Master of the End Times - Chapter 235

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Chapter 235: Stirring the Bounty Hunters

Chapter 235: Stirring the Bounty Hunters

One by one, the bounties of the E-tier aptitude users on the bounty hunter network were removed . The revoked bounties were all wanted criminals in the Three Cities, all of them were E-tiers!

Combine that with She-Wolf, there were a total of eight .

Some of the high-level officials were shaken by the news .

With the return of the E-tier aptitude users to Sea City, the shocking news continued to spread . In the face of these huge losses, the people in the Three Cities were frustrated, especially those in the colonies .

Infighting within a colony was commonplace, but the E-tier aptitude users represented the power of a colony . If even one were lost, it was actually a matter that would break the equilibrium . This situation was a complete loss for them .

And now, someone had collected the heads of those from the Dark Coalition, and everyone was able to perceive that this person was the true winner of this foreign battlefield .

Within a short amount of time, Qin Feng was pushed into the center of all the hooha . He could not hide this matter from anyone, those who had returned knew that it was Qin Feng who killed those Dark Coalition members, and he even killed people who were from other organizations .

The seven E-tier aptitude users that Qin Feng duped had also suggested that he be marked as a wanted criminal so he would not have the freedom to move around the cities as he pleased .

Who would have expected that Qin Feng would have handed over the heads and become a Gold Medal Bounty Hunter, making him even more famous . It was also at this time that Xue Xingfu published the advertisement that attracted an overwhelming amount of attention .

In the video, the arrogant visages of these wanted criminals were displayed which instantly drew in people’s attention .

These were the evidence of their crimes .

She-Wolf was shown brutally strangling a pregnant woman, and in the next moment, pulling a knife from seemingly out of nowhere and slashing her head off .

“High-Level Criminal: She-Wolf, Slain!”

In the next clip was Sheng Zhenyu . As a metal ability user, he once jumped in front of a public transport to intercept it before crushing the entire thing into a cube like it was a tin can . Blood seeped from the crumpled heap of metal .

In the next moment, a burst of flame came from around the corner and enveloped him .

“High-Level Criminal: Metal Menace, Slain!”

Clip after clip, the screen flashed with the announcement that all eight people were dead .

The last image that appeared was a picture of Fengli Colony, a shopping complex and some black silhouettes being guided by an attendant or waiter .

“The loot belongs to the winner, Fengli colony’s Underground Market awaits your custom!”

“The prices are one percent lower than normal market prices . Want to trade or receive loot anonymously? Not a problem!”

“The safest passage . The most confidential measures . The fairest prices . ”

“Trustworthy, safe, reliable!”

For the lower tier aptitude users, they would not quite be able to grasp the meaning of this but the E-tier aptitude users were shaken to the core .

Qin Feng killed these people and he intended to just pawn off their stuff to anonymous people? Not only that, Qin Feng had in fact killed more than just these people . There was bound to be good loot in his hands .

If the E-tier aptitude users wanted to kill an E-tier ultra beast, they might have to team up for it . This also led to the fact that among the Three Cities, E-tier rune equipment was quite rare .

Some people were very envious of what they had .

“She-Wolf has a pair of beast general winged boots!”

“I’ve always wanted Yuan Han’s twin blades, they are beast general tier too!”

“I need to change to a larger spatial runic equipment . ”

“I didn’t dare sell the things I got from an aptitude user I killed, maybe now I can give it a try?”

Ideas popped in one after another within this group of people’s heads . However, not everyone was satisfied with Qin Feng’s attitude .

Among them included the newer members of the Leitang Organization .

Lei Chen was a D-tier aptitude user . He was a busy man and hardly ever handled the little things but that did not stop him from trying to deal with Qin Feng .

“This Qin Feng came out through my waymark from the island and didn’t even give me any money . He has no regard for me at all . In that case, we’ll have to teach him a lesson!” Lei Chen barked out an order, “Find Dark Coalition members that have little connection with us . I’ll provide the weapons and show him a thing or two about respect!”

“Yes, Mayor!”

“That’s right . This time, I’ve seized Sea City, it should be fine for a while . I’m going out on a mission and I’ll be back in three months’ time . By the time I get back, I don’t want to see this Qin Feng person again!”

“No problem, Mayor . He’s only taking advantage of the chaos . Now that he’s letting his guard down and getting too over-confident, he doesn’t know that even the tallest trees will get damaged by the gales . Non-conformity begets punishment, this kind of person would only last a few days!”

“Good, I’ll leave this to you!”

Lei Chen waved his hand to dismiss his underlings, no longer bothered about Qin Feng . He was just like Chengyang City’s Bai Tianyang . Both of them did not care who the mayor of Fengli colony was .

The difference between E-tier and D-tier was worlds apart!

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It had been a few days since the ad was broadcasted, yet no one came to buy anything . This made Xue Xingfu anxious .

He was a shrewd businessman and knew that this venture was extremely profitable, many people would have been tempted! He did not care about the people from other cities but Chengyang City was nearby, and the advertisement was aired there first . There must be some people who would be interested!

Qin Feng suppressed the urge to sigh at the sight of Xue Xingfu . Though Xue Xingfu was the number one profiteer in the world before his rebirth, he was too young right now .

However, Qin Feng believed that with his support, Xue Xingfu would excel faster than before .

“Relax, they’re just waiting for someone to be the first person to do the honors!” Qin Feng said .

“Should we get someone to act as a trustee? Someone like General Han?” Xue Xingfu asked .

Qin Feng smiled . “Those people already know that General Han came back with me and whatever business we had together was already done . Don’t worry about it, because of that they wouldn’t hold their breath any longer!”

Punctuating his sentence was a loud alarm that rang throughout the entire colony . In the sky above Zimu Mountains, the spatial stabilization device flashed bright red and blared out a warning .

“Powerful E-tier missile detected flying toward Fengli colony . Point of impact: city gate!”

“Please turn on the protective energy shield!”

“Estimated time of arrival in T-minus 1 minute and 30 seconds . Beginning countdown . ”

“Beep Beep Beep! Hostile attack . Please hide in your basements!”

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The entire Fengli colony was thrown into chaos .

Many civilians did not expect this to happen . Ever since they had come here, there had not been even an ultra beast attack but now there was a man-made disaster .

On the outskirts of the colony, three figures stood on elevated ground .

“This stuff ain’t bad . Too bad it’s used on Fengli colony, feels like it’s a waste of 100 million yuan!” One of them said, looking to be about in his thirties, with a bit of disappointment in his voice . The thought of entering the colony and getting some powerful loot filled his eyes with greed .

“Whatever . We didn’t make it ourselves . It’s already been launched, now we just need to be careful . ”

“Hmph, we’re all Dark Coalition people, heads of the mercenary regiment . The guys that lick blood from the blade’s edge . You’re afraid of this? Don’t let other people’s deeds extinguish your prestige . Besides, Qin Feng just got lucky . Killing Yuan Han and the rest? Hah! I don’t believe it . ”