Master of the End Times - Chapter 239

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Chapter 239: The Opening of the Underground Black Market

Chapter 239: The Opening of the Underground Black Market

He was one of those that had escaped the foreign island first .

Most people called him Jackal as a reference to his cunning nature . He belonged to the Dark Coalition based in the Three Cities . The money on his head was even greater than She-Wolf’s—a whopping amount of two billion .

He was famous for his double-cross act . Working as a loner in Sea City, he would rarely hunt mutated beasts and prefered human targets more .

Qin Feng knew Jackal was the one that killed Liu Ba from Dong Ling .

He did not come alone . His followers were holding at least another five spatial runic equipment .

“I am here to sell . Also, what’s the price of the silver light rune equipment from Savage King that you guys killed today?”

Xue Xingfu was there to greet their first customer personally .

“The silver light rune equipment was obtained in perfect shape . Since we have promised a 10% discount on all items, the item is currently priced at 1 . 2 billion . ”

It was indeed cheaper than in other places . Such an item usually costs around 1 . 4 billion in the market .

Jackal nodded and handed over his spatial runic equipment . He also passed on several items that were probably valuable but had no use of . It was hard to identify their origin, and it would not be easy to find a suitor .

“Quote these!”

Xue Xingfu scanned the items and estimated the price . “Mister, these are probably worth around 780 million . However, we will be charging a small fee for absorbing the equipment and spatial runic equipment from our customers . I hope you can accept our final offer, which is 700 million . ”

Jackal frowned in anger . “What?!”

He took on a tough stance and exuded an explosive aura . The aura of an E-tier ancient warrior was suffocating .

Obviously, Jackal was unsatisfied with the price .

The chubby face of Xue Xingfu twitched slightly . But he stood by his point . “Like it or not, that’s how we do things here . You are at no risk here as we guarantee your payment . ”

Jackal was about to threaten the manager again, only to realize he had been locked on by another conscious energy .

It was a horrifying feeling . The conscious energy seemed to have taken control over Jackal’s body in an instant . He could feel the pressure mounting between his brows as if his head would explode if he dare say another word .

Jackal was stupefied .

‘Qin Feng! Must be him!’

Jackal gulped and then gave in reluctantly . “700 million it is . ”

He regretted coming here . Fearing that Qin Feng might assault him anytime, he wished to acquire the silver light rune equipment and leave as quickly as possible .

Xue Xingfu wasted no time and asked for the rune equipment to be delivered to the counter while he retrieved Jackal’s merchandise there and accepted another 500 million from him . Jackal had almost emptied all his savings for this equipment .

As compared to the money, this equipment was far more vital to an aptitude user . It could be a life-saver in a desperate situation .

All this while, Qin Feng’s consciousness never left Jackal . The latter was too afraid to do or say anything inappropriate .

“Mister, we have prepared a secret passageway in here that could lead you directly out of town . If you have parked your hovercar inside the colony, we can have someone deliver it to you on the outside as well . This way, you will be able to leave Fengli without being seen . Do you need such a service?” Xue Xingfu asked .

It was torture staying here for even another minute . Jackal nodded without hesitation and passed his car key to Xue Xingfu hastily .

Soon, Jackal boarded the metro . But even when he was inside the train, Qin Feng’s consciousness still haunted him until he left Fengli for good .

“Phew!” Jackal broke out in a cold sweat . “This Qin Feng is scarier than ever . ”

‘He has become even stronger than he was before! Or perhaps, he had been concealing his true powers when he was on the island . ’

No matter what, Jackal was glad that he did not act out of impulse . Otherwise, he might not have been able to leave Fengli alive .

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Other customers arrived continuously after Jackal . They entered the market during the night and were all wearing black robes .

He designed it on the spur-of-the-moment . Xue Xingfu did not expect the customers to have accepted it as the default attire visiting their market . Nevertheless, he could still tell the identity of most customers thanks to their glaring sigils . Yet, he mentioned nothing and tended to them earnestly .

Their business grew steadily with its opening . They took in unwanted items and resold them, while goods that were difficult to handle were secretly channeled to Wanzong Organization . The black market profited 10% through such trades, which was a huge gain considering the massive cash flow .

As this business was operating closely with Wanzong, the organization had dispatched its manager at Chengbei, Sun Yu, to reside at Fengli colony .

The business got on track without much hassle . No one would risk stirring up trouble at Fengli with Qin Feng watching over the entire operation .

The temporary person-in-charge of Sea City was perhaps the only one having an open grudge against Qin Feng now . He did not abide by Lei Chen’s order and would surely be condemned once Lei Chen returned . He would surely teach Qin Feng a lesson .

At the moment, Qin Feng was at the manor on top of the mother mountain . Opposite him in the gym room sat Zhou Hao .

Zhou Hao had only awakened for half a year . His development was by no means slow .

“This is going to hurt a lot . I will knock you out if you can’t stand the pain . However, it would be far less effective this way . ”

“Stop babbling and begin already . I will live!” Zhou Hao replied .

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Qin Feng nodded and took out a test tube . Inside was the fresh blood of the Drakocroc King .

The blood would only be useful if it were collected fresh . Extracting it from the dead body would not have any strengthening effects . This was the reason Qin Feng did not instantly switch onto other targets then . He stayed close to the slain beast to collect its blood . Even so, he had only managed to gather three tubes .

After returning from the expedition, he did not immediately pass the blood to Zhou Hao but first had him feast on the Drakocroc’s meat for a few days . Today was the first time Zhou Hao would use the blood for training .

A drop of the Drakocroc King’s dragon blood landed on the back of Zhou Hao’s bare skin and fused instantaneously . Zhou Hao groaned but withstood it .

Seeing that he could stand the pain, Qin Feng continued dripping the blood . Eventually, Zhou Hao could not help and began to reel uncontrollably . His eye went bloodshot, and he did not seem to be able to grind through it any further .

“Hold it in!” Qin Feng commanded strictly .

“I’m fine!” Zhou Hao gritted his teeth and sat up straight again .

He did not absorb as much blood as Tyrant had . The amount given to him was tailored according to his power . Zhou Hao endured the pain in the end and crossed his legs to begin meditation .