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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:36:55 PM

Chapter 21

The power coursing through Qin Feng’s veins had reached a G3 tier . However, Asteroid Assimilation allowed him to come up with an attack that was ten times more powerful than whatever his current strength was . Those threadsnakes? Those were not worthy of being his opponents .

 As Xiao Jing awakened, the power in her body started to snowball . When it came to speed, reflex, and combat experience, Xiao Jing was still relatively weaker than Qin Feng . However, she was more than powerful enough to hunt ancient beasts on her own .

 1Listening to Qin Feng left Xiao Jing slightly shocked1 . But then again, she was by no means greedy . After seeing around 30 threadsnake bodies on the ground, she simply nodded her head and said, “Fine!”

 3Xiao Jing took out a few ropes and tied the reptiles together, dragging them alongside with her . Qin Feng did the same as well . With the army truck that they borrowed from the military, it was unnecessary for the two of them to dissect the corpses right here right now . All they needed to do was to bring them back to the base .


 Suddenly, just as they were about 100 meters from the truck, Qin Feng prepared himself to go into combat mode .

 Xiaobai squeaked, its voice clearly filled with anger and murderous rage . Immediately, Qin Feng put down the threadsnakes and combat backpack .

 “What is going on?!” asked Xiao Jing .

 “Just wait here . Don’t follow me!” replied Qin Feng harshly before disappearing into the woods .

 To put it in a better way, Qin Feng had transformed into a blurry, greyish figure, hidden within the shadows of trees and stones . He was now invisible to others . Even Xiao Jing hadn’t the slightest on Qin Feng could turn utterly invisible to her in a matter of seconds!

 This devilishly amazing feat It was the second ability from grey element runes that Qin Feng absorbed earlier . With lightning speed, Qin Feng dashed hundreds of meters and almost instantly reemerging at a spot near the rear of the truck . Just like expected, there were people stalking him in the bushes . He even spotted an assassin with a sniper rifle taking aim .

 1Under the cloak of invisibility, Qin Feng managed to approach one of the men . Clearly bored of all the waiting and the lack of action, he pulled out his communication device trying to contact his allies .

 “Boss! How long do we need to wait? Why haven’t the two targets appeared yet?”

 It would seem that someone else, someone up the ranks, was waiting to ambush them! Looking around suspiciously and making sure that there were no eavesdroppers, the man lying in the bush turned up the volume of his device instead of changing it to reading mode .

 “It’s going to rain today . I’m pretty sure that our two targets will come back soon . I consider our luck pretty good so far! Hehe! I can’t believe that the targets are going to come to us!”

 The voice filled with greed confirmed Qin Feng’s suspicions that all those people rummaging through the bushes were indeed here to attack him .

 Were they here to rob or kill? This was the only question that lingered on his mind . Straightening up his shoulders, he came to a resolution . No matter what, he would never allow them to capture him . Never .

 “Boss, I don’t think this whole thing is a good idea . Recently, the two of them had made a name for themselves at the gathering ground! Especially the woman! She is kind of close to Li Wen!”

 1Li Wen was the military captain of the plantation .

 “Our two targets are just punks with no special abilities whatsoever! We don’t have to bear any responsibility! We can just toss them deep into the woods after we kill them! No one would find out!”

 “Yeah . That’s right! I’m not too pleased about them getting so much battle loot every bloody day! And here, we have to risk our lives to get our hands on just a few quality weapons! Unfair, is what it is!”

 2“I’m so going to choke them to death and get myself an F-tier Neigong!”

 A few of them had already started thinking about ways to use the reward of killing Qin Feng and Xiao Jing . And that had gotten Qin Feng a lot more furious . However, not letting his anger get the best of him, he restrained himself, helping him to stay invisible .

 Instead, he stealthily crept his way to the sniper that was furthest from him . Considering the protective qualities of his special ability, a low-tier gun like that would not cause too much harm to him . These powers, however, did not apply Xiao Jing . One bullet from a well-aimed sniper could definitely maim and cause fatal injuries .

 3With a fine gun, a gunner could perform extremely well even though the person might be weak in terms of power . Qin Feng could guess that this sniper was the mysterious, greed-overflowing person that spoke over the communication device earlier .

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 Qin Feng leaped onto a nearby tree, jumping over the sniper from his back and instantly gagging his mouth!


 In defense and sheer shock, the sniper started to struggle wildly . He had not expected an ambush, something that had cost him very dearly .


 Qin Feng used his other than to snap his neck . And just like that, the sniper was eliminated . The best part was, the guys lying in the bush had no idea their trump card was dead . Qin Feng gingerly placed the motionless body beside him, picking up the sniper and utilizing its scope to scan his surroundings . As he shook his head, a sly, cunning smirk appeared on his face .

 2Qin Feng was standing at the perfect vantage point . Not only could the deceased sniper see the spot where Qin Feng and Xiao Jing stood but had also managed to keep an eye on his allies . He could provide support to them whenever he wanted .

 Right now, these four people had become target practice for Qin Feng . Soon, he found his first . Amongst the four of them, two of them were gunners . Having no second thoughts, he knew these had to die first .



 The back of the gunner’s head was blown open on impact with the round, raining around him a mist of blown brains and matter .

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 The deafening ring of the gunshot instantly alerted everyone .

 “What the hell is going on? Lai Zi! Why the hell did you open fire?!”

 “F*ck! Lao Si is dead! Lai Zi killed Lao Si!”


 Another shot and another one dusted!

 2He only had two enemies left now .

 “Something is not right! That is not Lai Zi!”

 “Be careful! It’s the enemy!”

 Being ancient warriors, the two dashed instinctively to where Lai Zi was . Having the creed of a soldier, they believed that the enemy would find it impossible to hit a target consistently on the move . On the other hand, Qin Feng had no intention to take these down .

 The ominous pop of gunshots from afar got Xiao Jing extremely anxious . In the sheer blur of panic, she had forgotten Qin Feng’s order . Unable to think, she started to run with the gun in her hands . Her demure face was now clenched up in a fury .

 She had grown up a lot in these few days, no longer the innocent little girl-next-door she was . She knew exactly what had happened . There were people who wanted to rob them! Regardless if it were for money or whatever else, Xiao Jing would stand her ground . Even if it meant putting her life at risk, she resolved to let nobody wrong her in that way .

 On the other hand, Qin Feng was still standing under the tree – waiting for the ancient warriors to approach him . Most of the people that gathered at the hunting grounds were G-tier ability users . The two enemies that were walking towards him were the same as well . One of them had a G3 medal on him, and the other one had a G5 medal on him .

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 In Qin Feng’s eye, they were just a bunch of weaklings . After a few days of hunting and absorbing the force of his prey, Qin Feng was now a G3 elite .

 “Hey, bastard! Did you do this?!”

 Both of them looked up the tree and saw their ally hanging lifelessly, dead as a doornail . They had figured out that Qin Feng must have been the one that opened fire at them earlier .


“You are going to die!”

 “I’m going to die? Well nah . Unfortunately, I’m going to live this time!” said Qin Feng with a cold smile .

 His eyes burned with murderous rage as he glared at them with no remorse .

 “Die you motherf*cker! Die!”

 The G3 elite roared and swung his fist at Qin Feng, prompting Qin Feng to instantly raise his as well .


 Both fists collided with each other with colossal force! The results, however, were very different from what the enemies were expecting . Qin Feng had in fact, not been sent away by his enemy’s fabulous punch . Instead, the enemy’s wrist had been bent backwards in a horror-inducing angle after taking the full brunt of Qin Feng’s slam . The overpowering internal force generated by Asteroid Assimilation had given him dominion over all beginner-level skills!