Master of the End Times - Chapter 217

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:34:28 AM

Chapter 217: A Scramble for the Waymarks

Chapter 217: A Scramble for the Waymarks

By this time, the hover car’s violent charge forward had already broken through the boundaries of Sea City’s outer wall .

The first car’s driver who frantically tried to escape found himself facing a storm-like assault . Due to the condition of the road, many of the hover cars found themselves unable to scatter and as a result they were all speeding up and rushing toward him .

Sea City’s people had never seen so many high-end hover tanks and cars rushing forward like that at extreme speeds, chasing after one another and ramming into each other .

Those who were to lose their hover cars would be the equivalent of losing in this tussle .


Honk honk honk!


Shells were thrown and in the blink of an eye, three hover cars were eliminated .

Even for Han Jian and Chi Long, this kind of battle gave them a sense of fear . It looked like the situation had affected them as well .

However, the ones who could not stand this the most were not them!

The hover car that was giving off waves of spatial fluctuation was given hot pursuit, the powerful gunner could not bear to be besieged by everyone’s assault and overclocked his consciousness .

In the next moment, several shells crashed onto the car .


The hover car’s protective shield was raised in an effort to defend itself but it was shattered in the blink of an eye . The artillery fire was overwhelming and forced the one in the car to eject himself . However, he was still totally surrounded .

“Since you want it so much, go get it yourself!” The person suddenly threw the spatial waymark stone disc into the air .

Those people who got off their hover cars rushed toward the disc and started fighting over it .

Then, a huge burst of internal force instantly destroyed the disc .


The stone plate shattered and scattered silver runes all around in a flash . The space where it broke trembled violently before a swirling vortex was formed that became gradually bigger and bigger as it twisted into a dark spatial passage that was ten meters in diameter .

“Beep beep!”

Everyone’s communicators began to vibrate wildly .

A huge spatial passage had appeared . The surrounding people did not give it much thought and jumped right into the passage!

Qin Feng did not bother getting down from his car, putting the pedal to the metal, he swiftly charged straight into the rift .

“That’s it? We’re in?” Han Jian did not expect things to go that smoothly .

Qin Feng did not respond . It was very suspicious indeed that everything had gone smoothly .

In fact, he believed that there was a conspiracy behind it all! A conspiracy that had not begun yet .

He did not have anything to say either . All that mattered was the island, and it was indeed a very good island .

“Getting in is easy, but going out is going to be difficult . Have you thought about how we’re going to get out if we don’t have Sea City’s waymark?” Qin Feng muttered .

Han Jian and Chi Long’s expressions fell and they both looked behind them .

With Qin Feng taking the lead, several other hover cars followed behind them with more coming over from the other side .

“The spatial rift should last for a while, right?” Han Jian said nervously .

As soon as the sentence ended, the spatial rift began to shrink and quickly blink out of existence .

All the aptitude users that made it through the rift widened their eyes . For a moment, they felt very lost but very quickly they narrowed their vision onto a few particular people .

There was no doubt that these people had spatial waymarks with them . The people who spent one billion to buy their return tickets .

“Everyone, we’ve all come to this island together to look for treasures, not seek a way back, isn’t that right? Now that nobody currently has anything, in order for there to not be conflict, why don’t we agree to share the waymark runes with everyone?”

Those who were able to reach this point were no fools, after realizing that they were in danger, they did not hesitate to say that they would share their runes .

“Yeah! If everyone has runes then going back would not be a problem!”

“This island is dangerous! We won’t know what’s going to happen and we don’t want any infighting!”

United under this voice, everyone agreed to not do anything brash . After all, so long as they could find spatial materials, they could make a waymark and return .

Just how rare were spatial materials though? If there were none, they would have to dismantle their spatial runic equipment for some!

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While nobody had done anything yet, that thought soured some people’s expressions . However, this was not the time to tear into one another . People followed the suggestion and quickly memorized the spatial runes that could be made into waymarks . Those people that did not have as good of a memory simply recorded them down with their communicators .

The people who originally had their return tickets breathed a sigh of relief and silently thanked the person who made the suggestion to share .

After recording what they needed, some people began to split off from the group . People of the respective cities formed teams with one another . Chi Long decided to turn down the people from Fu City, and he joined up with Qin Feng .

He knew that Qin Feng was tough after all .

Qin Feng surveyed their surrounding environment and realized that they had appeared near the edge of a sandy beach . His face hardened .

“We’ll go this way,” Qin Feng said quietly . Han Jian was a little confused . “It looks pretty safe . Why don’t we set up camp for the night and set out at dawn? Otherwise, who knows what kind of danger we would encounter?”

Qin Feng gave a firm shake of his head . “Trust me . Let’s go!”

Han Jian could only nod and follow the rest deeper into the island . They could rest in the jungle later .

He did not have much experience in combat, but he was not too tired . Then again, fighting in the dark would have a chance of him missing his shots, wasting his babies . That was why he wanted to wait until daytime .


Four o’clock in the morning and the sky was just starting to turn bright, a cry pierced the air, startling the E-tier aptitude users wide-awake .

Qin Feng flipped himself up, everyone was also starting to rise from their sleeping bags .

“What’s going on?” Han Jian wondered out loud .

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Chi Long moved quickly, hopping up a nearby tree with a sniper rifle in hand, and he used the scope to peer into the distance .

He soon saw a sight that sent chills down his spine . Coming onto shore were a pack of vicious looking sea beasts!

These ultra beasts resembled crocodiles, but they were about five meters long . Each of them were gargantuan in size and were rolling around on the sand, stirring up a whole load of noise, like they were having fun in a playground .

Those E-tier aptitude users were no more than just mice invading their home, or they were free breakfast that had suddenly appeared .

The pack of vicious ultra beasts began to rush in their direction!

“Drakocrocs!” Chi Long quickly rolled down with a tremble in his voice .

Any ultra beast that bore the moniker similar to drake or dragon were not to be trifled with .

“Drakocrocs? Aren’t they born as beast soldiers that grow up to become E-tier pack-hunter ultra beasts?” Lin Wuyi had been out of touch with the outside world for five years, but there were things he would never forget from his secondary school education . He was terrified when he heard the news .

He had the strength that was the equivalent of a beast general, but even against this pack he would surely lose his life .

Qin Feng’s eyes glinted . These Drakocrocs had become his current target!

“Get ready for a fight!”

Qin Feng pulled out the Verdant Emperor Saber from his spatial runic equipment and equipped the Scarlet Fire Claw on his left hand . The pair of rune equipment that he now held made Qin Feng look quite valiant!