threadsnakes were sucked off the ground . As the palm passed them by, all the threadsnakes exploded at the same time!

 3The entire ground was painted red in blood .

 Xiao Jing was dumbfounded at the gruesome sight, not knowing how she should react .

 1As quickly as he could, Qin Feng absorbed the energy from the snakes, increasing his strength and speed by double .

 “My absorption skill is going to be a benefit to this skill!” said a happy Qin Feng, sounding a lot more confident than he did .

 4As the skies darkened, no other snakes appeared to attack .

 “Pack up and get ready to leave!” Qin Feng knew that this meant that the threadsnakes within a one-kilometer radius had been cleared .

 Xiao Jing’s face was glowing as she began to pack everything up .

 They had roughly killed about 43 threadsnakes . With their skins stacked, it filled up Qin Feng’s pockets, and his combat backpack was crammed with gallbladders and fangs . As for the meat, Qin Feng was not going to bring any of it back .

 2“This is your share!” Qin Feng gave Xiao Jing three snakes worth of materials .

 She was taken aback for a moment but did not refuse him . “How much could these be exchanged for?”

 Qin Feng calculated for a moment before concluding, “Around 10,000!”

 At that, Xiao Jing’s eyes widened like two golfballs!

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 That meant that if she tagged along with Qin Feng for eight days, she stood to earn up to 80,000!

 “Are you coming tomorrow?” Xiao Jing suddenly realized that she was crude, but still, she asked anyway .

 “Of course you are! We’ll set up a tent in the plantation today . It’ll be inconvenient to have to walk all the way back . Let’s go!”

 Qin Feng picked up the backpack filled with snake parts and carried a small combat backpack in his hand . Xiaobai jumped back inside and then kicked at the bottles, unhappily pouting itself away .

 “Chirp! Chirp!” Xiaobei leaped out, looking annoyed and jumped onto Qin Feng’s shoulder .

 Seeing his buddy in distress, Qin Feng patted Xiaobai endearingly .

 “Remember to go back inside later . We don’t want other people to see you . ”


 Qin Feng started to walk .

 Xiao Jing looked at the bloody battlefield and called out, “Qin Feng! What about this meat? We’re not taking them?”

 “They’re too heavy!” They were not even a team, and yet, they had managed to yield loot a large group would struggle to obtain . While other people had trouble of not having enough to go around themselves, Qin Feng had so much that he could not take them all .

 Xiao Jing looked at all the meat . To her, she saw wasted profit! All these were money!

 1In the colony, low ranking people could not afford to eat high-quality gourmet like that . One single threadsnake could cost up to 2,000 Chinese currency, Xiao Jing’s parents combined salary for one month .

 Xiao Jing clenched her jaw and stuffed one big threadsnake into her own backpack, enough to fill up her large-ish backpack .

 Then she picked up two more, which she draped around her neck, ignoring the blood and filth .

 Surprisingly, Qin Feng did not warn her but instead allowed her to do as she pleased .

 1He walked ahead of her with ease as the things he carried were rather light . In less than 10 minutes, Xiao Jing’s breathing had turned into an asthmatic wheeze, and the strength in her body was rapidly draining .

 But she did not complain . Huffing and puffing, she continued to soldier forward, never once asking Qin Feng for assistance .

 After around fifteen minutes, she was starting to feel faint . Her muscles ached, and her stomach growled . She was all but hungry again .

 “Hang in there . Just a little bit longer,” Xiao Jing said to herself, as she took a bite of the raw snake meat and swallowed . Thankfully, despite the putrid taste in her mouth, her stomach warmed up, and she felt energized .

 2Qin Wei stared at Xiao Jing, a little shocked .

 2He had not realized that her Ancient Warrior disposition had been awakened .

 The awakening injections would awaken its user’s constitutions by increasing physical strength, speed, and many other external characteristics .

 The chances of this happening were much higher than the awakening of ability users, but also just as rare – about a 1 in 10 chance .

 In his previous life, Qin Feng met Xiao Jing only once, and he did not understand her at that time . Right now, he had a rough idea of how Xiao Jing bottomed out .

 “Eat more . Stay strong!” Qin Feng cut out a piece of meat with his dagger attempting to make it easier for her .

 “I… I feel like I have so much more energy!” Xiao Jing was a little puzzled but persuaded by Qin Feng’s gentle voice; she continued to chomp down on the snake . Taking in large bites and ignoring the disgusting raw taste and chewy texture of the reptile, her stomach absorbed all that energy like a bottomless pit .

 “You’ve awakened!” Qin Feng smiled .