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Master of the End Times - Chapter 191

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:35:08 AM

Chapter 191: Counting Assets

Chapter 191: Counting Assets

When An Zhengwei arrived at Qinghu Garden, more than an hour had passed . It was then An Zhengwei saw Qin Feng’s spoils of war .

It really was a terrifying amount .

Eight spatial rings were clearly priced and would not have made much of a profit . Each estimation had a different value with the total amount of space being two hundred twenty square meters . The total price ended up with a rather terrifying amount .

1 . 1 billion!

“Recently, you guys at Wanzong held an auction in Sea City, I plan to go there . As for the amount of money, I want it in actual bills!” Qin Feng said .

1 . 1 billion was no small amount, but for a standard city-level company like Wanzong Trading this kind of transaction was but a trifle .


“Oh, there are also a few things still attached to that space . I don’t have a use for them . You can make a list and deal with it yourself . If the tier is too low I can have Sun Yu deal with it . ” Qin Feng added .

“That’s not a problem, Mr . Qin, I’ll help you contact him!”


The items were all stored inside the space, but they were vastly different in value compared to the gigantic number of spatial items . The net worth of an F-tier aptitude user was usually around one million, no way as prosperous as Qin Feng was .

The net worth of an E-tier aptitude user was leagues higher . Chi Long’s shells were about a hundred million each, even just a few of them would have used up a substantial amount of money .

However, Qin Feng did a little bit of digging and found that the net worth of the four dead E-tier aptitude users was almost around two hundred million each . This was accumulated over the years . Even those mutated F-tiers would not have possibly amounted to that much, seven to eight million at most, and those spatial runic equipment was probably given by the laboratory .

The spatial runic equipment containing Professor Wang’s massive quantities of precious experimental materials would earn him five hundred million yuan after they were processed .

Just dealing with this batch of scattered things would net Qin Feng around 1 . 3 billion . When he helped recover Han Town, he obtained 400 million, and Professor Wang’s anonymous black card had 150 million .

Counting his combined assets, spatial runic equipment, spoils of war and materials for exchange, Qin Feng added it up to a total of 3 billion .

Ordinary E-tier ability users would have to work themselves to the bone to gain this amount of things that was equivalent to the wealth that Qin Feng possessed!

Of course, most of this amount came from killing people but Qin Feng did not kill innocents, only those that he could not stand . This behavior had made him a thorn in many people’s sides, and or, a stumbling block .

After acquiring twenty Huizhen pellets from An Zhengwei, Qin Feng turned off his communicator and shut it down entirely .


In the quiet of the night, as the sky turned dark, Qin Feng sat cross-legged in his training room and felt the turbulence inside his body .

In the dark, Qin Feng visualized his dantian as a cloud of thick mist floating in the air . After the pellets were ingested, an explosive internal force filled his body .

These were pellets designed only for E-tier aptitude users, one single slip of control and the force would tear the body apart .

Fortunately, Qin Feng had his ability .




At this point, Qin Feng originally had eighty five groups after cultivating his internal force mist groups . This time, after the pellets were ingested, the mist began to increase again and two days later it expanded to become ninety nine groups . The mist was so dense in the dantian that it felt as if it was too much to bear . After shattering the original limit, his dantian continued to expand and the walls grew thicker to accommodate more internal force .

Not only that, he felt a change within the force itself .

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If the previous type of internal force was mist-like and floated in the air, this time, the internal force seemed to have gained some weight, fusing together into a cloud-like shape sinking to the lower parts of the dantian .

In F tier, the internal force was more or less like a gas, all mist like .

In E tier, the internal force would condense into a sea of clouds .

The sea of clouds fell into the deeper portions of the dantian, the clouds rolled, almost wave-like, in their movements .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

“Sink again!”

The fluffy mist turned into a sea of clouds and started sinking .

The third layer, the fourth layer, the fifth…

Very quickly, the inner portions of his dantian began to hold up to ten layers of the sea-like clouds .

If one layer of cloud represented one stage of an E tier ancient warrior, then Qin Feng’s internal force had reached the peak of E tier .

However, Qin Feng had always been nine times more powerful than the other aptitude users . He had a solid foundation, the special ability of Asteroid Assimilation, the absorption ability, and now he had extraordinary strength and dantian capacity .

“Hoo!” Qin Feng let out a breath, feeling the roaring sea that was his internal force, and he felt more confident in having to face the Xin family .

“A birthday feast? You mean Feast at Hongmen[1]?” Qin Feng let out a frosty laugh . “Xin family, your turn to make a move!”

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The next day, Qin Feng took Bai Li along in the luxury class hover limousine that Chi Long had gifted to them to Chengyang City .

This time around, it had only been half a month . For the Xin family who had been standing in Chengyang City for forty years, it was only the blink of an eye .

The Xin family was very big and had an extensive background .

That very morning, the front door already had an endless stream of people . The other four big families had also sent over their juniors, all of which were F-tier aptitude users . Some were actually seniors in their forties and some were twenty-year-old rising stars .

At the front door of the Xin family’s manor stood Xin Jiasheng and a young man with a prominent expression which made him look slightly fierce . They were both greeting the guests .

This person who was fierce-looking was the Xin family main line’s number one, having already reached E-tier at just the age of twenty nine . He was called Xin Jiayu .

“I don’t know if this Qin Feng person you mentioned would even show up . I really want to meet him, someone who can kill a piece of trash like Xin Guang is probably a strong one!”

Being of E-tier, their strengths would be different, but for a genius who could smash the boundaries and challenge outside of the order, it was someone to be held in contempt .

Although Xin Guang was older than Xin Jiasheng and Xin Jiayu, he was of a side branch and they were not that close to each other . With every new addition to the family, the stronger the family would become, but the internal competition would also become more and more intense .

“Brother, please be careful . The person that went to invite Qin Feng came back with the news about him reaching E tier . Don’t underestimate him and don’t end up making things go awry!”

Xin Jiasheng originally wanted to warn his brother to not underestimate his enemy but after the words came out of his mouth it made him seem weak .

“Trash, you’ve got some nerve!” Xin Jiayu exclaimed .

Xin Jiasheng’s face turned red but he did not refute . He could only turn to a newcomer and welcome them by putting a smile on his face . This was extremely uncomfortable for him!

It was 10am, the banquet was about to start yet there was no sign of this Qin Feng person . Xin Jiayu glowered .

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Although ancient warriors were not bothered by the temperature outside or get tired from just standing still for a very long time, Xin Jiayu felt like he was losing face .

Then, all of a sudden, a special luxury hover limousine drove in from the distance . The energy fluid required to fuel this kind of vehicle was expensive, only a few special families in Chengyang City could afford to drive such a car!

But those people who could were all inside already!

“Who is that?” was the thought that appeared in Xin Jiasheng and Xin Jiayu’s heads

Finally, the car stopped at the side of the road and when the car door opened, they saw that the person they had been waiting for had arrived!

It was Qin Feng!

[1] This refers to the Feast at Swan Goose Gate, a historical event where the future Han emperor Liu Bang escaped a murder attempt by Xiang Yu, a warlord that rebelled against the Qin Dynasty .