Master of the End Times - Chapter 192

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Chapter 192: Just Attending

Chapter 192: Just Attending

Qin Feng was wearing a custom-tailored suit . Prior to his rebirth, he had attended countless events like these and naturally would not be flustered by the situation . He even knew the proper etiquette .

He was not wearing any rune equipment except for a ring with a silver and grey gem on his finger . This ring was nothing more than a piece of spatial runic equipment meant to grab people’s attention .

It was not polite for guests to bring weapons to the doors of their hosts .

Qin Feng went to the front passenger seat and opened the car door .

A pair of slender feet that looked like white jade stepped out, on it a pair of exquisite high-heels . The fair ankles looked so fragile that it seemed like they would break at any moment . The exposed calves were delicate and perfect like white porcelain .

Looking even further, a fairy-esque gauze skirt emerged and a devastatingly beautiful face had also entered the people’s line of sight .

The surrounding people who had been watching widened their eyes, not wanting to miss a single second of this sight . It was as if it came straight from a dream, like a fairy that would disappear at any moment .

This person was Bai Li .

Xin Jiasheng was the first to react, clearly seeing the two and he exclaimed, “Qin Feng!”

Bai Li gently lifted her hand and the hover car was sucked into her pocket space, then she held onto Qin Feng’s arm, following after him .

A handsome boy and a gorgeous girl, all eyes were on them for quite some time .

“So that’s Qin Feng!”

“Is that the mayor of the new colony?”

“Did you hear? The Xin family sent someone to invite Qin Feng but he broke the person’s legs and threw him out!”

“Twenty one wins in a row in the combat pit, I didn’t expect him to be so young . ”

“It’s said that Fu City awarded him with an E-tier aptitude user badge . I’m not sure if he actually is an E-tier aptitude user . ”

A group of people murmured among themselves with an air of suspicion and hope for entertainment in their eyes .

These people did not know of Qin Feng’s strength . Besides, Qin Feng changed into a suit today and was not wearing the E-tier aptitude user badge, which raised questions among the people .

At this time, Qin Feng had walked to Xin Jiasheng’s side .

“Didn’t think you’d show up!” Xin Jiasheng said with a gaze full of resentment . Even though he didn’t fight in the combat pit, he had lost a lot of face . It was Xin Jiasheng’s fault that the family lost a respected elder, so how could he not hate Qin Feng .

The head of the Xin family, who was also Xin Jiasheng’s grandfather, was extremely furious at him . There were no further arrangements to have anyone else be his bodyguard so Xin Jiasheng would not dare display his arrogance .

Yet, how could he stay calm after seeing the culprit behind his current problems?

“Your family had the guts to invite me, so I think I should have some guts to come!” Qin Feng said dismissively .

At this moment, Xin Jiayu’s eyes flashed with a hint of coldness .

“So this is Mayor Qin, your name has been known for a long time as a thunder piercing the ears[1]!”

Xin Jiayu extended his hand and seemed to be very enthusiastic about Qin Feng . It was only the coldness in his eyes that made it look like he was staring holes into people .

Qin Feng did not seem to have felt that and also extended his hand to shake hands with the other person .

“Nice to meet you!”

The moment the two men’s hands were clasped, a wave of internal force erupted from the palm of each hand, and a powerful blast of air seemed to collide with one another, strong enough to scour the flesh off one’s body .

What sounded like the roaring ocean came from the hands of the two .

The two E-tier ancient warriors were comparing each other’s internal power . It was only for a moment, and Xin Jiayu’s complexion paled, his eyes looked like he was in a perilous situation .

Beads of sweat the size of beans began to form on his forehead .

“Hehe, Mayor Qin . This way… please!” The way the last word came out from his mouth sounded like it was spoken through gritted teeth .

Qin Feng smiled faintly, watching Xin Jiayu withdraw his hand, trying to make his action natural .

“I’m not one to reject such courtesy!”

Qin Feng gave the hand a firm grip before retracting his hand and walking away .

Xin Jiayu’s eyes bulged but he gritted his teeth and did not cry out . It was after Qin Feng had left that his hand began to swell and turn bloody red, like someone had used a hammer and smashed it .

Qin Feng’s display of strength just now shattered the bones in his hand .

Xin Jiasheng did not know what the big deal was with Xin Jiayu, he found himself being overwhelmed with discontent when he saw that Qin Feng had just swaggered in unhindered .

“Brother, you just let him in?” He did not even embarrass the guy in the slightest and just let him pass .

“Shut it!” Xin Jiayu was annoyed, he secretly believed that his brother was actually blind .

It was then, Xin Jiasheng stowed away his hatred for Qin Feng as he noticed that something was not quite right with Xin Jiayu as his face had turned pale .

Then, Qin Feng suddenly stopped and a burning gold invitation appeared in his hand .

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“Oh yeah, I didn’t give you my invitation!” After saying that, the invitation filled with internal force flew from ten meters away .

Xin Jiasheng watched the golden invitation sail through the air with a trail of energy behind it, like it was a sharp weapon flying through the air so fast that it could not be avoided . Xin Jiasheng immediately raised a hand to snatch it out of the air .

He had not noticed the internal force contained in the invitation and the moment Xin Jiasheng touched it, it was like a venomous viper that had sunk its fangs into his skin, the internal force drilling itself into his palm .

Xin Jiasheng was unprepared and suddenly felt the internal force enter his hand .

Ancient warriors all had protection against internal force, even if Xin Jiasheng did not actively infuse his internal force to protect himself, his own power would have automatically defended the body .

However, this protection had a certain limit, and compared to Qin Feng’s internal force, Xin Jiasheng’s might as well have been like a clay chicken[2] .

In the next moment, the internal force unleashed reckless destruction, causing all of the meridians in the hand that received the invitation to be shredded .

This was much more painful than getting bones crushed .

“Argh!” Xin Jiasheng did not have the same fortitude as Xin Jiayu, and he screamed on the spot .

The surrounding area fell dead silent .

With just having arrived, Qin Feng had already incapacitated two hands that belonged to the youngest ones of the Xin family’s most powerful users . It was with great pride that they welcomed guests for the Xin family but now they seemed so vulnerable .

It was not that they were weak, it was that Qin Feng was too strong!

“Shut up and let’s go!” Xin Jiayu could not bear the pain anymore, grabbing Xin Jiasheng with his good hand, he dragged him off to find the family doctor .

He stormed past Qin Feng, who gave him a chilling grin .

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How dare he make him lose face, combined with the want of revenge, he was definitely going to make complaints about Qin Feng .

Today, if the Xin family were to not treat him kindly, then he was not going to treat them kindly either .

The courtyard of the Xin household was huge, and a red carpet was laid all the way through the manor’s halls with servants moving about, leading guests to the largest hall within the house .

Qin Feng and Bai Li were naturally not guided, in fact they were met with avoidance . Qin Feng did not need to be guided, he led Bai Li to find the entrance before entering the hall .

The hall was fitted with a buffet, with garments of extravagance moving about and the tinkling of wine glasses . Many people in the slums could not even afford to eat and yet compared to this scene it was like viewing an entirely different world .

Behind the vermilion gates, meat and wine go to waste while out on the road lie the bones of the frozen[3]!

“All the food here looks so delicious!” Bai Li’s eyes lit up . Qin Feng took Bai Li to the barbeque station for her to start eating to her heart’s content, scarfing down whatever she could pick up .

As Bai Li entered the hall, she caught many people’s attention and her manners were not exactly something to write home about . Some people looked at the two with a dumbfounded expression, quickly asking the others nearest to them who they were looking at . Faces changed and emotions shifted as they learned of the two’s identities .

Qin Feng then spotted an acquaintance .

It was An Zhengwei who he made a transaction with three days ago .

[1] A Chinese saying for ‘A well-known reputation’ .

[2] A Chinese saying for ‘A shape but no substance’ .

[3] A Chinese saying for ‘Wasting resources on personal desires’, also used to represent how lavish the scene is .