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Master of the End Times - Chapter 236

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:34:01 AM

Chapter 236: Battling Alone

Chapter 236: Battling Alone

The three watched Fengli colony from a distance and they could just about imagine the mushroom cloud that it would become after the explosion .

These three were all from different organizations, none of them were as notorious as She-Wolf but they were just about as dangerous as those from the Bloodthirst Organization .

They all had their codenames, the gunner One-Eye who obviously had one eye but possessed powerful consciousness that made him an excellent gunner .

The one that warned them all to be careful was known as Shademaster, a dark ability user as well as a beastmaster . He tended to be the last thing his victims saw .

The one that seemed to be the most easily agitated was known as Savage King, an E-tier parallel-training ancient warrior . His body was like titanium alloy and his strength was immense .

This time they joined forces under the flag of peace that was naturally forged by Lei Chen, even providing them with the incentives to do so .

A firearm that was a beast-king-tier purple rune equipment!

This incentive was strong enough to kill an E-tier aptitude user outright, the sight alone was enough to make people’s knees weak!

Now that these three had joined forces, they did not believe that Qin Feng would be able to take them on!

Within the base, Qin Feng focused internal force over his eyes and saw the missile in the air! Meanwhile, the workers in the space stabilizing device were still anxiously waiting for the order to raise the energy shield .

Qin Feng did not have time to think as he let out an audible sneer . “Xiao Bai, get me that big one!”

“This one?” Bai Li pulled out a gun tower, the exact same one that belonged to Wu Ze .

Bai Li’s space was not as small as Wu Ze’s so the gun tower was already assembled the moment it was brought out .

Qin Feng quickly added in an artillery shell before aiming it at the missile .

“Fire!” Qin Feng barked, pressing the button .


The artillery shell with long fins at the rear flew straight up into the air . This artillery shell shrieked loudly as it zipped through the air, causing the civilians that had been running away to take note of the white line that was streaking over Zimu Mountains . They all knew what it meant .

When the colony was under attack, they had the means to defend themselves . They just did not know who would win in the end .

In less than half a minute, the two artillery shells had already collided with one another .


This missile came from five hundred meters away from Fengli colony and the huge explosion could be heard by everyone within the colony . There was ringing in their ears but they did not feel any tremors!

Needless to say, the missile was intercepted in mid-air!

In the distance, the once proud One-Eye’s face fell into a gloomy expression when he witnessed this . Since it was so far away he did not use his machine to track it, neither did he feel anything blocking him .

“A consciousness shield, does the Fengli colony have an E-tier aptitude user?” One-Eye mumbled .

“Impossible . I heard that Fengli colony only has three E-tier aptitude users . One of them is still on the road and has not yet returned, and another is a seemingly fragile little girl, but that one isn’t a gunner!” Shademaster said .

“Is it still gonna work? If not why don’t I just rush in and kill everything in sight? What a waste of ammo!” Savage King said disdainfully while glancing to the side .

One-Eye glared at Savage King after loading in another missile .

“Well, I don’t believe it yet!”

They then heard the shriek of a large artillery shell which they had not noticed before . Undoubtedly, consciousness shielding had muffled the sound and it was only when it was within one hundred meters of their range that they could hear it coming .

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“Get out of here!” One-Eye’s daylights got spooked right out of him; he no longer cared about the two and began to run away the moment he turned his back on them .

Savage King and Shademaster soon followed his example .


The shell that crashed onto the small hill that they were on immediately leveled it .

After the second shell was fired, the people within the colony felt a slight tremor coming from the distance and they suddenly knew what had just happened .

There was someone of a higher level counter-attacking the invaders . Realizing this, they were all brimming with excitement .

“The one who fired from the direction of Zimu Mountains, was that the mayor?”

“Did the mayor hit them? What happened there?”

“Is this the power of gunners? That’s so cool! I… I wanna be a gunner too when I grow up!”

The residents of the colony were all paying close attention to this battle .

Xue Xingfu stood in the building, watching a continuous stream of news . In the next moment, he received a direct message .

“Quick, send the image to all advertising screens and the colony’s internal communication network . Live broadcast!”

Nobody objected . They had great trust in Qin Feng .

Soon, the picture was aired on all the screens on the buildings of Fengli colony, or the public screen of a car, or everybody’s communicators .

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While it was not recorded by drones, they could vaguely see the image of the traces of destruction left on the hillside . When the dust settled, they saw a tank-like gun tower that had been destroyed .

A cheer erupted from the people and some felt proud of their colony .

Then, the screen shifted as a running figure appeared on it . Their speed was so fast that it was incredible, turning into a blur as they ran . By the time a drone was properly deployed, the figure had already disappeared .

Fortunately, there was a high power monitoring system on the space stabilizing device . It detected three people on that destroyed hillside with another figure rapidly approaching .

Everyone could recognize the figure, it was Qin Feng’s silhouette .


“You three came here uninvited and launched such an attack? I don’t like meeting ceremonies like this!” Qin Feng was dressed in combat gear, but because of the changes made by the Magical Tesseract it did not give off any glow . From the looks alone, it looked just like a regular old combat gear .

The three seemed more confident against someone who was not wearing rune equipment .

One-Eye’s face contorted with sinister intent, for something so rare and precious to have been destroyed by Qin Feng naturally made him angry .

“You’re Qin Feng, boy? You don’t look so tough, and I thought you were supposed to have some kind of remarkable power . ”

One-Eye had a pair of guns in his hands that appeared to be decomposition blasters . “You’re dead!”

Without giving an explanation, One-Eye launched his attack .


Two rays of light flew out at lightning speed, forming into a triangle that covered the area that Qin Feng was standing on . If he had been careless, he would have been disintegrated and killed right there and then .

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“Phantom Motion Steps!” Qin Feng quickly lept out of the way .

The other two looked at each other and they then joined in .

They did not behave like gentlemen, a one-on-one was not their go to anyway . The most important thing was to take down Qin Feng and the best way to do so was to go at him together .

“Bone Claw!”

Two skeletal claws burst out from the ground under Qin Feng, grabbing at him by the waist like a bear trap .


Qin Feng’s movements were quick, how could he let just a pair of Bone Claws stop him? He broke free after smashing the bones into little pieces .

“Die!” Savage King barrelled toward him, a bright glow coming from a silver glove on his fist .


Another punch came in .

“Who’s the one that needs to die?”

Qin Feng did not dodge this one, instead parrying it with a punch of his own . Even when his fist was not wrapped in anything it still exerted a powerful force .


The two fists collided, letting out a huge booming sound .