Master of the End Times - Chapter 209

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Chapter 209: Treasure Cave

Chapter 209: Treasure Cave

Yang Sanhu shifted in his seat . “Mayor Qin, you know that I’ve been roaming in the wilderness for many years, so I know a bunch of good places that I was unable to reach due to my own shortcomings . Would you like to accompany me to these places?”

Qin Feng’s eyes lit up .

He had been waiting for the general to say this!

“I’d love to! But still, how would the loot be divided?”

Yang Sanhu’s brows became knitted once he heard Qin Feng’s question but in the end, he sighed in defeat .

“I won’t be able to reach these places without Mayor Qin so I’m thinking of an 8:2 distribution . Of course, I’ll be taking the smaller portion!”

This proposition, considering how many men were under Yang Sanhu’s command, was not bad at all!


Yang Sanhu raised his cup happily and downed a shot with Qin Feng .

The Wilderness Rangers too were celebrating . Although they were clueless as to how Qin Feng was able to take down the seemingly undefeatable scaled tiger, their doubt faded away upon hearing Yang Sanhu’s promise of a sizable reward for each of them .

The rangers went on to host a noisy feast even though it was only noontime when the general returned . After the meal, Yang Sanhu suggested that Qin Feng get some rest .

The general did not know the extent to which Qin Feng had mastered his absorption skill . He thought that Qin Feng must have expanded a lot of energy during the fight and the most important thing after using up so much consciousness was to get some quality rest . At least, that was what applied to him .

Qin Feng did not refute the general’s advice and agreed to unwind for the rest of the day .

As night fell, the Wilderness Rangers remained vigilant, constantly on the lookout for any ultra beast that may come sneaking into their campsite .

Even so, Qin Feng and Bai Li slipped quietly between the sentries on duty and left the camp undetected .

With Bai Li’s spatial manipulation, their journey which would originally take ten minutes to complete, took merely three minutes .

Under the pitch dark sky, Qin Feng stood beside the small pool of water . His vision was however, unaffected by the darkness of night . Instead, his vision was as clear as day owing to his unique ability .

Qin Feng’s consciousness was at its peak after all .

Reaching his hands into the cool spring water, he let loose his consciousness, scanning through the entire body of liquid .


The bottom of the pool was perfectly flat and there were visible traces of human activity from the past . It was obvious that this was not Yang Sanhu’s doing .

Though, it was his loss for not noticing this pool .

Qin Feng raised his cupped hands and sipped a mouthful of this spring water . It tasted naturally sweet, like nectar .

“As they say, only those who are capable can get good stuff in life!” Qin Feng’s consciousness erupted as a slight smile broke across his face .

In Qin Feng’s “eyes”, his surroundings had started turning transparent and were going through energization .

The way he looked at things changed the moment he gulped down the spring water .

The ground surface appeared to be in a completely different state . Even the creatures that were burrowed underground had become visible .

While the body of water was devoid of anything special, apart from the water flowing into the pool from above, there was another stream flowing into the pool underneath the water’s surface . Following it upstream, this water flowed in a winding fashion and further away, there appeared to be water that dripped down from a source intermittently .

Seeing through the granite, Qin Feng noticed glowing white balls that were of varying sizes .

They shone brightly and warm energy constantly radiated from their cores . Some threads of energy seemed to have flowed into the aforementioned stream and hence, ended up in the pool of water .

Qin Feng’s previous guess was proven wrong . Before this, he thought that there were certain things underneath the pool but that obviously was wrong and instead, this “thing” was located on the opposite side of the cliff, within a large cave opening .

It was at least fifty meters away from this pool and would be impossible to find using even the most high-tech search instruments .

Apart from that, there was no gunner or ability user in the Wilderness Rangers that had a consciousness strong enough to locate the source of this energy .

Qin Feng had found this thing before anyone could!

“Bai Li! In this direction, there’s a cavern! I need you to bring us there!”

With Bai Li around, Qin Feng could appear almost anywhere . With the point of a finger, Bai Li could already feel what he was talking about and subsequently, shifted their position over to the specified cavern .

Immediately after their teleportation, even the faint moonlight that was shining above the jungle was nowhere to be seen . They were in a pitch-black underground structure and the sound of water flowing could be heard somewhere nearby .

Qin Feng withdrew his consciousness .

Even in such a place, Qin Feng’s surroundings were like from before, as clear as day .

They were standing in the middle of what was once a gigantic underground river that had now dried up into a stream that did not even reach the width of a human palm .

This however, was not the most eye-catching thing .

This was also another place, an equally gigantic cemetery .

Of course, it was not a cemetery for humans but instead, a cemetery for fishes .

As his surroundings entered into Qin Feng’s view, he quickly analysed it with his consciousness .

His pupils constricted . With large strides, he walked quickly over to the side of the cavern, paying no attention to the bumpy surface underneath his feet . There appeared to be a large crack on the rocky wall but it was not a result of some natural phenomenon .

“Bai Li, come take a look at this!”

Bai Li skipped over, dodging the fishy fossils that stood in her way .

“Hubby, this is a spatial rift that appeared a long long time ago! Though, no worries, it’ll close up soon!” Bai Li answered a question that was never asked .

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Qin Feng picked up a small shell off the ground and lo and behold, it was an ultra beast .

“Silver Pearl?” Qin Feng’s eyes glimmered .

It was an E-tier ultra beast commonly found in large oceans but was harmless for the most part .

Apart from its extremely hard outer shell, it did not and could not attack humans . What it could do however, was produce energy pearls and each one could be sold for up to 30,000 yuan .

It was like picking money up from the curbside .

At least, that was what Qin Feng thought when he picked up the ultra beast .

The rift opened up within a mountain, letting loose countless marine creatures into this place . As the water gradually dried up however, these creatures, having lost their means to survive, perished alongside the underground river .

The details on how they came about were irrelevant to Qin Feng . The only thing in his mind right now was profit .

Using his consciousness, Qin Feng levitated every item within the cavern that was radiating energy into the air .


In the blink of an eye, the air was filled with countless little things . A majority of them were white rock-like things which were presumably fossilized energy stones .

However, they were surprisingly small, only around the size of a thumbnail . Such a naturally-occuring energy stone did not contain a lot of energy but it could be sold for a lot more in comparison to an energy crystal . At the very least, they were around 30,000 to 50,000 each .

Roughly counting, there were at least thirty of them .

Millions in profit!

“Rise once more!”

Qin Feng’s consciousness grabbed at whatever it could detect, it was like shooting fish in a barrel . It went to the point where he could no longer contain his excitement .

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There were some that had energy restraints in their transformation process into energy stones but they were good to Qin Feng nonetheless .

“What’s this? A fish tooth? It’s an E-tier material?”

“Woah, look at the size of this fish scale!”

“So many shells! It’s such a shame that they’re dead!”

Qin Feng kept searching through the items .

His loot littered the cavern floor and they were all pretty neat stuff .


Qin Feng’s eyes stopped at a massive skeleton on the ground in front of him .

It was glowing white amidst the darkness . The skeleton was distinct from other fossils in that it was completely intact whereas the others had already powderised a long time ago . In fact, it was even exuding a strong aura .

“D-tier!” Qin Feng was able to make out its potential within a second .

He checked his surroundings briefly . Underneath the fish skeleton, there were palm-sized scales all over the floor, some of which were in contact with the tiny stream . And around said area, the water contained so much energy that it was frightening .