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Master of the End Times - Chapter 223

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:34:20 AM

Chapter 223: The Dark Light

Chapter 223: The Dark Light

In this post-apocalyptic world, E-tiers would normally be leaders of small colonies, the so-called mayor .

In turn, D-tiers would be elected as mayors of larger cities like Chengyang .

C-tiers no longer cohered to a city but would instead establish and lead one’s own organization or association .

There were, of course, different scales of an organization . The influence and magnitude of an organization were directly proportional to its leader’s strength, scaling up from C-tier to A-tier .

Leitang Organization, though only a small association, had a substantial network in the three cities . Organizations usually avoided unnecessary conflict between each other .

‘These do not concern me . I only need to make sure I fully utilize this opportunity . ’

Qin Feng blocked off the external voices and went into meditation . He had absorbed the internal power of She-Wolf and the gunner they had killed earlier . She-Wolf’s internal power was especially compact but still far from Qin Feng’s level .


The internal power began to rush through his meridian and strengthened it . Surplus power was stored into his dantian and formed a new energy cloud . It had now reached fifteen layers .

Afterward, Qin Feng took out the Godwill Atlas and started to hone his consciousness . As compared to his internal force, this was obviously more difficult . The extermination of the gunner helped advance his consciousness slightly .

Training on this island was two to three times faster than the normal rate . Others began to take notice of this as well . The chatting quieted down eventually as everyone started to turn their attention into meditation and consciousness training .

Qin Feng opened his eyes around midnight .

“Bai Li, let’s go!”

Qin Feng woke Bai Li up soundlessly .

Bai Li yawned and looked at Qin Feng half-consciously . “Where are we headed to?”

Qin Feng smiled gently . “Treasure, of course . ”

Bai Li was enthused . After they got changed, Qin Feng concealed them in dark runes and turned invisible as they camouflaged into the pitch-black surroundings .

They weaved through other E-tier users’ camps in the dark without startling anyone .

Qin Feng asked Bai Li to transport them only when they were far enough .

“Toward the east, to the edge of this island . ”

The place they were currently at was not the exact center of the island . To reach the core, it was actually best to enter through the island’s perimeter .

They reached the east side of the island in no time through Bai Li’s spacetime ability .

There was no beach around here but a cliff . Down the cliff were caves of different sizes . Most of it looked gigantic .

“In there,” Qin Feng said .


They disappeared on the spot and reappeared inside one of the caves .

The darkness did not remove Qin Feng’s senses . He was able to distinctly see everything inside the cave . On the ground, there were trails of Dakrocrocs, while stinking poops were seen all over the corners .

Qin Feng marched forward vigilantly .


The loud noises of Drakocrocs sleeping reached them .

Qin Feng focused his consciousness toward that direction . A group of Drakocrocs was seen sound asleep .

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‘Dark Shroud!’

A large cloud of dark runes spread out quietly . It brought those fast asleep Drakocrocs into deeper darkness .

‘Dark ray!’

A horrifying radiant light burst forth from Qin Feng’s hand .

Qin Feng’s fire laser had become thicker and manifested into a fire claw after he had attained E-tier . The dark laser was less fancy in that regard . Yet, it was no less powerful and shot out to half a meter within a second .

The dark ray fell on one of the Drakocrocs . The monster aged rapidly at an observable speed after being hit by the ray .

Its flesh underwent senescence and decayed away, leaving behind only white bones . If not because the scales had accumulated enough natural energy from the environment, no remains would have been left behind .

In the dark, the rest of the Drakocrocs were moving about restlessly . They could sense that something horrible had just arrived .

But their senses had been greatly jeopardized by the Dark Shroud .

‘The dark ability is terrific . ’

Even Qin Feng did not expect such an outcome . With that said, he was not all that surprised .

The Hell Stone had been endlessly releasing dark runes to supply Qin Feng’s diamond planet all this while . The number of dark runes in it now was something to behold .

He had no idea about its power because he had never put it into use .

The hidden potential of his dark ability was finally unleashed today .

‘Let me see how far this ability can go . ’

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Qin Feng expanded his consciousness .

Under his control, the ray that was originally a line turned into an expansive band . He learned this trick from Deng Nian .

‘Light of Death!’

The initial dark ray, though powerful, could only attack a single target . Right now, it could wrap every monster in it .

The remaining four Drakocrocs were engulfed by the darkness and they instantly turned lifeless .

‘It feels as if something is being pulled away from the beasts . ’ Qin Feng’s consciousness astutely sensed that the dark ability had rapidly sucked out the Drakocrocs’ life energy . Not only that but his absorption ability had assimilated with the death ray and pulled the beasts’ life force straight into Qin Feng’s energy core .

Qin Feng finally discovered the true essence of the absorption ability .

It was not about absorbing after the target had been killed or weakened but the root of this ability which was able to absorb all the time, provided that it was being used together with the dark ability .

He only used five minutes to exterminate the five Drakocrocs without going through any battle . It was unimaginably easy .

‘No wonder many have said that ability users could kill with gaze alone . ’

All he had expended was his consciousness and runes . There was no movement, no action, and no contact .

Qin Feng enjoyed the overwhelming power he owned .

“Let’s move on,” Qin Feng ordered .

Bai Li stayed close behind him .

They marched on through the snaky path inside the cave and bumped into different Drakocroc herds every now and then .

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Undoubtedly, the energy on this island was richer than the outside world—about two times the usual level . Hence, in relative terms, it was six times more powerful than that found on earth .

Once the threat here had been cleared, training here for one year was equivalent to training for six years on earth . Who would not want to come to such a resourceful training ground?

‘Perhaps I can claim this island in the future . ’

Bai Li had noted down the waymark but this island still belonged to Leitang at the moment .

He might provoke Leitang if he were to come and go freely .

Actually, soon his power would outgrow this island and training here would not help him advance significantly . His intention was to let his underlings from Fengli benefit from it .

Nonetheless, it was still too early to think about this right now .

Finally, something different caught Qin Feng’s attention .

It was a human figure!

More accurately, it was human skeletal remains .

Qin Feng paced toward it hastily .