Master of the End Times - Chapter 240

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Chapter 240: Wraith Devil

Chapter 240: Wraith Devil

Qin Feng grinned and nodded in satisfaction when he saw that Zhou Hao had stabilized himself .

He walked out of the gym and headed to the living hall . There, he met Lin Wuyi, who had just returned from Sea City .

Qin Feng passed him one tube of the Drakocroc King’s blood as well .

“Boss, this would not be necessary . You have already granted me my share of reward!” The three hundred million was his dividend . But since he had decided to work under Qin Feng, he would not mind even if Qin Feng were to not give him anything .

“Take this as my appreciation for your hard work . You can even think of this as an advance payment for your service . You will be in charge of the black market security from today onwards,” Qin Feng spoke at ease . “Fengli colony is still facing a lot of uncertain danger at the moment . I will have Bai Li stay behind to look after the colony . Please work with her and keep the colony safe while I am away . ”

Lin Wuyi looked at Qin Feng puzzlingly . “You are leaving Fengli? Where are you going this time?”

“I have a few locations in my mind . These are intel provided by Yang Sanhu . ” Due to the complexity of the matter, Qin Feng did not explain in detail and claimed that it was from Yang Sanhu .

Of course, he could still make a detour to the place Yang Sanhu had actually mentioned on his way back .

“Alright . Please be careful out there . Fengli needs you . ”

Fengli colony was established by Qin Feng single-handedly . He was the sole reason Fengli could develop steadily without being disturbed by other power factions .

In other words, this colony would topple instantly if anything were to happen to Qin Feng . Such was the norm in this lawless post-apocalyptic world .

“Don’t worry . No one would be able to touch Fengli when Bai Li is around,” Qin Feng said .

Bai Li was busy tidying up the flower garden outside the manor .

After Qin Feng had constructed a black garden, Bai Li wished to build one for herself as well . The plants would freshen the air around the manor and make the whole place more comfortable to live in .

“Xiao Bai, I’m leaving!” Qin Feng waved goodbye to her .

Xiao Bai rolled her eyes and grumbled, “How could you not feel guilty when you are going to ditch me here and have fun by yourself?”

From Bai Li’s viewpoint, all of Qin Feng’s battles and adventures were nothing more than a game . After all, inside her inherited memories, that was how her ancestor had come through and survived the void .

Her kind was born strong . Once given enough energy, they would grow and evolve rapidly . As such, hunting and battling were nothing more than their leisurely activity .

“Fengli is our home . Someone wicked is threatening to destroy Fengli so you have to take good care of it!” Qin Feng tapped Bai Li’s nose and persuaded her like she was a child .

After half a year, Bai Li’s intelligence had expanded quickly . She understood much more now, and would not simply throw a tantrum like she did the first time Qin Feng left her .

“Alright . I understand . You should get going soon . ” Bai Li urged Qin Feng .

“Wouldn’t you be heavy-hearted seeing me leave?” Qin Feng teased Bai Li . “Kiss me before I go . ”

Bai Li raised her beautiful eyes to look at him . Then, she tipped her toes to close in and kissed Qin Feng’s lips . She even bit his lips lightly .

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The intimacy sent down a jolt of electricity through the both of them . Qin Feng could not help but hold her tightly in his arms . He kissed back passionately .

After some time, Bai Li pushed Qin Feng away . Her face was as red as a ripe apple .

“Alright . You should leave now . ” Bai Li brought out the small hover car Qin Feng had just bought and ran away like a startled rabbit .

“Xiao Bai has grown up!”

‘It seems that the television has taught her a thing or two about romance . ’

Qin Feng stepped into the car joyfully . He promptly started its engine and rammed the hover car into the wilderness .

He was headed to the west side of Chengyang City, a total opposite direction to Fu and Sea city .

This place was beyond the jurisdiction of the Three Cities .

The enemy this time was something he had unintentionally learned about through the battle net in his previous life .

Though it was way back in his past life, Qin Feng clearly remembered that the incident was reported in the first month, which was January .

Qin Feng did not plan to intervene at first since the auction in Sea City and the opening of the rift were more of a priority to him .

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But the event in Sea city had been brought forward by half a month as a butterfly effect resulted from Qin Feng’s actions . That was why Qin Feng was able to make this trip in time .

‘I have a vague memory of this . If not because of Tan Yue, I might not even remember it . Even if I miss it, I can still go to the place Yang Sanhu told me about . ”

This tragedy that happened in his past life was related to the organization called Zhongcheng .

The place Qin Feng was headed for was known as Pingyun colony . The population size there was about twenty thousand, but the actual human flow was much higher than that figure . The reason being that one of the Zhongcheng logistic branches was based there . So Pingyun basically functioned as a transportation hub between different cities .

One day, a small rift opened up within the colony even though the spatial stabilizer was still running . A scary creature emerged from it and entered the colony unnoticed .

It was called the Wraith Devil . An E3-tier monster equivalent to a beast king .

The Wraith Devil came from a highly intelligent species . It did not have a physical figure, and the only way to counter this monster was through light and fire ability, or by using powerful conscious energy to destroy it .

Unfortunately, though Pingyun colony was a busy transport hub, most of its users were only F-tiers . F-tiers like Tan Yue were considered top combatants there . There was no way such a defense force could fend off the overwhelming imposter .

Qin Feng would not have come if his consciousness had not reached E3-tier .

“Beep beep! An F3-tier beast general has appeared 1,000 meters ahead . Please be careful . ”

A warning sounded from the hover car’s stereo . Qin Feng raised his head and saw that a python was blocking the entire road . Beside the beast was a flipped-over SUV . The people behind it were trying desperately to hold off the beast .

Qin Feng had a quick glance and immediately grasped that the one in front was only an F3-tier aptitude user . Others were hiding behind the turnover truck and were firing continuously at the python . All the bullets were reflected as soon as they hit the beast’s body .

The gap in power was too much!

The giant python soon wrapped itself around the aptitude user, strangling him .

“Brother Qian!”

“Xiao Yue, Xiao Rin, run!”

“Brother Qian…”

There were three people behind the truck . Two of them were young girls who were G3-tiers, eighteen years of age, while another was a G8-tier teenage boy . Though he was also an ancient warrior, he was rooted on the spot and was too frightened to launch an attack .

Qin Feng did not slow down and rolled down the car window when he passed by them . A sparkling handgun was seen extended out from the window .

It was a decomposition blaster .


A colorful laser from the gun hit the bull’s eye and instantly disintegrated the python’s head . Crystal fragments fell off from its neck, marking the death of the F3-tier beast general .

Creatures like this were a piece of cake to Qin Feng now .