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Chapter 23

Qin Feng drove the military truck back to the base . The light drizzle incrementally grew to a furious rainstorm, giving everyone a sense of impending danger . Finally, the alarm went off .

 “Rat tsunami! It’s going to hit us!”

 “Prepare for battle!”

 “Charge the traps! Guns on the ready!”

 Initially, the ability users were glad that they had returned early . Now, they had to prepare for another massive battle again . All those still wandering the wilderness would have been already dead by now . Immediately, the ability users tapped on their communication devices, attempting to recruit another 500 of them from elsewhere to help them with the fight . After all, a rat tsunami was no small matter .

 “What should we do now? Should we just wait here?”

 Xiao Jing started panicking when she saw everyone around her trying their best to prepare in fighting off the Rat tsunami .

 “Wait here!” instructed Qin Feng .

 1Outside the plantation, traps equipped with A . I technology were spread across hundreds of kilometers . Most of the time, they would not be triggered unless something substantial threatened the base . If all these traps failed to stop the rat tsunami, the ability users would have no choice but to step up their game and physically stop the whole thing .

 And if all the ability users failed to stop them, the base had to rely on the gunners on the towers with their semi-automatics to kill them . Their GPS was activated the moment they called for more ability users to help them, blanketing into a network which allowed them to pinpoint the exact location of the rat tsunami . Still, they would need at least half an hour to get here . Meanwhile, they would have to defend the base with whatever they had .

 Soon, the dreaded noise of rodents filled the air as everyone spotted a giant black wave coming at them from afar .


 The traps were activated!

 The loud explosions activated the ability users’ battle spirits, and a morale-inducing cheer followed .


 A purple ray engulfed the field, spreading like a large violet sheet . With the help of rainwater, the purple ray managed to cover a larger area than initially expected . A massive swarm of the herbivorous giant rats were electrocuted, stopping most of them from charging forward . Before they could even celebrate, the second wave of rats flooded the area, making the first victory a short stint .

 1Instead of killing them, the steady current made them snap out of shock, sending them into an electrocuted, purple-minion-like frenzy .

 1Fortunately, the creatures eventually gave up on digging holes . Instead, they switched course and started heading to the base, ravaging and gnawing everything in their path with their serrated incisors . Those at the base were beginning to worry that the fence they put up would not hold up to the continuing onslaught of the uncountable rodents .

 “Prepare to fight!”

 Qin Feng held an energy gun in his hand, mustering up whatever courage he had left .

 4“Charge!!!” Li Wen screamed .

 The soldiers burst forward with a battle cry and climbed over the giant wooden fence after Li Wen gave the command, joined by a large number of bold and powerful ability users . Of course, Qi Feng followed suit as well . With just a few light steps, he managed to spring over the 4-meter tall barrier .




 All the infuriated and injured giant rats charged at them the moment they smelt the stench of humans abseiling down the barricade


 Qin Feng stepped on one of the rat’s head .


 Qin Feng flicked a switch of his energy gun, turning it to shotgun mode . Energy guns differed greatly when compared to conventional weapons . Using energy instead of bullets, it enabled its user to modulate between attack patterns . Of course, it was also way more expensive than its other less impressive gunpowder consuming counterparts .


 The trigger was released, and a bright, blue ray shot out, immediately zapping four giant rats to death . The other five were injured beyond redemption .




 The roar of angry squeals became deafening, as the rats were driven insane by the smell of blood around them . They were becoming increasingly agitated by the moment . All of them started to charge at Qin Feng .

 “Asteroid Assimilation!”


 Qin Feng unleashed his inner strength through his palm, imposing his force on all the giant rats that were coming at him from all directions .

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 “My Asteroid Assimilation has become really powerful after absorbing the power of two Ancient Warriors!”

 1As this was Qin Feng’s very first time experiencing such a powerful force, he was alit with excitement . This was the power of an S-tier Skill! At first glance, the giant rats seemed to sustain only light injuries, when, in fact, all their internal organs had been completely crushed by the crushing pressure of Qin Feng’s skill . It was an effective strategy . If more giant rats came charging at him, he would use his abilities to kill them, and if he did run out of inner force, he would use his energy gun to fight them off .

 The sound of automatic gunfire lit up the surroundings like Chinese firecrackers on New Year’s Eve . As it rained ever harder, the ground was painted red by blood . Soon after that, humans had started to rack up casualties as well . The giant rats, too, kept increasing in number, as if urged by some invisible force .

 2“There are at least 10,000 giant rats around us now!”


 “Not in this weather! The weather will kill us!”

 3“Be careful! The beast general!!!”



Someone shouted amid the sloppy chaos . In the blur of darkness and gushing rain, Qin Feng turned around and spotted a giant one-meter-long rat charging at them! The colossal rat, in all its fury, knocked over an ability user in its blind eagerness to charge .

 In the blink of an eye, the rat general chomped its incisors on a soldier, literally slicing the ability user in half . Judging by its ferocity and sheer power, Qin Feng knew that the rat general was way more powerful than the Wolf Mastiff he faced earlier . If it were not for Lu Meng, Qin Feng wouldn’t have even dared to face the Wolf Mastiff alone .

 3But now!

 “Get lost! You dull creature!”

 With one foot on the ground, Qin Feng dashed the rat general located 10 meters away from him like a cannonball .

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 As he came into contact with the beast, his fist slammed the rat with every ounce of energy he had within him! The explosive force hit the rat general, sending it flying a few meters back . Realizing that he had the upper hand, Qin Feng closed on the rat general and continued attacking it with constant, hard blows!




 A total of three continuous punches were administered to the rat general’s head, with each blow forcing it a step backward . After the relentless attack, the rat general’s head started to crack, and blood streamed out from them . Everyone there witnessing the battle nodded their heads in approval, garnering a renewed respect towards Qin Feng .

 3Qin Feng had no time to care about the impressions of others . Immediately, he scanned the entire battlefield . 50 meters away, a half-meter tall giant rat was ravaging its surroundings . Knocking down a few soldiers in a mad dash, it had blinding speed and an untouchable swiftness .


 Qin Feng switched his gun to single-target mode . With him releasing the trigger, a concentrated blue beam was unleashed directly at the giant rat . As it jumped to the left all of a sudden, the ray penetrated its body, putting its arrogance to a stop .

 Qin Feng’s face remained unchanged . Due to that, everyone knew that this was not a mere coincidence . It was his skill!

 1Ultimate Prediction!

 The most potent talent a gunner could wield!

 The rain battered them with an insatiable fury, hitting their faces with large drops of water . Conditions were harsh, and the men shuddered in the freezing gale .

 Qin Feng’s attack had managed to exterminate all the giant rats that appeared in a one-hundred-meter radius . As for the other spots, however, the defense line was slowly crumbling . The soldiers that were stationed on towers started shooting at all rats that came close to the wooden barricade . Soon, rats began to pile up at the fence, and like mindless zombies, they began to chew incessantly, shaking it with every bite and gnaw .