Master of the End Times - Chapter 215

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Chapter 215: Magical Tesseract Overall Upgrade

Chapter 215: Magical Tesseract Overall Upgrade

Qin Feng had not made a single move since the beginning when the tickets were auctioned off .

“You don’t look like you care much, aren’t you interested at all? Who knows, there’s no telling what kind of chance this island will provide us!” Chi Long gave the crowd an envied look, he did not have the wealth to compete with those big shots .

“Don’t worry, the best has yet to come!” Qin Feng smiled imperiously .

His gaze fell upon the group of people from the Dark Organization that was keeping a low profile .

These people were exchanging glances with one another, their eyes were filled with mischief .

Without a doubt, these people were up to no good .

Chi Long seemed to have noticed it as well, and he could not help but furrowed his eyebrows . “With Wanzong’s strength, these people are no match!”

Qin Feng, however, did not care much .

These people would not belong to a Dark Organization if they were afraid of stirring up trouble .

Moreover, based on Qin Feng’s experience before his rebirth, it told him that something was bound to happen on this day .

“If there’s nothing to worry about, we should stay for one more night before our departure!”

Chi Long and Han Jian hesitated when they heard those words .

Han Jian did not leave empty-handed this time . As he had a lot of cash with him, he thought it would be safer to return to his place as soon as possible so that there would be less trouble .

Besides, some of the items were bought for other people from his colony .

After he had seen Qin Feng’s calm and composed demeanour, he suddenly felt a sense of trust toward him .

‘Since Qin Feng has come this far, he must have met quite a lot of people that’ve aided him in his journey . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gained so much power and strength at such a young age, or at the very least, he must be quite a lucky person!’

Han Jian was also one of the people that had witnessed Qin Feng’s growth, at this point he had decided to stay for the night .

At that time, the auction had successfully wrapped up for the day . All of the guests had left, some of which left Sea City right away, some stayed behind, and some of them had disappeared without leaving a trace .

Qin Feng went back to his room to rest, and he had instructed Lin Wuyi to keep an eye out at all times, perhaps there might be some movements during the night .

As for Han Jian and Chi Long, Qin Feng did not mention anything to them .

After all, he could not tell if these two would become his enemies once they had entered the secret realm .

“These energy cores are for you!” Qin Feng gave the energy cores that he had acquired to Bai Li . “Now that you’ve reached E-tier, advancing to the next tier will be much more difficult, so these cores might not be enough . But beast kings are very strong, yet rare, so they’re not that easy to kill . We’ll see what else we can get this time!”

Bai Li nodded . “If I get to advance to the next tier, which is the D-tier that you guys have mentioned before, I’ll probably become a beast emperor!”

A beast emperor!

Hearing these two words, Qin Feng felt a sudden jolt in his heart . He did not expect Bai Li to be this powerful and strong .

But the tougher the better, after all, Xiao Bai was Qin Feng’s right-hand woman .

“Alright, then, how many energy cores do you think you would require?”

“Maybe ten times more of what you’ve given me,” Bai Li replied .

Qin Feng was at a loss for words, it seemed that his income rate was not enough to feed Xiao Bai .

“How about we take it one step at a time, we might find more later!”

Bai Li nodded in contentment, for the time being, this was enough for her .

After chatting with Bai Li, Qin Feng took out all of the materials acquired from the auction, including the Magical Tesseract .

“Quick, let’s have a look!”

Fact was, the Magical Tesseract had another weakness . If the user wanted to upgrade items, they could only do it tier by tier, not taking a big leap in tiers . If they did, the runic equipment might get destroyed in the process .

But this weakness did not have much impact on the value of the item itself, that was why Qin Feng did not let Lin Wuyi talk about it during the auction before .

Now, Qin Feng had total understanding toward this item, which saved him a whole lot of trouble to figure out .

Since this was his first time using it, Qin Feng took out an equipment to try it out, but it was not his Verdant Emperor Saber .

It was the F5 Scarlet Fire Claw!

This was the ability rune equipment that Deng Nian had once given to him .

“Try it out with this!”

Qin Feng placed the Scarlet Fire Claw on the table, allowing the Magical Tesseract to merge with it . Qin Feng too, incorporated his consciousness into the Tesseract .

The insides of the Scarlet Fire Claw were now fully visible to him, presenting him with numerous energy nodes that surrounded the energy core of the claw, allowing him to release some of the powers contained inside .

However, Qin Feng thought that the other parts of the claw were distinctly rougher in quality .

Of course, this did not affect the power of the Scarlet Fire Claw .

Qin Feng took out a beast-general-tier flame material which he did not acquire from the auction . He got this material from Professor Wang’s spatial runic equipment during his adventure at the Z Organization’s lab in Fu City .

“My main defense doesn’t rely on any runic equipment, so there’s no point in making it this big!”

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“I want it to be more active!”

“I want the runes to be stronger and more powerful!”

By manipulating it with the power of his consciousness, the claw’s materials were swapped, and the excess materials had disappeared after being swallowed by the Tesseract .

New materials filled in the empty spaces of the claw . And in just moments, the Scarlet Fire Claw had become an E5-tier equipment . Of course, there were no markings or indications on the claw, after all, the E5 indication was engraved by the equipment manufacturer .

Afterwards, Qin Feng added in other flame materials that he had acquired from the auction, such as the horn of the Flame Lion King and a fire energy crystal core .

As the item was directly altered by the Magical Tesseract, the ability rune equipment did not emit a purple halo, but there was no doubt that it was already a beast-king-tier silver rune equipment!

The Magical Tesseract spat out the upgraded Scarlet Fire Claw .

With this claw, his abilities would also be greatly enhanced .

Then, Qin Feng also altered his combat suit . This was the reason why he had acquired so many beast king materials from the auction earlier .

It was an overall upgrade!

In the end, he finally altered the equipment which he had since the very beginning, the Verdant Emperor Saber!

The Verdant Emperor Saber merged with the Tesseract, and under the control of his consciousness, different colours settled on the blade, which was dazzling to the eyes .

The next material was star steel .

Star steel would forever be a material that would never let him down .

Of course, some of the materials of the saber were of dark nature, namely the material acquired from the defeated Giant Rat King . It was one of the materials used to create the Verdant Emperor Saber .

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In just the blink of an eye, the Verdant Emperor Saber had become an E-tier rune equipment . Moreover, the absence of silver light made the saber even more unique and mystical .

“Let’s see if the Verdant Emperor Saber can take it one step further!”

Qin Feng added in the bones and scales of the giant fish that he had found in the cave ten days ago .

It was worth noting that the giant beast was a D-tier beast king .

Even if the Magical Tesseract could remove the chaffs within the material, these materials were very huge in size . After incorporating them, it would greatly increase the size of the Verdant Emperor Saber .

The saber was rapidly growing in mass .

The entire Verdant Emperor Saber had grown into almost two-third of Qin Feng’s size, which was roughly 165 cm long . It had a 25 cm handle and a 140 cm blade, the widest section of the blade was 22 cm, which was slightly tapered downward with a thickness of 1 . 5 cm .

By just looking at it, one could tell the heaviness of the blade .

The Verdant Emperor Saber was still ink-blue, and the blade part was all black . Some fish-scale patterns had appeared on the surface of the blade .

Qin Feng was already very satisfied with its outcome!

As Qin Feng gave his consciousness a slight push, the Verdant Emperor Saber emerged with a silver light emanating from the Magical Tesseract .