Master of the End Times - Chapter 227

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Chapter 227: Death Caused by Wealth

Chapter 227: Death Caused by Wealth

Visibility within the cave had been limited by the dark surroundings, those who did not have darkglow could also channel their internal strength into their eyes to view in the dark, however, it would only work within the radius of not more than thirty meters . Gunners who had infrared scanning were checking on everything to ensure that nothing valuable would be missed .

“Oh my, silver pearl!”

The shout had alerted everyone in the surroundings .

The silver pearl was about thirty centimetres in size, and it could possibly breed pearls that were the same in size as a grape .

Each one could easily net thirty million!

If they were still alive, how could it be possible for the E-tier aptitude users to resist the temptation to keep and grow them?

Furthermore, there were at least a dozen of them! Most of them were goods that were brought back when the Drakocrocs came back from their hunts .

The aptitude user immediately reached out toward the silver pearl with hands .


A deafening gun shot was heard .

Valuable goods would attract anybody, wealth could be the cause of human death, and the same went to birds that died for their food; the moment of brutal massacre had begun!

“Do you wanna die?!”

“You shall die today!”

“Scram, bastard!”

The crowd had sunk into a chaotic battle .

Loud noises echoed within the cave and were heard by many in the surroundings, some identified the origin of the noise and tried to hide from any trouble that might come forward, while some headed toward the noise as they thought that there might be something valuable that had caused the battle .

However, it was at that moment, those who were involved in the battle did not notice the abrupt wave that was rising from the seas as they were in the midst of the chaotic gunshots, a gigantic creature leaped up from the other end of the cave and rushed toward those who were in battle .


Once again, the crowd screamed in immense fear .

“Beast king!”

The Drakocroc King flung away a giant beast general shark that was being dragged in by it and rampaged forward with its massive body . Everyone in the surroundings was like small ants that would easily die from a single stomp from the Drakocroc King .

Any normal Drakocroc would recognize human beings as their food source, as for the beast king, it would not even pay heed to the existence of human beings . However, the beast king had a great sense of control over its own territory, and it was a disrespectful provocation for the human beings to cause such chaos in the surroundings .

The slaughter had begun!

Without even any time to react, some of the aptitude users had already been flattened into minced meat .

“Run, run quickly!”

“Take this!”

An ability user defended with one last attack before his demise .



The ground immediately turned into spiralling whirls of sand that was pulling the body of the Drakocroc King down, trying to swallow it whole .

However, with limited conscious energy from the ability user, the pit formed was a mere fifty meters in depth . The Drakocroc King began to struggle and tried to free itself from being swallowed .

“Boulder Dragon Style!”

Before it could escape successfully, the ability user casted out another ability that formed into a gigantic dragon with eastern features, and it was comparable with Qin Feng’s fire dragon, the boulder dragon rushed toward the Drakocroc King with its massive body that was formed from solid boulders .

The Drakocroc King was once again forced backward .

However, this attack had ultimately enraged the Drakocroc King .

The beast king widened its jaw and crunched down on the approaching boulder dragon .


The boulder dragon was instantly crushed into pebbles and its body shattered all over the area .


The ability and the conscious energy of the ability user were forcefully sucked out and devoured, his mental strength suffered a heavy blow as blood spurted out from his mouth .

“Master Fang, I’ll get you out of here!” A loud roar was heard as a chain of shackles was tossed out from the person’s hand, pulling the ability user away, then they flew up to the top of the cave from where they had entered .

Everyone else was panicking and running to save themselves .

The massive body size of the Drakocroc King had prohibited it from entering into the smaller caves, hence, they were fortunate enough to escape from death .

Master Fang’s conscious energy had been severely damaged and was unable to remain conscious, however, right after being saved by the person, a dagger slashed across and cut through his throat!

“Haha, Master Fang, every man for himself, the devil takes the hindmost!” The person guffawed wildly .

Master Fang was obviously an overlord in his territory to be able to possess the Boulder Dragon Style, and he was definitely a rare and noble ability user with powerful capabilities .

However, he did not expect to die in the hands of his own men .

“Liu Rui, you bastard!”

A loud roar echoed in the surroundings as an assault of bullets rained down on the person .

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Liu Rui had to dodge and take cover before he could take off the spatial ring Master Fang was equipped with .

Five people appeared from a corner .

It was Qin Feng and the others .

The noise from the battle had caught his attention and he was one of those who had come to check out the situation . However, he was surprised by the scene of the aptitude users being massacred by the returning beast king .

There was even someone who was taking advantage of the chaotic scene .

Liu Rui escaped, Chi Long did not go after him and he immediately looked toward Master Fang .

“Master Fang!” Chi Long shouted .

Sadly, his throat had been slashed clean through and his bones were snapped in half, the deadly attack from Liu Rui was merciless and had killed Master Fang!

As Qin Feng was standing beside him, he was able to feel the activation of his absorption ability and the abundant conscious energy that was merging into his body .

He was certainly an extremely powerful ability user, and since Qin Feng had not heard of the name before his rebirth, this was probably the last place of his existence .

It was a fate that was irreversible .

“Chi Long, this is not the place for you to mourn, carry the dead body along, let’s go!” Qin Feng spoke in a deep voice .

Chi Long clenched his teeth and nodded, the dead body was kept into his spatial rune equipment . The spatial rune equipment of the deceased was unable to be placed into his own, hence he passed it over to Qin Feng .

“Master Fang is an elder in Fu City, although I will bring the dead body back, being part of this team, I should not take all of the loot just because of my own personal emotions, let’s go now!”

Qin Feng nodded and remained silent, reality was ruthless, even on a great and powerful person . That said, it was fortunate enough that he had died in one piece . As for the wealth that was accumulated throughout his entire lifetime, the descendants might not be able to keep them secure, it might even bring unnecessary problems .

There were still aptitude users that were unable to escape from the cave . Some were even hoping that the others would not be able to make their way out and keep the Drakocroc King busy so that they could take the chance to save their own lives!

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At that moment, everyone had different opinions .

“This is a rare opportunity to take down the beast king while it is stuck inside, the rewards will be extremely valuable!”

“That’s right, this is our time to take action!”

There were a few people who were dressed casually and had aptitude user badges on their chests . They looked totally different from the others .

It had a blood-red bat shape on it .

These were the people from the Dark Coalition .

Bloodthirst Organization!

It was a rather small-sized organization that only recruited strong and powerful members, there were four of them that had appeared .

Yuan Han, a merciless E4-tier ancient warrior that would not hesitate to kill, and one of the butchers from the Three Cities that shared the same name as She-Wolf .

Wu Ze, a genius E3-tier gunner that specialized in manufacturing, modification, experiments, and had even replaced half of his body into machines that boosted himself with insane combat power .

Guo Xing, an E4-tier gunner who specialized in high-impact giant bombs, and was also highly skilled in explosives .

Sheng Zhenyu, an E5-tier metal ability user, the most powerful among all .