Master of the End Times - Chapter 230

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Chapter 230: Enemies at First Sight

Chapter 230: Enemies at First Sight

These people did not know each other .

Although Qin Feng still had his Scarlet Fire Claw on his left arm, everyone thought that Qin Feng had it on so he could pair the equipment with the fire elemental technique he had just used .

They had no idea that Qin Feng was a true ability user .

Not only that, his abilities were not in any way inferior to his ancient warrior powers!

The fire blast sent Yuan Han flying backward .

The alliance that was once established immediately fell apart . Everyone began to kill each other .

“That king material is mine!’

“All of you die, you f*ckers!”


Everyone roared .

The scene made everyone go crazy .

At that moment, Tyrant too rushed into the midst of the dragon blood shower, but this time, Qin Feng did not stop him .


Tyrant let out a miserable scream as the dragon blood blistered his skin .

The dragon blood was very potent and strong, it was not easy to withstand the pain .

“Flashing Sword Dance!”

Sheng Zhenyu was obviously furious, he did not expect to have the kill taken away by someone else after inflicting heavy wounds on the ultra beast . It seemed that it had been a while since anyone had enraged him to such an extent .

Qin Feng and Tyrant heard the clashing and twisting of metals . Then, hundreds of weapons appeared out of thin air and shot toward their direction .

Seeing this, Tyrant did not have time to dodge the attack, and most importantly, it seemed that his body could no longer bear the intense burn from the dragon blood, and the pain was unbearable .

“Kid, if you manage to get me out alive, I’ll owe you a favor!”

As soon as he finished his words, silvery light enveloped all around him .

Spatial waymark!

Tyrant’s body instantly disappeared, he had left this foreign space .

Only Qin Feng remained to face the incoming blade attack .

In the eyes of others, Qin Feng’s death was inevitable .

“Huh!” Qin Feng scoffed . And in the next moment, flames soared all over his body .

“Fire Dragon Style!”


The dragon cry shook the air . The fire dragon soared high up into the sky, its tremendous power made everyone tremble in fear .

This dragon art was a technique that could only be learned by the top officials in the city . Or else, one could acquire this technique by exchanging it with their astounding wealth . No one would have thought that a young man like Qin Feng would actually possess a fire dragon technique .

His previous Blazing Sky skill was already scary enough . Now, there was actually an even stronger one .


Under the wrath of the fire dragon, every weapon that came close to it was melted in an instant . One could even feel the searing heat of the fire dragon’s body from afar .

“Strike!” Qin Feng pointed at Sheng Zhenyu .

Sheng Zhenyu’s face changed dramatically .

“Steel Barrier!”

The humongous steel barrier re-emerged once again .

It might be able to stop the mountains from shaking, but in no way could it stop Qin Feng’s fire dragon . Sheng Zhenyu was afraid that if he was locked up in the Steel Barrier together with the dragon, he would be roasted alive by Qin Feng, which was a similar fate to the Scaled Tiger beast general .

As expected, he was not brainless after all . After summoning the Steel Barrier, he manipulated his conscious energy like crazy, and metal runes began to spread in the air around him which grew larger and larger .

“Steel Giant!”

He unleashed his ability, and a ten-meter tall giant emerged from the ground, punching Qin Feng’s fire dragon right on the face .

The two ability users clashed, and their tremendous power force made others retreat as they were unable to intervene in the fight . They were also afraid to be caught up in the fight .

“Move, faster!” Sheng Zhenyu shouted .

Wu Ze, Guo Xing and Yuan Han started to charge toward the Drakocroc King!

For such a behemoth, even if they cut off a piece of its flesh, it would actually be worth a lot of money .

However, the most valuable assets of the king were none other than the three main parts .

They were the scales, skull and energy core of the Drakocroc King .

But, the Drakocroc King’s skull was a quarter of its entire body’s length, which was almost as big as a small house . Even if they had a spatial runic equipment, the skull would still not be able to fit into it .

The only other way was to disintegrate the skull into smaller pieces but they did not have the ability to do so .

However, the energy core was different . The Drakocroc King’s energy core was only the size of a basketball, so it could be taken away easily!

“Bai Li!” Qin Feng shouted .

Bai Li began to move toward the king’s carcass too!

With just a lift of her hand, the Drakocroc King’s head was loaded into her space . Everyone’s jaws dropped as they watched on .

They did not know about Bai Li’s abilities, but they figured that Bai Li must have an oversized spatial runic equipment .

If it could fit the head of a Drakocroc King, it must be at least five hundred square feet .

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The spatial runic equipment must be worth 1 . 5 billion yuan .

Everyone was breathing heavily, they refused to believe it .

“Kill her!” Wu Ze was the first to go insane . For a gunner, no item would be as tempting as having a spacious spatial equipment .


A barrage of bullets was shot at Bai Li .

“How dare you underestimate others!” A voice was heard out of nowhere, and in the next moment, a terrorizing greenish poisonous gas enveloped Wu Ze and the others .

“Ah!” Wu Ze inhaled a mouthful of the poison gas, he felt dizzy and his vision was blurred .

“Die!” Chi Long aimed his gun at Wu Ze .

A chaotic battle had begun .

From where Qin Feng was currently standing, the Drakocroc King’s blood had finally stopped spurting . Although Qin Feng still felt the blistering pain around his body, the pain was not as unbearable as the pain Tyrant had felt earlier .

This was because Qin Feng’s physical strength had exceeded that of an ordinary person by far too much .

With such incredible strength, coupled with the death of the Drakocroc King and the activation of his absorption ability, Qin Feng’s strength had finally advanced again on the eighth day of entering the island .

E2-tier .

At this time, Yuan Han ran up the back of the Drakocroc King as she targeted its spine . She wanted to cut through the Drakocroc King’s outer scale with her machete so she could steal the energy core!

“Get out of the way, it’s mine!” Bai Li also ran up and mercilessly knocked Yuan Han down .

Yuan Han was about to go nuts .

After years of rampaging through the Three Cities, she had never felt so defeated before .

Whether it was Qin Feng’s or Bai Li’s strength, they were so powerful that she stood no chance against them .

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Bai Li swung and slashed with the Ceramic Saber in her hand at the Drakocroc King’s spine .

The white Ceramic Saber carried a faint spatial rune, enabling it to instantly slice through the Drakocroc King into two neat halves .

As Bai Li kicked away the other half of the king, she swung with her Ceramic Saber again . A clear crystal the size of a basketball appeared in her hand .

The king’s energy core!

Bai Li’s satisfaction was evident, and she kept the energy core inside her space .

Seeing this, the other aptitude users went even crazier . They gave up fending off the Drakocrocs and dashed toward Bai Li .

Now, Bai Li was like a living treasure vault of tremendous value .

‘If we kill her, we’ll be able to skyrocket through the rankings!’

‘That’s an E-tier beast king energy core!’

They had to work hard and save up for four to five years to even be able to afford one . Now that there was one in front of them, how could they not want to get their hands on it?

“If you don’t wish to die, get out!” Qin Feng growled out a warning .

“Don’t be so arrogant!”

“Who do you think you are? You don’t think that I’m powerful enough? Fine, none of you will leave this place alive!”

“Kill him! He bought off a lot of stuff from the Wanzong auction, he must have some good stuff with him now!”

Everyone let out their battle cries . They could feel their battle spirits growing inside .

“Get lost b*stards! Don’t you all recognize him as the district governor of Fengli colony?”

Han Jian roared .