Master of the End Times - Chapter 218

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:34:27 AM

Chapter 218: The Ultra Beast’s Backyard

Chapter 218: The Ultra Beast’s Backyard

Han Jian had seen Qin Feng’s equipment before, but now, seeing the man wield said equipment left him momentarily awestruck .

Still, this situation did not allow him time to appreciate how cool Qin Feng looked!

Several teams were originally stationed on the beach, and as a result of the Drakocrocs coming ashore, a battle had begun . The Drakocrocs were startled by the teams and decided to give chase .

The distance of a hundred meters was just a few hops for the ultra beasts . This entire island really was part of their backyard .

An ancient warrior was sprinting like a madman with seven or eight Drakocrocs behind him . His face had a look of desperation and he was frantically using up his internal force to run faster and faster .

He soon saw Qin Feng and the rest .

“Sh*t,” Chi Long swore under his breath, aiming his sniper rifle at the ancient warrior . His action indicated that if the ancient warrior were to get any closer he would open fire and put him down!

However, being an aptitude user himself, Chi Long would not have killed him just like that, and the ancient warrior knew that . That was why he unscrupulously started running in their direction .

“We need to move, quick!” Han Jian exclaimed .

Qin Feng, on the other hand, stood his ground, waiting for the Drakocrocs to approach .

“People from the Dark Organization? They really aren’t scared of death!” Qin Feng stared at the ancient warrior who was full of surprises . The ancient warrior saw that Qin Feng was not moving and thought that he was actually going to save him!

It was a shame that Qin Feng did not repay evil with good will .


Qin Feng raised his left hand and a line of flames burst out from his palm . Previously, Qin Feng’s firebeam had been roughly a thin ray of light, now it was as thick as his forearm and looked absolutely terrifying .

Such a large burst of flame was something the ancient warrior could not evade .

“Martial Art—Metal Arms!” The man’s arms were then covered with internal force, making the exposed skin much thicker .

The firebeam impacted against the man, but the ancient warrior still wanted to charge forward . He was hoping that he would be able to plow through the attack after the firebeam had struck .

Unfortunately, he was going to be very disappointed!



The Drakocroc coming from behind the ancient warrior bit down on its target .

“Argh!” The ancient warrior let out a scream . He was an E-tier aptitude user so he would not be easily killed, he let out a huge burst of internal force before slamming a fist into the Drakocroc’s gums .

The other Drakocrocs did not step forward to fight for the food but instead looked toward Qin Feng .

Qin Feng did not wait for his opponents to approach, brandishing the Verdant Emperor Saber in his hand and rushing forward .

“Burning Sword Glare!”

A burning blade burst forth, everything within ten meters was completely shrouded in flames .

One of the Drakocrocs was suddenly cut down by the blade, its skin splitting open .


The remaining Drakocrocs all rushed toward Qin Feng .

“Blooming Flame!”

The burning glare burst forth once again! With a swing that powerful, the Drakocrocs were flung aside!

As the Verdant Emperor Saber danced through the air, it left an inky trail as its scale-like patterns glinted off its blade before finding its mark and severely cutting into one of the Drakocroc’s neck .


One of the heads fell and rolled on the sand . That one was definitely dead!

More began to approach and surround Qin Feng . “Impacting Flame!” A huge gout of flame was slammed into the ground, tossing the surrounding Drakocrocs away

The huge Verdant Emperor Saber swung away, hacking and slashing at whatever got too close . Everytime it swung, it left a massive gash in the attacking Drakocrocs . It was like cutting through tofu .

This was the power of a strengthened emperor class D-tier weapon .

Qin Feng was covered in blood but his movements became faster and faster . At this time, Han Jian, who had been hiding before, felt his fighting spirit get ignited by Qin Feng’s actions .

“Bring it on!”

A weapon also appeared in Han Jian’s hands . Who would have known that the meek Han Jian’s preferred weapon would be a morningstar?

With a swing of the massive weapon, it crushed a Drakocroc’s head .

“Alright!” Chi Long stowed his sniper rifle and brought out a pair of pistols .

Bang bang bang bang!

Bullets shrouded in cold aura flew forward and froze the limbs of the Drakocrocs they hit in the blink of an eye, halting their movements .

With the added cooperation of these two people, Qin Feng’s slaughtering became even more effortless .

In mere moments, the Drakocrocs dropped to the ground one after another .


Not far away, the Drakocroc that bit down on the Dark Organization aptitude user suddenly exploded into smithereens!

“Bloodthirst!” The man’s hand was quickly dunked into a puddle of blood, absorbing it to repair his wounds . However, his eyes quickly became overwhelmed with bloodlust .

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Such practices, when used frequently, would make the user violent and irritable to a point where they go into a killing frenzy .

It was a move practiced by the Dark Organization and had heavy side effects . An evil cultivation method .

Regardless, whatever method in this kind of situation was a good method .

This Dark Organization member was very lucky . The teeth marks that had been left on the abdomen had begun to seal up just as he began to crawl out of the dead beast’s mouth .

Then, he was greeted by a large blade to his head .


The man was almost sliced in half, his head dropping to the ground .

Qin Feng had no intention of letting the man go .


The Drakocrocs further away seemed to have smelled the blood on Qin Feng as they rushed toward him .

“Move!” Qin Feng started dragging the Dark Organization member’s body along, quickly stripping it of rune equipment and spatial equipment .

As for the Drakocrocs, while the beast-soldier-level ultra beasts did not necessarily have a good energy core, their skin was quite valuable, but they had no time to harvest it .

After taking down a Drakocroc, Han Jian still wanted to continue fighting but the moment he saw the Drakocrocs running in from the distance, all courage immediately fled his body and he started to turn and run .

“Huff huff!” After letting out a deep breath, internal force spread to everyone nearby and everyone’s speed increased drastically .

However, things were about to get worse!

“Watch out!” Qin Feng warned sternly before letting out another gout of flame from his left hand .

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“Hellfire Carpet!”

The flames instantly enveloped a bunch of plants .

“Chirp chirp chirp!”

These plants let out a piercing telekinetic scream and even began to bleed what looked like human blood from the gaps in their barks .

“Blood birches!”

Several trees were linked together to block the path in front of them and behind them, more Drakocros began to appear

“Die!” Qin Feng turned to face the approaching ultra beasts, raising his left hand into the sky .

In a flash, fire runes appeared in his hand, shooting out into the sky before turning into a monstrous dragon .

“Fire Dragon!”

A powerful flaming dragon had been summoned .


The flaming dragon roared and barreled toward the incoming Drakocrocs . With such a powerful dragon, even the Drakocrocs would be scattered by the assault, being tossed around left and right .

All of the Drakocrocs that were attacking Qin Feng had the tables turned on them!

“All of you will fall to me!”

Qin Feng was like an unstoppable god of fire that had descended to smite his foes!