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Master of the End Times - Chapter 212

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:34:36 AM

Chapter 212: Sea City Auction

Chapter 212: Sea City Auction

The three men looked almost in their twenties . All three of them had hazel-colored tanned skin and their muscles were well-proportioned, as if they had been working out to chisel out their bodies, and they were also extraordinarily handsome .

Upon closer inspection, their eyebrows were arched and well-trimmed .

It was true that Sea City was a city that was full of beautiful chicks, and there were also rich women amongst the female aptitude users .

It was just unexpected that these men would try to hit on Bai Li, perhaps for her money .

Qin Feng abruptly stood up at once and accepted the invitation for the match, “Fine, let’s play then!”

The men saw that Qin Feng was dressed in plain, ordinary clothes, but the communicator he held in his hand looked expensive . On the contrary, Bai Li’s dress was glimmering and flashing with expensive taste, which shouted ‘I’m a rich chick!’ . The difference between the two was too immense .

The three men stared at each other, all of them were thinking that Qin Feng was Bai Li’s boy toy .

The three immediately formed into a unified line, showing hostility toward Qin Feng .

Naturally, Bai Li wanted to team up with Qin Feng, but Tan Yue, who was watching by the side, was also dragged into the match . This meant that the three hunks would form the other team .

All of them looked very confident .

“Not too bad this way, that female aptitude user will soon witness our gallant and impressive skills!”

“Try to spike more accurately with more force, and try to aim at that pretty boy’s face . His presence here is rubbing me the wrong way . ”

“Don’t worry, I’ll surely give him a taste of my fiery spike right on the face!”

The three hunks quietly planned their mischief . Little did they know that everything they said was all heard by Qin Feng .

The volleyball was first passed to Bai Li to let her serve . She knew how to control her swing well, the ball was served and the match had started .

One of the hunks on the opposite side of the court kneeled as he received the serve . He easily hit the ball and let it steadily rise upward .

In the next moment, another handsome hunk was already leaping up high before the net, and he spiked the ball with all his might . He was aiming toward the seemingly idling Qin Feng .

The hunk on the other side of the court smiled as though he was watching a good show . It was as if he was already imagining the scene where Qin Feng’s nose was bleeding from being hit by the volleyball .

And even if Qin Feng tried to block the spike, the tremendous force would cause the volleyball to rebound and fly away, and then Qin Feng would have to pick up the ball from a distance .


To their surprise, Qin Feng cupped both of his palms and gently dragged up both arms . The ball was well received and it flew straight up into the air .

Qin Feng jumped up high and spiked the ball with a powerful swing .

The volleyball flew over the net and it was heading toward the hunk who spiked the ball before .

That person did not even expect the ball to fly so fast, and it was already too late to block the spike!


The sound the ball made when it landed on the hunk was a tad bit too loud . He was knocked backward by the force and his butt crashed onto the sand, the ball rebounded and shot up into the sky .

The two other hunks had their sights locked onto the ball . One of them dashed for it and he hit the ball to bring it back into the court .

The hunk who fell to the ground only felt a slight pain on his forehead . To his surprise, it was not much of a problem, so he joined the match again .

The corners of Tan Yue’s lips twitched . He could see that a visible bruise was starting to quickly form on the hunk’s forehead .

Bai Li laughed as the ball was passed to their side .


Qin Feng flicked his wrist as he went for a murderous spike . The boy toy on the opposite court received the spike and his arm was immediately swollen from the forceful impact .


Qin Feng had his hands over the net, ready to block the spike . The ball hit his arm and bounced back, hitting the boy toy right in the eye socket .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

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After playing for half an hour, the players from the opposite side of the court were exhausted even though they had worked out and trained their stamina . On the contrary, Bai Li’s team seemed to have not played enough and wanted more .

“Alright, no more playing! You guys are impossible to beat!”

The three of them understood the basics of volleyball matches . “Volleyball scores aren’t based on how chiselled your muscles are . Look, we actually scored more than you guys!”

Bai Li sighed as she gave the three hunks a look of pity .

Qin Feng let out a hearty laugh . He took out a stack of cash as he walked over to them .

“Go see a doctor later! Or else, I’m afraid all of you wouldn’t be able to seduce any sugar mummies in the future!” said Qin Feng as he wrapped his arms around Bai Li’s waist, and they walked away, Tan Yue almost cried laughing as he watched this scene happen .

This showed that Qin Feng was actually quite jealous!

The three hunks had not understood what Qin Feng meant . They turned to each other and jumped in horror .

“Why is your face disfigured!”

“Are you talking about yourself? Your face looks miserable!”

“F*ck! We’ve been played!”

“Wait, how did that guy make money out of thin air? He didn’t even put his hands inside his pockets!”

“No… it can’t be! He was using a Spatial Rune Equipment!”

All three of them swallowed hard on their saliva .

In other words, that guy earlier was actually an aptitude user?

At that moment, they suddenly felt a chill gliding down their backs, and they started to have cold sweat even though it was a hot summer day .

They had miraculously escaped from death’s grip . After all, Qin Feng was actually a courteous person, otherwise he would have gifted them each a taste of his sword .

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After dining on the delicacies while enjoying the picturesque scenery, Qin Feng brought Bai Li to visit all of the fun places in Sea City . When compared to Fu City, this city was clearly more luxurious and comfortable .

Xue Xingfu and his people had arrived several days prior to join the auction . He had also sent a report to Qin Feng regarding their harvest .

Xue Xingfu really was a capable merchant . After just a few days of rotation between buying and selling, they had successfully acquired goods worth 1 . 5 billion with their original capital of just 1 billion in just the blink of an eye .

Moreover, Xue Xingfu would think of suitable ways to sell off the goods to get the capital back .

If it were not for the small market that posed as a restriction to him, Xingfu would have definitely gone on with an even larger capital .

On the third day of the official launch of the auction by Wanzong Organization, the true highlight of the auction had finally begun!

Qin Feng brought Bai Li along as they met up with Xue Xingfu, who had also brought someone else, Lin Wuyi, at the top floor parlor of Sea City’s most luxurious hotel .

That was right, this auction was held on the topmost floor of this hotel .

That was because there were not many people attending this auction .

At the front of the luxurious hall, a polite and well-mannered lady had a constant smile on her face as she welcomed the attendees that were moving about in front of her .

There were old and young attendees, but without a doubt, they all sported a badge on their chests .


All of them were aptitude users .

They were all either leaders of large colonies, or members of noble families within the city .

The appearance of Qin Feng and his group immediately drew the attention of the crowd .

After all, they were all youthful looking, not to mention Bai Li who was not only just young, but was also very powerful . Some of the people were already crowding around nearby to find out who Qin Feng was .

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Before Qin Feng could even stand still, he heard a familiar voice coming from the crowd, “Qin Feng!”

“General Han!”

Qin Feng spotted Han Jian . This time, he was sent as a representative for Chengbei colony .

“Qin Feng, you’re here too!” Another familiar face appeared, this time it was Chi Long .

Amongst the E-tier users, Qin Feng only knew these two people, but soon Han Jian introduced him to the senior visitors of Chengbei colony . Chi Long too introduced his side to Qin Feng and they greeted each other . They were saying things like, in facing battles in the future, at least they would not be strangers, and that it would be more convenient for them to form an allyship .

Qin Feng chuckled after hearing those words around him .

Battles? Allyship?

He was afraid that after this very night, there would be nothing but hatred between them!

At that moment, another group of people had appeared at the entrance .

The group was dressed oddly, all of them were rather on the wild and rough side where the women were dressed in revealing, attention-grabbing outfits that roused the crowd’s interest . Their bodies also exuded a venomous, viper-like aura .

“Look, members from the Dark Coalition!”

“They’ve arrived!”

All the people around them felt their bodies tense up .